A few months ago, when Busta Rhymes kissed Q-Tip on stage and told him how much he loves him, I thought it might have been an anomaly. But it could be that Bussa Bus takes time out of all of his shows to let some guy know how he feels about him.

Two hours ago, I was checking Vlad TV to bask in the excellence that is those Star & Buc Wild videos, and I stumbled upon another video of Busta Rhymes. It's billed as a video of him being booed for shouting out the likes of Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne, as well he should have been, but he spends most of it talking about how much time he spends on the phone with Funkmaster Flex, how he loves Funkmaster Flex, how most guys are afraid to say they love another guy, and how he'll smack the shit out of anyone who questions his gender.

I guess, for what it's worth, he didn't go so far as to kiss Funkmaster Flex. He might only do that to Q-Tip. As I pointed out in a post on my own site back when that clip hit the Internets, the two of them are mad close. They've been on enough of each other's songs to make an entire album. As a matter of fact, Hip Hop Is Read put together a compilation of songs with the two of them a while back. And if you notice, Busta Rhymes would occasionally just pop up on Tribe songs where he wasn't even rapping, as if he just happened to be hanging around the studio, waiting for Tip to get done recording. Then there's that one song on the Low End Theory where Q-Tip says, in a sort of bedroom voice, that he actually had a dream about Busta Rhymes.

If those two really are on the DL, they're not doing a very good job of, erm, keeping it on the DL. Which makes me wonder: what's the point of Busta Rhymes always telling other guys how much he loves them, and how it's alright to kiss other guys and what have you? On the one hand, he seems like much more of a genuine homophobe than your average guy who would never kiss another guy, but could give a rat's ass if that's what someone else wants to do. (Cases in point would include that time he walked out on that interview, the thing with his baby's mother, the time he flipped out on Pharrell for playing him a Jungle Brothers song, etc.) But on the other hand, he can't seem to get enough man on man PDA. I don't get it.

Usually, I don't buy into that argument that the biggest homophobe is really a closet case. You guys know I enjoy a good teh ghey joke, and the last thing I need is someone questioning my gender, so to speak. But I'm beginning to suspect that Busta Rhymes might just be looking for excuses to touch other guys. I mean, I get his desire to show his appreciation to people who have been good friends to him and helped him along in his career. I just don't get how that would necessitate all of this love talk and what have you. If a guy wants to show me how much he loves me, he can do so by not kissing me. If he wanted to be especially adamant about it, he could get a girl to kiss me. (If he could.) Now that would be a show of friendship!