Is Busta Rhymes trying to tell us something?

A few months ago, when Busta Rhymes kissed Q-Tip on stage and told him how much he loves him, I thought it might have been an anomaly. But it could be that Bussa Bus takes time out of all of his shows to let some guy know how he feels about him.

Two hours ago, I was checking Vlad TV to bask in the excellence that is those Star & Buc Wild videos, and I stumbled upon another video of Busta Rhymes. It’s billed as a video of him being booed for shouting out the likes of Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne, as well he should have been, but he spends most of it talking about how much time he spends on the phone with Funkmaster Flex, how he loves Funkmaster Flex, how most guys are afraid to say they love another guy, and how he’ll smack the shit out of anyone who questions his gender.

I guess, for what it’s worth, he didn’t go so far as to kiss Funkmaster Flex. He might only do that to Q-Tip. As I pointed out in a post on my own site back when that clip hit the Internets, the two of them are mad close. They’ve been on enough of each other’s songs to make an entire album. As a matter of fact, Hip Hop Is Read put together a compilation of songs with the two of them a while back. And if you notice, Busta Rhymes would occasionally just pop up on Tribe songs where he wasn’t even rapping, as if he just happened to be hanging around the studio, waiting for Tip to get done recording. Then there’s that one song on the Low End Theory where Q-Tip says, in a sort of bedroom voice, that he actually had a dream about Busta Rhymes.

If those two really are on the DL, they’re not doing a very good job of, erm, keeping it on the DL. Which makes me wonder: what’s the point of Busta Rhymes always telling other guys how much he loves them, and how it’s alright to kiss other guys and what have you? On the one hand, he seems like much more of a genuine homophobe than your average guy who would never kiss another guy, but could give a rat’s ass if that’s what someone else wants to do. (Cases in point would include that time he walked out on that interview, the thing with his baby’s mother, the time he flipped out on Pharrell for playing him a Jungle Brothers song, etc.) But on the other hand, he can’t seem to get enough man on man PDA. I don’t get it.

Usually, I don’t buy into that argument that the biggest homophobe is really a closet case. You guys know I enjoy a good teh ghey joke, and the last thing I need is someone questioning my gender, so to speak. But I’m beginning to suspect that Busta Rhymes might just be looking for excuses to touch other guys. I mean, I get his desire to show his appreciation to people who have been good friends to him and helped him along in his career. I just don’t get how that would necessitate all of this love talk and what have you. If a guy wants to show me how much he loves me, he can do so by not kissing me. If he wanted to be especially adamant about it, he could get a girl to kiss me. (If he could.) Now that would be a show of friendship!

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  • Pierzy

    So…I guess Busta’s favorite song is “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”

    Busta: ‘Drop the BOMB on me Flex!’
    Flex: ‘Big Dog Pitbull! Here it comes!’

    • geico lizard

      Bustas favorite group is the Tea Bag Boys.

  • DV8

    Sometimes Busta makes me wonder. Case in point that video of him all hugged up with Freaky Zekey (pause). Also Funkmaster Flex has some kind of schoolgirl crush on 50 Cent. Never have I seen a man sweat another man like that.

  • crash

    Funkmaster has something called loyalty.

  • busta rhymes

    i love the dick…..

    look out for my new track “put your dick where my mouth can taste”

  • Braille

    I think Funkmaster flex got love for 50 because it generates revenue or points for being popular “case in point” when a nigga comes to school gets all the hoes and has the car all the girls like him…of course but the niggas hang with him to get the hoes and popular points too.

    But on to Buss. I think most of the time Busta is loud, passionate, love for everybody, feel good, energetic which warrants me to believe he is drunk almost all the time…like one video where he was talking about how technology is ruining the way people communicate with one another face to face, in that video he was yelling and screaming like…a drunk uncle(s) I have.

    Trust me Busta ain’t gay…he’s prahlee drunk 90% of the time.

  • HNIC

    So, in summation, the East Coast stays losin’. Word to D.P.

    I kid.

    Anyway, Busta & Q-Tip are still two of the illest lyricists out there. So, unless they publicly come out & try to get married, or something, I will continue to fux with their music.

    The real question, in my opinion, is: “Why does Busta make better music on mixtapes & other people’s albums, than he does on his own albums?” His own albums are usually all over the place, due to poor beat selection (on his most recent effort), compared to when he’s on someone else’s track, he typically kills his verse. Perhaps, he needs to hire better “handlers” who can do a better job of finding his beats. In truth, is that why most East Coast albums have such a hard time selling, nowadays, also? Just an observation.

  • Sleeze $

    That reality TV slore Delicious or whatever her name is outted Busta a long time ago.

    • DetroitDraper

      Did she seriously?????

  • latino heat

    co-sign everything HNIC said about Busta’s (usually) wack albums. although i kinda like this new one and Big Bang was hot.
    for what it’s worth, back in high school (around ’98) this dude i knew told me that his step mom used to date Q-Tip and she said way back then that he liked to go both ways. i never believed it, but hey who knows.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Enter Riley Freeman——– “Do the homey, do the homey!!!!!”

  • lol

    Bol = never been kissed (no susan boyle)

  • $ykotic

    What’s wrong with telling another man you love them? I know plenty of street people who do that.

    In the late 80′s, early 90′s there was a big thing the public education sector about introducing to the KIDS(now’s teenagers & 20ish) certain books on how to accept the gay society.

    Ya’ll are already programmed to have gay thoughts from the door. Good ol’ America huh?

    The “in” clothes alone verify this. Tightness, Perez & Bruno, Ellen, sitcoms, activists, the laws concerning gays…

    Now you can’t even tell a dude who has been around with you for years and have had plenty of good times and experiences with that you love or care for them. Because you’re gay if you do.

    I’ma still tell my brothers I love them. Might be the last time I see them.

    Now telling a WOMAN you love them might be one of the biggest mistakes in your life. Get your minds right men.

    That poonani will POWER U.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign. I was trying to be funny up top but I couldn’t agree more. Being open and honest is not being gay.

      But, then again, I’m also pretty well-rounded and I have gay friends, so I’m not so uptight that when another man says something truthful that I immediately call them a homosexual. Move on and grow up…

      • Tony Grand$

        Cosign the adult talk.

        Love is a beautiul thing.

        Don’t let “these people” fuck us out of what makes us human beings.

        I have no problem with a gay person, its stupid motherfuckers I dislike.

      • Pierzy

        As usual, the men are bringing the heat and the knowledge…

        • $ykotic

          It’s times like this when you can tell who is who…


    • oskamadison

      Intelligent, thoughtful views. Refreshing.

      • Tony Grand$

        Michael Jackson just passed from a heart attack.

        God bless his family.

        I think its okay to tell your folks you care for them. Tomorrow just a word we use today.

        • $ykotic

          They’re saying coma right now.


  • lol

    if Anarchy or Extinct level event came out today they would be instant classics.

    • Bobo D

      I oppose that notion. The reason why I don’t bump Busta pre-2000 albums that much is because of all the Y2K crap which came with the albums. I’m sure after the year 2000 Busta was sitting around wondering what his gonna rap about now.

  • Worley

    Yeah, I always thought that line off “Verses from the Abstract” was a bit odd. The track is banging though.

    Q-Tip always seemed a bit moist and I have been hearing rumors about Busta for a minute. His recent antics only confirm what myself and others have been hearing for years.

    I don’t know about Flex though. It’s always a love fest on his show. I think Nas said it best, “I’ve learned with some dudes it’s all business.” But hey, you never know.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Tru Life is a fuckin idiot!!

    • latino heat

      @ Jhon Da Analyst
      what did Tru Life do that you keep calling him a fuckin idiot? not saying i don’t agree with you though.

      • $ykotic

        He turned himself in for juxing that 18 year old that died. Murder 1 in NYC is mandatory LIFE.

        Him and his brother are well known hot heats from Lower East Side Manhattan.

        Shouts to my LES dudes in the struggle from a BK head over the Willie B(Williamsburg Bridge).

  • Max Profit

    I’ve seen some suspect things from Busta but I won’t accuse someone of being a homo until it’s proven!

    Imma go back and listen to Low End Theory – I don’t think you quoted Q-tip properly. But it’s been a long time since I heard that joint.


    FUCK THAT! NO HOMO! if u love yo nigga, tell dat nigga u love him, hug yo nigga (again, NO HOMO). jus like $yk said, dat might be the last time u see him, real talk. shit like dat DOES happen. nigga closest fam, or friend pass w/ out a nigga getn to say u love him, or care for him. dat can fuck up a niggaz psychy(fuck, how u spell dat shit? o well, u kno wat i mean).

    Korea threatening to WIPE DIS BITCH OUT!!! im a tell all my fam i love them.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @latino heat – Arrested on murder charges for stabbing a teen to death. That mofo kept $$$ that’s why he’s a fuckin idiot!!! Agree?

    • latino heat

      thanks for clarifying. yes Tru is a idiot. why hasn’t XXL covered that story yet?

  • Federal Ranga

    Unless you fuck another nigga or french kiss his ass, you aint gay. Busta is just showing love to his niggaz.

    @ Southside A-TOWN
    Pay attention… in the history of this great country we call the United States of America, you have seen REPEATEDLY, even in our time, FIRSTHAND what happens to countries who bomb first (no Tupac).

    Now ask yourself, do your really think Kim Jon Il’s little Korean Dexter’s Laboratory looking ass really want it with the USA, ESPECIALLY now that everyone done seen Transformers 2?
    (Shit had me hype yesterday)…

    I dont think so. If so much as one bomb hits the US, you can bet N. Korea will be looking like a Super Mario Brothers 3 Flying Fortress level…. MISSLES FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! God bless America, fool! COMMISSION!!!

    • $ykotic

      My dudes are in the books!

      We just gotta pay attention to who sides with him.

      Besides he can only hit the WESTCOAST anyway. There’s somewhat of a defense we have around Japan so unless he sneaks some by the mainland will be “alright”.

      What he would do is hit South Korea hard.

      • latino heat

        “North Korea got that shit that make L.A. look like Japan island, nah man more like the Carribean”. Big Boi from Royal Flush.


      aight. u gotta VALID ass point. a nigga jus got a lil spooked when he saw dat shit, dats all.

  • P-Matik

    Man, you saw American Beauty. Come on!

  • ri067953

    Yo, if I want to show love to my boys, I’ll buy’em a beer…that is how a real man shows love to his boys!

    • $ykotic

      That ain’t love. That’s a beer. You think they love you because of that?

  • EmCDL

    I also co sign with $yk, but more so with Bol as well.

    “If a guy wants to show me how much he loves me, he can do so by not kissing me. If he wanted to be especially adamant about it, he could get a girl to kiss me. (If he could.) Now that would be a show of friendship!”

    I’m down with telling my peeps that I love them or got love for them (definitely no HOMO), but I’m the type of guy who will get them straight with some poonany to show that love other than kissing them…thats just not my thing I’m sorry. Hugs is cool though as long as you got that arm in-between each other and don’t last longer than 5 seconds LOL

  • oskamadison

    This is probably the dumbest topic that’s been discussed on this sit. That being said, let me contradict myself and throw fuel on the fire. The better question is not what’s up with Busta and Tip but Busta and Spliff Star!!!!!!
    Count the number of times you’ve seen Busta without Spliff in the last 10 years. Name the last time Spliff spit a hot verse on one of Busta’s joints or do anything to prove himself worthy of being on every scene Busta’s on. I’ve been sayin’ ffor years that that needs to be looked at.

    • Tony Grand$

      @ oska

      Whadup fam.

      In all honesty, that might be one of the few men that Busta can trust.

      Think about how shady life itself is, much less in the entertainment biz.

      The fact that he’s stuck by him all this time is a nod to a good friendship.

      A lot of cats have that. I see nothing wrong with it. Shit, I wish I had a best friend, no homo.

      • oskamadison

        @ Tony

        What the deal?
        I guess lookin’ at it that way, you might be right. I just found it odd that Rampage is Busta’s first cousin and you never see him around Bus like Spliff does. Anyway, in light of Michael Jackson’s passing, the childish glee from responding to this post is gone.

        BTW, I read these XXL blogs a lot and you, Sykotik and a couple others whose names I can’t recall always have thoughtful shit blended into the crazy shit y’all type. i enjoy reading it. That’s all.

  • Federal Ranga

    Anybody else feel like watching Lord of War with all this North Korea talk?

  • HNIC

    Honestly, I think that on Busta’s “B.O.M.B.” album, the best/most realest track on there is “Decisions”. On that track, he shows a side of himself that displays his maturity, vulnerability & humanity, which speaks volumes about his character, in my opinion. Very few hip hop artists break the proverbial fourth wall, between themselves & their audience.

    So, to answer Bol’s question in regards to Busta’s gender, I don’t think that he’s gay. He has simply reached a point in his life where he doesn’t have to put on a front to maintain the status quo of what the perception of manhood has become.

    In my opinion, one of the main cornerstones of being a man is; knowing who you are, as a man. If you’re not there yet, then you should continue your internal search. You can’t lead until you master your greatest conquest; yourself.

  • trp

    oh bol, u better hope Busta don’t read this! lol!

  • oskamadison

    While we’re talkin’ about this dumb shit, tearin’ down one of our own, one of our legends, a WORLDWIDE icon has left us. Can we please dead this thread right here?

    • $ykotic

      I 2nd that oska.


  • TOM Handsome

    Come on mami if you wanna roll with a winner/ In this rap game yall some barrowers I’m the lender/ I’m Strapped up like I’m rockin’ Suspenders/ Yall can get held up like slacks pent by suspenders/ I’m gonna stump you out because my size 11 gators need to eat dinner…


    shit if busta wanna kiss q-tip on the cheek so what. they have known each other for like 15 years or more. i tell my peoples i got mad love for you and i love you. i still kiss my pop on the cheek you people quick to see shit as gay. i wonder how you live keeping all your feelings bottled up. that is why sometimes people be going off for no reason. they don’t know how to handle their feelings.

  • Rx

    Exactly son. But you would be surprised man niggaz are so gay in 2009 that even if you hooked niggaz up with free pussy they would never get otherwise that they STILL would betray and hate on you. That’s how bitch made yall niggaz are. Amen to the shit I just said niggaz.


    He might be experimenting with ecstatsy….

  • jugheadwill

    Busta is one of the few East Coast rappers that doesn’t suck. If he is indeed gay, he should just own it. That’s the major problem with these so-called thugs in the black community: they try to potray a hard homophobic image, but are creeping with other men on the DL. At least let the ladies know if you are that way….

  • magicmadeit

    I’ve been hearing these rumors for years about busta being gay.. never ever decided to believe them. My boy is tight with Boi Wonda, the man who produced Eminem’s I’m not Afraid, tells me Busta Buss was all up in Stat Quo’s mouth recently.. He was juiced out of him mind also.

  • nicole

    The biggest homophobes are always closet gays. The louder someone barks about being anti anything is just them trying to cover themselves. Look at all the so-called anti-gay politicians getting busted everywhere. Hypocrisy is strong.

  • Anonymous

    Bol……u r not Howard Stern, your act is old and tired, and only 15 yr olds who haven’t even heard “the Low End Theory” respond to your silly shit! Busta said in an interview he wanted to be in ATCQ cause all the silly shit goin on wit LONS. THey been tight. And someone said why is Spliff always with busta……because they put on the BEST LIVE SHOWS EVER IN HIP HOP……jus ask my man Raekwon who tweeted it recently. If dudes gay, then one of the GOATS is gay fuck it. What if all the little kiddies fave Lil Wayne’s a fairy..or Gucci and all these weak ass rappers, shit if Rakim is gay is he no longer one of the greats. Just listen to the music and don’t worry bout personal shit, it’s a major problem in hip hop but especially the black community.

  • wawa

    that niggah aint gay dont belive the shit you read o the internet son wrd up bonx saver

  • chris

    HmMmm !!!