I’m supposed to blog on this site like the rest of the staff has been doing but I don’t think I’m that good at it. I like to see the staff do it and I think they do a great job. But I felt like I should take some time and blog a little more lately. Then when I read some of the comments on my Editorial posted yesterday, I got encouraged. Particularly by:

$ykotic says:
Oh yeah Vanessa we would like for you to come talk to us! We know you’re busy and all but still…

You shouldn’t be too busy to write for the people who read what you work hard on. So let’s talk. Where do you wanna begin? I guess I’ll respond to a few of your comments from yesterday and ask you a few questions after that..
EReal says:
Welcome to the sinking ship! Have fun gettin ya feet wet!
She said 150K is BIG NUMBERS PEOPLE!
btw, I’m EReal, and I think you should fire that professional dickrider Dallas Penn.

NessNess138 says:
Sinking ship? You know something I don’t know? Are you in the building? ‘Cause if you’re not then I’m not sure if you know what’s up to be talking shit and if you are than it’s kinda crazy you’re writing comments like this. I’m thinking you’re not though, ‘cause than you’d know I’ve been at XXL for the past 11 years. Started as an intern in 1998 and now I’m here as EIC so my feet, depending on the way we’re talking about them, might already be wet, —-or dry and just fine. And if you don’t see 150K as a good # for some folks these days you must not be looking at the same SoundScan I am. Btw, nice to meet you EReal, so what’s wrong with Dallas?

OG Matt Herbz says:
A female editor, whuuut?! Somebody hold me back…
–OG Matt Herbz–
p.s.- Welcome to XXL, your work is cut out for you.

NessNess138 says:
Jeah! A female editor, whuuut whuuut!! Hold you back?
I love the herbz and I’m not new to XXL. Geez people, some of you should check out the masthead or a byline once awhile.

Chip says:
I believe Kanye said that before Boosie…he seems like a better person to quote…

NessNess138 says:
Chip, I’m sorry but I think I was right with my lyrical reference, I double-checked. On Kanye’s song “Spaceship” from his 2004 album The College Dropout he says, “Y’all don’t know my struggle/Y’all can’t match my hustle/You can’t catch my hustle. You can’t fathom my love, dude.” That’s different from the lyric I used, which was, “You don’t know my struggle/So you can’t feel my hustle.” from Boosie’s “My Struggle.” I would personally, rather quote Lil’ Boosie, so I did. Now if you think the lyrics are too similar, take that up with Boosie.

DV8 says:
Congrats on the promotion. You’ve earned it. It’s been a long journey (I remember reading a lot of your articles throughout the years) Now it’s time to put that hip-hop knowledge on display.

NessNess138 says:
Much appreciated, DV8. Sincerely.

Jamal7Mile says:
Congrats, Vanessa!!
Didn’t read the article or comments yet, but I KNOW that you’re going to do the right thing on the next XXL cover and put a 4-page Slaughter House layout.
You know… Tha Bricks, Cali, NYC, and my absolute favorite…
(all together now)
You know what? You should put THE COMMENTERS of XXLmag.com on the cover!
Or, if not the cover, give a coupla mofos some shine “inside” of the ink print rag!! The Commission EARNED that respect! PARIS done fkin’ EARNED the right to list his playlist in the mag!
The BLOGGERS are fking incredible!!!! DallasPenn, Bol crazy ass, Ron Mexico??? AAAHHHH!!! Rob, the Real MoFukkin’ Rap Editor? Vanessa, your name is REALLY recognizable. Every name up above that I’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. You should see who I beef with on other articles on e-XXL. Them lost niggas need jobs, too. I’m trying to vouch for ‘em too, but they probably won’t recognize the fact… so fuck ‘em!! Vanessa, I wanna send you … nah, scratch a resume.
Just plain ol holla at a Journalist (gside, I see you homie).

NessNess138 says:
I don’t even know how to respond to this comment but I am gonna try. First off, thanks for the congrats! Now did you miss the mag a few issues back (June 2009) where we did a six-page fashion spread with Slaughterhouse? So we beat your four-page request by two pages.
The commenters on the covers might be a little too much. Granted you can do something creative with commenters and bloggers but I think if I went to the publishers and told them I was putting the commenters on the cover I would lose the job way quicker than I got it. So I’m confused, you’re a journalist, a commenter, a blogger who wants to what? What are you? And what’s the big deal with all these comments about The Commission? e-XXL is kinda funny!

Pierzy says:

Congrats on the gig…
Now on to more important matters – any more guest bloggers? Ha.

NessNess138 says:
What guest bloggers would you guys wanna see? I mean besides yourselves, right? Everyone secretly or not so secretly wants to be a blogger, no? Do you want rappers to blog? Industry folk? Eye candy? Athletes who like rap? Who do you wanna read a blog from?

Bobo D says:
Damn it’s only been a cold minute and you already asking *in John Witherspoon voice* NEKED PICTURES!!! You probably just watched that movie Brown Sugar with that hot female XXL editor.
Anyhoo congrats. Oh yeah not trying to tell you how to do your job, but can you try and push more articles about rappers from other countries (and I don’t mean Drake).

NessNess138 says:
I just wanna say for the record that I was there when Sanaa Lathan came up to learn about XXL for her role in the movie and the whole thing was bizarre and XXL is NOTHING like that movie. It doesn’t run like that or look like that but… none of that matters. Thanks for the congrats! So what countries do you all wanna see rappers from? The foreign rap scene has never been big in XXL but we do have a large international fan base. Who are you guys checking for overseas? Once in a while we cover some international stuff but not in a large capacity. What are we missing?

Besides all that, folks, I wanna hear from you. Can you tell me what you like or don’t like about XXL magazine or XXLMag.com? I can’t promise you that anything you like or don’t like we’re gonna change but I still wanna hear what you guys gotta say. I assume a lot of it’s gonna be mean because seems to be the case on here but, oh well. Bring it on. We take it all in stride, anyway.

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  • Pierzy

    I think I speak for the fam (Commission) when I say that we appreciate this drop. Not only considering that it was a one day turnaround, but also that you’re hearing (reading) us. Thank you.

    As far as my question, aside from the obvious choices (myself, Grand$, $yk, etc) I think anyone with an interesting take on hip-hop could guest blog but, if possible, I’d like to see some big players do so. I know they don’t have to, but that’s exactly the point. If we could have a few industry execs write about what they do and why they make certain decisions, it would help us all understand the situation and the game a bit more.

    My dude $ykotic drops knowledge, but to hear it straight from the corner office’s mouth would be refreshing.

    Thank you again.

    • Pierzy

      By the way, Vanessa, one final point on the guest bloggers and you probably know this already, but we’re not new. Most of us have had at least one chance to present ourselves and our words on this site and some of us have even been fortunate enough to do so more than once. Also, as you’re already aware, we do it elsewhere too. Grand$ has a great blog, a few others dues on here too and the others ($yk, Geico, EReal, DV8, Herbz, EmCDL, Syler, Jamal7Mile, everyone else I missed) all do their own thing with either the pen or the mic – or both – and the rest contribute great things here on a daily basis. As for me, I don’t rhyme anymore and instead of my own blog, I make my living by being the first to comment on XXL.com. It is what it is but it’s what I do…

      • Psh.

        I Agree, More Guests…

        Even if I couldn’t finish mine.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Thanks, P.

          Appreciate it, my dude.

          @ NessNess138

          You asked about the Commission. Basically, its more or less the core commentors who get it in in the Comments Section on the regular basis. It’s just kind of our “thing” [||]. It started with $ykotic (who coined it), Pierzy & me being the first 3 commentors on every piece worth commenting on. $yk dubbed us “the commission”. From there, it just spread like Swine Flu. We’ve even replaced “First” with Pierzy, if you haven’t noticed. Ask Dallas & Ron Mex about us.

          Now, its just as much a part of the site as the blogs themselves. Hope that shed a little light..


        • NAWLEDGE

          Hiring Ron Mex full time was the right decision. Bring back YN and Tera and ya’ll back in business.

    • $ykotic

      So this is why my ears have been ringing all day!

      Now do all my fellow Commenter’s believe me when I say they are watching?

      Imagine who else is reading…

      • EReal

        @Nessa Holla!

        First off let me say I applaud the fact that you recognize the regular commenters that make this my favorite hiphop site.

        Secondly, my cynicism and sarcasm are hard to fully display through type. The feet wet comment was actually just a play on the sinking ship reference. You know about your mag, but in my opinion it’s still valid because all print media is basically one big sinking ship. It wasn’t a reference to your experience in the industry or at the mag, I don’t know you like that, lol. I will say I’ve been here a long time, and enjoy the site and the people it attracts for the most part, and have had a lot of fun ribbing the EIC so don’t take it personal, its all love. ( I SEE YOU YELLA!)

        I was actually agreeing about your numbers comment, I was just using your industry word as more proof, that wasn’t an affront to your knowledge it was a co-sign. I said quit hating because of the difference of a certain album doing those numbers first week and its a success and another artist doing those numbers and it’s a flop. I’m not naming rappers, just saying. Quit hating people.

        That said, no problem with Dallas, just his fanboy slobberdom. But, yo, good look on the clap back. Trust I’ll be right here with my piece no matter if anyone gives a crap. lol.

        Good night, and good luck.


        • EReal

          Oh yeah, and Combat Jack as a guest blogger.

          That, and LUPE BOL ROUND 2! lol!

          DO IT!!!!

  • Rashaan

    congrats on the promotion vs. been a long time coming. im glad to see the hip hop soul issue. hip hop and rnb go together. i would like to see some financial stuff in xxl.

  • geico lizard

    I appreciate you showing love to the comments section Vanessa.
    *secretly upset she didnt mention me*


    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Geico Lizard?

      Don’t even sweat it! Everyone knows who you are. I know you from AllHipHop and (I think) HHDX, so your name stretches past XXLmag.com…

      XXL’s the best though, homie, LOL!!!

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Dammit I’m late! I wish I joined the conversation lol

    • Jamal7Mile

      You’re late? OHHHHH SHIT!! I thought that fuckin’ wrap was on m…

      Ooops… you know what, I replied to the wrong blogsite. Oops, oops, oops!!

      Wrong post for me Penelope (you STILL sound sexy, though).

      I was talking about some other woman…

      Sorry boo…

  • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

    And when you aren’t busy being the new EIC of XXL, you can go and check out the various talents of lets say, an up and coming artist from NY who enjoys posting comments on your website.

  • Big Push

    I love XXL, first and foremost. What I would like to see in current times for XXL is an outlet for the regions that don’t get much of the spotlight for Hip Hop. Oregon, Washington, Utah, and the places that have a lot of untouched talent. Go out and search for the next new thing.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign. I lived in Portland, OR for a bit and there is a great movement happening in that region…

      • $ykotic

        @ Push & P

        You know I’m over here now! Spearheading the new wave!

      • AiNT 2B FUKED

        PORTLAND, OR


  • DV8

    Your very welcome!

    BTW I’m glad to see somebody up there is up on Boosie. Both Boosie and Gucci have secretly had a strangle hold on the South for a few years now. If you let the radio and TV tell it people would swear it was Luda, T.I., and Jeezy and they would be correct. But if you go to the clubs and if you pull up next to most rides down south, you’ll here Boosie and Gucci.

    • DV8

      P.S. A little more love for the West Coast in the mag would be greatly appreciated. Hire a West Coast rep or something so they can really fill you in on how it goes down out here.

      Also, there is this artist by the name of Tech9ine (K.C.,MO) who was in Pac’s circle and has been independent grindin for years. This guy is the most toured hiphop artist in the United States (its like he lives on the road). It would be cool if he gets some shine in XXL as well. Actually it would be cool to see more independent artist in XXL.

      As the premier hiphop magazine, I think its essential that you guys lead the way. Inform and teach the youth about hiphop instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the flavor of the month.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I’ll let you exactly who I want to blog for this site: kris ex, Paul Cantor, and Tara Henley! Boy do I miss them, especially Tara.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      tara’s voice is definitely missed; it would be excellent to have a permanent female blogger once again.

      vanessa- i have an extremely amusing interview with underground emcee/artist serengeti, out of chicago, that i have not published. if youre going to do any more guest spots, that would be a cool thing to publish to give him some shine. hit me back by clicking the name if interested. also, i think xxlmag.com is doing a fantastic job, aside from censoring some drops that have been “controversial”. everything from mr len’s mixes to the blogs to the features is a class act.

      • EReal

        Inci! Co-sign, that’s what I said!

  • sealsaa

    This new “hip-hop soul” issue is precisely the direction that I did NOT want the magazine to take. I think that the R&B elements (Best of Both Worlds, R&B Music reviews, ect) need to be done away with. I could swear that Harris Publications already HAD a hip-hop soul magazine. Real talk,this shit’s starting to resemble VIBE.

  • FaMe

    Dear EIC Vanessa,

    I agree with Incilin. I think you need back the old bloggers. Sickamore was good too. Besides that, I think you guys need to do something different than all the other blogs and add a young voice. Some new, young dude that’s involved in the industry. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that’s tired of reading posts from these old men (Bol and Dallas Penn). Push the envelope, be ahead of the curve for once

  • sealsaa

    Also, why is the staff answering letters now? Just seems unecessary. I liked it better when people just wrote in their comments. There were some bitches and complaints, and some praises, but no one trying to explain themselves. Please, put a stop to this.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusiprofile EmCDL

    Dang you actually responded to some of the comments from yesterday’s blog?! Thats real cool of you! COMMISSION!!!

  • Darrell Johnson

    More Bol. He is the best thing to happen to the internets since streaming pr0n, [II].

  • http://www.smokingsection.net Gotty™

    Anyone who quotes Boosie is a-okay in my book lol. Good luck!


    dats wassup. lol.

  • Chris Cash

    What up NessNess well I read the blogs everyday i just dont always comment cause Pierzy normally says what i was thinking so i just co-sign him, but if anyone should be a guest blogger i think all of us agree it should be Pierzy.

    And to all the commenters please check out that new J.Cole Mixtape, its really dope. I would like to know yall opinion on him.

    • Pierzy

      What up Chris…thanks for the love. Much appreciated!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    @ NessNess138

    That’s pretty big of you to respond to my dudes. Makes me wish I’d put a little more effort into my comment….

    Anyhow, good luck. By your responses, it seems you’re on your toes, so maybe instead of luck, I’ll wish you Godspeed & Good Journies (a little Sean Connery for that ass!).

  • chris cash

    What up NessNess well I read the blogs everyday i just dont always comment cause Pierzy normally says what i was thinking so i just co-sign him, but if anyone should be a guest blogger i think all of us agree it should be Pierzy.

    And to all the commenters please check out that new J.Cole Mixtape, its really dope. I would like to know yall opinion on him..

  • Arcey

    suggestion: Combat Jack as guest blogger.

  • Federal Ranga

    COMISSION!!! Oops. Slipped again.

    EICs of Magzines are like Presidents… when the assume power (kinda strong words aren’t they?) you know change is coming in unexpected ways. Like it, love it, loathe it… we’ll ALL be witnesses to what she will do.



    i think you guys should give lupe another shot. old school rappers should get some guest blog time. i would really like slick rick to have one. also how about rakim i wonder what he would talk about.

  • Bobo D

    Nice to see you respond, at least we know that the magazine is geared to satisfy the readers and not just get Harris Publications pockets bigger.

    To answer your question on which region of rap I check out, UK is definitely a must. I keep Sway Dasafo on constant rotation.

    You should also check out people from my home base such as Proverb(www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6JAcMpWn3g), Da LES, Tumi and the Volume.

    And I hear Japan is a bit crazy, apparently you can’t walk down the street without catching ninjas breakdancing as if it was 1988.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, Vanessa, I just cleared my schedule for this evening. The limo will be there to pick you up at 6:00pm sharp. Looking forward to a magical evening…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $ykotic


    Peace and blessings young lady. I’m always glad to see one reach their goals and accept new challenges.

    What ever artist in the mag for the month can guest blog. Big for everybody. Pinging and streaming off the roof.

    Utilize the ‘net with QUALIFIED representatives to give exclusive footage/photos/interviews/posts. Again QUALIFIED reps. International exposure with regional reporting. Another win.

    Pay your dues to enter The Commission! You knew that was coming…

    Look forward to hearing(reading) from you.

    Oh yeah. Commenter’s can go hang with ya’ll and vid blog. I mean you guys do have a new video thing going there.

  • NessNess138

    The thing is if we don’t have a blogger anymore, there’s usually a reason they don’t blog for us anymore. They decided not to, there was a falling out, they didn’t get good traffic, there was some politics, the blog ran it’s course. If it was hot and we COULD keep it, we did or would. So what bloggers that aren’t old would you wanna see? And who is Pierzy I keep hearing about? You all love him! I saw he commented yesterday but you guys are some serious fans! Do we care about rappers blogging?

    geico lizard – getting a shout-out cause i didn’t respond to yesterday’s comment!

    • $ykotic

      Pierzy’s the fastest commenter on the ‘net! He also has dropped some guest blogs for XXL.

      He’s so fast we(Commission/fave guys) decided to rename “first” as Pierzy. Takes out the redundacy, and it allows him to slide right in anyway if he missed out.

      • Pierzy

        Hey Nessa – It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m here! I’d love to help or contribute to the site and the mag (and the movement/culture) in any way possible…

        $ykotic – Thank you for standing up for your boy!

    • Jamal7Mile

      “The thing is if we don’t have a blogger anymore, there’s usually a reason they don’t blog for us anymore.” – Vanessa.

      I absolutely LOVED Mr. Len’s Lunchtime “blog” Ness. I would TAB (split) the XXL screen and have Mr. Len’s 15 minute “Hip-Hop Class” playing while reading/commenting on one of the many features of XXL on another tab page.

      I still do this, btw. Only diff is I have to pull up a Mr. Len archive instead of a once-daily post. Len is one of the most educational DJ’s that I’ve never met!!! I don’t comment alot on his posts… but that’s because I don’t know 1/10th of the shit that he knows!! Len is a teacher for real, and I can only hope that some of these young, waiting-to-blow artists and producers paid attention to Mr. Len’s sessions. Yeah, it’s a History class, but…

      Mr. Len >>> ya favorite History teacher!!

      And that’s only including those whose bothered to show up to class!!

      I don’t know, man… Maybe the “Lunchtime” link should’ve been posted closer to the top. I get the feeling that most of ya’ll don’t even know who he is!!!!

  • NessNess138

    Tony Grand$ – I’m 5’1″ – I gotta stay on my toes :)

    Herbz – what we smokin’????? I’m rolling and taking the first pull – Vanilla Dutches for me only.

    NOW – Can you all explain The Commission more to me, please……………….?

    • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

      Ness, no love my way?

  • bloghead
  • nessness138

    I’ve definitely seen some of your names before. I’m not totally new to the web! I’m just not as regular to the blog world and not much of a commenter. I find it all kind hard for some reason.

    The thing about the celebrity guest bloggers is that it’s hard to actually get them to write what they commit to doing. we’ve tried but it never was as regular as it could be.

    i want examples!

    • $ykotic

      Like this month’s mag. Whoever’s in it, could drop a note. Or speak a topic. BUT THEY HAVE TO ANSWER BACK LIKE HOW WE DO IT NOW. Sometimes these discussions last all day & nite. You want my bread(directed @ artist), come talk to me and maybe I will. Everybody don’t wanna tweet.

      I say Mos is a good candidate. He would have a great forum.

  • General

    “Now did you miss the mag a few issues back (June 2009) where we did a six-page fashion spread with Slaughterhouse? So we beat your four-page request by two pages.”

    No we didn’t miss it, but when we have a movement like slaughter house in hip-hop i’m not really interested in their shoes in hats as I am in an in depth story on them to give them the exposure that they have earned….

    I think that is where XXL is starting to lose its readers is that it has been obvious that the major labels are making the decisions on who gets the real shine in the mag and who gets a just a passing write up…

    If you want to make a statement, then make one by bringing “real hip-hop” and by that I mean artists that understand and respect what the culture is all about and aren’t just pimping it out to the mainstream once in a while…

    Again congrats and after reading the comments above me made by others you must be laughin your ass off, cuz there is some desperate attention seekers around here, you’ll get used to it though, hell you work with recording artists, no different…

  • Bobo D

    In my opinion the celebrity guest blog may be leading to a fail, not that it’s a bad idea but you’ve got realize that most of these dudes are rocking twitter and before the say something here they might have typed something already there or they may have already clowned themselves on WSHH. Just my 2 cents.

    On another note bring back Tara Henley

  • latino heat

    i see my comment was ignored, but that’s okay i figured it would be because you know it’s true. ever since i started reading XXL back in 2000 (i was a die hard Source reader prior to that) the album review system has been a joke. like i said a legit fair and balanced system would be nice. Jadakiss’s album for example, had a few hitters on it so be honest and give it a M, seriously a album with 19 tracks and only 5 or 6 good songs does not deserve to be considered a near classic (XL). i know that’s asking a lot since you magazines have been taking payoff’s from labels for years for positive reviews but some of us actually waste hard earned money on albums because you tell us there actually good. i learned years ago to stop listening to your reviews but i’m sure there’s still some people who swear by them and that’s sad that you lie to them like that.

  • nessness138

    latino heat – u seem so angry
    how do u know that we take payoffs?
    for the record, no label has ever paid me off. never even offered. where u working that they are making these offers? are they paying good money???

    and how do we lie to u? the thing about a record review is that it’s ultimately an opinion. and people have different opinions……. that’s cool. that’s what a review is.

    such allegations!

    • latino heat

      thanks for responding, i wasn’t expecting that. anyway it’s been long “rumored” that your review section just like the Source in it’s prime has reviews for sale. many a shit sandwich has gotten a positive review in your magazine when it was unanimously agreed upon by most rap heads that the album sucked.
      as i posted on another blog here a while back the real kicker is when you give it a strong review and then 2 years later when the artist is in your mag promoting the new album your journalist will ask the artist, “so your last album wasn’t very good, what makes this one any better?” so now your admitting the last album sucked 2 years later after everybody paid there hard earned money for it, and after you gave it XL rating? you come off as two faced, did it suck or was it bangin? if everybody agreed it sucked and now 2 years later even your own mag is admitting it sucked, dosen’t that seem a little suspicious? like you got paid to say something while the promotion was going on but now that the album is old news you can admit it sucked? seems a little funny to me, and i’m sure others would agree also.
      nothing personal, sorry for the long ass rant, but since now i know you’re actually checking for us i wanted to get that off my chest for years. good luck with the new gig.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up, Latino Heat?

        Remember the ULTIMATE shit sandwich that The Sauce dropped when they put out the “Black” cover issue? My readership died RIGHT THERE!! Give or take a few issues, Benzino’s rap crew got 4 or 4+ “mics” while Benz was still the editor.

        At the time, myself and all of my fellow Ford Motor Co. workers let out a resounding “FUCK THE SOURCE!!!!” that bounced off all four walls of our plant for weeks and weeks. ALL of our subscriptions went lax! We ALL had Eminem’s back!

        (Note to Ed: Even when YN was beefing with Em, I still bought XXL… before EM gave you that, umm, shout out to help you sell. That should tell you how good you’ve always been).

        One more note: Hate it or love it, a YN editorial was PRICELESS!! Why not bury the hatchet and give him just one blog drop? Last I heard, he was at RapRadar.com. In fact, I heard he lived over there, LOL!!

        I’m rambling as I sometimes do (sorry) but I have NO IDEAL where David Mays is, and Benzino (???) … I’ll leave it at that.

        I’ve heard about Hip Hop Weekly though and I’ve read an issue or two, but… not interested.

        OK, I’ll stop right here! It’s Saturday night and I gotta go out and do what bachelors do on this particular day of the week in Detroit.

  • $ykotic

    The Commission is your core group of commenter’s, they’ve been here for years, some are “new”, some guest blogged, some regulate “those” commenter’s, bring good insight to the discussion table. Many of the other sites’ comments are horrible. I know they look at our comments because I see “quote-ables” in other forums on the regular.

    All of these guys help define these forums. And are good in their own crafts/ways.

    *Ya’ll know I’ma forget some so help me out. I’ma leave it open…*

    The Commission:

    Pierzy(1st to get there anyway)
    geico lizard(dart man)
    Herbz(the lone wolf/blogger)
    BIGNAT(the nite hawk)
    DallasPenn(Xcalibur) *I know you like that DP*
    latino heat(taino warrior)
    zulu1925(the watcher)
    PARIS PERSHUN(way, way, way, …)
    Federal Ranga(swordsman)

    • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

      I dunno if I am Commission per se, but I have been co-signed by The Commission.

      $yk, forgetting ur boy?

    • latino heat

      thanks for the shout out Syk. i’ve been wondering if i was official Commission since i don’t comment on Every blog Every day like most of the others do. i did figure since i’ve been here since 2006 and have seen many commenter’s come and go that that should count for something though.

    • latino heat

      also Syk you for got the homie,
      Anutha Level (creampieing hoes nationwide)

      • $ykotic

        That’s what I’m talking about latino.

        @ Syler I see you. Gotta pay dues.


        • macdatruest

          Mac Da Lone Gunner I come in when Commission need some heavy Bloggin’ Artillery. My drops is all certified. What up P, Syk, Grand$

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          True $yk true, but maybe at least a slot in the bangers section for “Down Before” you feel me?

  • Master CHeef

    Bol and Ron Mex manage to drop blogs on the daily. Dallas should be held to the same standard.

  • $ykotic


    Detroit P
    Southside A-Town

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      No help needed……

      That’s about the “core”.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        We need a (e-)gang sign or a secret handshake, like the Van Buren Boys.

        • $ykotic



          HTF did I forget mac. I know there’s like 3 more then I’ma create the seal/symbol.

          And a BOOOOO for Seinfeld. Well except the “Elaine Dance”.

        • $ykotic


          Detroit Draper(Dr***r)

          OK it’s closed!!!! For now!!! Dudes remember your sign!

          Will need to drop here and there!

  • Ya Boy

    Ironic that EReal would call Dallas Penn a dickrider when about a year ago when he was Billy Sunday u were all over his dick. I aint hating.. Im just saying.

  • latino heat

    i haven’t seen Tpar on here in hella long, are you sure he’s still around? did anybody find out if that was really Bol?
    @ Tony G, who are the Van Buren Boys?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ Heat

      Whadup fam?!

      TPAR was on here yesterday I think. Maybe day before.

      The Van Buren Boys was a gang on Seinfeld (I ain’t the only one who watches it…) that George claimed he was a part of, but he got beat up because he didn’t know the handshake.

      • Pierzy

        Their secret sign was to hold up 8 fingers since Martin Van Buren was the 8th president…

  • latino heat

    @ Tony G, naw you ain’t the only one, my girl is a die hard Seinfeld stan. i never watched it till i got with her. thanks for clarifying.

  • $ykotic


  • newyawka631


    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Newyawka631?

      I want to hear your work, homie. You got everyone’s attention on this site, good job, we just need to hear you spit!

      Throw us a link!!

      If you don’t have anything made, that’s not a problem nowadays. Plug a mic into the side of your laptop, record it acapella and e-mail/post link it to us.

      Your written raps sound cool (in my mind) but we all want to hear you. No hate on these boards (not really) just a lot of shit talking… which is all good.

  • Jamal7Mile

    DAMN!! Can’t believe I’m two days late to such a great post. I gotta take more notes from Pierzy!

    Props for the reply, Vanessa. Didn’t expect it (that was amazing!!).

    To answer a few of your questions, I’m an ex-journalist from Detroit who is overtly passionate about the Hip-Hop Community. The rag I used to write for is long gone (L’Amour Report) and was directed towards music studio workers (producers, engineers, managers, etc.).

    The only thing I want is for XXL (ink and online) to continue to be a premium icon in the HH Community. A beacon, a magnet, a one-stop-shop for all that is HIP-HOP!!

    Embrace our praises (and I praise you) and accept, take into consideration or, flat-out, shoot down our criticism. But also know in the end that it is all for the love of HIP-HOP.

    “And what’s the big deal with all these comments about The Commission? e-XXL is kinda funny!” – Vanessa.

    You’ll get to know The Commission! You can’t miss ‘em, LOL!! Just hang with ALL of us commenters for a while and you’ll see who’s who. You’ll see who can’t stand who, who’s from where, who knows who, who can rap (Syler, Newyawka?) and who the Hell can’t (…nah)!

    Anyway, congrats on the new position AND on getting off to a GREAT start in what I’m predicting is going to be a GREAT year in HIP-HOP!!

    @ The Board… Thanks for some of those shout-outs! Damn near everybody had something good to say about us commenters and Hip-Hop, in general. Keep ‘em coming, folks!!

    • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler


      Good looks my man.

  • newyawka631


  • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com DANJ!

    LMAO @ Jamal’s mention of that Source issue. Yeah, that was the official jumping of the shark. They had been riding the wave for a while anyway, but Benzino’s decision to turn that agenda into the Source’s agenda sunk that mag.

    XXL is good, it’s just not a must-read anymore. I used to like how they caught up with artists who’d been off the scene for a while and told their stories. The super-exclusive issues with highly-anticipated artists was always a plus, which I have seen make its return with the Eminem issue. That was something that I think diminished, although understandably because the net beats print to everything now. I also liked the classic album breakdowns.

    Overall, XXL is doing ok. it’s just that now it has to compete with the up-to-the-minute reporting on the internet… so it makes it stand out less. But not for nothin’, y’all are still kickin’ The Source and Vibe’s asses.