I’m supposed to blog on this site like the rest of the staff has been doing but I don’t think I’m that good at it. I like to see the staff do it and I think they do a great job. But I felt like I should take some time and blog a little more lately. Then when I read some of the comments on my Editorial posted yesterday, I got encouraged. Particularly by:

$ykotic says:
Oh yeah Vanessa we would like for you to come talk to us! We know you’re busy and all but still…

You shouldn’t be too busy to write for the people who read what you work hard on. So let’s talk. Where do you wanna begin? I guess I’ll respond to a few of your comments from yesterday and ask you a few questions after that..
EReal says:
Welcome to the sinking ship! Have fun gettin ya feet wet!
She said 150K is BIG NUMBERS PEOPLE!
btw, I’m EReal, and I think you should fire that professional dickrider Dallas Penn.

NessNess138 says:
Sinking ship? You know something I don’t know? Are you in the building? ‘Cause if you’re not then I’m not sure if you know what’s up to be talking shit and if you are than it’s kinda crazy you’re writing comments like this. I’m thinking you’re not though, ‘cause than you’d know I’ve been at XXL for the past 11 years. Started as an intern in 1998 and now I’m here as EIC so my feet, depending on the way we’re talking about them, might already be wet, ----or dry and just fine. And if you don’t see 150K as a good # for some folks these days you must not be looking at the same SoundScan I am. Btw, nice to meet you EReal, so what’s wrong with Dallas?

OG Matt Herbz says:
A female editor, whuuut?! Somebody hold me back…
–OG Matt Herbz–
p.s.- Welcome to XXL, your work is cut out for you.

NessNess138 says:
Jeah! A female editor, whuuut whuuut!! Hold you back?
I love the herbz and I’m not new to XXL. Geez people, some of you should check out the masthead or a byline once awhile.

Chip says:
I believe Kanye said that before Boosie…he seems like a better person to quote…

NessNess138 says:
Chip, I’m sorry but I think I was right with my lyrical reference, I double-checked. On Kanye’s song “Spaceship” from his 2004 album The College Dropout he says, “Y'all don't know my struggle/Y'all can't match my hustle/You can't catch my hustle. You can’t fathom my love, dude.” That’s different from the lyric I used, which was, “You don’t know my struggle/So you can’t feel my hustle.” from Boosie’s “My Struggle.” I would personally, rather quote Lil’ Boosie, so I did. Now if you think the lyrics are too similar, take that up with Boosie.

DV8 says:
Congrats on the promotion. You’ve earned it. It's been a long journey (I remember reading a lot of your articles throughout the years) Now it's time to put that hip-hop knowledge on display.

NessNess138 says:
Much appreciated, DV8. Sincerely.

Jamal7Mile says:
Congrats, Vanessa!!
Didn’t read the article or comments yet, but I KNOW that you’re going to do the right thing on the next XXL cover and put a 4-page Slaughter House layout.
You know… Tha Bricks, Cali, NYC, and my absolute favorite…
(all together now)
You know what? You should put THE COMMENTERS of XXLmag.com on the cover!
Or, if not the cover, give a coupla mofos some shine “inside” of the ink print rag!! The Commission EARNED that respect! PARIS done fkin’ EARNED the right to list his playlist in the mag!
The BLOGGERS are fking incredible!!!! DallasPenn, Bol crazy ass, Ron Mexico??? AAAHHHH!!! Rob, the Real MoFukkin’ Rap Editor? Vanessa, your name is REALLY recognizable. Every name up above that I’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. You should see who I beef with on other articles on e-XXL. Them lost niggas need jobs, too. I’m trying to vouch for ‘em too, but they probably won’t recognize the fact… so fuck ‘em!! Vanessa, I wanna send you … nah, scratch a resume.
Just plain ol holla at a Journalist (gside, I see you homie).

NessNess138 says:
I don’t even know how to respond to this comment but I am gonna try. First off, thanks for the congrats! Now did you miss the mag a few issues back (June 2009) where we did a six-page fashion spread with Slaughterhouse? So we beat your four-page request by two pages.
The commenters on the covers might be a little too much. Granted you can do something creative with commenters and bloggers but I think if I went to the publishers and told them I was putting the commenters on the cover I would lose the job way quicker than I got it. So I’m confused, you’re a journalist, a commenter, a blogger who wants to what? What are you? And what’s the big deal with all these comments about The Commission? e-XXL is kinda funny!

Pierzy says:

Congrats on the gig…
Now on to more important matters - any more guest bloggers? Ha.

NessNess138 says:
What guest bloggers would you guys wanna see? I mean besides yourselves, right? Everyone secretly or not so secretly wants to be a blogger, no? Do you want rappers to blog? Industry folk? Eye candy? Athletes who like rap? Who do you wanna read a blog from?

Bobo D says:
Damn it’s only been a cold minute and you already asking *in John Witherspoon voice* NEKED PICTURES!!! You probably just watched that movie Brown Sugar with that hot female XXL editor.
Anyhoo congrats. Oh yeah not trying to tell you how to do your job, but can you try and push more articles about rappers from other countries (and I don’t mean Drake).

NessNess138 says:
I just wanna say for the record that I was there when Sanaa Lathan came up to learn about XXL for her role in the movie and the whole thing was bizarre and XXL is NOTHING like that movie. It doesn’t run like that or look like that but… none of that matters. Thanks for the congrats! So what countries do you all wanna see rappers from? The foreign rap scene has never been big in XXL but we do have a large international fan base. Who are you guys checking for overseas? Once in a while we cover some international stuff but not in a large capacity. What are we missing?

Besides all that, folks, I wanna hear from you. Can you tell me what you like or don’t like about XXL magazine or XXLMag.com? I can’t promise you that anything you like or don’t like we’re gonna change but I still wanna hear what you guys gotta say. I assume a lot of it’s gonna be mean because seems to be the case on here but, oh well. Bring it on. We take it all in stride, anyway.