Clearance Sale – The 80s Movies Edition

After giving B.O.B. VS. Bobby Ray a quick listen, the first thing that really stood out to me was the sample from “My Sweet Baby.” While it was lifted from the classic cut “Love Is Strange” by Mickey and Sylvia,  Jackpot immediately associated the song from ’80s chick flick Dirty Dancing. Word. Being a certified ’80s baby, that got me thinking about all of my favorite joints used in the movies from that era.

You see I don’t own a sampler. Never have and unfortunately probably never will. I always wanted to try my hands at putting together beats, but I just never got around to it. But for all you producers out there, I got a list of ’80s movie bangers that need to get chopped up ASAP.

So without further ado here’s five of my personal favorites that I think would be a perfect fit for hip-hop’s current crop of MCs. Just remember you saw it here first.

1. Bunny and the Wolf Sisters – “Big Bad Wolf” from Teen Wolf

With Michael J. Fox’s unforgettable dance during the prom scene this one has the Southern young’n’s and the lil’s written all over it.

2. Joe Esposito – “You’re The Best Around“ from Karate Kid

Come on Khaled, you should have been up on this chorus.

3. John Caffrerty and the Beaver Brown Band – “Hearts On Fire” from Rocky IV

While the official Rocky theme has already been used to death, this less popular, yet nonetheless inspirational jam is still up for grabs. Jeezy you know what to do.

4. Yello – “Oh Yeah” from The Secret of my Success and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

You couldn’t escape this song in the ’80s, besides being featured in both the above mentioned films, it was used in several TV commercials and at one point was even the theme for the NFL. It’s only a matter of time before one of these throwback rappers flips it. I mean it’s already got a built in hook. Oh yeah.

5. Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes” from Say Anything

Drake, this is right up your alley. The girls would love it and I could already picture Kanye directing the video, having Drizzy re-create the unforgettable boombox scene.

Related – props to Rob the Music Ed who compiled a list of tracks that were already borrowed from movie and TV themes.

What do you think people? What other classic movie cuts have yet to be sampled?-Jesse Gissen

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  • Pierzy

    I always thought “The Twilight Zone” theme should’ve been sampled but since we’re talking 80s movies, how about these:

    -Star Wars theme
    -Indiana Jones theme
    -Top Gun
    -Batman ['89 Keaton/Nicholson film]
    -Back To The Future? [word to Wale']

    • Azhar

      I thought Dre did a good job with the Micheal Myers theme on Chronic 2000! I always like the Less Than Zero song, i thought maybe just blaze could’ve flipped that crazy

      • Pierzy

        Yeah, good call on “Less Than Zero.”

        Dre definitely did a good job with the Halloween beat but he could’ve gotten MUCH better MC’s to spit over it…

        • latino heat

          i hate to admit it but TRU sampled that Halloween beat before Dr. Dre did and that shit was bangin. the beat was wasted on TRU’s wack ass rhymes though.

      • Pierzy

        By the way, don’t forget it was called just “2001″ because Suge released a garbage compilation called “Chronic 2000: Still Smokin’” to try to dupe some people…

    • The R

      top theme has been sampled in T.I’s Big Things Poppin…the long guitar riff

    • La Verdas

      Primo flipped the Batman joint already for Snoop….

  • jackpot

    “Kings Motorcade” from Coming To America. Peep it here.

    • DopeMan922

      whats really good

      i know jeezy sampled the music from Rocky 4 but it was when Rocky was fight the Russian dude

      i got some ill gems but i’ll keep it to myself thank you very much

      • latino heat

        good looking out DopeMan i never heard that version of that song. it’s way hotter then the actual album version. fuck corporate red tape!

  • latino heat

    @ Pierzy
    Ya Boy (yes that’s his real name if you’ve never heard of him) sampled the Star Wars theme on a song called 16′s Wit Me, back in 2004. that shit was fire too. i don’t think it ever made it out of the Bay Area though.

    • Pierzy

      Good call. I’ve actually heard of dude but didn’t know he flipped that. I’m always open to learning more…

  • latino heat

    @ Jackpot
    David Banner and Twista already ripped that sample on David Banner’s song I Put That On Everything. you should know that one.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, the Knight Rider theme is banging, but Timbo and that gay nigga Magoo didn’t do that shit justice. Fuck them for that.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • latino heat

      Busta ripped that Knight Rider beat around the same time Timbaland did.

      • EmCDL

        Yeah I remember that he demolished that track. Man I can’t think of any songs I heard on movies that should be sampled though…well I’m 24 so that may be why LOL

  • Star Wars sample

    Here’s that sample U was look’n 4 homie…

  • biggamike

    Man, I don’t know if yall remember that show on HBO called “The Hitchhiker”. I always wanted to hear somebody flip that theme song.

  • Tony Grand$

    Maybe I missed it, but the theme to Beverly Hills Cop (1,2 & 3) always comes to mind in this type of discussion.

    Co-sign Hearts of Fire. Eye of the Tiger’s less attractive little sister.

    • the r

      jim jones/dipset sampled the beverly hills cop theme a couple of years ago

    • Hanch

      thanks guys, I am a pretty straight forward guy so wouldnt come at anybody sideways, just would be upfront about things. I can have a discussion and be real about it and see other ppl’s point of view who may have a different perspective than me, I remember one guy came on and did some sideways crap with Grand so I just wanted to be real with him and yall (the commission) and tell yall that it is really Cool to see yall be able to discuss things in Hip Hop or society and not get all mad cause somebody didnt agree with you. Plus yall are freaking hilarious!! I read this site everyday and alot of the reason why is to see what yall think about the topic for real. I am going to start posting a little more as my Promotion at my job gives me a little more free time to do so. Maybe 1 day after yall see i am a stand up dude ill be added to the commission LMEAO!!
      Defintely like the Idea of Indiana Jones Theme being a Sample That would be Dope as hell and the Big Bad Wolf could end up being pretty intersting as well

      • $ykotic

        Good looking. Welcome to the club!

      • EmCDL


  • Showboat

    You guys arent going to talk about the fact that Jay Z sampled Talking Heads “Once in a lifetime” which was the theme for Down and Out in Beverly Hills.


    also you figure Rick Ross would have gotten around to doing some thing with the Valley Girl OST.
    Valley Girl, White Girl, Coke, get it…no nobody gets huh?

    • latino heat

      @ Showboat
      i give up, i’ve never heard of that movie so i looked it up on You Tube and i still can’t figure out which Jay-Z song uses that sample. a little help here.

    • Detroit P

      I think Ross sampled CHIPS theme for “I’m bad” off his first album…i think

  • Jame

    Don’t forget Cam ripped the Magnum P.I. theme with .357. I know it’s not a movie but it’s worth mentioning.

    M.O.P. also ripped Eye of the Tiger with Jay-Z on 4 Alarm Blaze.

    Mobb Deep and Nas (mainly Nas) killed It’s Mine over the Scarface theme too.

    • $ykotic

      That’s the one right there. That NaS/Mobb joint is fire.


    oookaay… i’m definitely a lil too young for this one, ya’ll have fun.

  • Devi Gargon

    Devi Gargon – Your the Best 2008….off of Definitely Necessary…I thought yall were the XXL Staff!?!?!?!

  • og bobby j

    some one needs to fuck up the rocky IV joint when he is drivin that lambo….the “there no easy way out” joint….with the gay montage of him and apollo…


    terminator theme song

    Word to the TRU reference above…”hooty hoo” was that track….god awful rhymes over a dope fire beat….FAIL

  • HERM

    Nice drop.

    I gotta question for y’all… I know someone sampled the opening theme on The Shining, but who was it?? Help me out. Ah shit, it’s right on the tip of my tongue (ll).

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  • louie mo

    i always thought that cam horse and carriage with the night court sample was fire

  • El Tico Loco

    You guys are talking some expensive ass sample clearance fees

    • $ykotic


      U said you’re understanding build destroy?

      I’m culture freedom understanding.


    no songs fomr the last dragon soundtrack psssh that movie came out the same year i was born. that soundtrack is good except from that song by debarge oh god that shit was horrible. i hope they don’t remake the movie they used real martial artist in it. if they are going remake it busta can be sho nuf

  • jojo

    Does anyone remember a song from around February 2003 that sorta samples Halloween? It sounds like a kid n’ play song, and i remember it includes “wave your hands, wave your hands” over and over again in the lyrics. I went to Vegas, heard the song once on one of the stations, then heard the instrumental on VH1 a bunch of times, and its been pissing me off ever since

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