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  • BGZ


    • miles archer

      “These niggas just got done playing Applebees”…

      Yo… hilarious. When you called that bitch T-Boz I damn near fell out my chair.

      Miles Archer

    • Pierzy

      Chopper is what it would look like if Jim Jones & Lil’ Wayne had a kid together.

      By the way, what if I walked in to the office tomorrow morning with a watch in my hat? I think my boss would say, “Take your ass home” and then I’d get home and my girl would say “What the fuck is in your hat?”

      • BGZ

        … a kid with Down syndrome, that is.




  • Vegas

    Mex whats up with

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    Ron, what hppened to your site?

  • latino heat

    am i the only one getting the same Chopper video from a couple weeks ago? wheres the new video at?

  • paris pershun

    IM GAY

    turns boy george way way way way way the fuck up


    yea. same video from last time.

  • 80′s Baby

    Yeah, you could throw this video up every week and it would still be funny! I’ve always wondered if ANYBODY takes these “hood-tour” videos we see on worldstar serious. Every video is the same “LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY!, I’m in the HOOD” nonsense.Dude, you should make more of these.

    starting with that latest Tony Yayo joint.

  • geico lizard

    This is the old one but I saw a new one on wshh and they try to clown E-ness. If you are a weed carrier for Chopper you cant afford to burn bridges in the music industry.


    hahahaha okay of all the funny things in that vid. the midget guy and girl just had me rolling in the start. then homie who they not suppose to show is shown. wearing a security shirt talking a whole ton of bullshit and a nigga with the clock hat. a nigga with a clock hat? yes a nigga with a clock hat. what kind of bullshit hand me down weed carriers he got. plus that fool chopper look like he getting high off a black and mild. who the fuck gets faded off a black and mild mwhahahahahah

  • Azhar

    WTF! Ron Mex u a fool for dis 1….Nigga ya whole career is bad publicity…LMFAO!

  • tgriff13

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!!!!! Co-sign on just making the DDN the chopper suit tournament. That shit was hilarious Ron Mexico FTW

  • scoobysnax

    Hey mex, what’s the problem with the website?

    • Ron Mexico

      which site we talkin about?

  • render

    no dont open it!
    “the owners comin”

    haha this shit is funny as hell

    smh is this dude dressing up for halloween 4 months early? lil wayne lookalike ass nigga

  • Shawty J

    You gotta be kidding me. Some niggas just shouldn’t be on camera, period. How this nigga gonna get on camera and expose his own plan to kill Ness? “We gon book you pussy ass for a show, for like 500 dollars…”

    This nigga is so retarded. It hurts to see that he hasn’t grown up at since being on Making The Band.

  • DV8

    this is what happens when you give idiots a camera, SMH a bunch of clowns.

    Oh and that nigga had a buff midget working security, lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c b w

    The funny shit is when one nigga said something to the fact of some dudes that were there was fresh home from jail or on the way to jail and he couldn’t tell who was coming or going anymore. THAT…is some dumb nigga shit.

    The watch on the hat?!! Is a nigga that damn lazy that you can’t put a watch on your arm?

    “What time is it my nigga?”

    “I don’t know….let me check my hat”


    • chitchat

      LMAO @ these and “Uncle Ruckus”

      But damn Mex, u sound Southern for an Uptown yardmon


    Funny as hell homie

  • anwar

    the best canal for me