Kanye West might be the most lyrical, gifted and creative MC out today. Of course plenty of people will hate on that statement but go listen to the verses he’s been dropping recently, dude can rap.

Let’s act like 808’s was just a bad Auto-Tune-trip and Kanye is still a rapper first, bad sanger second. It makes plenty of sense when you have an ego the size of Rhode Island that you would assume everyone cares about how you’re feeling so much that they want to hear him whine about how he was lonely for 12 tracks.

But it seems like Ye is getting over his former wifey because he’s rapping, talking shit, cracking jokes and talking reckless. Recent verses on "I Poke Her Face,"  "Kinda Like a Big Deal" and "Maybach Music II" remind us why we need him in this rap game. And that is all we want out of our most vocally stuntastic MC. I for one will put up with the temper tantrums, the occasional Auto-Tune foray and the tight pants as long as you keep putting out quality lyrics and dope beats.

Here’s a snippet from his Maybach Music II verse:

“Uh-oh! There dey go/Talkin bout how ya boy clothes extra tight/I just remembered that my limelight extra bright/I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype/You hit the strip club and girls turn extra dyke/We know who not gettin sex tonight/And a lapdance'll prolly be a blessin right?”

Hate all you want, when Yeezy drops an all Hip-Hop album and does Get Rich or Die Tryin’ numbers we’ll all recognize the #1 MC in the game right now.

Mr. West, please give the fans that real Hip-Hop we need right now!

- MikeD

Sidenote: Remember how pissed he was about not the MTV awards supposedly dissing him? At least they didn’t teabag him like they did Em! That was ice-cold MTV.