Who’s Better Than Yeezy?

Kanye West might be the most lyrical, gifted and creative MC out today. Of course plenty of people will hate on that statement but go listen to the verses he’s been dropping recently, dude can rap.

Let’s act like 808’s was just a bad Auto-Tune-trip and Kanye is still a rapper first, bad sanger second. It makes plenty of sense when you have an ego the size of Rhode Island that you would assume everyone cares about how you’re feeling so much that they want to hear him whine about how he was lonely for 12 tracks.

But it seems like Ye is getting over his former wifey because he’s rapping, talking shit, cracking jokes and talking reckless. Recent verses on “I Poke Her Face,”  “Kinda Like a Big Deal” and “Maybach Music II” remind us why we need him in this rap game. And that is all we want out of our most vocally stuntastic MC. I for one will put up with the temper tantrums, the occasional Auto-Tune foray and the tight pants as long as you keep putting out quality lyrics and dope beats.

Here’s a snippet from his Maybach Music II verse:

“Uh-oh! There dey go/Talkin bout how ya boy clothes extra tight/I just remembered that my limelight extra bright/I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype/You hit the strip club and girls turn extra dyke/We know who not gettin sex tonight/And a lapdance’ll prolly be a blessin right?”

Hate all you want, when Yeezy drops an all Hip-Hop album and does Get Rich or Die Tryin’ numbers we’ll all recognize the #1 MC in the game right now.

Mr. West, please give the fans that real Hip-Hop we need right now!

- MikeD

Sidenote: Remember how pissed he was about not the MTV awards supposedly dissing him? At least they didn’t teabag him like they did Em! That was ice-cold MTV.

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  • geico lizard

    Ye is consistent but so was Dan Marino. Id rather have Joe Montana.


    Kanye been King Of Hip-Hop(Regardless Of What All The Gucci Mane Listeners Will Tell You, Hip-Hop Ain’t As Simple as a Dope Beat And Jibberish being muttered over it)………….



    has jay-z died?

    has nas retired?

    line for line, i’d take raekwon over ye!

    ye is good tho, but i don’t get how people disrespect the game by saying niggas are the best because of 2 or 3 recent songs/verses.

    ye will tell you himself that he’s not better than jay, nas, wayne, etc! I DON’T EVEN THINK HE’S BETTER THAN COMMON!

    • MikeD

      I said right now, 2009. Jay might come out with some heat on BP3 if it comes out but his last two efforts were good not great. Raekwon is a beast, but like Jay he’s past his prime. Kanye might just be hitting his stride now, he is not from the class of ’96.

      And he resurrected Common’s career, did you listen to that Universal Mind Control album?

      • DETROIT

        what up mike d,

        what i don’t understand is how people say that rappers are past their prime. there’s nothing athletic about rap, if anything a person should get better as a wordsmith as they get older! i think the biggest thing is exposure…after hearing illmatic, it was written, etc, we’ve gotten accostomed to hearing nas! he’s been in the game for 15+ years. the same with alot of the other cats that i’ve listed. just cuz a person is “newer” doesn’t make him “better”. a perfect example of this is common’s “BE” album…lyrically, that album is head and shoulders above ANY ALBUM YE HAS MADE! Cats don’t just forget how to rap.

        • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com DANJ!

          I don’t see how it’s hard to see how someone can say a rapper is past his prime. I think every rapper has had “A-game” time periods in their career that were proceeded and followed by “B-game”, “C-game”, and sometimes “F-game” time periods. If they’re no longer in that A-B percentile, and are putting out half the quality shit they used to, they have passed their prime.

          Raekwon for example. I don’t care how much decent/passable shit he makes today, those Cuban Linx days are G-O-N-E. Therefore, past his prime.

      • DetroitDraper

        That Universal Mind Control album was Commons worst. His album before that was a straight classic though.

  • Jeronimo

    Ye is a pioneer for 2000′s hip-hop artist. He is special because he has multiple attributes that he is well-versed and talented in all. Lyrically he is not the best..he does need to get back to spittin’ and producing hip hop records again. Be on the look out for PAT PIFF he was Yezzy’s protege Big Sean former group mate!!! He will bring back the retro shit!! GOOGLE HIM

    • Chris S

      i agree with the first part. Kanye IS the most talented/creative producer (of all time in my opinion).

      Lupe Fiasco is the most talented and creative lyricist now

  • Pierzy

    Can you be the “most lyrical, gifted and creative MC out today” if you employ a ghostwriter? I say no.



    • $ykotic

      Co-sign. P defeated your argument MikeD.

      @ Detroit

      “what i don’t understand is how people say that rappers are past their prime.”


      • Detroit P

        Rappers lose things to talk about…their verse’s all start to become similar…they start to sound unimaginitive and uninspired and they lose that freshness they once had, their rhymes become less witty as they struggle to search for things they haven’t already said, it happens to all rappers eventually…and it’s not really ghost-writing when the artist tells you that they collaborate with people while writing a few pieces of the song…but since you don’t know what he came up with and what he didn’t on all of his songs, that argument is kinda weak….that being said Kanye is a consistently good rapper and has always been…is he a great rapper? meh..no

        • $ykotic

          Some rappers lose things to talk about. I agree with your “freshness” view. To me that is the overlooked factor.

          But I don’t agree with this “age” debate that is floating around the web. That maybe off topic, but it has already played into this convo.

        • DETROIT

          “freshness” only applies to rappers who aren’t artists. at the end of the day, jay-z’s american gangster album was hotter that 80% of the other shit that came out that year! same with nas’ “untitled”. to me, what usually happens to an artist is that as they get older, they stop rapping for mass appeal, and start rapping for themselves/their core fan base, which leaves alot of their bandwagon fans behind, thus makes them “less relevant”. or you have the opposite, rappers that try to stay in the same box they were in 15 years ago, just to sell records….i’ll agree, that sucks. but you can never loose wittyness, that’s a personality trait, not something you get from practice. and ill mc’s that stay true to themselves will always be ill mc’s!

        • Pierzy

          Co-Sign. “American Gangster” was crakk in my opinion.

        • $ykotic

          @ Detroit

          Full co-sign.

  • Epinz

    He’s got talent. I’ve felt that he’s always been more simplistic with a bit of genius as aposed to always havin great verses and sumtimes dropin an ok verse. That 808 shit was garbage and like sum1 just said, u can’t call him the best off of sum verses whe he just dropped that hot garbage. 3k got away with it cuz his few verses were mind blown and his rappin never fell off. Can’t say the same bout yay! Also, pierzy and detroit have a good pointe as well cuz we know he’s had ghost writers in blogs as well as his music(jesus walks)

  • bossbags

    And who may I ask is writing these “verses” for kanye. Ya’ll need to stop hatting. Jay is to busy riding his high horse and counting money to even try to body a verse. And Nas well once he stops preaching we can actually play his music with feeling lectured. Please common is not consistent enough to be in these categories.


      rhymefest wrote “jesus walks”, one of kanye’s biggest hits! i’d assume that this isn’t the only case of someone writing for dude. after all, why have consequence and glc around…they’re not ever gonna sale any records! i’d bet that they ghostwrite for dude too.

  • nycboy

    Now Kanye maybe a lyrical dude just like Jay, Clipse, and Lil Wayne, but just because you can spit doesn’t mean real hip hop heads are gonna co-sign your music. Now all these dudes i mentioned can spit and i give them their props but their type of music doesn’t appeal to me and i know im not the only one who feels that way.

  • http://-- gaddic

    In a sense Kanye is the best rapper in the game. He’s the most lyrical most creative and the most commerciallly succesful artist in one package since Eminem’s bust in 1999.

    Best ever to do it? No!

    Better than every other rapper?
    (excluding the greats and vets still spiiting =Em Nas Jay-z Common etc.)

    He’s better than every Mc after Em!
    plain and simple
    Sorry lil gayne dickriders!


    u killed me w/ the first sentence. im one of those guys that just doesnt want 2 hear that statement, no matter how true. he merkd tha maybach music joint, hands down, and a few other solid verses. but, im w/ nycboy on dis one, his music doesnt appeal to me. (again, why are air yeezys all over this site? u killin me).

    Kanye West:rap game = LeBron James:nba

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I’d let him have that title as soon as he quits handcuffing his girlfriend and lets me get it in “ass-to-mouth” with Amber.

    Kanye’s whatever, mang.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    This entire post is a huge WTF. I’m willing to put 808s to the side and act like it never happened for the sake of this debate. But don’t tell me that run of the mill verse from Maybach Music puts him with the elite in the game.

    First off, how in the world does Kanye RAP better than his counterparts like Black Thought, or Wayne, or Eminem? Ye is not an elite MC like they are. Hell, he doesn’t even RAP better than someone like Crooked I. And his flow is either mediocre or fairly good, at best.

    His strong suit is his accessibility; his verses are easy to follow and don’t leave listeners wondering what he’s talking about. In truth, that’s because his bars are pedestrian. Of course, none of that matters because he’s honest and tries to be thoughtful.

    “when Yeezy drops an all Hip-Hop album and does Get Rich or Die Tryin’ numbers we’ll all recognize the #1 MC in the game right now.”

    ^^ Ye already did Get Rich numbers with Graduation, in fact he outsold it by 100,000 copies (Ye did 900, Get Rich did 800). And the bigger problem with all that is Ye will never ever release a “all Hip Hop album” because he simply doesn’t care about making hip hop music. Face it, he’s a pop star.

  • Jay

    I think Ye is hot, but the best in the game is something that I think he is not. Dont get me wrong Ye make great music and he is versatile and shit, but lets face it he is not the best. Thing is, I would call him the to best if Ive never heard Jay-z or Nas or any other lyrical kingpin that came before him. And lets not forget the ghostwriter shit. I think the game and fans needs him cause we all cant relate to being in the dope game or killing niccas, so with that being said… HOT RAPPER YES! HOTTEST RAPPER NO!

    • http://yahoo.com wjz

      Ye is gifted beyond what rapper expect, expects, expected, extrovert, mega excellent progress./?

  • Azhar

    Yeezy is talented and his last rap cd was a banger (Graduation)…But lyrically the best right now, no not even close! his verse on Maybach Music 2 was tight, but it was nowhere close to Hov’son part 1
    Fuck it then!

    Black Maybach, white seas, black piping
    Remind me of Paul McCartney and Mike fighting
    You know, +The Girl Is Mine+
    +Life’s A Bitch+, so +The Whole World Is Mine+
    The six-deuce long, the curtains are drawn
    Perfectly like a Picasso, Rembrandts and Rocco’s
    I’m a major player, 40-40′s in Vegas at the Palazzo
    They said it was not so
    Certain things that money can’t buy
    Like being this fly
    ‘Til then, I’m just gonna’ ride!
    I’m like G-Rap with better transportation
    On the road to the riches, reach my +Final Destination+
    And the lair, closer to a leer / Aaliyah
    Say a +Prayer+, hope I get ta’ see her
    When I disappear from here – baby, yeah!
    But I don’t see the ending through these millionaire lenses
    Just the Two M’s on the emblem
    The partition roof, translucent and Humador
    Where refrigerators, where Ace of Spades – two I store!
    True story, my closet is like two stories
    Cut to the happy ending, ’cause I don’t do stories
    Shawn Corey, real rap
    The Maybach is bananas, peel back!
    You feel that?
    YOUNG! C’mon!

    Yeezy make great beats and is nice wit the bars, but he not on Hov, Nas, Em, Jada level as of yet

  • Epinz

    I’m sorry but I dnt thnk kanye can fuck wit lupe or phonte. Now I dnt listen to lupe much but he’s that rapper u know is better than ur favorite like canibus was once upon a time. That be’in said, Bar for bar and even originality, phonte is a better and more well rounded musician not just rapper than kanye. I thnk he’s by far the biggest mainstream artist but I cant even give him that now cuz em just dropped a successful and original album. And by original I mean by mainstream standards not his. I like him but there is better out there, mainstream or not! But I do agree he’ll b sellin a shit load of records when he drops a new rap album. I thnk he did that on purpose cuz that hot garbage that was 808s Set him up nicely to sell a shit load of records.

  • Azhar

    Jay bodied Ye on the diamonds remix and even Ye admitted on several occassions that Big Brother merked him lyrically [Jay-Z]

    I got it from her ‘ye damn!
    The chain remains, the game is in tact
    The name is mine, I’ll take blame for that
    The pressure’s on, but guess who ain’t gon’ crack? [laughs]
    Pardon me I had to laugh at that
    How could you falter when you’re the rock of gibralter
    I had to get of the boat so I could walk on water
    This ain’t no tall order, this is nothin to me
    Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
    I do this in my sleep,
    I sold Kilos of coke, (so?) I’m guessin’ I can sell CD’s
    I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man
    Let me handle my buisness, damn!
    Kanyeez you got me, Freeway and Foxy
    YG’, Teairra Mari, Petey watch me
    Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
    As long as I’m alive, he’s a millionaire
    And even if I die, he’s in my will somewhere
    So he can just kick back and chill somewhere, oh yeah
    He don’t even have to write rhymes
    The Dynasty like my money last three lifetimes
    Shirley Bassey was in the rear sayin exactly
    What I was sayin practically me whole carreer
    The diamond is forever, I been mindin’ this forever
    Now the Louis Vuitton Don’s timin’ couldn’t be better
    People lined up to see the Titanic sinkin’
    Instead we rose from the ash like a phoenix
    If you waitin’ for the end, the dynasty signed
    And what seemed like forever is a mighty long time
    I’m young bitches [laughs]
    Until i hear shit Ye spit shit like this its no comparison….
    What more can he say


    Nigga the fuck!!!
    Get off kangay dick!!

  • Teddy

    off the bat

    Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Eminem, T.I.,

    5 mcs that own kanye lyrically 80% of the time, flow 97%, delivery 95%,

    • Geranimo

      Never did yo ass just say Drake though…

    • Omar

      Did his ass say T.I?

  • miguel aka el mexikano

    yo whats good. on the real tho kanye aint the best. he can spit but he aint the best. yall have forgotten about nas, mos def, talib kweli, phonte and big pooh, redman, all these niggaz would destroy kanyes career. yall seriously think kanye is the best, then yall must be on some shit that i wanna smoke. haha. aight respect. 1

  • djdolo

    XXL loses again …

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Kanye’s the best @ what he does.

    Auto-tune is not “what he does”.

    He created his lane & then veered off with all the depressing love/hate, vocoder-enhanced sob stories songs. If I want robot music, I’ll listen to Thr33 Ringz.

    I hear him coming back to reality as of late, & when he takes of his Louis V. Athletic loafers & puts on his Air Yeezy’s, he does HIS style like nobody else. Leave that other shit to Kid Cudi.

  • PI

    Kanye West is the Best hands down. Noone is more creative then he is. I’m tired of hearing rappers talking about nothing. When he raps he is alwasy 100 percent in his music. Mike D dont forget about I’m the sh*t remix … ” STill top then bout 15 weeks later so thats a middle finger to you 808 hatersssss I’m the Sh*t” simple the best RIGHT NOW !!! Jay-z is the GOAT Lil wayne had the most selling but Kanye is the BEST !!!

  • og bobby j

    this blog is a complete fail.
    you could make this argument for:

    Joell ortiz
    jay z
    styles P
    shit…even luda or TI before this bum.

    Kayne, to me, is like listneing to diddy, jim jones or oj da juiceman.

    he belongs behind the boards…making hits for jay z or someone….

  • Gerv

    I willing to bet Kanye next album will be better than Jay-Z next album.Sell way more and he also might get another grammy to add to the collection!Oh yeah and his album will come out when he says it’s gonna come out not like Jay-Z.

  • Josh

    isn’t it a good thing when girls turn “extra dyke”?

    • El Tico Loco

      Hell no that means that you’re out of the equation.

  • El Tico Loco

    Is Ye droppin a new album or something? I kinda caught the pattern of when an artist who laces XXL’s pockets is about to drop, XXL will dickride the highest bidder throwin all integrity and unbiasness (is that a word?) out the window, when 808′s dropped is was like it was damn near the next “Thriller”, same for Relapse in recent months, Sleepin the Bread Aisle, Deeper than Crap ya’ll mad predictable.



  • Jamal7Mile


    I don’t know, Mike D. That was a tight Kanye line. IMO, Em gotta tight ALBUM. Still haven’t bought 808′s yet so I can’t talk much shit (yet). Never really hated Kanye either. Hmm, go figure.

    But to ask me who’s better in 2009 than Kanye? Come oooon…

  • 619

    The most lyrical MC out? hahahaha, you fools jokin’ right. I could think of ten MC’s more lyrical just off the top of my head. This mafucker didn’t even rap on the last album. Is he still even a MC?

  • DV8

    ive been saying that all along. when he does his next album which i believe will be a rap album hes going to blow everybody elses shit out the water (no fishsticks)

  • escobar9300

    Lmao! Kanye best in the game? Did Nas go invisible? ha! Maybe 3 years ago Kanye could have been mentioned in a top 10 list, but after all that heartbreak and emo rap, most hip hop heads like myself are done with this dude. Nas is the best rapper breathing today and sales dont have to tell you that. Listen to the music and you have to agree.

  • dark vanilla

    Artist that are lyrically better than Ye:
    Joe Buddens
    Joel Ortiz
    Crooked I
    The Game
    Lloyd Banks
    Method Man
    Styles P
    Lupe Fiasco
    Andre 3000
    Ice Cube
    Ya Boy
    Busta Rhymes
    Obie Trice
    (And thats just off the top of my head)

    • Dylan

      The other 5 are Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan

    • BIGNAT

      ya boy nooooooooooooooo
      the game noooooooooooooooo
      everyone else yeah plus didn’t rhymefest write jesus walks

  • Krazy Cam aka Cameron B

    I am a B.G. fan but Kanye West is the best rapper in it/ Everyone else is just pretending/ I Say this because everyone that is rapping sound the same pretty much to pick your rappers you go off on where they are from or what their voice sounds like because they all talk about the same thing so its pointless to say a rapper is lyical Kanye West talks about something other than selling dope danceing or tough talking so pretty much there is no compettition

  • BrooklynNY


    yeah… cause rhyming tight/bright/hype/dyke/tonite/right is absolutely amazing

    maybe even put the word ‘extra’ before all of those complicated end of a sentence, 1 syllable rhymes…

  • Federal Ranga

    Wow… didnt even have to read this one to disagree…

  • jojo

    No one is better than Kanye at making a fluid album top to bottom consistently, besides the Clipse (though they’ve only put out 2 albums)

  • Silly Willy

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s not the first time XXL drops asinine shit like this (see Blackout 2 review).
    I won’t even say who’s better than him. And XXL should stop hatin’ on Common. How many rappers, on the real, do you know have 8 albums, 5 of which are classic material ?

  • Boogie The Don

    “How Many More Bars”

    I’m lyrically nuts/ a fifth of me’s cut/ from a cloth that’ll turn Louis Vuitton bankrupt/ the other 4 5ths is too cool to fuck wit/ your freezer start bitchin’ when I walk through your kitchen/ hating like them frontin’ bitches/ and it’s a difference/ so stop catching feelings every time I mention/ I got/ plenty sisters in banger designer britches wit thighs attached to them make me ask for you digits/ the real definition of an mc is me/ so stop look and listen when I get the rippin’/ most niggaz lip trippin’ up in your face spittin’/ wit hot breath its really bullshit they brought with them/ I’m chemically imbalanced/ the doc got nothing for me/ a scientist couldn’t conjure up the perfect formula/ before I go to war wit ya I think about twice/ its strategic/ gun at ya neck the third time/… I’m Waaay East
    Boogie The Don

  • Phantom

    There are alot of Rappers out today datz iz waaaayyy betta den kanye west heres a few rite now

    Andre 3000
    Tha Joker
    Gucci Mane
    Method Man

    N Datz a few, i got a whole list of rappers betta den him, n plus him n weezy killed swag, with these fuckin faggot ass skinny jeans n dem lame ass kitchen cloths on dey neck……datz gay az fuck 2 me, last time i seen dat, it was a faggot ass nikka wearin dat shit

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Krs-One.-GREATEST Emcee alive and of all time! Nobody whether lyrically or with live shows can match Kris!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    r u seroiously classifying that as great lyrics. 1. yes, jayz is way more lyrical and clever. Kayne lyrics are very easy to decipher. With jayz or nas u can listen to them over and over and they are deeply woven. Kayne is simple. I give kayne credit for his go hard. Him and lil wayne and even young jeezy could be mentioned in that category as the go hard artist because they are putting out so much music, but they are far from the best lyrical artist. lupe more lyrical, charles hamilton more lyrical, em more lyrical, crooked i more lyrical, busta rhymes more lyrical, jadakiss more lyrical; hell, rick ross is more lyrical on some great word play make u take second take type shyt. Kayne 808 and bad singing was more lyrical then his raps.

  • mdb

    what the fuck is going on in the world…how does this blogger have a job at a hip hop site?? sayin kanye is the most lyrical gifted and creative mc in hip hop is a slap in the face to thousands of rappers out there, people who dont enjoy smelling their own shit all day long

  • http://xxl Gay escobar9300

    i think nas is the best. nude and dressed

  • brand newww

    kanye used rhymefest to write one of his raps.

    so, no he is not a great MC just a good one.

  • BGZ

    Who’s better than ‘Ye?

    Just about everybody who’s still doin’ real hiphop, not this ‘alternative pop music’ or the fuck ever he calls his shit.

    WTF happened to GOOD Music, bitch boy?
    Ain’t heard of any of them lately. Common dropped that ‘Cruel Summer’ techno shit, than dropped off the face of the Earth.
    You used to hang with Talib and Mos, too.
    Go back to them boys, ‘Ye (no homo).

  • ryne rich

    jay z is pop music at its finest? hidden behind money and nice nikes.
    nas is the best rapper alive lil waynes better then kanye

  • Milad

    This is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever have seen. Kanye the best in the game..? All this fly, electronical, computer sounds wannabe robot act?
    It’s hot and cool but not compare it to the best!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I just listened to the new bangers and Bun b more lyrical then kayne.

  • http://www.myspace.com/cldsmrsfamilyliletoswrld LIL ETO-CLD SMRS

    sorry but i cant agree .. he’s hip pop .. its real shit goin on out here .. lets talk about it … POW

  • X



    ye is straight up gay. who’s better than yeezy?
    thats absurd. this is the worst lyricist in the game,with his corny ass no-brainer weak ass word play. hes not even categorized as hip hop. the clown’s a pop queen. i aint feeling none of his wack ass trash music. he needs to go back to the lab and burn all his shit.
    who gives a fuck about him breaking up with his ho. fuck him and his emotions!

  • Murrda mitten

    I’m sorry has Kweli been completely removed from the best of all time list. I’d take him over any MC ever

  • dark vanilla

    Krazy Cam aka Cameron B says:

    I am a B.G. fan but Kanye West is the best rapper in it/ Everyone else is just pretending/ I Say this because everyone that is rapping sound the same pretty much to pick your rappers you go off on where they are from or what their voice sounds like because they all talk about the same thing so its pointless to say a rapper is lyical Kanye West talks about something other than selling dope danceing or tough talking so pretty much there is no compettition
    Lupe doesn’t talk about that shit, neither does Common, Talib Kweli doesn’t either. And Nas doesn’t talk about that shit as much anymore either. In fact, Kanye hasn’t said anything lyrical since College Dropout. All he raps about is louis vuittons, woman, drinking, and moments in his life. Thats all Graduation was. Sounds to me you’re more of a Kanye dickrydah than an actual person who thinks he’s the best lyrically.

  • Monty B.

    Kanye? Seriously?

    1. Eminem
    2. Jay-Z
    3. Jadakiss
    4. Nas
    5. Ghostface Killah

    5 MC’s that are “past their prime” bullshit, and don’t have ghost writers.


  • Jhon da Analyst

    A lyrical motherfuckin genius!!!! Fuck Kanye……

  • LDN

    I’ve looked at all the comments and not once was THE GAME mentioned.

    I mean thing about it compare kanye’s albums to the game’s album and you will see the game wins hands down. Docotr’s Advocate is better than any Kanye alubum…..Have you heard “Why YOU HATE THE GAME”? Come on the shit Kanye was doing on his last joint weren’t rap. The game if not the most but is one of the most consistent rappers of today. BTW y’all talking bout Jay and Nas, Jay’s last album was ok and Nas is one of my favourite rappers of all time but that untitled album was ok 2.They are not fucking wit 2days rappers, thier time has come and gone and they are destroying thier legacy with the below average material thier putting out. Dnt 4get bout rick ross “Deeper than rap” is the best rap album of 09 and is even better than da carter 3.Listen to “in cold blood”.

  • 2G

    can’t leave out Royce Da 5′ 9″, Elzhi, Termanology and Immortal Technique