BLOG: The Shit List

Every rapper has their specialty. You want to hear some dudes rapping about selling coke, throw on the Clipse. You want to mellow out with your girl, pop on that Fabolous R&B mixtape. But if you want to hear some shit, I mean some serious shit, it’s all about Weezy.

You see when all is said and done and the rap history books are closed, Mr. Carter is set to go down as the most doody-obsessed rapper of all time. While Cam may have openly admitted to having IBS on wax, it was Mr. Carter that really let loose. All you rappers are talking about starting a movement, but Wayne has one almost every time.

So much so I had to compile a list, a shit list if you will, of some of Lil Wayne’s most memorable poop references. Listed in no particular order…

1. “Money on My Mind” – “Dear Mr. Toilet I’m the shit/ Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick.”

2. “Canon” – “…Bullets like birds you can hear them bitches humming/ don’t let that bird shit/ he got a weak stomach/ Niggas know I’m sick/ I don’t spit I vomit…”

3. “A Milli” – “ …And it ain’t trickin’ if you got it/ but you like a bitch with no ass/ you ain’t got shit…”

4. “New Orleans Maniac” – “ Hi, my name is best rapper alive/ and your mouth is the best crapper alive/ cause you talk shit…”

5. “Thank You” – “Momma told me to smash though/ So I’ma about to smash yo’/motherfucking asshole/motherfucking asshole/ yes I know this but when you get cash out the asshole you gotta be on some shit.”

6. “Successful” – “Tired of hearing bullshit/bring on the cow shit/ haven’t met a smell that’s stinkier than our shit”

7. “Ignorant Shit” – “Young Money in your tummy and we gonna shit/ and get that toilet paper quick like we gonna spit.”

8. “Break Time” – “Now I’m smelling myself/flow stinkier than shit where the hell is my health.”

9. “Filthy” – “I’m the shit/ fuck what you smellin’/stank as I wanna be bitch.”

10. “Turnin Me On”- “…Baby I’m the shit and that’s the only thing you smell around me…”

Bonus poop related lines

“Weatherman” – “They say I’m full of hot air/ then I release the heat”

“Maybah Music 2″ – “All black Maybach I’m sitting in the asshole”

Who else gets it in, or better yet, lets it out like Weezy F? Care to dispute the title? – Jesse Gissen

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  • BigMike

    HAHA Funny Shit

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Duh, it’s because that nigga look like a turd. And that ain’t the first time I’ve said that either–you could say I’m the most “Wayne Looks Like A Turd” obsessed nigga that there is. I’d cop to it; that’s a good look for me. Wayne looks like a doo-doo log with pubes stuck to it. Period.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Pierzy

      You want to hear all about getting head in the whip, in the crib, on the bike, in the waiting room, throw on NORE

      • OG Matt Herbz

        For crab meat rhymes, see Rick Ross*.

        (*Disclaimer: I’ve never had the audacity to download a Rick Ross CD…um, it’s just that I um…heard that he likes crab meats a lot…that’s all.)

        –OG Matt Herbz–

      • erikonasis1313

        You have a point, but I think Memphis Bleek got him beat in terms of talking about head. Remember that dude?

  • latino heat

    “i am thee shit and they just poop stains.” from Shity Lo’s Dey Know remix.
    yes Wayne talks about shit WAY too much.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Nah… too easy.

    • latino heat

      @ 7Mile
      what was too easy?

      • Jamal7Mile

        @Latino Heat

        “Crack”ing doo-doo related jokes on Lil Wayne, of course. I was rushing out to work this morning so I couldn’t participate during the late morning/all afternoon “sweet spot” on any of the blogs. Judging by the amount of eMail on this drop alone, I’m sure you and the rest of the board held it down, LOL!! I just got back home for the day and I have to get caught up w/the articles, Bangers, Bol and Mex, etc.

        Gotta work all day tomorrow, too, so I’ll be hella late (them damn bills, man). Gotta make that paper!

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  • Dallas Penn

    This is where my vision for marketing finds the looking glass (aka Glissen)

    Toilet paper with rapper lyrics on the plys (yes Plies).

    Pun intended (no Pun)

  • geico lizard

    He couldnt find anything to rhyme with Dirty Sanchez.

  • K

    Kool keith actually has more songs about shit than lil wayne

  • BeerGangsta

    Brainwash Bitch!! You can’t get no uglyer than Lil Woopi Wayne GoldBerg. This Country bitch ain’t sounding worth shit. Dam fans dum and retardit to won’t to here some shit like this.

  • EmCDL

    LMAO!!! Just reading them lines had me rolling! I never really noticed how much he literally talks about shit so damn much (but then again I don’t really listen to him like that either).

    and I agree with OG Matt Herbz that nicca do look like that LOL

  • nessness138

    officially gross

    • Pierzy

      What up Nessa!

      • DetroitDraper

        Lmao he does mention it alot. There’s way more songs with shit lines I just dont like Wayne too much anymore so I cant quote en.


    Check any song in my catalog. Step to the big leagues toys. I’ll rubb vomic on your anal regions.

  • 92FS

    “…Baby I’m the shit and that’s the only thing you smell around me…”


  • General

    Funny blog…I would say that I am suprised by this, but I would be lying.

    We all know that somethin ain’t right with Wayne

  • there’s more

    big house long hall ways got 10 bathrooms i can shit all day – We Be Steady Mobbin’ (feat. Gucci Mane)

  • El Tico Loco

    What kinda crap is dis? Go Weezy
    But Big Pun had his share of shitty rhymes guess he passed the torch or turd.

    Even if I stuttered I will still sh sh shit on u

    I walk on water spit fire shit haagen daas

    Who wanna rumble with the Pun huh? pppppffthh shit on the whole in industry.

    • latino heat

      @ El Tico
      you forgot about the Air Pun skit on his 2nd album. that skit was so unnecessary.

  • $ykotic

    What a post.

    Jesse you listen to Wayne a lil too much there…

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign fam…

  • Kruse

    this list is flawed. “a milli” is talkin about a chicks ass, not bowel movements. plus its WAYYYYYYY to short.

  • DV8

    wow, do you have these verses memorized? or did you actually research this groundbraking information? This drop is about as entertaining and mentally stimulating as actual Lil Wayne music. Excuse me….I have to go shit now.

  • El Tico Loco

    Let go thru memory lane

    Lord Finesse- Shit so hard you’d think I had bricks for dinner

    Big Daddy Kane- Ain’t no stoppin Kane stay shittin on niggas like I never been potty trained

    Biz – TSR

    If you in a stall with your blackberry or Iphone this is that shit you gotta read, that random shit, that shit that don’t make any sense.


    Bonus poop related lines

    ^^dats the funniest shit i read all day. LMAO!!!

    but yea lil birdman be on some other shit. (lol, i didnt even try, it jus came out) dats his style i guess. & dats wat makes me call him a SICK rapper, in any way u can think of… Hes a Beast, Hes a Dog

  • latino heat

    one more Wayne rhyme about shit.
    “call me the birdman, birdman jr. bitch, fly high in the sky shit on you and your bitch”.
    i can’t remember the name of the song but it’s on the 1st Carter album.


      get down???

    • latino heat

      nah, it’s not Get Down, it’s This Is The Carter. i just checked.

  • ryne rich

    i really gotta shit and the only nice mutisex handicap single bathroom in the college is across campus, shit. yea pun

  • Incilin

    Oh man, I been saying this for weeks! I’m glad I aint the only one to mention it!

  • Master Cheef

    Taking a good shit is one of the best things in the world, right up there with smoking a blunt, and getting some pussy.

    I took about a foot long crap yesterday. Had to weigh bout five pounds. I felt like a new man.

    getting a load off your bowels >
    getting a load off your mind >
    getting a load off your shoulders>
    getting a load off your chest

  • Master CHeef

    off of stand up with ti:
    “And I’ll probably shit on ya bitch
    Probably piss on her lips and she probably give you a kiss”-lilwayne

  • Capt. Obvious


  • Knowledgeable

    you left out some of the best ones

    Lollipop Remix: “I’ve flushed out the feeling of me being the shit/ cuz I was leaving skid marks on everywhere I sit”

    Mr. Carter: “I been in and out the bank bitch/ While ya’ll asshole niggas been on the same shit/ I flush ‘em, and watch ‘em go down the drain quick/ Two words you never hear ‘Wayne Quit!’”

  • don

    haha WEEZY!

  • Beast McCoy

    If Wayne is the King then Kanye has to be next in line to the throne with as many references as he has used [most recently Maybach Music 2].


    the only one of those that i know is that canon joint.

  • Master Cheef

    good drop (no pun intended).

  • DaBigBoy

    Best rapper alive? Best rapper ever?
    Please hell no, this proves he is crap talking bout shit… c’mon!

  • Tony Grand$

    Easily the grossest post in the history of XXL.

    It seems most rappers have some Freudian slippage happening when they repeat the same things so much.

    Could it be that he truly is loose-boweled & perhaps this is his way of dealing with the trauma? Or maybe he suffers from constipation of epic proportions, & dreams of a world where he can defecate freely, like the rest of us? Is it Ex-Lax & Pepto in that cup of his?

    Stay tuned for the next entry, “Rapper’s must have really small dicks [||].”

    • Hanch

      Actually Grand I think your right on the Freudian remark…He is known to drink the purp and codeine or anykind of opiate makes you not be able to Shit!! Maybe he is just always wishing he could just take a shit. Wayne is Shit and I mean that literally! Best rapper alive motherfucker please!! Wanted to use my real name TONY but didnt want to upset you as you seem like a cool dude so ill just stick with Hanch!! Also i check yall (the Commission)out everyday while at work and not that i agree with everything most things i do so just wanted to give yall props. Its nice to see some ppl still like real music bro.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up Hanch?

        Ha! Tony Grand$ is cool, man. I don’t think he would have a problem with your name being TONY (all caps, right?).

        I just wouldn’t come at him sideways on some bullshit or else…

        1). He will turn your name into a verb. You don’t want that on this site…

        2). He will make you change it into something else. Takes awhile to recover from that so… you don’t want that on this site, either.

        3). He will turn your name into an adjective. I don’t know how he did it, but I’ve seen it happen before. I’ll have to go to and refresh my understandings of verbs and adjectives. But that shit was shit-loads of funny (just keeping within the topic of discussion).

        Freud DID drink some shit that starts with “astyn…” or something. I gotta Google that, too.

        Anyway, welcome to the XXL board!


        • Tony Grand$

          @ J7

          Whadup Fam?!

          Here’s your late pass…..

          @ Hanch

          Nah man, it’s not even about names on these threads. Shit, “Hanch” is ill though, like “Pierzy”. I couldn’t come up with a “cool” name, so I just rolled with a very, very close derivative of my gov’t name. But good looks on the respect though.

        • Hanch

          thanks guys, I am a pretty straight forward guy so wouldnt come at anybody sideways, just would be upfront about things. I can have a discussion and be real about it and see other ppl’s point of view who may have a different perspective than me, I remember one guy came on and did some sideways crap with Grand so I just wanted to be real with him and yall (the commission) and tell yall that it is really Cool to see yall be able to discuss things in Hip Hop or society and not get all mad cause somebody didnt agree with you. Plus yall are freaking hilarious!! I read this site everyday and alot of the reason why is to see what yall think about the topic for real. I am going to start posting a little more as my Promotion at my job gives me a little more free time to do so. Maybe 1 day after yall see i am a stand up dude ill be added to the commission LMEAO!!

  • p90

    wayne is shit
    i red this shit,
    expecting some lines,
    due to his “best rapper alive” “buzz”
    that everyone is interested in
    cmon beleave it,
    wayne aint the best rapper alive,
    eminem is,
    no one fukkin wit em
    but back to wayne,
    this man claims blood gang or w.e he wud claim,
    but theres pictures of him in all blue,
    plus a blue flag?
    what you people think,
    also he kiss’s Baby ‘Birdman’ on the lips
    my opinion he has ghost writers,
    and i think he has admited it too
    in some tracks,

    fuk wayne, he trash, never coppin no carter crap.
    some me differ.
    but hes trash.

  • Eljoy

    “Ambitionz”: “Got money out the ass, no homo…” -Weezy

    “I’m So Hood (remix)”: “I be shittin on you boys, I need a alka-seltzer sammich, ughh!” -Weezy

    “Ready To Die”: “I got techniques drippin out my butt-cheeks, sleep on my stomach so I dont fuck up my sheets” -B.I.G.

    • nellz

      that alka seltzer sammich line is hilarious.

  • creeper530

    i got diarrhea flow/ I’m shittin’ on niggas/ even when I’m constipated/ I’m still shittin’ on niggas…. Young Jeezy -

  • ryan

    I’m in the bathroom taking me a rich nigga shit – Lil Wayne “Turn My Swag On”

  • TANGAS!!!

    you fuckin witha sick boy
    i feel it bubblin, i think im bout to shit boy
    i need a hit of that light green sticky shit

    oh boy freestyle–weezy

  • trey garvin

    im on the toilet watchn martin jus laughin and shit,get high rule the world lil wayne

  • Javito_90

    Lil’ Wayne is a phenominal punchline rapper, but his lyrics never had any substance, and its finally starting to show. Clever punchlines can only get you so far.


  • bebophresh

    ya just hatin on that nigga weezy cuz he makes every part 2 hot..even if it aint a part 2..his shit is just not sayin hes the best..cuz drake is smashin n so is juelz..but wayne got some shit on his mind that fucks with urs..n sometimes u do gotta listen slow wen hes spittin fast cuz u might miss somethin..lmao

  • Lord Maximus

    Yea, wayne talks about shit a lot, but kanye’s line out of maybach music 2: “If B.I. was a live, he’d probably have a 2 tone/with the gray poupon/anything ‘Ye poop on/will explode cuz i am the shit/and this is my commode/uh oh there he go/” that’s a classic shit line, or the one from Biggie in the 2pac and biggie freestyle: “I give mc’s the runs drippin/when I throw my clip in the AK/I slay from far away/Everybody hit the D-E-C-K” 2 of the best shit lines ever, point blank. period.

  • AggIeDRO

    “Big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms i can shit all day nigga…”
    We be Steady Mobbin’ Ft. Gucci Mane

    Def his best shit line

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  • darrell johnson

    “only time i will depend is when i’m 70 years old, when i can’t hold my shit in – so i shit on myself, cause i’m so sick and tired of shittin on everybody else” – i’m me

  • blaktwan

    “started out hustlin ended up ballin. Nigga Im the shit, get the fuck up my toilet”

    “La La”- Carter 3

  • Levi

    “she know my shit do stink/ but she can stand my shit”
    -weezy- everything will be fine

  • chillin mayne

    yo, i know im a lil late, but i had to put in my two cent on my favorite rap with the word shit in it

    “u cursed it, but rehearsed it, / i drop unexpectedly like bird shit” -biggie

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  • poopstain

    Forgot some real good ones:

    Green and Yellow – We shittin on these fools no bathroom
    We Be Steady Mobbin – Got ten bathrooms, I can shit all day
    Dey Know (Remix) – But I am thee shit and they just poop stain
    Lollipop (Remix) -I’ve flushed out the feeling of me being the shit, ‘cuz I was leaving skid marks on everywhere I sit

  • meermvivien

    must look at this and get big save for less