Fashion sense is like common sense, not too many people have it. Keeping that in mind, Big Smiley and his fashion team bring you hip-hop's worst dressers. Here it is...

10. CAM'RON-"No ribs, no rice, no don't eat nuffin"!!!!!!!

9. THE DREAM- And the no swag award goes to...

8. KELIS- "Don't mind me it's laundry day."

7. LIL' KIM-Dominatrix anyone?

6. BUSTA RHYMES- Sometimes you can be loud without saying a word.

5. will.i. am- "I will make this outfit work."

4.LIL MAMA-"What do you mean, I got dressed in the dark?"

3.T-PAIN- Sometimes less is more.

2. SOULJA BOY- Label whore, money doesn't buy you fashion sense.

1. Taz Arnold- "I'm dead serious."