Black Eyed Peas >>> OutKast…


When I was a young dude I made my dad buy me this record by The World Famous Supreme team featuring Malcolm MaClaren because it had the song ‘Buffalo Gals’ on it. My dad didn’t understand rap back then but he tolerated it. When the lyrics became a little more flagrant as far as co-signing drug use and other thuggery fuckery he totally tuned that shit out. By that time though I was already old enough to buy my own shit. If rap music had never advanced past breakdancer tracks do you think people like Rakim, NaS, or Mos Def would have ever become superheroes? PrA’li not.

Does that even matter anymore? The Black Eyed Peas are about to sell more records in their first week than Meth & Red, Jadakiss, and Mos Def combined. Is this what Hip-Hop has become? In truth, this is what Hip-Hop always was. We’ve returned to the days when my dad used to buy my records even though he had no fucking idea what the hell the relationship the guy on the microphone was saying over the music.

When I heard Funkmaster Flex playing the ‘Boom’ track on his syndicated show I was upset at first. I must listen to that show just to get annoyed now. I knew the Black Eyed Peas song was some shit that Clear Channel was promoting across their national network of radio stations. This was the deat hof Hip-Hop I moaned but I wasn’t being honest. Hip-Hop died over thirty years ago when that shit moved from the hood to the disco downtown. Hip-Hop wanted to party and get coked up at Studio 54 just like everybody else.

There was a few years in the late 1980′s and early 1990′s when Hip-Hop tried to get itself into rehab but as soon as it saw folks wearing shiny suits and expensive sunglasses it was time to get back into that downtown Studio 54 mentality. I hate to admit it sometimes, but maybe my dad was right all along about Hip-Hop being idiot music. The most popular artists in the genre from Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy to Drake and Black Eyed Peas are all from this ilk. I miss my Malcolm MaClaren and the World Famous Supreme Team album. Shit was so much simpler back then.

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  • $ykotic


  • Dallas Penn

    Commission FTW

    • Pierzy

      What’s good peoples?! Always appreciate the shouts and the love…

      “The most popular artists in the genre from Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy to Drake and Black Eyed Peas are all from this ilk.”

      Truer words have never been said. Basic music has always sold…sad to say…

  • Incilin

    Man, when I first heard that Boom Boom track I had just taken my prescription herbal medicine, and thought it was the greatest song ever. Heard it again the next day, and realized it was prolly the worst song ever. SMH. Altered States FTW.

    I don’t get why you group Drake with the Black Eyed Peas (or why you hate him so much). BEPs gets lots of play because a major label is backing them and doing payolla and so forth. But Drake aint got none of that. His music is completely independent at this point.

    • Max Profit

      God Point!
      Somtimes people just shit on a rapper because of very quick and very big success.

      Hip-Hop culture always stays the same but the trends come and go. Trends are what the music industry pimps out to make money.

      Everything goes in cycles!

  • $ykotic

    “Fergie’s looking like a HO-ER”

    Taken from McClaren/Supreme Team’s “Looking Like a Hobo”

    This past Saturday I went to a garage sale a scooped up this slim metal gray SONY WALKMAN for $10. Clean as hell. Cassette player/FM. I went into my basement and went through some boxes and found EFIL4ZAGGIN, Dare Iz a Darkside(red cassette) and an OLD ass Ron G mixtape(no CRT). Tonight I’ma go to the bar and f*ck their heads up old school style. Kangol and all.

    I don’t care about being called an old head. I was there when it was popping(NYC) and are proud of it and thankful to see it and live it although many of my dudes aren’t around.

    Besides I still bag 21 + chicks on the regular.

    Anyhoo I thought we all agreed that BEP ain’t hiphop. But ROP(rap pop).

  • Dallas Penn

    I don’t hate Drake as much as you think I do, but I’m surprised at your naivete regarding his radio play.

    You think you get that many spins on terrestrial radio without someone coughing up some cake?

    And you are a college grad too?!? SMH indeed.

    • Detroit P

      The radio is forced to play it if people keep constantly requesting it…I think you underestimate Drake’s fanbase (for lack of a better term)…save your generalizations about the dynamics of artists, radio and payola…you gone need some proof in regards to Drake, cus you soundin like “Conspiracy Theory P” with that one…Who’s shellin out money for the INDEPENDENT artist Drake before they’ve even signed him yet?


      Never trust a person who says shit like “…as much as you think I do”, that phrase is an underhanded insult to your intelligence

  • Chris Cash

    Hey Penn I saw the headline BLP>>>>> Outkast and I was immediatly ready to give up on you man. What a way to rear me in. (pause)

  • Tony Grand$


    I understand why you lump all those cats into the same pile (of shit, imo).

    That whole Hip Pop scene isn’t for those who emerged from the culture. It’s for those who couldn’t give two shits about free expression, creativity & movement. Its for those who get drunk for a reason & think life is roses & wine coolers.

    It’s all good, because without “Boom” & “Best I ever..”, then I couldn’t appreciate Red & Meth or SH. Hip Pop is the reason I’m waiting intently on OB4CL2.

    I thought we hit rock bottom with “supermanin’ that hoe”, but now it seems I’m a “jerk”, so whatev.

    “Turn off that bullshit! Turn off the muthafuckin’ radio…” -Ice Cube ft. Public Enemy

    Long Live Hip Hop…….

    • render

      I feel you on the that pop tip, but at the same time life aint all about revolution, 5 percentin and grinding either. Pop shit has its place too. I fuck with Drake sometimes cause its the type of shit I can put on in when I’m lounging with my chick

      It has its place in hiphop. the problem is when its all hiphop is

      • Tony Grand$

        @ render

        Yeah, I agree that everything has it’s place, but also the last statement you made was powerful.

        Like, you mentioned your girl. If I need some music to bump with my lady, I’m not even thinking about no dude busting a rhyme. There’s far too many cats that can SING for me to turn to some watered down MC. That’s when you pop in some Teddy Pendergrass, hell even Jaime Foxx. But, not Drake.

        Plus, my lady is a tad too grown for rap to be music of choice when that moment arises.

        I didn’t say it doesn’t have it’s place, I agree with you on that, but I was speaking from a point of EVERYTHING being geared toward the overground, pop scene. Just because it’s hip hop doesn’t make it rap music.

        You have to admit it’s getting to be a bit much. That’s why I took Ice Cube/P.E.’S advice.

        • Detroit P

          See Tony you’re looking at it from an old(er) dudes perspective…girl’s my age like Drake along with Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Dream, even some Lyodd shit so Imma put that on (In terms on “mood setting”)…I COULD put on some Teddy P(No T-Pain) and the girl’d prolly like it on some novelty old school joint shit where she’d go “ooo this is my jam” or “whatchu kno about this”..but I find that music from my generation works just as good if not better

        • Tony Grand$

          @ Detriot P

          See, the funny shit is, I find myself looking @ things a certain way, then completely forgetting that it may not be intended for me (or my “generation”), so I see what you’re getting at.

          I wouldn’t go as far as to call any of that type of music “novelty”, especially since I’m referring to a time where cats actually sang, sans digital enhancement. As far as the “ooooh, that’s my jam”, that same thing can be said about the majority of any type of song that gets played over & over throughout the years.

          I’m not talking about Marvin Gaye, Rick James or anybody who’s considered some type of throwback icon, per se, hence the Jaime Foxx. He’s just as current as the next cat. In fact, I used Teddy P as an example to what genre of sound I’d apply to that speciic scenario. I could have said The Ohio Players, Isaac Hayes, even Prince or Mike Jack. Its not really the timeline I was emphasising, it was the characterization of the sound.

          But, I see your point. I play grown folks music, because I’m “grown folks”. I guess that’s just what works for us old(er) heads.

        • render

          I’m an 80s baby so im probably a couple years younger than yourself and my girls a couple years younger than me (1/ cool lol) and she got some turrrrible (no barkley) taste in music but drakes one of the artists she fucks with lately that I don’t mind too much…dude can be clever with his lines at times and at least you get the impression from his shit that he’s at least read a book once in his life

          Like a lotta dudes, I got brought up on hiphop by my older cuz when I was younger so I grew up on wu, nas and big so I consider that my generation of hiphop personally but even back then youd prolly sooner find a chick down with corny wannabe new edition, new jack shit than the fugees or w/e

          lol but dont get it twisted tho, I aint talking bout mood music or w/e…I’ll stick to the classics on that tip myself too.I dont want no nigga rapping bout credit cards named after malcolm x when im getting my mack on neither…im talkin just soundtrack to the day type shit on a day chillin round the crib

          and while im on the point of lil crippled jimmy- I been working and living here in toronto for the last 2 and a half years and this dude has all types of broads up here singing along to his shit at the club (and joints like that trey songz one from a while back, not his recent hype xxl endorsed push)…black, white- jamaican, filipino, indian w/e..bitches love this nigga. aint just internet buzz…difference between asher roth and drake is that i doubt asher had the kind of support in pittsburgh or wherever the fuck hes from that drake has up here. He’s built his career up in a way thats conducive to success so far

  • DV8

    good one….the title had me hook, line and sinker.

    I was ready to go in on this one till my fingers hurt.

  • Omar

    Since we’ve already established that Outkast > Meth & Red, that means youre saying that BEP > Meth and Red

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Omar?

      Nah, that’s not what Dallas is saying. That’s just the “bait” he’s using to reel you in so that you can read what he’s really talking about.

      You gotta admit, it caught our attention big time!! LOL!

  • EmCDL

    The only time I listen to any of that hip-pop stuff is when I’m in the club, or if I’m in someone’s car and they listening to their radio. Other than that my Zune stay playing Gangstarr, Black Sheep, ATCQ, De La Soul, Dilated Peoples, Murs, Nas, etc. Right now I’m bumping the hell outta that BO2 though lol


    all i want to add is that b.e.p’s was not always like this they use to be a very soulful group. once they got fresh off rehab fergie in there they changed into a super pop group. they got that universal appeal into there music that makes almost anyone dance to it. or at least nod your head to there songs. that you hate but your girl sings that shit like it would give her a orgasim.
    my humps, hey mama, let’s get retarted after you hear that shit 100 times. anyone would feel retarted what happened to those good cool songs they use to make. like thats the joint thats the jam turn it up and play it again. that other song they did with macy gray was pretty good 2. i like there first two albums i own the one after that. that is when fergie came in and they got super succesful then no more cool lounge music.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up BIGNAT?

      I’m kinda curious about B.E.P.’s earliest music. I’ve never heard it before and everyone who has (like you) say that it was dope. I listen to what they put out now and it just doesn’t do it for me. Very few pop groups do. And I’m not feeling what Will I. Am did to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at all!! Hell NAW!!

      Can you name a few pre-Fergie dope tracks from B.E.P. so that I can look them up on the ‘net somewhere?

      • render

        I really aint an expert but 1 track I remember I just looked this minute was “joints and jam”…I bought the soundtrack to the movie bulworth out the bargain bin and I remember thinking to myself that these dudes were nice but would never sell mainstream LOL

        and that reminds me…bulworth is one of the alltime goat hiphop movie soundtracks and the movie is hilarious too w/ a fine young halle

      • thecity

        I’d recommend:

        Behind the Front (1998)
        - Fallin’ Up
        - Joints and Jams
        - Be Free
        - Que Dices?

        Bridging the Gap (2000)
        - Weekends
        - Cali to New York feat. De La Soul
        - Request Line feat. Macy Gray

        Black Eyed Peas’ music has always been about having a good time, but I suppose they had more soul and lyricism back in the day. I’m still a fan of their stuff on Elephunk – but after that it just became mass marketable shiny pop music…

  • fredMS

    hip hop sux

  • kashrulz

    Hate is all the rage.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Hip-Hop died over thirty years ago when that shit moved from the hood to the disco downtown.

    Crazy thing is,KRS 1 stated this very same thing over 15 years ago,and when I read it even back then,I kinda understood what he meant.Can’t tell too many fans that nowadays.To a whole lotta rap fans today,it’s all good.Where ignorance is bliss,pop rap can’t miss(don’t bite)…

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  • foolio_iglesias

    That being said,I hope B.E.P. go latinum…

  • ATI

    you look too old to have a living father

    rap ain’t for you, gramps

  • Moving Sideways

    As much as it pains me, you are correct. Soulja Boy has more in common with Sugar Hill Gang and Whodini than Slaughter House ever will. That’s why I don’t get worked up over goofball pop rap (remember: Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em was released the same year as Fear of a Black Planet).

  • Dallas Penn

    You right I don’t have my father anymore. He died when he was 60. I wish I had a son though, or even a daughter. So that you could be their slave. You seem like the type nigger to be living one of those underachieving lives.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      ^^That’s how we sunn’em around here. Noobs, take notes. And ATI, you’re too young to realize that just because there’s a old man that lives in your house, drinks your OJ, shits in your toilet, pisses on the toilet seat, fucks ya mom with the door open and smacks her around a little on the weekends, does’t mean that’s your dad. But no worries, I’m here for you. But I’m a tell you up front that I’m gonna be the kinda dad that goes up in your ass every now and then, you faggot. You act sweet around here and you’ll get your cherry popped, young blood. And who better to do it but your daddy, Matt Herbz.

      Now, I remember my father getting upset at me the first time he heard what I was listening to. It was House of Pain’s “Same As It Ever Was” (Yeah, the white dudes) and I was about 10 or 11 songs deep into it. He grabbed my headphones, put them to his ear, listened for a few seconds and told me to turn that shit off. He asked what’s their name. I told him House of Pain. He said, “You’re listening to the House of Pain while we’re driving to the House of The Lord?” Yeah, we were going to church–I had already decided I didn’t need that.

      Anyway, back then, it was because rap provided me an alternative to the preppie-assed gay nigga Christian Rock community that I started bumping the hard shit. I wanted to listen to something that’d make a preacher shit himself so I usually stuck to the crazy joints with the Parental Advisory stickers on them–that’s how you knew shit was official. That’s how I got in the game, and it took a few years, but my pops finally just accepted it.

  • J Minus

    She Pra’li got a wizzard sleeve, so I’d like to put it in Fergie’s Back Pussy. jus sayin….



  • westcoastaggie

    This is simply a case of a generational rift going on in Hip-Hop. Although SOME of the artists are ignorant and have ignorant messages in their music, thing like that have been going on for centuries (i.e. minstrel show’s).

    But some of the older fans have a hard time relating to the ever changing landscape of music. Why do you think our parents held on to their oldies?

    You have to open your mind. Have some of you that don’t like Drake listened to So Far Gone? Have you all listened to Room for Improvement or Comeback Season? If you haven’t listened to those, open your mind before you like or dislike an artist.

  • DazzOne

    One of the reasons why rock-n-roll gets so much respect and money in the industry is because old fans stay true to the music. Hip-hop inherited one of Black America’s oldest problems-the generational gap. I see way too many old heads rocking to whatever Clear Channel or Viacom feeds them, just like the young heads. And amnesia seems to also set in, as if what’s happening now is somehow new. Like Common Sense (the REAL one)said

    “how many souls hip-hop has affected
    How many dead folks this art resurrected
    How many nations this culture connected
    Who am I to judge one’s perspective?
    Though some of that shit y’all pop true it, I ain’t relating
    If I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating…”

    Then again for me, maybe I am…

    True School.

  • Curtis75Black

    I would like a Blogger to finally admit there are 2 types of Pop artist in Hip Hop. 1-The one who likes to party, cause no stress and take your mind off the Bullshit with some dancing. 2-The hardcore emcee who moved from being a Gangsta, to a Thug and now a goon. Someone who’s constantly talking about the same negative shit claiming they’re keeping it real. 2 sides of the same coin. We danced back in the days, what’s the problem today ?

    • DV8

      because everybody is so self conscious of themselves that they dont want to tarnish they “swag/wave/gangsta” by doing something like having a good time. They rather pose in they hardest d-boy stance to warn of a potential “hater” (who are they going to the club for?). I dont know about them dudes. I got to clubs for the chicks and the chicks like to dance so guess what? I’ll be on the dancefloor dancing with them. You know why (hypotheic question, not you in general) the south flourishes? Because they could really give a fuck about who is the best. They appreciate everybody for what they bring to the table and most of all. They just want to have fun. You go to a club down south your likely to see some gangstaz and thugs cuttin the rug.

  • Curtis75Black

    I live in Miami now (BronxBorn) so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Whenever I venture out to Club Space, you’re likely to see everyone just jamming listening to music, not giving a damn unless the track happens to be wack !! And honestly, they play everything and sometimes even surprises me when they drop some Old School Classics !! We danced back in the 80 and 90′s. You’ve seen the videos of LL (jingling Baby), Ice-t (Peewee Herman), Dr.Dre, Kid N Play, Salt n Pepa and a host of others getting their dance on. We wanted peeps to dance. Now it’s all about bobbing your head and a 2 step. I can’t get down with Soulja Boy and a lot of other wack rappers but when their shit is in the club, You have no choice but to enjoy the moment and have fun.

  • ATI

    I got a reply from the OG Matt Herbz, success. When are you replacing this old bum Dallas Penn as a lead blogger, though? His shit is trash.

  • ATI

    p.s. roffle at some 50 year old blogger speaking on somebody under-achieving, as if your reply wasn’t already corny enough

  • lex

    I hope someone on xxl staff hears this–don’t fire dallas penn, i’m checkin for his ish. This was a thoughtful post with a nice flashback feel.