Big Boi Pimp Slaps NYC…

af1 crocs

My bosses here at Harris let me breathe slightly because they know I am getting up there in years and I can’t trot around like the faster horses, plus I usually binge on alcohol right after I cash their paycheck.

Hood Rich nigger!!!

In another week I’ll be back in eating my sardines and tunameats straight from the can again. I’ve been running around the city going to concerts, discussing Spike Lee’s legacy as a forum paneist, and getting fucked the fuck up. Mostly the latter. I used my Harris Publications credentials to get into the Sneaker Pimps exhibition concert last night in New York City. XXL magazine wasn’t a sponsor for the event but our sister, or brother [ll] publication Antenna was on the flyer.

I’ve said this before but Antenna mag is the most Hip-Hop magazine still in print. XXL is more like Tiger Beat with big booty broads. XXL needs to grow the fuck up and flash me an areola to let me know they are out there. I love getting my copy of XXL every month. Along with my Eastbay catalog. Anything else in the mailbox is a fucking bill party people. Occasionally, my peoples from send me some shit too. When my Antenna mag comes through I get amped.

This shit is for the dude that is 25 and does his thing. They had a feature on propane BBQ grills. Hells fucking yeah! Antenna doesn’t play around with their features playboy. They highlight the motherfuckers making moves in our generational culture for shit like sneakers, streetwear, extreme sports, techware and whatever else is relevant to how grown folks keep it fly and flashy.

Sidebar: I just took out some time to get into the latest issue of XXL and I apologize for the slight. Even though there isn’t an article about a gas grill there are some dope features in the issue. The Mos Def feature is good and so is the article on dance rap in the south. XXL is still the shit we all need for the culture to continue to spread. Even if I feel like its sometimes diluted.

So back to the matter at hand which was the Sneaker Pimps event. At a past event held in Atlanta Big Boi became the butt of jokes because he wore a pair of Air Jordan shoes that had not been produced by Nike authentically. The truth is that any collector of athletic shoes will have acquired a counterfeit pair at some point because they are accessible and in some cases they are very well made.

Big Boi’s kicks were 100 at this event and his performance was also legit. I’ve never seen Big Boi live until I saw him perform at the Hip-Hop Honors awards show and that wasn’t his material he was performing. His set was dope and I thought that maybe I’ve been hard on ranking he and Andre 3K as one of the all time duos. Red & Meth still > tho’.

After Big Boi the Clipse came out immediately with no delay to the thunderous thump of ‘Grinding’. Clipse are good rappers and they always kill at the Sneaker Pimps shows. As a matter of fact, Clipse call themselves the GOAT duo. We all know this isn’t the case except in the area of stunt rap. Clipse are the pushers that spend they whole grip stuntin’ and just re-up the next day. Too bad this was a short set of theirs and no one from the Re-Up gang came out. The Clipse still killed it though. I didn’t get to see what kicks they were wearing but the Clipse swag is usually at or near 100.

That is what Sneaker Pimps is about in general but I didn’t represent too hardbody on my Polo steez. That was my fail. Its not like Sneaker Pimps happens every month because it doesn’t. The next time I go to an event like this which is basically for stunting in the culture (a necessary thing) I will make sure I have stepped up my game. It’s not like I’m not holding heat either, even for the fat man sizes I have some heatrocks. Plus I do have the ‘Heat Rox’.

Internets! Fux with Sneaker Fiends Unite!

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  • DetroitDraper


  • Pierzy

    What’s poppin’ DP & Detroit…

    Not sure if I’m feeling those kicks or not. I’ll have to sleep on it [nullus]

  • EReal

    Antenna sounds like a fake ass Stuff.

    Post was gay.
    Those kicks are gay.
    Everything gay.

    And the new EIC wonders, sheesh.




    • $ykotic

      Yeah I got those Max’ in gray/green/white with the white on black skull & bones on the heel.

      Love my Max 95′s too…

  • Epinz

    What it is dp?

    Airmax 95&97….GOAT!!!!!!

  • Dallas Penn

    Pierzy what up?

    DetroitDr***r what up?

    Paris what the fuck is up?

    Ereal what up and fuck you [ll]!

    Epinz what up? OG Air Max 180 is the GOAT

  • geico lizard


    Whats up to Dallas Penn,Pierzy,Epinz,Paris,Ereal and Detroit


  • El Tico Loco

    I usually don’t comment this early but meth and red > Outkast are u serious? Didn’t we tell u about that before? If Outkast dropped tommorrow niggas are campin out in front of Best Buy like is a PS4 coming out(ok maybe not) but c’mon.

    • geico lizard

      co-sign. A new outkast album would go platinum first week like the last weezy album. The Fugees and guns and roses(original members and axl) would also go platinum in one week.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Air Max Wright’s are my shit. I’m not a sneaker fiend so I once incorrectly assumed that they were the 180s. I have since recognized my error and repented for my sins to the sneaker gods.

    –OG Matt Herbz–


    what up my people,

    red and meth >>>>>>>> outkast…..ARE YOU SERIOUS! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD AQUEMINI? outkast’s catelog is sooo long that you can’t even put red and meth in the same convo with them! outkast is easily one of the top 5 groups ever! right up there with Tribe Called Quest, De La, UGK, Mobb Deep, and Ball and G.

    you’re my dude pen, but you have some serious east coast bias going on if you think red and meth are even close to outkast. OUTKAST HAS MORE HITS THAN RED AND METH HAVE GOOD SONGS!

  • bongolock

    dam big boi came out before the clipse?? maybe cuz the show was in nyc?? hmmmm

  • AvengerXL

    Antenna is not all that dope it is a low rent version of fatlace,yellow rat bastard etc….
    Meaning one of those mags that covers snowborading, skate boarding, sneakers, toycollecting and random cool stuff. It is what some would say is a “gasp” hipster publication. I don’t know if the audience is there for a real hip-hop publication because most of the so-called real hip-hop fans download everything. While the mainstream drivel that certain mags cover keeps the lights on you know 1 million Drake stories etc…

  • LB

    Did the bosses at Harris advise you to keep the obviouse “ER” suffix after the “Hood Rich Nigger!” sub-title or was that your idea? Either way, that shouldn’t have been published. Use the freakin N-I-G-G-A version for cryin out loud. You know what audience you’re speakin to man, so don’t act like it’s irrelevant to not be mindful of that. Peace.

  • EmCDL

    You right about that Antenna mag DP its off the chain…like them random stories they be having in there too.


    Antenna mag never heard of it but i will look for it i wanna check it out. those sneaks look cool dp but not like my custom paint and art job af1′s. my homie hooked me up with them joints.