You still can't see this nigga!

I will admit that I don't really fux with the boy Drake. I recognize he is talented and he has a devoted group of followers on these here internets but I'm just not into dude like that. Because of his talent and his youth I think he would be a dope addition to the Frat Rap Pack supergroup of Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Bobby Ray. That shit is just a made up supergroup on this blog though and not something that I think will actually happen. Of all those rappers I just named Drake might be the hottest in the game right now.

Asher Roth fell off the map coincidentally with the return of Eminem and the opening of his Twitter mouf. Kid Cudi is in Hawaii right now after catching a little buzz from the 'Sky Might Fall' x Transformers 2 video that was being circulated on the web. Bobby Ray is... I'm not really sure what B.o.B.'s story is but I will be in Atlanta doing some reporting so maybe I will get some insight on his future projects. Drake stays on the radio though. I'm not sure how that was pulled off but it was.

Drake is the next level of internets superstar to be pushed out into the mainstream. The Asher Roth experiment proved that internets buzz isn't valuable for realtime, real life sales figures. The internets don't buy CD's no matter what the people say in the comments threads. Let's be honest, who here is buying some shit they can get for free? The people handling Drake did well to put him on the radio. At least those people will buy a bootleg CD. I knew son was doing big things when my homey who doesn't know shit about the web asked me to pass him some of Drake's music.

Drake's buzz even got the attention of the master of Rap & Bullshit, acquitted hebephile crooner Kellz has hopped on the 'Best I Ever Had' single. I don't care what anyone says about this dude, Kellz makes the ladies toss their panties on the stage. Chicks would love for him to pee on them. Some dudes too. This is why dudes like Kellz, T-Pain, Wayne and T.I. don't have to go to jail like the rest of us do. They make the soundtracks for all of our dysfunctional society foolishness. Without them we might have to actually listen to meaningful music.

R.Kelly is the godfather of the rap & bullshit genre of Hip-Hop music. He definitely gave birth to T-Pain's lane. I've heard Kellz do tracks using auto-tune that have merc'ked anything that T-Pain has produced in his life. Keep in mind that R. Kelly can actually sing when he wants to. Plus he is like this idiot savant entertainer that comes alive when he is in the recording booth, yet he can't conduct a coherent discussion anywhere else. As long as you keep Kellz away from a high school lunchroom you won't have to worry too much about his appetite for destruction.

Kellz is a bad man with a microphone in his hand.