I was complaining about lists of hip-hop blogs in Vibe back before it was all trendy.

I think I mentioned here the other day that I was involved in a beef with kris ex over a list of hip-hop blogs he did for them way back in like '05. But I didn't mention how that conflict was resolved. I ended up hijacking the URL to his old blog, on Blogger, and redirecting it to a site in which I basically explained how him and the staff at Vibe were a buncha fags for not including my site on the list. Hashim Warren, who once famously ordered a shedload of pizzas to the XXL offices, assisted with the haX0ring. kris ex and I have long since patched things up, and he's turned me on to a lot of good pr0n over the years. I've been hoping I could patch things up with eskay, whom I've been beefing with lately, but so far to no avail. If only there was something he did, other than post links to mp3s and YouTube videos, I think his self esteem would be a lot higher than it is, and this wouldn't have been an issue in the first place.

Speaking of which, eskay's blog is ranked #1 on this new Vibe list. And just to show how big a man I am (as if it wasn't already obvious), I'm gonna congratulate him, even though I don't think he contributes much in the way of real value to the Internets. Congratulations, eskay. My blog, on the other hand, ranked way the fuck down at #29. My own blog, I mean. I doubt this blog would have made the list, even if I posted the cure to cancer on it. Vibe is in a bad enough business situation as it is - they can't be giving any shine to the competition. Never mind that being "a classy move," or "good journalism."

I threw a bitch fit about this just now on Twitter, mostly for the sake of my own personal amusement, but I'm not really sure what to think. I was nervous when I heard Vibe was making a list of the 50 hottest rap blogs, because I know they don't like me over there: there was that thing back in '05; I've been baiting the music editor there, Sean "Hurricane" Fennessy, for a good half a decade now; I know it used to be run by a lot of teh ghey guys, as hilariously detailed in Russell Simmons' god awful as told to autobio, and you know the fudge community has been had a fatwa out on me; and then there was the thing last week when I had to put the editor in chief on blast for her Lauryn Hill-like views on race, though that may have taken place after the list was finalized. The list goes on and on.

I suppose I should be glad to have still made the list, despite my various issues with them over the years. It's like Triumph of the Will (supposedly a big influence on the Lion King) making a list of the best documentaries put together by a buncha Jews - except in this case obviously Vibe would be the Nazis, and I would be the Jews, but minus the money, and the right wing politics, and the weird health issues due to inbreeding, and what have you. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best analogy. But you catch my drift. It just goes to show how important my blog is. Probably no one in that building can stand me (except half the female staff, who secretly wanna have Bol, Jr.), but they knew that list just wouldn't look right without my name on it.

But enough about me. Let's talk about some of the other sites that made the list. There's a number of blogs I haven't even heard of, including Twankie & Glisten, Prancehall, The Press Play Show, Mista Jam's Blogs, Slang Rap Democracy, Nola Bounce, Elitaste, and H.E.R. There's a buncha sites that aren't really blogs, including the invaluable Vlad TV and World Star, and Mixtape Monday. Apparently, they didn't bother to check and see if Kid Cudi's site has a blog. I know Danyel Smith mentioned that she's trying to push him as a black alternative to Asher Roth, in that clip where she lamented how many white people she works with. Prominent blogs that didn't make the list: illRoots, Real Talk NY, It's the Real, XXL's own Ron Mexico, Combat Jack, and probably a buncha other people. You guys know I don't really fuck with hip-hop blogs like that. Reading bad writing makes you a bad writer.