So much for post-race

How ironic is it that Obama’s 100th day in office fell during one of the most racially charged weeks evar in hip-hop? It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

Asher Roth had a run of bad luck, calling black women nappy headed hoes, then calling black rappers “these black rappers,” and “disgusting,” for spending so much money on gold chains, when children are starving over in Africa. As if the reason Africa is so fucked the fuck up is because black people spend too much money on gold chains. (He might need to have a talk with Professor Griff.)

It’s not like he woke up a week – or 10 days – ago thinking he should say something to make him look like he might be a racist, during one of the most important weeks of his career. He’s just not that smart. I don’t know if it’s because he smokes too much weed or what, but both of those statements came out all retarded. I could have worded them way better, and he’s the one who’s supposed to be the rapper. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t present himself as the kind of guy who might just up and say some racist shit. As Tom Breihan pointed out, he’s got this disturbing save the world streak.

Who else is old and sorry enough to remember when Louis Logic dropped the n-bomb on Sin-A-Matic? (Here’s what he’s up to these days.) The context may have been that he was mocking racist white people, just like Asher Roth was mocking Don Imus, but obviously part of the joke was just a white guy dropping the n-bomb. It’s like when they use it on Howard Stern. Eminem even dropped the n-bomb on the Marshall Mathers LP, but it was bleeped. It’s funny, because they left all of that homophobic shit in there (as they should have), but the TIs knew better than to have him saying the n-word.

If only someone would have thought to ask Asher Roth about Israel-Palestine. I’m sure I could have had fun with that. I know a lot of Jews feel obligated to support Israel’s bullshit, just because they’re Jewish, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Asher Roth doesn’t consider himself Jewish. If so, I wonder why people are always saying he is a Jew. Maybe it’s the last name. I think I also read somewhere (a nigga be researching) that he’s half Jewish, which would probably mean his old man is a Jew and his mom isn’t. And your mom has to be Jewish for you to be a Jew by default, according to, um, superstition.

So there was that. Then, as if I wasn’t already having enough fun this week, Rick Ross up and decided to call Eminem a honky. Roffle. I don’t think anyone thought to pull that one out even back in the late ’90s. It probably wasn’t Rawse’s intention to turn this into a race issue, and he probably didn’t think it would be a big deal. It just so happened to rhyme with the way he pronounces monkey. If I would have known people would give a shit, I might have done a post on it here, instead of a post on how Rawse arguably won his beef with Fiddy, since 158,000 copies sold apparently doesn’t constitute a win, even if it’s more than anyone else sold that week.

The argument I’ve heard is that, to be upset about Asher Roth’s comments, and not be upset about Rawse’s comments, is a double standard. A few things 1) I wasn’t upset by Asher Roth’s comments. I was amused by them, and I thought they were problematic. Especially that second one, since he’s already fucked up once that week. It’s obvious no one’s explained to him that there’s certain things he can’t say, without being viewed, by some, as a racist. As if they should have to. 2) I thought black people were allowed to say racist shit about white people. You know, since they held our ancestors in captivity for hundreds and hundreds of years, and what have you.

I say racist shit about white people all the time, but it’s not like I wouldn’t even if I wasn’t allowed to. It’s one of the few perks of not being beholden to corporate America. But it seems like white people might be more sensitive about that shit now than they ever have been. And it’s probably not just because of Asher Roth, as I speculated in a post yesterday on my own site. Could it be that they think that now that we’ve got a black (-ish) president, we should surrender our right to use the term cracka-ass cracka. Pshaw! It seems silly to me that our views on race should change, if our situation has hardly change. It wouldn’t matter to me if a white guy (or a Lebanese guy) were president. The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race, if not my abiding desire to avenge slavery using my peen. Some things are just ingrained. Nhjic.

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  • DJ YS

    Damn Bol you’re early as hell today. Don’t get all prompt and professional with your posts just because you’re a homeowner now.

  • Pierzy

    Good morning… Ha!

    I think this “debate” goes back to that old question that there’s no thing as reverse-racism because “racism” is one group WITH power vs. another WITHOUT power. I don’t agree with that, but I think that’s where the idea of a double-standard would come into play…



  • Troublemaker

    Get off the WHITEBOYZ nuts sounding like dick rider right now . laughing @ your blogging TALK




    • Tony Grand$

      (To me,) Asher is just a victim of his own ignorance. Just because he’s a rapper doesn’t mean that he’s a prolific speaker with a keen sense of tapping into the people’s pulse. There’s no reason @ all that he can’t just be an idiot who got a record deal, which seems to be the case more & more.

      But Ross purposely attempted to taunt Em using Racism. Like, I could see John McCain almost wanting to make a black comment toward Obama during the election. I, for one, was waiting on such a slip. & wouldn’t you know, the racial slur came from Jesse Jackson. How’s that for racism in America?

      That shit doesn’t bother me though. I know that no matter how loud freedom rings, in this country (& maybe others) you MUST fall into a catergory. That’s just the way of the machine.
      Maybe we should all paint ourselves green & wear black ski-masks.

      • macdatruest

        What up Grand$??

        Shit if A$her Roth loves college so much, he should take an Africology Course. I Reccomend Africolgy 220: The Economics Of Poverty and Discrimination. Then maybe he’ll shut some of that dumb shit up. Maybe.

        • Tony Grand$

          Whatitdo mac?!

          Nah, he would take the class, probably have a film crew making a DVD about it, then do a song with Jay-Z & Young Jeezy. But, he wouldn’t shut up. I think we can all see that now, lol.

        • Pierzy

          Considering the dude left college after one year, he’d probably drop the class because it’d be way too difficult for him…

        • Tony Grand$

          Given his recent string of philosophical banter, it would probably be like this;

          *asher tweets*

          “‘Sup y’all. Just finished my Africology class. Now, I probably know more about Blacks than they do! Word to yo’ Mutha!”

  • Troublemaker


  • Zulu1925

    @ Bol

    I caught that Alanis Morrisette reference. But, for you, a week’s worth of racially-charged comments in hip hop is like 10,000 spoons and a bowl of ice cream – Which one do you choose to eat (blog) with?

  • dameSTATUS

    Housewarming at Bol’s place! Natty lights all night long.

    How about I was on Delta flight and they have the in-flight entertainment systems now. So I’m playing the old Alanis album, listening to Ironic. All the rap albums were censored, so I was suprised to hear “and as the plane CRASHED DOWN”.. It kind of sent a chill down my spine.

    I found that to be ironic.

  • og bobby j

    a lot of shit is a double standard…but i guess i can see the argument that due to what whites did in the 1600′s makes that alright. May as well take advantage of the built in excuse.

    IMO, neither asher or ross comments should be received as racist.

    In reality, i dont think we should care at all what these faggot rappers say unless its on a track. These niggas aint my homies….so i couldnt careless.

    • Around and Around

      I actually agree wit OJ on this…

      but for arguments sake, what if Asher-Hyman-Roth said “I think it’s disgusting that these fake OG’s spend all their time on blogs while their seed has no health care and a wheezzy cough..”

      • og bobby j

        that would be like reach Arounds father sticking around when he was born…it just wouldnt happen.

        or if he said “i thinks its sad how these flunkie nigs ride that white OG bobby dick”

        Dont be mad at me cause my great grandfather owned yours….

        • BIGNAT

          even though og said it harsh he is right why be mad at him from what ahppened in the past. i have touched on the subject already time to touch it again. it’s recycled hate and bad feelings that people keep passing down. we should remember what happened but not let it shape the future. what happend to my grandparents my parents and me as in treatment is different. like for instance my friend his grandmother tells us we should not mess with white women because they are devils. it’s funny as hell but it is a racist thing to say. i won’t correct her because she is 81 years old and i have not lived her life.

        • Around and Around

          Bignat who the fuck are you…Oprah? Take your fake ass “life experiences” to Dr Phil gay ass nigga….

          OG, your great Grandpa was the only white share cropper, and like you had no land or health insurance.

  • geico lizard

    Ross saw an old episode of “The Jeffersons” and thought he could let that word slide in.

  • squadwildin

    personally, I dont think white ppl are offended by racial slurs. They just shake it off. Maybe its just the pompous ones im dealin with

    • macdatruest

      White supremacist invented race, as in Black and White, which are the only two RACES. Everything else is ethnicities, linked directly to an individual’s country. i.e. Mexicans are from Mexico or Ricans from Puerto Rico except for negative grouping purposes those two become “Hispanics”.

      But once you enter Amerikkka you get a racial designation. You’ve never heard of Asians being considered “honarary whites?” (google it!!) When they refer two whites, they are called “Americans” then you got “Hyphenated(-)Americans” Your racial designation comes with economic implications if it’s not simply American, which is why whites shrug off “racial” slurs. Observe:
      Dumb Niggers.
      Lazy Mexicans.
      Submissive Asians.
      Multi-Faceted Whites?

      So if your not white, your number one priority becomes to discredit toward whites the pre-conceived notions about your racial group. Almost to the point of pre-occupation, that becomes your duty as a Hyphenated American.

      Look at all our (would be) black leaders, they’ll tell you it’s only the “dumb niggers” who see race. Everythings fine.

      Mexicans are so shook about being called Lazy, they’ll damn near work for free now, just tryna prove theyself to “Americans”

      And Asians are just turning into assholes since they’re getting the go ahead to be racists. Yall see that movie Gran Turino aka Bigot Training Video for Asians??? Just my thoughts…

      • Suckapunkin

        I think Mexicans are working for such low wages because it’s more than they can make in Mexico and will help feed their families more than any desire to reverse stereotypes.

        • squadwildin

          Yea mac, I really dislike Asians. They have a selfish mentality, especially the chinese. Coming from a communist society, you think they’d learned how to share. And then they feel like they are superior to you and shit and kiss ass in the presence of the white man.

          I cant think of any famous Asians(not including India i.e. Ghandi) known for inventing shit or creating things or any of that kind of stuff that would get your name in the history books. Thats cuz they willingly let the white man rape them for their ideas.

          I have good reason to believe China will never be that Superpower ppl are speculating they will be. They’re too submissive

        • X

          Gunpowder, paper, the compass, and printing were things the Chinese invented.

        • squadwildin

          Okay give me a specific name….like Thomas Edison, Einstein or Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver. The white man took all those inventions and profited more than the chinese off all that shit. Thats my point. I didnt say they contributed to society. i just said they are submissive as hell

        • squadwildin

          *Did not

        • Dub Sac

          It’s cultural, SW. Ask a Chinese person who white inventors are, and they couldn’t tell you. Does that mean we didn’t do shit? Why does our ignorance of other cultures make them inferior?

        • FlapJack

          Squadwildin, you retarded. You know you can make the exact same arguement about black people right? Just because white people steal your shit doesn’t mean you didn’t come up with it.

          Pearl Harbour was real submissive. lol

          You’re a munkhey

  • nuttyboy

    As an African I can see what that Asher was trying to say that rappers need to stop being so materialistic when they have brothers and sisters in the ghetto or in certain African countries suffering. unfortunately he’s being called as racist for speaking the truth.
    If he was Mos Def no body would call him racist…I see a double standard.

    I encourage rappers who spend some of their money helping their communities and traveling in places where poverty is rampant and we need more people like that. Instead we have some of them simply flashing their jewleries and cars while their fellow brothers and sisters are suffering.


  • Adam

    not to sound like a teenage girl, but you should totally share pictures of ur new place.

  • Stevie B

    “The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race”

    Some of the realest shit Bol ever wrote

    “But it seems like white people might be more sensitive about that shit now than they ever have been”

    At this point they are way more sensitive more sensitive then black women I find it hilarious. White people love to talk about reverse racism how their being discriminated against and they even complain about black people complaining.

    Every time a black person said Asher Roth was wack the response was… Why because he is white? Thats racist!
    I find that shit to be funny.

    • chitchat

      “Every time a black person said Asher Roth was wack the response was… Why because he is white? Thats racist!
      I find that shit to be funny.”

      Word. That’s right up there with when they found out black people were voting for Obama. Nevermind that most Americans were slowly coming to the realization that he’d do a better job than Hil or McCain. No! We were just voting that way cuz he’s black. I don’t remember anyone asking Hillary voters if they just wanted a woman or a white person…

      P.S. Asher Roth is boring as hell

      • og bobby j

        how about when they walked around harlem, asking black voters what they thought about obamas plans, but were actually telling them mccains views. yet, all the voters they interviewed were in support of the mccain views, when they thought they belonged to obama….

        • BIGNAT

          i didn’t know that but i would not even agrue it happened. i myself wanted to vote for nader but he will never win so i went for obama. it’s funny most black people voted for him because black people saw someone who was not white. said to themselves hell yeah we are going be in charge now. thinking they can go out do whatever they want and have a obama get out of jail free card. blind followers like lemmings off the cliff

        • FlapJack

          “blind followers like lemmings off the cliff”

          hahahah, damn straight

  • FlapJack

    “The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race”

    Plies? I don’t like Asher, but dude can actually rap.
    They just trying to copy em’s success.

    It does have something to do with race, but nothing to do with racism.

    And as far as the racial slurs go, they’re funny, so get over it.

    • chitchat

      I disagree with the Plies example. I actually knew a LOT of people (smh) who enjoyed his music before I started seeing his name all over the place. Asher on the other hand…unless you spend a lot of time on the internet, you probably first heard of him on a magazine cover or MTV.

  • Suckapunkin

    How thin-skinned do you have to be to be offended by the word honky? There’s no history of oppression or violence behind that word, it’s just really funny.

    • Devi Gargon

      HONKEY – Is a word used to describe the white tricks that would toot their horns for the black prostitutes in the fifties and sixties. Those guys that you knew had a wife and kids and lived waaaaay on the other side of town, but would find himself HONKING in the black areas of town for some TRIM!!!!

      Every word has a history!!!!

      Devi Gargon

    • macdatruest

      Honky-Dory= All Good
      A Honkey= A Happy Guy

      The only winners with racism are it’s inventors, period. It hurts everybody else, so the worst thing you can be is racist, you’ll ether yourself. The best thing you can do is stand up for yourself because you’re a creation of God regardless of your so-called economic status. Let’s not make the mistakes from the past. I vote to ban “RACE”!!!!!

  • AZ40

    Maybe Roth should have taken some of that jew money he wasted gettin’ wasted in college and donated it…It’s easy to tell people what to do with there money especially if someone else is footin’ your bills.

    I’m glad ross said honky now Em can get in his grimmace lookin’ ass…a few years ago he was runnin’ around clean shaven wit’ Trina on the All about th benjamins soundtrack, then he stole the philly beard and now he a boss…How you movin’ weight in MIA and can’t speak spanish shit that nigga barely speakin’ english wit’ his delicast fabric ass

  • Worley

    The best part of today’s blog is the Afro Romance ad.

  • mister adam

    Louis Logic is black. He said the N word a whole bunch of times on Sin-A-Matic. He’s allowed, dummy.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    A I Personally Hate All People Of African Or Black Descent NAPPY HEADED NIGGARS

  • Brass Tacks



    This is not an issue of race it is a issue of placing a mic and a camera in an artists face and let him just answer questions. I am sure even if Asher was racist he wouldn’t just ether his career like this in one of the few blak dominated fields in the country LOL thats right being a minstrel show performer whoops I meant mainstream rapper.

    Race is a lie and most folks need to step out of the matrix and see the social engineering for what it is. Asher is just a product of the music industry copy making machine. He is not a real leader or taking head even so his opinion on everything besides weed,wine and women are worthless.

  • X

    “The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race”

    Didn’t that already happen with Game when he first came out? Or 50 Cent or many rappers within the past 10 years?

  • X

    “The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race.”

    Didn’t that happen with Game when he first came out? Or 50 Cent or many rappers within the past 10 years? Mainstream rap nowadays is usually mediocre at best.

  • BGZ

    I generally agree with Bol on the Jewish question.

    By religion, you are a Jew if your mother was a Jew (cause that’s certain), and you follow the religious practices.
    Culturally, you could identify yourself as a half-Jew or whatever, but the focal question is what part of society (what ‘class’) you’re in.

    You can decend from Moses himself, but the Jewish people in the entertainment industry won’t fuck with you unless you have the right contacts/pedigree (you are a ‘showbiz Jew’) and they see money in you.

    Traditionally, blacks from the ghetto = green; so Jews probably have an advantage to other white/Asian rappers with similar talent.

    The disadvantage blacks have, on the other hand, is in society in general; being a racially identified class.

    Coming from a Jewish background usually means that you are more financially conscious, but it won’t mean that they won’t rob you blind if they have a chance (ask Bernie Madoff).

  • jon blaze

    ROFL at kike rappers.

  • zottapottamottakiz

    i’m racist. i hate all americans regardless of thier skin color. stupid americunts. grow up jumbo jaws.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Bol had to be drunk writing this one

  • Asanto

    “The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race”

    50 Cent
    Rick Ross
    Flo Rida
    Lil Wayne
    Soulja Boy
    _________ <— add any lcd rapper in the past 10 years…