How ironic is it that Obama's 100th day in office fell during one of the most racially charged weeks evar in hip-hop? It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

Asher Roth had a run of bad luck, calling black women nappy headed hoes, then calling black rappers "these black rappers," and "disgusting," for spending so much money on gold chains, when children are starving over in Africa. As if the reason Africa is so fucked the fuck up is because black people spend too much money on gold chains. (He might need to have a talk with Professor Griff.)

It's not like he woke up a week - or 10 days - ago thinking he should say something to make him look like he might be a racist, during one of the most important weeks of his career. He's just not that smart. I don't know if it's because he smokes too much weed or what, but both of those statements came out all retarded. I could have worded them way better, and he's the one who's supposed to be the rapper. Then there's the fact that he doesn't present himself as the kind of guy who might just up and say some racist shit. As Tom Breihan pointed out, he's got this disturbing save the world streak.

Who else is old and sorry enough to remember when Louis Logic dropped the n-bomb on Sin-A-Matic? (Here's what he's up to these days.) The context may have been that he was mocking racist white people, just like Asher Roth was mocking Don Imus, but obviously part of the joke was just a white guy dropping the n-bomb. It's like when they use it on Howard Stern. Eminem even dropped the n-bomb on the Marshall Mathers LP, but it was bleeped. It's funny, because they left all of that homophobic shit in there (as they should have), but the TIs knew better than to have him saying the n-word.

If only someone would have thought to ask Asher Roth about Israel-Palestine. I'm sure I could have had fun with that. I know a lot of Jews feel obligated to support Israel's bullshit, just because they're Jewish, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Asher Roth doesn't consider himself Jewish. If so, I wonder why people are always saying he is a Jew. Maybe it's the last name. I think I also read somewhere (a nigga be researching) that he's half Jewish, which would probably mean his old man is a Jew and his mom isn't. And your mom has to be Jewish for you to be a Jew by default, according to, um, superstition.

So there was that. Then, as if I wasn't already having enough fun this week, Rick Ross up and decided to call Eminem a honky. Roffle. I don't think anyone thought to pull that one out even back in the late '90s. It probably wasn't Rawse's intention to turn this into a race issue, and he probably didn't think it would be a big deal. It just so happened to rhyme with the way he pronounces monkey. If I would have known people would give a shit, I might have done a post on it here, instead of a post on how Rawse arguably won his beef with Fiddy, since 158,000 copies sold apparently doesn't constitute a win, even if it's more than anyone else sold that week.

The argument I've heard is that, to be upset about Asher Roth's comments, and not be upset about Rawse's comments, is a double standard. A few things 1) I wasn't upset by Asher Roth's comments. I was amused by them, and I thought they were problematic. Especially that second one, since he's already fucked up once that week. It's obvious no one's explained to him that there's certain things he can't say, without being viewed, by some, as a racist. As if they should have to. 2) I thought black people were allowed to say racist shit about white people. You know, since they held our ancestors in captivity for hundreds and hundreds of years, and what have you.

I say racist shit about white people all the time, but it's not like I wouldn't even if I wasn't allowed to. It's one of the few perks of not being beholden to corporate America. But it seems like white people might be more sensitive about that shit now than they ever have been. And it's probably not just because of Asher Roth, as I speculated in a post yesterday on my own site. Could it be that they think that now that we've got a black (-ish) president, we should surrender our right to use the term cracka-ass cracka. Pshaw! It seems silly to me that our views on race should change, if our situation has hardly change. It wouldn't matter to me if a white guy (or a Lebanese guy) were president. The day a mediocre black rapper gets the same push as Asher Roth is the day I let go of race, if not my abiding desire to avenge slavery using my peen. Some things are just ingrained. Nhjic.