Last year when I was administering the cRap Music Fantasy League it occurred to me that the idea needed a bigger platform for launching than my own website. This was the kind of game that needed the large number of participants that could deliver. The idea of the game is that you create a record label for yourself and populate the label with artists of your choice. It was like a rap music roto league.

Label owners got points for all kinds of benchmarks in the music business. Album releases, gold and platinum certifications, music videos and critical awards. The labels also got points for the cRap music shit that the artists on their roster might do. Gun arrests, drug indictments, rape and even death could earn a label a certain amont of points. That made selecting the artists likely to chart as important as having a few likely to fuck up.

Lil' Wayne was that rare artist who could go both ways. Haha. [ll].

There was no higher point grabber for an artist than death. The understanding was that most dead artists won't have posthumous albums released. I said album and NOT mixtape. Those mixtapes may sound nice but we never counted them in the cMFL because those shits are so dime a dozen. It's sad to have your life summed up in the space of a music album, even more sorrowful on a mixtape.

I wonder what Dolla would have created if he had been holed up in studio for six months like 2Pac was? I wonder if all that shit would have sounded the same? Bigger than being a rapper, Dolla was someone's son, brother and undoubtedly babies father. These folks will be holding on to memories that last a lot longer than cRap music mixtapes. Rappers need a fucking union at the rate their lifestyles terminate their recording contracts.

I hope Dolla's family can pick up the pieces. The cRap Music Fantasy League was a game. Reall ife is not.