Six Degrees Of cRap Music…


Last year when I was administering the cRap Music Fantasy League it occurred to me that the idea needed a bigger platform for launching than my own website. This was the kind of game that needed the large number of participants that could deliver. The idea of the game is that you create a record label for yourself and populate the label with artists of your choice. It was like a rap music roto league.

Label owners got points for all kinds of benchmarks in the music business. Album releases, gold and platinum certifications, music videos and critical awards. The labels also got points for the cRap music shit that the artists on their roster might do. Gun arrests, drug indictments, rape and even death could earn a label a certain amont of points. That made selecting the artists likely to chart as important as having a few likely to fuck up.

Lil’ Wayne was that rare artist who could go both ways. Haha. [ll].

There was no higher point grabber for an artist than death. The understanding was that most dead artists won’t have posthumous albums released. I said album and NOT mixtape. Those mixtapes may sound nice but we never counted them in the cMFL because those shits are so dime a dozen. It’s sad to have your life summed up in the space of a music album, even more sorrowful on a mixtape.

I wonder what Dolla would have created if he had been holed up in studio for six months like 2Pac was? I wonder if all that shit would have sounded the same? Bigger than being a rapper, Dolla was someone’s son, brother and undoubtedly babies father. These folks will be holding on to memories that last a lot longer than cRap music mixtapes. Rappers need a fucking union at the rate their lifestyles terminate their recording contracts.

I hope Dolla’s family can pick up the pieces. The cRap Music Fantasy League was a game. Reall ife is not.

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  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    not what I expected to peace to you and the kid god. it’s good to see some bloggers do have class!

    • johhny b

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  • Pierzy

    “This ish needs to stop.”

    Some of the realest shit I ever read…

  • Brahsef

    This shits gotta stop. RIP.

  • $ykotic

    Good drop DP. Brothers it’s got to stop!

    Tomorrow I’ll start bugging you on that cMFL.

  • geico lizard

    “Dolla was someone’s son, brother and undoubtedly babies father”

    “That was so inappropriate” Tom on the Boondocks. Maybe he didnt have kids he was only 21 and some guys like me are smart enough to wear a condom. If she will sleep with me who the hell else has she let run up in that.

  • ri067953

    Yo, somebody didn’t dead this fool because he was a rapper and he didn’t have no beef like Biggie or Pac. So, this leads me to believe that he was caught up with the street lifestyle and that is what caused his death. So, I feel no pity for this guy, you live by the sword, you die by the sword, no doubt!

    • LB

      You certainly don’t know what you’re talkin about. He could’ve been shot by a straight-up hata, like many of the verbal/written shots, over nothin, that takes place on this site.

  • Tony Grand$

    I can’t speak on him from a rap/personal level, but no one deserves to be gunned down in the street like a dog. Everybody that “dies by the sword” wasn’t necessarily living by it, that’s a sad fact of life.

    I hope he didnt have kids, God only knows what my kids would do if some waste of humanity decided to be my taker. His family is in my prayers; after we log off & go on about our daily regimens, his mother & father will still grieve, as well as dozens of other people.

    It’s pathetic. Sadder still, in a couple of days, we will have moved on. Another person gone & forgotten behind what can only be described as sheer, inconsiderate stupidity.

    God bless us all.

    • LB

      Well written dog. But, assumin he’s one of the good, I bet he not missin this place…not one bit.

  • brand-new

    of course i miss big and pac, but i really wonder how much big l could blew up? i think he could have been one of the greats! r.ip. to big pun too!

  • Mikey F Baby

    Well he has the teardrop tattoo. Maybe it was karma catchin’ up with that ass?

    • Dede Houston, Texas

      Dear Mr.ILLITERATE,

      Tear drops colored in represent taking someones life, in this young mans case; tear-drops not colored in means he witnessed a death of a loved one, such as his fathers death. Dont speak up on $hit you dont know. Thats what wrong with minorites now, we speak up on ish that dont concern us, and always before investigating the facts! Idiots!

  • Tony Grand$

    @ Mikey F Baby

    Nah, I stopped taking teardrops seriously awhile ago. Especially with the recent outbreak of face tats.

    It’s getting so you can’t tell a stone criminal from a rapper/hipster nowadays.

    Then again, you could be right. Damn, you never really know……..

  • $ykotic

    I hear all of ya’ll.

    Still, what happened to knuckling up?

    • Tony Grand$

      Fear + pride + short attention span = settling disputes with guns.

      Too many movies & rap videos send mixed messages to generations already confused by a lack of leadership at home. Thus, cowards with weapons run rampant.

      & this is what we’re left with…………

  • OG Matt Herbz

    For real though, aint death a bitch? Think of the chidren’s crying faces if they found out I’d passed away and they couldn’t read no more of my comments…

    If I know my nigga Obama, he’d definitely call for a day of mourning.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • General

    There is nothin worse than senseless deaths like this one. I pray one day we will wake up as a people and rid ourselves of the hatred and lack of respect for human life that leads to acts like this. I did not know him personally, nor do I know whether he had a good heart or not, but I do know that no one should face final judgement at the end of a gun barrel held by anyone but God himself. He was someone’s son, someone’s friend and he will be missed by those that loved him…RIP Dolla

  • http://xxl All Dae

    To bad Dolla didn’t get this luv while alive. I never saw on cover story or mixtape or drop in a bloggers post.

    Hi death and where he did is more know that his music. It’s sad he died young…to bad magazines, online mags and news outlets are capitalizing off his death. Where was the coverage when he was alive. To bad Dolla got the Stacks Bundles treatment.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    * his death and where he died is more known…

  • Young History in the Making

    Its like what jay said on “meet the parents”…”after every young black life theres this line, ‘damn him already, such a good kid, got us pourin hen already..’”


  • Cristopher Rathje

    This is actually one of several greater reports regarding the ones that We have read on this specific subject of late. Good work.

  • Kurtis Kroes

    Whoa! Photograph browsing yahoo for hours because of this and i last but not least thought it was listed here!