Yesterday on my way home I was bumpin' Heltah Skeltah's debut Nocturnal and for those that remember it started out with Rock asking "What was your dick doin’ in the milk, man?" I remember finding that shit amusing when I first heard it back in '96, but what a weird ass way to start an album right. For the most part we tend to skip album intros, but when they are done right an intro can be pretty damn memorable. – Rob the Music Ed

ODB's “Intro” on Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version: I remember copping this CD after school, jumping on the D train, throwing it in my CD Man and laughing hysterically (with tears coming from my eyes) when Ol’ Dirty started singing: "The first timmmmme, ever you sucked my dickkkkkkk." Everyone on the train looked at me like I was a damn fool, but that shit was funny!

Raekwon’s “Striving For Perfection” on Only Built For Cuban Linx…: Wu had some of the best skits hands down. But "Striving For Perfection" was classic. It’s like you heard the pure desperation in Rae and Ghost's voices as they planned out their last heist. It just set the tone for the whole album.

Makaveli’s “Intro/Bomb First” on The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory: Pac's first posthumous album is a hands down classic. On "Intro/Bomb First" he continued his assault on Biggie, Mobb Deep and Jay-Z, but what was more controversial was whether or not Pac placed clues to his death on the track. Did he really say, "Suge shot me?" I know I must’ve played that back 100 times.

Nas’s "The Genesis" on Illmatic: Nas + Wildstyle = CLASSIC.

Big Pun’s “Intro” on Capital Punishment: Terror Squad found the perfect sound byte for the MC previously known as Big Moon Dog. Chucky from Fresh said it best: "X-Men baby stuff holmes, all they costumes and powers ain’t shit. Punisher that real dope homie." He be sayin Bam, Bam, Bam; word to the new XXL cover!

Dr. Dre's “Intro” on The Chronic: When Dre says "Welcome to Death Row" you really get the feeling that you're in for some classic shit. Plus Snoop clowning Eazy and Jerry Heller is hella funny.

Jay-Z's “Intro: Hand It Down” on Vol.2…Hard Knock Life: Whatever happened to Pain in the Ass, he had that Al Pacino shit down to a science. He even made me a believer when he said "Bleek is gonna be a good rapper, NEW, IMPROVED Jay-Z." Oh well, so much for that. I like Bleek too, I’m just saying.

DMX’s “Intro” on It's Dark and Hell is Hot: Dog, that's my mans 'n 'em. Nuff said!