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Are you ready for your Daily Mathematics?

For several years this weblog has existed I have tried to explain that the essence of rap could be described by using a mathematical formula. Rap is a hyper-evolved level of communication using music, melody and mnemonic devices. This is why it is loved all across the globe. The greatest achievement of the human species is our ability to communicate on the highest level with speech. If we only had body movements and yelling we would have never have invented Twitter.

I think that the highest level of rap artistry is contained in the artists that frequently use polysyllabic words. The complex compound words can contain several meaning all at once based on the root of the word and the context it is delivered. The artist commonly considered to be the best rapper of all time was the master of injecting his rhyme speech with polysyllabic words. These phrases bent and stretched his rhymes well past the verse they were spoken in and put them into the stratosphere as some of the most used quotes spoken in the Hip-Hop culture.

Bear in mind that the most important word to an emcee is polysyllabic – microphone.

‘Nuff said.

Eminem’s latest album ‘Relapse’ is fantastic for it’s graphic gory content. This album is part of the great history of epic entertaining horror-core productions. This album is rap’s ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’. It is horrific, disgusting, profane, satirical and brilliant all at the same time. Lyrically, I consider this to be on a classic level. If the beats by Dr. Dre were swapped out for some of the dark production of DOOM, or more appropriately RZA, this album would be a certified classic. This drop though is to discuss the lyrical eminence of Eminem. A reader stated that this album was garbage. I don’t believe that reader listened to this album or if he did his ability to judge art is negligible.

This album is the VAN GOGH of rap music. The fact that Eminem even referred to himself as VAN G adds to his lyrical prowess. The heartbroken madman who has gleefully crossed the line into insanity is vividly painted in story format as well as open form rap braggadocio. I asked the reader to offer an album that contained better lyrics than ‘Relapse’. His offering was Lil’ Wayne’s ‘The Carter II’. That should already tip you off to the fact that this reader is a da-dunn da-dunt. Lil’ Wayne’s ‘The Carter II’ is actually Wayne’s best album. As I scanned over the album looking for a track to do a cross-reference comparison to I looked for songs that had similar lengths to the unusually long tracks posted on ‘Relapse’. I decided to use the track ghost-written by Juelz Santana called Tha’ Mobb.

As a repayment for Santana’s skills on this song I believe Wayne introduced Juelz to syrup.


Tha’ Mobb

Wayne uses 853 words in this song. Thirty(30) are polysyllabic. The longest being promethezine clocking in a strong twelve(12) letters. The key number in all of these stats though is the percentage of polysyllabic words to the entire composition. Wayne’s final numbers were 3.5169/1000. That is the percantage of polysyllabic words his verses would contain per 1000 words. Big Daddy Kane averages about the same. Kane is loved and feared, but no one, not even Kane himself, calls him the greatest rapper alive. Hyperbole lives and his name is Lil’ Wayne.



The Eminem song I used is the comically violent 3am. This song had the same run time as Lil’ Wayne’s Tha’ Mobb (5mins 21sec). Eminem uses only 769 total words but forty-eight(48) of them are the 3+ syllable variety. The longest polysyllabic word in this murderous rap rampage was the thirteen(13) letter hallucinogens. Eminem was obviously on something extra to have the mind to craft this masterpiece. The average percentage of polysyllabic words per 1000 for Eminem is 6.2418 and approaching twice that of Lil’ Wayne. My point in all of this is to illustrate that the Relapse album is far from garbage no matter how you look at rap music. It merits your highest consideration for the lyrical content contained therein. And at the end of the day, instead of flow and swagger, shouldn’t lyrics matter most in RAP music?

BTW, Rakim Allah’s percentage on ‘Microphone Fiend’ was 7.272 and this is why we call him the G.O.A.T.

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  • Pierzy

    DP, excellent work dropping real knowledge on a Friday afternoon. To me, everything about Relapse is amazing but his variety of flows is what separates him – and the album – from the rest.

    And Rakim? “After 12, I’m worse than a Gremlin/Feed me hip-hop and I start trembling…”
    I still listen to that album like it just came out.

    Good work, dude!

    • Tony Grand$

      “Music orientated, so when hip hop was originated, fitted like pieces of puzzles, concentrated”

      But, that word should actually be “oriented”.

      • Pierzy

        Creative license, right? Just like when Nas mispronounced “menstrual cycles” in It Ain’t Hard To Tell…

        • OG Matt Herbz

          You mean “Givin’ mics ministral cycles?”

          Just like Raekwon saying “Stanima.”

        • that nigga

          K-Solo: “Like a B-R-I-D/In the S-K-Y.


      • Tony Grand$


        That should say “complicated”.

        Pardon moi.

        • Tony Grand$

          @ Herbz & P

          Lest we not forget the classic from Warren G:

          “What’s next, what’s next, what’s n-x-e-t”

        • Pierzy

          Well done, fellas…

          One more for you:

          “Fifty you gon’ get shot again/by the M-U-R-E-D-R, INC”

          and the response:

          “You put E before the D because that’s all you’re on…”

        • miles archer

          How bout the acapella version of “Everyday Struggle” that get’s re-used constantly on blends:”I got P-A-D/that’s why my mom’s hates me…(for you youngins, listen to Ready To Die for the line spit correctly).

          miles archer

        • Dub Sac

          Or when RZA says “I wish I had a chance to say these three words – after laughter comes tears.”

        • Tony Grand$

          @ Dub Sac

          Nah, I thought that too, but it’s a sample or something that comes on after he says that……….

          & if I’m not mistaken, the sample itself is like 4 words. Anybody know what the sample says?

          I thought it was something like “after…laughter…comes ?”.

        • Tony Grand$

          Oops again.

          You said that. Well, that’s what he was referring to, that sample.

      • ole dirty marmot

        Um,didn’t he say ‘complicated’?

    • El Tico Loco

      Can’t forget the ultimate self etherization R-E-S-P Respect Meeeee! Respect Meeee
      R-E-S-P Respect Meeeee! Respect Meeee

  • the r

    you can’t measure skill by numbers, using multiple syllables does not equal skill (see keith murray, good rapper not great)

    relapse sucked plain and simple even though he has not lost a step, but he is still rehashing the same tired topics since encore which sucked as well.

    he maybe skilled but he’s no longer entertaining

    how many syllables were in “the message” by grand master flash and the furious. run dmc wasn’t always wordy, if ever.

    • El Tico Loco

      I think DP was talking about the technique yes GMF and Run DMC had great songs but the intricacies of writing a rhyme evolved (Why did it stop? that’s another topic) The cadence of King of Rock was mindblowing when it came out, would you think of it the same way if it came out in 09? No (but then again these kids now) so enters the Rock the Bell type flow, then My Melody a rhyme within a rhyme type of scheme and so on is like skating when the biggest trick in 70′s was a manual now look what it has turned into rapping, turntablism, and the other elements are gonna do the same thing.

    • DevoG

      I see where you are coming from. However, I think what DP is trying to get at is that there is an appreciation for education, research, how much effort an artist actually puts into their rhymes.
      For ex.) Plies is college educated but covers the topics a sophomore in high school would. As opposed to Em, who I don’t think went to college, but still spits like he’s part dictionary.
      The list goes on: Kanye, Common, Nas, Mos, Talib, Outkast, Killer Mike, Ras Kas, Ice Cube, hell even Game, degree or not, have a level of sophistication in there rhymes that let you know there talent is deeper than a hook. They are not in this game just to hustle, they respect it. I read an interview with the new kid Drake where he was talking about using Google to research his rhymes. I haven’t heard enough of his work to say I’m a fan, but he gained my respect.
      Don’t get wrong, sometimes simpler is better. Especially when you just wanna go to the club and see girls shaking there ass. No prob, this is where Gucci and this months cover boy crew find their lane. Think about it, drunk hoes in the club love their music, and since we like what drunk hoes do when their drunk, we like the music to.
      Other than that you want music with more substance. Something or someone that challenges your intellect, makes you think, and spurs intelligent discussion.

    • Max Profit

      The r is right rap music is much much more than polysyllabic words.

      Thats some spoken word bullshit – This rap MUSIC. Everything gotta work together.

      That’s why Tupac is the GOAT – He could touch a persons soul.

      Rass Kass and Chino XL were both wack, but they probably rank high on your mathmatical scale.

  • Dallas Penn

    The Message is a great song, but the discussion is about rappers and their wordplay strength.

    There are rappers that lean to excess with polysyllabic words, and after you learn the meaning of those words and you find that the rapper used them to excess then the rapper sufferes for that violation.

    But when the rapper uses the polysyllabic words in the proper context then you can see thir greatness. Do you deny Rakim’s greatness? My drop shows you one of the reasons why he is great.

    • BIGNAT

      what a post dp (clap clap) i had to read a couple sentences over to make sure i was understanding everything. i would like to see you do this again with a more artist. let me throw some names out there ghostface, scarface, 3 stacks and bubba spraxxx. it’s because he made Deliverance people if you never heard that album i suggest you check it out.

    • DevoG

      My bad, DP. Dope drop man!

  • Worley

    “I think that the highest level of rap artistry is contained in the artists that frequently use polysyllabic words. The complex compound words can contain several meaning all at once based on the root of the word and the context it is delivered.”

    I would also add internal rhyme scheme to the equation. You need to put the mic down if you can only rhyme the last word in every line. You sound like UTFO or some sh*t. There is no excuse for that elementary sh*t in this day and age.

    • Pierzy

      Yeah…I immediately think to when Jay did that on “Jigga My N!**@”

      • JS

        I think elzhi executes that internal rhyme scheme the best of all lyricists:

        “Y’all panic for more static, that’s what I call frantic
        Lookin shook cos’ a small planet, becomin, volcanic.”

    • DevoG

      Word!!! I can’t stand mc’s that use the nigga scheme. You know; fuck dem niggas, lame ass niggaz, hating ass niggaz, blogging ass niggaz, degree having ass niggaz, good point having ass niggaz.
      It’s good indicator in a battle that someone is out of ammo. To do that on your album is just lazy nigga.

  • GhostWriter420

    How anyone can say Relapse sucks is amazing.. You know what, to be honest, when i first heard it i thought it was aiight, not great.. But after the third listen, i was cracked out. I was reading a review on another site, and dude named “hello”, “same song and dance”, and “medicine ball”, as 3 of the weakest tracks. WTF! Those are some of the best tracks on that album. His flow and wordplay on this album is just insane. And im not gonna even get into the mind fuckery on first listen to “underground”..

  • Dallas Penn

    I’m no Eminem stan but this album is ridiculous. When he imitates Chris Reeve rhyming he blacks the fuck out.

    • Pierzy

      “…every day I hate you more and more/throw down the cardboard/let’s break dance if you think you’re hardcore”

  • OG Matt Herbz

    You can’t fuck with the White Boy.

    Why try? Throw bleach in your eye.

    I’m not an Eminem fanboy and Wayne has come a long way since the days when his block was hot, but seriously, just hang it up. There is no comparo’

    I’d put Em’s 2 verses on “Renegade” up against ANY song in Wayne’s career and that track is damn near 8 years old and came almost 3 years before this “The Carter” bullshit began. DP said it: Do the math.

    Don’t front. You can hate him on any level you want…for his raps, for his publicity stunting, for his skin color…whatever. But, denying his skills and saying he falls short of Lil’ Wayne is evidence of your sizzurp-induced comatosis. Watch for them swollen ankles, fuckboy.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Tony Grand$

    Math & science. The language spoken by all.

    Heavy drop, DP.

    Whether I agree or not about Em, the way you put it all together with fact-based truth was very eloquent. Spoken like a true student-turned-teacher.

    Like a fucking dissertation or something.

  • Dallas Penn

    Each one teach one is how I live my life. Looking to learn something new every day.

  • latino heat

    wouldn’t it be dope if Doom did a mixtape taking the Relapse lyrics and using there own dark production on it? like The Grey Album or God’s Stepson, that shit would classic.

    • BIGNAT


  • GhostWriter420

    It kills me when niggas talk about content. Like, complain that his content doesn’t change. Yes, the content is typical Em, but it’s not so much the content as it is the delivery and the flow. We know he’s gonna saw some sick shit to offend someone, but it’s the way he executes it that’s just fukin ill.. Im just a fan of music man, and this shit is hot, straight up. Between this and joell ortiz covers the classics, im good for a little bit.. lol.

  • blackninja

    some ppl ‘the r’ say tht Em is usin the same topics and shit and dont listen to the flow and the way he delivers it…ok if thts wat u think, than name some rappers who dont talk bout “cars, money, women, and the gangsta persona” shit other than Pac, BIG, Jay, and Nas. and i mean some mainstream rappers….come on than name them. ppl jus hate jus to ‘hate’ i guess.

    and ima fan of wayne, well i liked the “carter II” b4 he wented all auto-tune shit.

  • Quam

    Ive listened to this album a handful of times and it is no where near what I would consider to be classic. I understand your argument, and it has changed my opinion on some of his tracks for the better. However how can you let this album be considered classic when:

    1) the accent he uses hurts the music more than it helps

    2) lyrics such as
    “this is just a story about when I was just a shorty and how i got hooked on vaaaaal heeeee uuuuuum”
    “then he played ping pong with his own ding dong, that mother f**kers got nuts like king kong”
    “raggedy aggedy ann and andy”

    the rhyme schemes are strong, but he’s not saying anything of value, that is not lyricism

    3) ems flow is lazy, remember the passion of the way i am, til i collapse, and guilty conscience, not there

    I want to like this album, but for those reasons, i believe it is one of his worst albums aside from encore, please respond

  • Quam

    Ive listened to this album a handful of times and it is no where near what I would consider to be classic. I understand your argument, and it has changed my opinion on some of his tracks for the better. However how can you let this album be considered classic when:

    1) the accent he uses hurts the music more than it helps

    2) lyrics such as
    “this is just a story about when I was just a shorty and how i got hooked on vaaaaal heeeee uuuuuum”
    “then he played ping pong with his own ding dong, that mother f**kers got nuts like king kong”
    “raggedy aggedy ann and andy”

    the rhyme schemes are strong, but he’s not saying anything of value, that is not lyricism

    3) ems flow is lazy, remember the passion of the way i am, til i collapse, and guilty conscience, not there

    I want to like this album, but for those reasons, i believe it is one of his worst albums aside from encore, please respon

  • jg

    i agree that eminems lyrics on relapse for the most part are brilliant, but its that stupid fuckin accent he keeps using that spoils almost all of the songs on the album. this coupled with dre’s weak beats certainly doesn;t do eminem any favours. em has still got the flow and the lyrics, so just get rid of that god awful voice and go back to ur style on slim shady/marshall mather lp days which is why we all loved u so much in the first place.

    eminem is a far better rapper than lil’ wayne. wayne raps about the same shit on all his songs, but to be honest i would rather listen to tha carter 3 than relapse.

    come on em, surely being a musician u can see the massive gulf in quality between ur earlier album and where ur at now. please pull out all the stops for relapse 2, i know uv still got it in u!!

  • Zulu1925

    @ Dallas Penn

    I will readily admit that I have not checked your theory against rappers like Fu-Schnickens, Twista or Bone-Thugs – those whose entirely delivery is predicated on staccato bursts of enunciating words to make them at least appear polysyllabic. However, I would contend that the tendency of residents of the northern United States to speak faster and use faster rhyme cadences than their Southern and West Coast counterparts lends itself more readily to the use of polysyllabic words in their songs. Just something that immediately came to mind. I do find your theory an interesting one, though. Maybe, someone working in statistical theory can flesh your hypothesis into a full-fledged study. Good thoughts.

    • Zulu1925

      @ D. Penn

      OK. The more I thought about this, the more I’m inclined to call ‘bullshit’ on this post – or at the VERY least, the execution of your hypothesis. First, you selected SPECIFIC songs, which you rationalized by their comparative lengths. But, if you’re going to use a ratio as the measure, then it doesn’t matter what the lengths of the songs are. Second, you should have compared Eminem’s ENTIRE album to Wayne’s ENTIRE album to even have a semblance of credibility, as it relates to statistical analysis. But, neither of these issues are the main problem, which is – you have to establish through a large sampling of various artists in all regions of the country the validity of your initial supposition. In other words, you have to make sure polysyllabic word use is even indicative of a ‘better’ rapper, and that’s AFTER you define rapper success – is it album sales, radio spins, number of albums, etc. BTW, my initial post contained 112 words (not including your name) with 17 of them polysyllabic: 15.18%. And, I type how I speak in everyday life. Should I hire a publicist?

      • ZuluWho?!


        Your theory regarding the selection of specific songs may hold a little water, but bringing the comparison down to 2 songs of identical length is a fair reduction of the overall – statistically speaking.
        Second, the consideration of polysyllables as a indication of rapping ability is simple fact. No one with the balls to call themselves a hip-hop wants to hear simple one or two syllable rhymes. We passed that stage already. Anyone can rap like that – refer to Nick Cannon if you disagree. We want complex rhyme… it separates you from the pack.
        And insofar as your 112 word post containing 17 polysyllables, they weren’t involved in rhyme in any way, nor was your post metrically sound in any form. In short, no, don’t hire a publicist.

  • Michael J. Focks

    Dude, great work.

    It’s hysterical how people were waiting in chat room lines trying to be first to shit on Slim Shady, but I can’t stop listening to this ill-ass album.

    “Medicine Ball” is my top joint right now, with the Christopher Reeves guest spot. He even admits that he’s gone too far, then comes the breakdance line.

    “Stay Wide Awake” is probably #2. The way he freaked the style [II] on the second verse is crazy; rape isn’t funny, but because of the flow and pronunciation of the story, I was dying. Then he goes and says “He’s laughin’ like it’s fu-nee…”

    Without question, Em is the current best rapper alives. Nobody I’m hearing right now can do all that he does at once. White, black, DJ Khaled, or whatever the fuck.

    Nick Cannon killed himself.

  • Ben

    This was dope.

  • rek

    wuttup dp,

    ill fuken post.

    everybody wants hip hop to be spoon fed to them. nobody wants to take a minute to struggle wit the art. i’m an english major so i know what it means to wrestle with some boring ass text and then come out, just enlightened as fuk. also, the majority of people go to work or school, come home and tune out. they just don’t care. But, for all you “hip hop fans”, shame on yourself for calling this album wack. On some real shit, his voice gets annoying on some of the tracks but you can’t deny the skill and work he’s putting into it. wordup.

    more people that were feelin’ the album need to express why, stop being greedy with ya insight lol

    this shit was funny as hell:

    “That should already tip you off to the fact that this reader is a da-dunn da-dunt”


  • ThingAlec

    Relapse was aight. It’s good to hear some new Dre beats. I wish it could’ve had a 50 verse (other than his corny Crack a Bottle one) and maybe a D12 appearance.

    The real masterpiece is Blackout 2. So what if it has auto-tune and 2 or 3 shitty tracks. Both Method Man and Redman’s verses on the album are dope as fuck. And most of the guest appearances hold up as well (namely Raekwon, GFK, & Bun B).

  • hmm

    kind of to where you got this.juelz santana ghostwriting the mobb.thing.
    and if it issss true.isnt that just saying eminem is nicer than juelz?

    either way.pretty turn music into a science and just its quality like that. we dont count how many strokes it took to make the mona lisa to know its a masterpiece.

  • these posts are racist

    This is silly man. Metaphors, the ability to paint pictures/be creative and drop puns that make you a person listening say…”damn, rewind that…” See, e.g. any number of lil wayne’s verses.

    Em is hot, arguably the hottest because of his wit/flow, etc., not because of the number of words with multiple syllables he uses.

    Silly, just silly. Also, calling a “man” “Alla” or “The God” is blasephamy son. Don’t do it around real Muslims, playboy…

    • these posts are racist

      Sorry, I meant Allah. To be a Muslim, one must profess that “There is No God but The God…” As such, Rakim, a great rapper – is not The God.

      You NYC cats crack me up…thinking it’s all about big words and multiple syllable word play…using words you just learned in a dictionary…Shout out to MIMS!

      • Were Read 2 Def

        ^Its a metaphor. Like Jay-Z calls himself Jay-Hova. Its like hes saying that he is above all other rappers because he is superior when it comes to his lyrical ability.

  • ?

    Whoevers saying that Relapse is wack is straight hating.
    Relapse is fucking crazy, and I know Relapse 2 is gonna be harder.

  • Ali

    nice idea with the stats, cool…haven’t heard Relapse yet except for a few singles but ima buy it……..the thing that shocked me was Santana ghost writing that Wayne song lol…..Wayne sucks but the carter II was hella sick & that was the best song it……his BEST song ended up being ghost written, wooooow….now he REALLY never did shit his whole career lol……..& if Santana can right some pretty good stuff like that, how come not write it for his own shit? lol


    Get off Em’s dick Penn. The album is no doubt solid but classic pleeeeeeeaaaase.

    Even if dre didn’t lul me to sleep with his redundant 2001 throw away beats. I still wouldn’t call this a classic. Em is lyrically dope and just cause he is doing acid rap (Not that gay horror core label) that van gough pyshco reference didn’t move me. Ras Kas did the Van Gough thing on one of his many shelved albums before he went to jail.

    Secondly, I’ll sleep when your dead was better than this album to me which was an incredible hip-hop record dropped by EL-p and it was slept on, Why not compare those too rather than fuck tard Wayne stans who think Wayne invented rap in a syrup dream.

  • HipHopFansAreIdiots

    I love the criticisms that Em’s content hasn’t changed when 99% of current rap songs are about the same shit that its always been about. I guess if he was rapping about being a multi-millionaire drug dealer supergangster thug who fucks all the best bitches with his amazing sexual prowess on every song, on every album, like 99% of other ‘rappers’ it would be ok.

  • render

    im gonna copy and paste myself cause nobodys proly gonna read this

    Relapse is aight. Not a classic, not ‘great’ imo but it’s not bad. I can’t really say whether or not im gonna be keepin it on blast…its grown a on me after a cpl listens…who knows what im gonna feel about it in a year. personally, i will buy it, only cause im doing alright on the financial tip and 10 dollars isnt too much to ask of me to support the comeback of an artist i’ve consistently liked…If I did it for mediocre ass Kingdom Come, Im definitely gonna do it for Relapse

    I can see why some ppl would really feel it, and why some ppl wouldnt. A lot of folks seem to be missin the fact that its kind of a concept album (relapsing into old, maniacal evil slim shady) and you gotta listen to it from that perspective, instead of assuming eminem is spitting personal marshall mathers style lyrics on shit like insane or that shit like “bagpipes from baghdad” is anything but slim being an asshole for the fuck of it, because that’s what the character does. His flow and wordplay is still dope no matter what you think of the subject matter

    And My Darling is FIRE

  • Yonnas

    I remember once reading that polysyllabic rhymes used in poetry were almost always humorous, or if anything, a humorous device. Which maybe why every artist who over-emphasized those is kind of comical, or never taken seriously enough; either derided for shock rap sensationalism or guilty of self-important pretension. For some reason eminem is clearly viewed as the best technical rapper ever, but also lacks the certain gravitas of artists like Jay-Z or even Lil Wayne who might employ the technique but not to such dubious effect. What I’m saying is, you can overuse that polysyllabic technique, so to base it as some sort of singular attribute of great emceeing is foolhardy, to say the least.

  • Tyler

    This whole blog was a straight up & down stretch 2 try & say that the Em album is hot which it is not. More promotion 4 another white not tight artist. Nice try Homie dat use 2 hang out on 57th street looking 4 fishsticks in yo mouth. The only real thing was about Rakim but who didn’t know he was the MC God already at this point anyway? U can use the internets alot better than this Bro.



  • Steve-o


  • J-Robot

    Relapse is brilliant.. Anyone who says different really doesn’t listen to hip hop for the lyrics and if your not listening for the lyrics than your wasting your time.

    Shady’s back and he came hard… I already can’t wait for Relapse II

  • Around and Around

    “It merits your highest consideration for the lyrical content contained therein. And at the end of the day, instead of flow and swagger, shouldn’t lyrics matter most in RAP music?”

    very fuckin true.

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  • WTF

    Eminem is better than Wayne easy. But big words or polysyllabic words don’t make the MC. Or we would be saying how the best rapper ever is Pharoah Monche. He uses more multi’s than Em. Relapse sounded odd because my ears did not adapt to the new accent he used to rhyme. But Em’s flow never died.

  • i smell bs

    wayne>em…wayne has never had an encore or a relapse

    waynes last 3 cds>em’s

    this math aint hip hop…you cant compare something that just has the perfect sound and comes out at the perfect time with the perfect beat lyrics video everything that just makes it a classic…no matter how many syllables you use some songs are gonna be timeless no matter how many times its replayed….

    3 am isnt…tha mobb is

  • Brahsef

    When someone tries to prove the musicality or greatness of a rapper through math, you know that person is just a stan. I like most of your posts DP, but who the fuck cares about the ratio of polysyllabic words in a song?

    Lyrically, I would personally care more about metaphors and other abstract aspects of language over how long a word is/how many syllables are in a word.

    And the Em cd is alright. His voice is fucking annoying on numerous tracks. Dre laced the cd with some mediocre beats (old Rza/Havoc style beats would have been ideal). All in all, it just didn’t seem like classic Em from the past. If I want to hear horrorcore, I’ll bump Gravediggaz “6 feet deep”.

  • Chris S

    i would just like to thank you for writing this article.

    i always noticed how em always rhymed syllables but i didn’t always realize how often he actually used polysylabic words. and during my first listen of the album last night, i kept this article in mind and i definitely think its waaay better than i thought it would be. although his substance is lacking on this album, his rhymes might be his best ever…maybe

  • FlapJack

    Real cute DP.
    I’m not a duntadunt!

    This aint’t math, it’s hip-hop.
    See Zulu and Tpar

    Is long words what defines lyricism? Really?

    It’s all good tho, you really did your homework on this one.

    And I never said it was garbage, I said it was a waste of time

    • Tony Grand$

      I was wondering where the hell you were.

      • FlapJack

        Waddup Tony!

        I’ve been occupied producing. So, hopefully my beats wont sound anything like Relapse.

  • Stoptalkingbull

    You are crediting Eminem simply because he uses big words? I can use various multi-syllable words in an essay, if the content is lacking and the delivery disorientated I will receive a 49 and be told to stop being verbose.

    This is a classic verse? GTFOH!!!!

    All he wants is to kill in you front of an audience
    While everybody is watching in the party applauding it
    Here I sit while I’m caught up in deep thought again
    Contemplating my next plot again
    Swallowing a calotapin while I’m not in and out of ionamin
    At the Ramada Inn holding on to the pill bottled in
    Lick my finger and swirl it round the bottom and make sure I got all of it
    Wake up naked at McDonalds with blood all over me
    Dead bodies behind the counter shit
    Guess I must’ve just blacked out again

  • Dallas Penn

    A little note to those of you meatballs that think Hip-Hop and mathematics are diametrically opposed…

    Real rappers count bars and real producers count beats.

    Math put here on the planet. It takes two to make a thing get right?!?

    If you don’t recognize that please kill yourself before you make more stupid babies on this world.

    • Zulu1925

      @ Dallas Penn

      As a native New Orleanian, I grew up surrounded by music – most of the men in my family (myself included) plays an instrument. I am keenly aware of the connection between math and music. Going further, most of my math teachers in childhood were either professional musicians or had music as a serious hobby. With all that said, you DID NOT prove your point of higher polysyllabic lyrical content being indicative of a superior rapper. For my part, I explained how you can go about proving your theory, should you have the gumption to proceed. But, until that statistical analysis is completed in a credible manner, your theory is merely an opinion – not fact.

  • FlapJack

    “Real rappers count bars and real producers count beats”

    I doubt you know how to do either. not that it’s hard. you just have to know what you’re counting.

    Stop trying to turn art into a science!

    You liked the album, a lot of people didn’t.

    End of story

  • ASID

    great article man

    Relapse rightly got the Best Rap Album Award

    was..9999999x times better than that Beyonce Or gaga BS