Relapse: The new Kingdom Come?

Could it be that Eminem’s Relapse has a higher marketing budget than any rap album since Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come? It’d be hard to say, without being privy to the actual figures, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Already, there’s a few different videos from it, including the clips for “We Made You,” and “3 AM,” which had to be fairly big budget. Plus, I saw there was a clip for (or maybe just a preview of) “Crack a Bottle” on World Star, but I didn’t bother to have a look. I don’t really watch music videos like that anymore. I still want back the 10 min. or so I spent watching those first two.

The video for “3 AM” premiered on Skinemax, right during the time when they’d usually be showing the world’s shittiest pr0n flicks, and at the time I wasn’t sure how that arrangement worked. Did Em pay to get his video on Skinemax, which a lot of his fans probably still watch? Or did they pay him for rights to his new video? But now I’m thinking it’s probably the latter. If he didn’t receive a hefty fee for letting them play “3 AM” before Busty Carwash or whatever, they probably at least underwrote some of the cost of the production.

I remember, back when Kingdom Come came out, a lot of the bum rappers on Def Jam were pissed that Jay had Danica Patrick, the great American lager, Ace of Spades champagne, and god knows what else in his video, and they couldn’t even get the $50 or whatever it costs for Ashley Logan. But Jay argued that a lot of these brands were covering the cost of the excessive promotion for Kingdom Come, Tag Records-style. It could be that Eminem has a similar arrangement for Relapse. Case in point, the cover of the new XXL, with him dressed as the Punisher.

Then there’s the viral marketing campaign, with the Popsomp Hills website, and whatever else they’re planning. I spent a little time messing around with the site just now, and I was reminded of when a lot of albums on Loud Records used to come with those enhanced CDs. Remember the one from Mobb Deep’s Hell on Earth? There was a phone booth, then you’d click on it and Prodigy would be like, “Fuck off!” and that’s pretty much all it was. Steve Rifkind, who’s now rolling with Asher Roth, must have had a deal with the guy who invented that shit. It may have been one of his cousins. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there were similar shenanigans involved with Popsomp Hills.

It’s too bad there isn’t any way I could get in on this free for all. Maybe Eminem could say something racist about black women, and Paul Rosenberg could pay me not to post it.

No but really, it’s too bad the marketing of Relapse isn’t going any better than it is. This could be the last time a label spends that much money promoting a rap album. You know good and well they wouldn’t be bothering if Em had released an album in the past couple of years, and it did, say, Curtis numbers. But Em managed to sell 5 million copies of even the godawful Encore. The TIs probably figure Relapse could at least do Carter III numbers. If it does, it won’t be because of all of these silly videos, websites, comic books and what have you.

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  • Pierzy

    “If it does, it won’t be because of all of these silly videos, websites, comic books and what have you.”

    You’re right, it’ll do it on the strength because it’s an album that gets BETTER with every listen. I’ve gotten thru it 4 times and I like it more each time. Did you see the 4 star review in Rolling Stone?

    The difference is that Kingdom Come was garbage and Relapse isn’t…

    • BD

      I have to agree with P, the album gets better everytime you listen to it. To be honest i think its sick.

      Jay tried to sell 5 mill with grown man rap failing to realize the only way you sell 5 mill is if stupid white bitches buy your cd and they are not feelin jay. but they love shady. i know a lot of dumb white bitches and they all want to buy Relapse.

      And for everyone else who actually listen to rap hardcore you will love this shit because the wide range of beats and a energized flow will kepp you bangin this cd for months

    • EmCDL

      Dang Pierzy how do you have to listen to an album 4 times or more to actually start feeling it? Not hating or anything, just IMO if I’m not feeling an album the first time I listen to it then I just throw it in the closet with the rest of my cds. The only albums that I’ve been listening to like crazy and were good the first time thru so far were The Renaissance from Q-Tip, Hard To Earn from Gangstarr, and DOOM’s Born Like This.

    • http://xxl Killyou

      Hessss backk

  • crabmeats

    Eminiem will do rawse numbers..

    • Around and Around

      And wearing Bootleg LV glasses on the cover of XXL in no time…

      That’s some funny ass shit

      • Pierzy

        And posted without a comments section…Ha!

      • Ghost

        Seriously! Rawse lawste (Ross lost…)

    • beaver

      hell no..em will do alot better than ross..
      ya people who think em will do ross numbers should go in your back yard an hang yourself quick..
      dats da stupidest thing i heard..

      an hey bol..
      ur retarded..
      dat encore album was good as fuck.
      lik on yellow brick road..
      dat shit is nice.
      i can imgaine da whole shit.
      great storytellin…

  • Rex Banner

    OMG FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! YES MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

    • Rex Banner

      oh fuck, I’m second! :( my life is over!

      • Pierzy

        That’s why you should say “Pierzy”

        • Tony Grand$



        • white boy

          Damn Pierzy… Is u from Poland or something?

        • jburg

          What up P? Yo you heard that “I love college” remix with ya boy LUda? I know its off subject, but I know how much you hate my boy asher!! LOL!!

        • Pierzy

          Nah I didn’t hear it…and judging from Roth’s sales numbers, not too many people heard ANY of his shit. Ha!

        • jburg

          Thats was cold!! LMAO!!

  • Tommy

    Yeah, Relapse is a very good CD. It brings back the element of story telling rap which is dwindling quickly with all these corny punchline rappers. Also the album has a theme…who woulda thunk, a CD not full of radio friendly singles *cough* Carter III *cough* ??? Relapse is a great CD.




  • geico lizard

    They are going to make eminem wash dishes like when you cant pay for a meal at a fancy restaurant, if this album doesnt sell 5 million. If he runs out of dishes he will have to do guest spots on all the other interscope artists even the rockers.

    Eminem Guitar Hero dropping 2010

  • ero

    I have to say that both Kingdom Come and Relapse are good albums. Yeah they could of made them better but it didn’t happen. No comparison, 2 different syles from 2 great MCs.

    I’m just glad Em is back tearing shit up.

  • Illegal1

    Eminem=True White Nigga=he don’t need no promo.

  • latino heat

    lmao at 50 dollars for a Ashley Logan appearance.

  • Tony Grand$

    I think Em is the type of artist who plays his lane. The music he makes is what got him famous. When it strayed to for from it’s original formula, people started screaming fail (see: Encore).

    From what I’ve heard, & word on the ‘nets, it may be him going back to what made Eminem Slim Shady. I don’t think that’s a bad look @ all.

    If I could go out & buy Ross, I can support Em. & I will. Fuck record sales though, I’m ready for some good MUSIC. & I know I’m not the only one……

    • $ykotic

      Naw Grand$ they’re telling you the deal! Em dropped a good ass album where he’s flipping thru ishh.

      I’m 4x in it with a “get a call from the store when they crack the box open” scenario.

      But that’s just me.

      What’s up with the No LV story comments? How the hell did XXL become responsible for Ross copping counterfeits? He said they cost 75 stacks! Can’t no one get ‘em! Damn man! Who markets this man? They should be beheaded!

      Ain’t that much entertainment in the world! And them other dudes got a lot of sorties coming your way.

      Whew! Had to let it out somehow!

      • jburg

        what up $ykotic? So have you heard the leaked album? Please tell me its worth the hype!!

        • $ykotic

          jburg it is worthy. Unless they pull a “Wolverine” because of bootlegging, which maybe an unleaked joint will justify that(diss song anyone?), the damn thing is good as hell. It ain’t no Encore.

          Listening to the concept of the album(non stop) actually makes the leaked songs a better listen.

      • Tony Grand$

        @ $yk

        On it…….

        If nothing else, it gives me something to do next tuesday.

        Far as LV & Bawse, that cat knew them joints were knockoffs. Dudes get all these extra’d out Louis accessories knowing damn well that they’re not real.

        & XXL doesn’t want to get sued, so they put a gag order on us. That way, no apologies later.

        • $ykotic

          I know. But at least let The Commission commence on this!

          Every other site is taking the weakest thread on the site and dropping on it(except thisis50). With Trick and Tia and Yay and Em going in we can presume that round 2 has started.

        • $ykotic

          I had 2 go back and see it again before they snatch it off:

          Anyone says who cares? Louis V does.

        • jburg

          My nigga!! Good looking. i ain’t even looking for the bootleg. I even stopped listening to the leaked shit. I am a fan (no stan) that likes the anticipation of it. gonna be the first in line for the shit. Can’t say that I have done that in a while. I feel like a kid again when it comes to this album. Real hip hop is rare these days, you gotta get it while its hot!!…………….

          Someone tell me where the fuck that Ross dick sucking ass RWord is. And where is your excuse for your daddy wearing those fake ass glasses!!!

        • $ykotic

          Real talk. I bookmarked datpiff. No DL.

        • Pierzy

          Back on the Em topic, I’m at the point where I don’t want to turn it off…it’s THAT good. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about an album…

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Eminem will not do Curtis numbers. He will not do Weezy numbers. He will do Eminem numbers. Bigger than Carter III. Come on, hes Eminem.

  • Ben

    3 AM was shown before The Strangers premier fat ass.

  • render

    if you think em is doing anything less than carter 3 numbers you’re kidding yourself. The entire genre of hiphop began with eminem for half the white kids buying records these days. ppl that don’t even listen to rap listen to eminem.

    hes not what he was in 2002, but hes still eminem. no one in the music industry has the crossmarket appeal young elvis does

  • Mark

    I dont understand why you hate so much on Eminem. The fact is if was black he would be the best rapper ever to live on this planet period! I dont care what you say! No matter what his album sounded like you would have said something negative. Kingdom come was Jaz Z’s Encore, it wasnt very good. This is the best album in years period and you have arguement to dispute that. Its a insiteful album with direction and anger. I would call that art, sorry he isnt rapping about hoe’s and blunts because that would be so original. So lets put it on the table. He has to be that much better to get props as a rapper because he is white. We all know he is the best rapper alive period and maybe ever. Your review of his album was laughable at best. Whats wrong with a intrspective thoughtful production? Oh I know he’s white!

  • Smokey

    Em will not do the numbers he is accustomed to. His fan base has access to download his music for free. They have gotten all the Em bells and whistles. They want good music but I dont think he will deliver anything new and exciting. Kanye and Wayne keep getting new fans by doing new sounding music. If Em fails the whole Dre/Em/50 deal with interscope is a rap. no pun intended. I found a new group that is real good. They are the Kounty Boyz. all I can say is google em…

  • FoSho

    I think Relapse is the new Kingdom Come in more ways than one… meaning it’s Em’s worst album, just like Kingdom Come was Jay’s. Let’s talk about that.

  • clay

    Kingdom Come was underrated, man.

  • http://xxl ryan

    1st off em is not doin lil queer numbers becuz his fan base is even questioning how good the music is. plus that million in a week took years of build up it wasnt jus a one week shit. n whoever said relapse gets better after every listen

  • http://xxl ryan

    accidently didnt finish
    continued – is smoking crack. his voice is fucking annoying n his lyrics make no sense. em thinks he can do bullshit music n it will sell well it might sell some but it wont sell lik yall think.

  • Eman

    “1st off em is not doin lil queer numbers becuz his fan base is even questioning how good the music is. plus that million in a week took years of build up it wasnt jus a one week shit”
    Ryan wtf doesn that mean bro?

    Im 26 and hardcore Hip hop fan and Ems cd has so many one liners its stupid I was at work all day tryin to spit them to everyone cant remember a cd like that in a long fuckin time. I really dont know how there goin to sell it at retail stores without it getting banned but Im glad we still live In America where we have freedom of speech. Sorry bol everything cant sound like A tribe called quest.

  • http://xxl ryan

    u must be one of those people who thought encor was a great eminem album. wayne had mixtapes 4 days that drew people 2 buy his album. eminem have people sayin how wack his album is. n if it isnt wack then y are there so many articles on his album being a flop?

  • Teddy

    man this is really a unique album i was hating on it upon first listen but then i rolled a big joint smoked that shit and listened to it again and everytime since then its gotten better with each listen the shit listens like a horror movie its the real theatre of the mind for real awsome album some ppl wont get the creativity behind it but for those of u i encourage u to roll a big joint and smoke that shit then listen to it

    • $ykotic

      My man! That’s how the conversation started!

      You can’t JUST listen to it.
      You gotta LISTEN to it.

  • grizz

    em’s got a built in fan base, he’ll move units regardless. his fans PUT IT DOWN for him
    on encore he was just on a different tip, political/clownin but that shit was still hard. all i have to say is the dude created his own lane and he’s still found ways to be versatile in that lane. he never claimed that he was a G, just a crazy cracker. i fuck w him just on the strength of originality

  • pointgod

    thats when i know the world has gone mad…..relapse is like a clone of all em’s previous work yet u pplz chastise blk rappers 4 not growing and lying on records but em can do a video as a serial killer and lie about shit thru tha teeth and we like da album……………then disses a blk woman openly(mariah Carey) and we like that………rap should be social commentary and no song 4 obama tha biggest story of the last 365 days plz………and finally KINGDOM COME is a classic………..10 yrs from now you’ll understand and appreciate it

  • kingkofi

    i was hating on we made you, but this cd is off the chain.Dre is back on his shit and eminem really focused his delivery.
    If you are looking for a cd with dope beats and just lyrics that make you want to hit the rewind button relapse is for you.

  • Mister J

    Fuck the numbers! When did hiphop turn into numbers. I am a huge Eminem fan and the album sucks. Lyrically Ems on point. His cadence. Delivery whatever you want to call it is DOPE! BUT the album is boring. The Dre beats are boring. Nothing made me hit the rewind. I am a really fair critic but this album is garbage. Its sad that he can’t pick other producers. Why not a Pete Rock Beat? or a Primo Beat? 9th wonder, Marly Marl, Quick, somebody else? Fuck a Dj Babu beat? Our so called “legend” is boring. Fuck the numbers and this album.

    Mr. J

  • KillYou

    Quit hating. Its Eminems 1st cd in 4 years obviously his flow is different.

  • KaGe

    When I first heard some of the tracks on from Relapse I was like …WTF? But then when I heard them in the order (I think) they are suppose to go in and actually listened to the album its probably one of the most unique rap albums to come out in a while. Sonically its great. Em’s flow and rhymes and the beats are almost melting with each other…to me its like he is rapping to show off that he can rhyme out of his mind both in the technical sense and in the content sense. It’s almost like he’s free-styling or just “1st taking” whatever comes up…to show he can.

    His mind is all over the place..because he’s on drugs.. not literally on the tracks but the theme of the CD is a Relapse.. and its like he’s going in and out of characters on the tracks.. Like at one point he’s talking about some personal issues he’s coming down from the high.. then goes nuts again on the next track as if he just got his fix again.

    The idea of the album is to almost take you on a journey through the mind of a man who is relapsing not only back into drugs but into a mad-man character, and at the same time is fighting to find himself. Starting with 3a.m., leading to stuff like Insane and Same Song and Dance ending off with tracks Dejavu and Beautiful, and finally ending with Underground just to leave you wondering enough about the next part of the tale…

    This not an album that will have a lot of radio play type tracks although the beats are nice..but as an entire concept album its pretty good. This is not a “bump in your car” track laced CD. Its like horror flick/ drug trip in audio format.

  • macdatruest

    It’s silly to even dispute if Eminem will sell. Encore sold. People are going to buy Em’s album regardless because he’s Em, then just stop listening to the shit later. But in hindsight from a reshaping the history of rap standpoint, the arguement shifting from “movements” to sales numbers to judge the impact of an artist’s albums will surely leave Eminem on top of the game. Doom will never do Em numbers, Tribe never did, or Wu Tang. These are the people who shaped hip hop behind the scenes not these overhyped buy by default gimmick rappers. But hey it’s all showbiz. Relapse-cop that….

  • tdrb42

    Eminem’s singles have been trash until Beautiful. That song is what real Em fans have been waiting to hear. After hearing the leak though, this album is a lot better than the singles. He doesn’t use that gay voice the whole time like some people were thinking he would. This is a real deep, crazy album. Cop it May 19th.

  • PaulYwood

    i wasn’t feelin “we made you” either, but 3am is slappin. i heard the entire album on myspace today and i think it will be an album that will go further than encore as far as credibility and the level of content. encore was garbage, relapse from my first listen is decent, but i didn’t think great. there were a few songs that had me noddin along, but overall i think the more listens, the more growth it will have on me. all in all, it’s an eminem album, so you know every little white kid will be buying it just because he’s the dopest white rapper alive…

  • Nathan

    this album grew on me so much, first time i herd it i fort it was shit but each time it just got better, now i cn stop hearin it lol

  • beaver

    shit relpase is a great album..
    although theres just 2 songs i don’t lik..
    “we made you” an “insane”..
    i love da beat 4 insane but da lyrics r gay..
    he should came at dat beat wit a whole diff approach..idk wat he was thinkin on dat..
    i’m sure nobody does..

    an we made u is extra annoyin now..
    if dat sound didn’t get so much advertisment then i would still lik it now..

    oh an have ya heard “my darling” an
    “careful what you wish for”..
    them 2 sounds are da shit…

    “careful what you wish for” is spectacular just lik “Beautiful & Underground”
    an “my darling” is good 2..

  • yayareatycoun

    That s#it went hard, I dont care what peeps done wrote about tha album. Bagpipes went hard and so is the beat. It will go PL with no ? I think peeps are just hatin on EM kuz he is who he is and do what he want to do.