Quality > Quantity

Hate it or love it, Drake’s So Far Gone may just be the latest mixtape to have changed the game.

With the web taking over and blogs becoming the breeding ground, up-and-coming MCs have been cranking out material at an incredibly rapid rate. You got guys like Curren$y and Charles Hamilton, two of our 2009 Freshmen 10 alum, who at one point released as many as one mixtape per month. Freeway and Young Chris also both released 30 songs in 30 days. Sure, it kept their names out there. I enjoy Free and Chris’ material and put most of their leaks in the bangers section, but it’s not like releasing a song a day did much for their buzz. Well, at least in Chris’ case, it seems to have earned him a new deal.

The thing is, the new kid coming up now thinks he needs to have a song on the blogs every other day to build a buzz. Well, I won’t name any names (that would be doing them a favor), but some of these cats are on Nahright, OnSmash and 2DopeBoyz on a consistent basis and their buzz is still pretty much nonexistent.

Meanwhile, you have a dude like Drake who’s buzzing off one mixtape. Now three months after So Far Gone‘s release, the general consensus is that the mixtape plays more like an album. “Best I Ever Had,” which currently sits at no. 41 on Billboard’s Hip-Hop/R&B chart, is poised to be one of the hottest songs of the summer and “Successful” has pretty much become an everyman/woman anthem. Other than that, Drake’s featured on “Every Girl” and he’s popped up on a few songs here and there. The bulk of his blog presence has basically been from tour footage, a tour he’s been able to book thanks to one successful mixtape, not 100 songs in a 100 days. Drake isn’t flooding the market like Charles Hamilton, but he leaves us wanting more. Meanwhile, I think some of us need a CH break. Empire knows this, which is why he just came out with this Drake Edition of The Drought Is Over.

I think J. Cole will be the next MC to have a similar impact. Folks have been talking about Cole since he inked with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation not too long ago, but there hasn’t been that much music available unless you downloaded his 2007 mixtape, The Come Up. I spoke to Cole this past Friday and to let him tell it, his upcoming tape, The Warm Up, will play more like an album as well. I got money on Cole’s next tape generating significant buzz. Hopefully, once it does, these new rappers will slow down and craft better songs rather than flood us with mediocre stuff.-Jackpot

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  • Pierzy

    The ultimate examples of Quality over Quantity are Illmatic being 10 tracks and Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) being 12 tracks. Keep them wanting more…

  • heavypromo

    same with the kid Nixon Nyce. homie had 1 tape with DJ Vlad in 07 and this year he’s cranking one out with DJ Whoo Kid. Alot of guys out here don’t tell stories with their music anymore. Great music is on it’s way back. Drizzy Drake, J. Cole, Nixon Nyce and many many more!

  • murK

    i can’t keep up with all the busta rhyme songs that have been leaked, released, etc. no offense but i don’t know what’s on what anymore from busta.

    • http://www.datpiff.com/Dont_Panic_Entertainment_Max_Profit_The_Drugs_Ar.m44293.html Max Profit

      I like the quantity. Rappers were lazy a few years ago. If it takes you two or three years to make a good album you in the wrong business.
      With Quantity at least I can tell who can really rap and who runs out of shit to say.
      I agree Busta went a little overboard – only because he is well known.
      New rappers should have to prove their skills with lots of good music.

      Plus we all have shorter attention spans nowadayz. Blame the internet.

  • Stevendan1985@aol.com

    I think drake is a good artist and a good influence for younger artist as far as crafting quality material.

    But I dont think that his impact is strong enough to change people from flooding the market with material.

    People look at patterns for success most of the freshman on the xxl cover had a lot of material out there, and wayne still has mixtapes coming out.

    Somebody will need to go platinum or gold to change everbodys perception of what it takes to be a success.

    And im not really impressed or moved by j.cole. But we will see what happens, Drake may never drop a album the way this industry is.

  • Connor

    This is hilarious considering it has nothing to do with Quality OR Quanitity.

    The fact remains that both Drake AND J Cole benefit from their high-powered cosign.

    Nobody would give a fuck about Drake had it not been for Weezy co-signing dude and him having Kanye’s management.

    Only reason people give a fuck about J.Cole is because Jay signed him.

    Same way that Cudi and Lupe got the public’s attention.. Co-signs. That’s 90% of the buzz. If the song is DECENT, they get mad burn to follow through. If the song sucks, they still gonna get heard cause of the buzz.

    At the end of the day that’s all the hip hop “high school” climate gives a shit about. “He’s down with ______, so I like _____”.

    • El Tico Loco

      Err hmm

      Co sign

    • DM

      I don’t agree with you on that one. I listened to J. cole on GetRightMusic.com and I was waiting on more music from him. I heard he got signed by Jay-Z and hoped he didn’t mess himself up with the pressure of trying to succeed under a rap legend. Drake, I only heard from after listening to the So Far Gone mixtape. Wale, I heard on the Mixtape About Nothing. I don’t listen to a rapper becuase of who cosigns, I listen to what I like. If it sounds good, I’ll play it. Good things the mixtapes are free because I would have bootlegged the sh*t out of them before.


    sooooo, drake changed the game huh? ever heard of “Return of the Mac” by prodigy? Short and to the point, it also played just like an album. i’m not tryin to be an asshole, but words like “classic” and “change the game” are used waaaaay too loosely on this site. if this is a new trend, which i highly doubt, then why not give P (a legend in the game) some shine. also, i’d argue that flooding the market was actually the new trend. prior to the internet becoming huge, it was always about quality. NWA took like 4 years between str8 outta compton and niggas4life! and you could say the same for many other rappers!

    • Detroit Draper

      Hey Idk if its because we from the same place or not but I agree with you on alot. That Return of the mack by Prodigy was a good album/mixtape and his H.N.I.C 2 was even better. I think Mob deep as a whole may be a lil weaker today but Prodigy’s joints stay grimey and on point.

  • Stevie B

    I do not think drakes impact is strong enough to change the way artist approach realeasing material.

    People are usually followers they look to see who has been extremely successful for influence. Most of the xxl freshmen realeased a lot of material, and wayne is still doing mixtapes.

    Until somebody new sells gold or platinum on their debut lp after crafting a quality mixtape people will not change.

    J.Cole is not really hot in my opinion and with hip-hop being the most fickle music genre Drake may never release a album or be a huge mainstream success.

    I drakess music just saying there have been so many artist that get hot like this but for whatever reason it does not workout

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    I don’t get the quantity ideology, because if you continually release song after song so quickly, it becomes hard for people (like me, who have shit to do on a daily basis) to keep up wih what’s currently out.
    It’s just more of that microwave mentality, “gimme some right now!”.

    Before it became trendy, I think it was a case of rappers being able to brag about it, like freestyling an entire song. But, just like freestyling an entire song, cats are starting to realize that with all their attempts @ flooding the street, fans are drowning in product.

    Save that extra energy/material for a show; hit the crowd with some exclusive shit. Give them their moneys worth & in the meantime, make sure you can deliver the very best studio effort that you can.

    • Stevie B

      I totally agree with you about giving people their moneys worth by releasing a good album. But the only problem is alot good albums get dropped but people do not cop them. Artist like devin the dude mf doom ghostface etc there albums dont always get the love they desrve

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        @ Stevie B

        Actually, I was referring to the statement I made about doing shows…..

        All that extra, CRT stuff could be performed as live show filler, rather than throwing track after track @ the “streets” who may or may not be listening. Performers make the bulk of their profit doing shows, so, give people a legitimate reason to come see you live.

        I agree, a lot of good music gets released to less than succesful acceptance. You used DOOM, so I’ll use him also. Dude’s been rapping since his KMD days. Maybe almost 20 years ago. But, he never gave up, & through all that time his love kept him in the game, as opposed to the cash flow, dig? Now, he’s garnering a little more success, which will eventually lead to more success, mathematically speaking.

        The love of the art is what kept him afloat. Others are “hot” or “changing the game”, but what does that really mean in terms of longevity?

        Just because a guy can drop 30 songs in 30 days doesn’t prove anything to me except that he didn’t have shit else to do but rap for a month straight.

        • $ykotic

          “Just because a guy can drop 30 songs in 30 days doesn’t prove anything to me except that he didn’t have shit else to do but rap for a month straight.”


          Am I the only one who thinks Twitter is for the quasi-stalker?

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          No, your are not alone (no Mike Jack).

        • FlapJack

          “Am I the only one who thinks Twitter is for the quasi-stalker?”

          Naw man. It’s actually kind of disgusting.

          Nice drop, Jackpot. Too Far Gone is the best thing since A Kid Named Cudi. Way better then most albums.

          Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Jada, Em, Budden – not even close

  • SbuJah

    that’s way hip hop’s dying. every up and coming MC thinks they can force feed heads w half baked ish and get into our hearts [II]. f that if you dont impress me in a handful of songz, i am moving on and not listening to 10 mixtapes to feel u. i have to admit tho, i was impressed with drakes offering even if its not how I gets down [II]. homey created his own lane w ease. its like slaughter house esp that joe budden pump it up nicca, homeys getting mucked by singer/hipsters rappers and then taking shot at niccas that paved the way for him meanwhile these skinny jean mofos r making moves like they being grinding longer than em (royce has mad skill, but he is under achieving in this hi hop biz, he just another AZ)skill but trying to out rhyme niccas with no persona and shit

  • og bobby j

    i think the key is to blend both qty and quality. For example, when papoose had his run of 18 mixtapes or whatever, all them shits were fire (for the most part). It not about quantity…its about consistency….

  • Gitty

    true quality vs Quantity,and Drake does deserve his pros but he didnt book the tour off his mixtape alone….he had connections in this ever so fickled place we call a music industry….

    Be on the look out for Gitty Dough~Gradually imagining life through the 3rd eye Separation the mix cd coming sooon-If you say im hot,you underestimating the potential that i got


  • darrell johnson

    The Kid Daytona is another artist breaking into the game with this same strategy. Dude dropped one mixtape around this time in ’08, and another one just a few weeks ago. Both are extraordinarily fire.

    As a result, he’s got people joining his Twitter bandwagon just to get the inside track on when he releases anything.

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    It has nothing to do with quality I think somebody said it before but cosigns make it way easier. Look at the last couple of big examples 50 Cent(Dr. Dre,Eminem) Kanye West(Roc a Fella when it was still a big deal).

    Cosigns open up doors that usually closed for rappers starting out. Its rappers from New York that cant get on Hot 97 to freestyle and he not even from America. It just so happens Drake music isnt shitty so he getting a buzz.

    Its like when Jay shut the station down and had Beans and everybody rapping u think they can get that type of exposure now?

  • oskamadison

    The first time I ever heard Drake was that “Ignorant Shit” freestyle and I though it was Elzhi for a minute. Once I found out who it was, I Youtubed him to hear some other shit. Dude can spit. As far as quality vs. quantity, I’ll take quality every day of the week, unless you’re like changing the world with each verse and you can keep up the output. If you’re so-so, take the extra time and bake those bars a little while longer, I can wait.

  • brand-new

    is it too much to ask for both??????

  • Yep

    ^^^^ No Limit had a good record of pushing out quantity AND quality … (ok, I just couldnt resist {smile})