Pretty Ricky… Come Get Your Man!

I have no words… Well, I guess I have to have some words if I expect to be paid and shit.


Pretty Ricky was my bread and butter bottom bitch a few years ago. Back on June 1, 2005–damn near four years ago exactly–I gave the following prophecy.

I expect to see at least 2 of Pretty Ricky’s members on America’s Most Wanted in a few years after Pleasure [P] wises up and takes his prison-bitch act solo.” -Ron Mexico, Talkin’ Videos

Since this edict, Pleasure P has gone solo with his hoery. His replacement, Ambition AKA 4 Play has since been ousted from the band and their current lead sanger’s name is… wait for it… Lingerie.

I get it. Lingerie, ‘cuz he be barely on a lady’s ass?

[Blogger's Note: They should have named the nigga "Lawn Jerray"!]

In what was like my second or third blog ever, I knew I was more than just cutting my teeth when tearing into these boys. No nullus. While I had no idea they were going to take millions of dollars in pre-teen girl allowance, I knew shit would eventually get this bad for Pretty Ricky.

For their sake, I hope this was just a group decision to sacrifice one man. While Pretty Ricky has always been a joke, I don’t see how they could have thought that any good would come from throwing their brother under the bus like this. I’m quite sure they’ve lost band members over less.

While I don’t understand why Spectacular thinks even chicks want to see him air hump in Eddie Murphy: Delirious pre-game drawers, I do realize why he never changed his homoerotic name. The plan has obviously always been to nail down the lunch shift at The Tool Box [or, insert generic man dance club name here].

The fucked up part is, their father is behind all of this. My daddy would have whooped my ass if he knew I had any intention on ethering myself this way. These niggas’ pops is editing this shit like, “Yeah. Pop that mussy [man pussy] a little harder… Do it more gracefully. I want Beyonce! No, wait… I want Solange! Solange that pelvis for me, Spec’.”

Even more fucked up is that this shit is a challenge to Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Omarion, Trey Songz and whatever other lame or washed-up tween non-idols he can come up with off the top of the head. It’s not even for the ladies! He’s not only promoting the new single. As you read this he’s refreshing World Star in hopes of a response!

I thought these niggas issued video game challenges. This grind-off shit is a new low.

Stage 2 of the Pretty Ricky downturn is coming soon. Pre-teen girls can’t afford to get this shit AND Drake these days. Check them old blogs. Negrodamus hasn’t missed a prediction yet. Ask LeBron James. All these niggas career “projectories” are securely on course.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Gonna grind on him?

A Pretty Ricky blog on XXL! They said it couldn’t happen! I make miracles every got damn day, bitches.

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  • Pierzy

    Wow…I too have no words. Well done getting over being speechless, Mexx…I’m still working on it.

    WOW. I mean WOW!

  • Pierzy

    Wow! I too have no words. Well done getting over being speechless, Mexx…I’m still working on it.

    WOW. I mean WOW!

  • Pierzy

    Wow! I too have no words. Well done getting over being speechless, Mexx…I’m still working on it.

    WOW. I mean WOW!!

  • Pierzy

    Sorry everybody for the duplicates – my bad!

  • Jamal7Mile

    *rips eyeballs out of sockets*

  • PM

    I didn’t really read the whole post before I clicked on the link. I even thought naw It can’t be that bad, but dam it is that bad and even worse, this shit is the new !rick roll!

  • Apollo Moses

    “Eddie Murphy: Delirious pre-game drawers” dude did you notice in that stand-up how homophobic he sounded during the show, but they actually aired the footage of him in those snuggerz.
    As for Wacktaculer…in the words of Tommy Strong..”You need Jesus!”

  • $ykotic

    “They should have named the nigga “Lawn Jerray”!…”

    AWWW MAN! You made me watch that sh*t Mexx!!!

    “sexy spec” Come on, brah!

    But I did see a vid last year some dudes in a parking lot was battling doing all that “Yeah. Pop that mussy…” stuff.

    These dudes need help.


    LMAO WOW and the crazy shit is niggas who dance like that lil fruity nigga was dancing will be dancing with ALL the pretty bitches in the club LMAO


    I get it. Lingerie, cuz’ he be barely on a lady’s ass?

    LMAO how the fuck you come up with that LMAO

  • anutha_level

    ……mussy? wow. *quietly drinks bottle of drano*

  • Brass Tacks

    AHHHH! Is there no decency in the world anymore?
    him and his pops should be just join the Village People with Meatloaf,Perez Hilton,Michael Latoya Jackson etc…

  • Lowedwn

    Damn you Ron Mexico, I had a good paying job and all that, now that shit is gone thanks to you and this post. Man this has got to be one of your top 3 posts ever, on the strength hilarity and niggerishness alone. And that video is on that 2 girls and cup tip, I saw about 15 seconds of this nigga doing the “sexy-flexy” dance in his banaana hammock and I can say, I’m scarred for life.

    Maybe they already got dropped from their label and that really is just an audtion tape for a spot at the “tool box”.

  • geico lizard

    This is the funniest unintentional video in months. He needs to give his daughter back her panties now. Even women on the gossip sites are laughing at him, they didnt think it was a sexy striptease.

  • latino hat

    i just hope none of the dudes he mentioned respond to this “challenge” with comeback videos. that’s the last thing we need.

  • C&D

    I had to cut the damn tape when old buddy stepped back to reveal his pank BVD’s

  • http://xxl gside

    And fags wonder why people beat them up!

  • Lowedwn

    Oh and good look for that link to your old “talking video” posts from big green, some of those classic posts need to be revisited.

  • Silly Willy

    “As you read this, he’s refreshing WorldStar in hope of a response!”



    oh god what the fuck did him doing that have to do with any of the people he named.

    • Ron Mexico

      not… a… mo… ther… fuck… ing… THING!


  • Gloveson

    ”Yeah. Pop that mussy [man pussy] a little harder”…………<—– If i was drinkin milk, it would’ve come out my nose!!

    WTF is that stupid mu’fugger doin in that video, in his lingerie, i had to turn it off Ron, thought that fag was gonna get a hard on!!!!

    Keep that funny shit coming man

  • Giantstepp

    When is shaking your azz in some tight ass drawls as a man anything but GAY! Wow! This Nigga is the top seed in the next SDN tourney Mex. He straight ETHERED hisself with this one. And he challenging these other fools to shake their ass harder!!! WTF! The only thing that will top this fuckery is one of them fools accepting the challenge. He’s a fag…no disrespect to anyone!


    yo! first off, that video was the gayest shit ive ever seen yo. LMAO though!!! i cant even…. dis shit is too easy man. you went hard on him, put dis in the classic files man.

  • ?

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa roflmfao!

  • Riley Freeman

    ewwwwww! that niggas gay!

  • Tenda

    i am more concerned at the fact that you remember what eddie murphey’s delirious pre-game drawers looked like.





    Trust me folk. Dudes down here put a price tag on his head for that bullshit. No joke. Niggas lookin to take his head off. No homo of course.

    Yep, Mex predicted it!! Ya’know whats even funnier? Just today I was thinkin how badly them faggots fell off. And now this. Damn shame.


  • Silly Willy

    Yo ! Fuck you Ron, first and foremost, for making me watch this shit !!!!
    But you the truth, keep killin’ em!!! The blog was mad funny, more than usual but, the video, man…..I can’t forgive you for that…..never in the history of niggerdom have I seen such a shameless display of gayery, a picture that won’t get away in my memory. Now I’m gonna have to put myself in alcohol-induced coma to try to forget that shit !!!!!!!!!!
    Mad love for you brother, but this is just the thong that broke the camel’s back !!! nullus??

  • Nicky J

    For their sake, I hope this was just a group decision to sacrifice one man.
    Ron Mexico

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yess

  • P.A.

    Does this muthafucka’ think that wearing them tight-ass drawls, so people can see his dick-print, is sexy? This hoe gon’ catch a yeast infection!!!

  • Capital G

    MUSSY!!! Gets my vote for greatest word in the english language. Goddammit Mex, you are a fuckin’ genius.

    • TonyGrand$

      I shall blame you for my nightmares, Ron….


    • TonyGrand$


      I shall blame you for my nightmares!

  • Ya Boy

    That has 2 be the most awful thing ive ever seen in my life!

  • The Southern Comfort

    Damn Mex, that shit is hilarious, now i know why their songs are so hardcore, dudes are compensating for something.

    and that mussy shit had me rolling.

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    hahahahaha now that’s some funny shit,I just cam from smoking sum first grade SWAZI (that’s the best shit in South Africa for all you dope heads) this shit had a nigga rolling on the floor and co-sign to em other niggaz, WOW!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Awww shit, Mex! I just vomited all over my new Apple laptop! Damn…just damn, mang. Any real nigga knows you never dance like that. Hoes dance like that. Gangstaz just lean back. That right there was just sick. Sick.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    mussy? ron what the fuck? so does this mean we have to forgive the druid hills boy for all they fag splashin? i mean if this don’t take the cake nuttin does (puase).

  • Zulu1925

    I was only able to make it through, “We gon’ git it tips…” before for I had to turn it off. That shit is ridiculous!! (no pun intended) And, ‘mussy’ has got to be the funniest noun to come along in a long time! I can’t stop laughing…

  • Radames

    What the hell is the xxl mag staff smokin?
    Yesterday it was an interview with Spencer Pratt and now this.

    Fuck it,might as well go to the bangers section and rock that Soulja Boy “Blowed” song.


    see that is that sh#$%%t, i have not watch and will never watch it, boy i tell you them fruities just all over the place, see i also said how a bunch butt ugly ( that what wifey calls them) gona call they self pretty ricky, but ahhhh now what that little boy was sayin about them being mussy for they manager ain’t so far off now hmmmmmmmmmmmm damn more kitty for the real brothas lets see now its 12 chicks to very straight dude lmao

  • EmCDL

    Gotdamn Ron you a gotdamn fool! Shit was hillarious! And I haven’t even checked out the video yet! LMAO!

  • Azhar

    Oh shit Lingerie, cuz’ he be barely on a lady’s ass? Fuckin hysterical!!!!

    LMFAO dat shit is priceless!!! but i’m cool on the vid…. nice blog bruh!

  • Dough

    OMFG!!!!! That is the funniest shit i have ever seen and Mussy…Wtf where do you come up with this shit man? Fucking classic!! Whats left of this dudes career is now over and i will say THANK GOD!!

  • Ali

    I’m convinced there was a group of Mafia leaders behind the camera forcing him to do that n exchange for a discount off the money that he owes them………………I guarantee it, there’s no way in hell somebody does that willingly lol

  • DazzOne

    This ain’t funny so don’t you DARE laugh! This reminds e of that Boondocks episode with the gay rappers. Prison culture is responsible for this! The question is not “Who is the gay rapper?”, but “How many???” You see how hip-hop was about intelligence, now look how stupid most rappers are PROUD to be…just to make a buck! Now, this rampant gayness. The suits are behind this!
    Keep your eyes open, and your asshole closed!!!!!

  • DazzOne

    And to quote Rielly,”Ughh, nigga you ghey.”

  • Prince Caesar

    Damn, that was kind of gay. WTF was that dude thinking.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    I am not watchin the video………Ron, u made some hilarious shit up…mussy?…..Lawn jerray?…..thats funny dog

  • “The Party Killa”

    even chicks want to see him air hump in Eddie Murphy: Delirious pre-game drawers,

    ^^ROFFLMAO….By far 1of the best comedy stand ups EVAR!!

  • Deez El

    Well done my friend. Well done!!
    (Love the Lebron James dig!!)

    Deez Sends