"First of all, I wanna thank all my fans for supporting me through my trials and tribu-hatin'," Boosie said in a video. "I wanna thank y'all for that. People probably saw me on the news, it ain't really that, they gave me a $400,000 bond. I wanna thank all my fans for the support. Shout-out to everybody who helped me down on Myspace and all the haters who were on MySpace, really hatin' on me and wanna see me in situations even though I'm going through a couple of situations right now, I still won't get convicted. They really want me convicted so I can't ride with my tool and all that, but I wanna thank y'all for y'all support. And all my real fans, even my haters my fans. They loved me before they hated. Right haters?"

- Lil' Boosie, Trill Entertainment video blog

"Tribu-hatin'." I love it! I promise you haven't seen the last of that one. Wowsers! It's like he's a professional lyricist or something.

Boosie stay whoopin on somebody ass, don't he? I understand a man having to get his ass beat when he's in your house trying to skedaddle with your blood diamond bandoleer, but damn. Do we have to take this shit one step further and assault the haters as well? We just doin our jobs, dammit. Also, the niggas Boosie perceives to be haters really shouldn't be lumped in with a nigga like me anyway.

Sorry. I'm gettin a little emotional and out of character. I just... *sniffle* I put so much into this hate shit and for niggas to come around and just dilute it and misrepresent the shit... *sniffle*

Okay. We're back.

The quote above doesn't fairly represent the smug and satisfied rebellion Lil' Flav conveys in his post-bond video. You've just gotta watch it to see what I mean. Doesn't Boosie know that taunting the prosecution, daring the judge and goading the jury is a terrible tactic? Does he not think that if he's convicted, such a video will be played at his parole hearings?

[on VCR] *rewind* "I steeyell wown't git convicted! *rewind* "I steeyell wown't git convicted! *rewind* "I steeyell wown't git convicted!

Parole Board Member: Anything you have to say for yourself, Mr. Hatch?

Lil' Boosie: I steeyell wown't git convicted!

Maybe "convicted" is another one of those words he can surprisingly spell, but still doesn't understand the meaning of. Louisiana D.O.C. is about to have the hottest rap group in the pen. Boosie AND Webbie ass gone be in the clink makin records through the phone with Alfamega on three-way and shit.

And, no. Nobody wants to see Boosie riding around with his tool.

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I gives a fuck about a hottest blogs list, so I didn't peep big homie's post about it until just now. Shouts to Bol for his public endorsement of The City and its work in the hater community. That means a lot coming from a nigga like Crawford. Game recognize game, as they say.