I'm an unapologetic Kanye West stan. I own multiple copies of each of his albums, one or two copies courtesy of Def Jam records and one copy I purchase myself because I usually support artists I like.

But as I've mentioned, I'm typically a tougher critic on my favorite artists, probably because I care about the product so much. Musically, Kanye can basically do no wrong in my eyes. I think he's the best hip-hop artist out. Nevermind that 808 didn't feature any rap verses, Yeezy's been killing on every other feature, be it Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down," Beyonce's "Ego" RMX or Rick Ross's "Maybach Music 2." My co-worker Mike D recently went as far as to crown Kanye the best lyricist out. While I don't agree, I do think 'Ye doesn't get his just due lyrically. The thing is, he often follows brilliant lines with "so many aunties we can make an auntie team" type of lyrics. Pretty, pretttyyyy bad.

Nonetheless, the music is superior. His videos, not so much. I always found it funny that Kanye threw tantrums for losing best videos when his clips aren't that great to me. Let's not get it twisted, he has some classics in his video catalog. I loved "Through The Wire," "Gold Digger" and "Touch The Sky," among a few others, but couldn't really get with "All Falls Down," "Flashing Lights," "Love Lockdown" and the recently leaked "Paranoid." My thing with some of these videos is, Kanye tries to go left, which I can appreciate, but I feel like he misses the mark. Now, Ye has himself said that the "Paranoid" version that's out isn't close to what he had in mind. So in some instances, perhaps the videos being cool rather than great had to do with a breakdown somewhere.

What do you guys think? What do you think of Kanye's videos? What are some of his best and worst videos? I hope I don't get on Kanyeuniversity in all caps for this.