Jailhouse Rock…


I thought I’d try something new to keep this shit funky over here.

Jailhouse lifestyle and fashion trends have long since been a staple of cRap music. Shit like the du-rag, the wifey B, the kissing men on the mouf, the male hustler who rubs talcum powder on the old men’s nuttsachs, you know, the whole nine…

The popular jailhouse fashion trend right now is currently flashing the men behind you what your underdrawls look like. I can’t imagine this is for showing off to the ladies. Who wants to see skiddoo streaks anyhoo?

Pictured above are three of the most popular young artists in cRap music right now performing in their underdrawls. Which one of these cRap dudes is going to go platinum plus in his pissypants?

You make the call…

  • Wale – blue boxers
  • Big Sean – tighty whities
  • Drake – black azzcraks
  • *[ll] and no Boutros Boutros BOUTROS for all voters*

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    • ri067953

      Yo, it’s got to be Drake. At the very least, you can’t really tell his ass is hanging out. Yo, sagging pants can still be rocked but when it’s matched with a belly shirt and your draws are hanging out, not a good look.

    • Ya Boy

      Is it me or Does Drake wear the same Jeans and black tee at all his concerts?

      • Pierzy

        I can’t get down with this trend…I think Skillz said it best for all of this:

        “Dressing like a rock star was the plan/but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna wear them skinny ass jeans, man”

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Lmao [||]…..

      Man, this has been a topic in various spots for the past couple of days.

      Creflo Dollar (no relation to the rapper) was speaking on it in a sermon this morning. He got mad vivid. I wondered how do al the youngsters in the audience feel? Just the thought that dudes peep the hindquarters like a snack would be enough for me to hike up the trousers.

      Plus, for real, that shit can’t be comfortable….

      I don’t know which cRapster’s going to do what numbers on whoever’s charts, but I’m cool on peeping nigga crack.

      No disrespect to anyone, but niggas be doing some real homo shit these days.

    • Saturday the Fourteenth

      Dudes need NO HOMO t-shirts to go with their pants, otherwise the next jailhouse fad is gonna be rapin cats in public restrooms.


    • latino heat

      they got you working saturday and sunday DP?

      i thought the only people still sagging there pants were high school kids. i’d still rather see that then all these faggots with these tight ass skinny jeans on though. am i the only one that wants to punch a dude in the face when you see them wearing those? and if they got a faux hawk to go with it they really got a ass whoopin comin.

      i guess even Pierzy takes sunday’s off.

      • Pierzy

        What’s good my dude? Yeah, I was at a BBQ yesterday…or what some call a cookout. Gotta get away from the laptop once in a while, right?

      • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

        @ latino heat

        Naw man you ain’t the only one…I see that shit all around the valley and I be wanting to do the same thing. I mean seriously do these cats have balls, literally (no homo)? I’m not big on sagging pants either I always thought that was of the homo sort; seem more like something you’d do while you at home with your girl; you’d be primed and ready to drop them when you and your girl do that smashtastic scholastics! YOU KNOOWWWWWW! LOL

    • geico lizard

      Its memorial day so who do the ladies of “The View” get to perform and honor the troops…Soulja Boy,roffle. They took his name too literally.

    • geico lizard

      No fishsticks at knowing “The View” even exists. They will invite Mc Lyte for weight loss week.

    • Dallas Penn

      Tont Grand$,
      I see you homey, the XXL moderator need to get on they job and fix that shit

    • El Tico Loco

      If bitchassness is the style, I guess I’m old fashioned then.

      Ayo, Why you looking at niggas drawls to see who goes platinum?
      I been looking at Foxy’s, Lil Kim’s, Trina’s, and even Khia’s ass and racks to see who goes plat before flat.

      With all that randomness said, I got my money on Nikki Minaj cameltoe.

    • $ykotic

      Penn I presume you were bored? Actually this is funny because you HAVE to look at these dudes.

      Drake is the new wunderboy.


    • Tyler

      Wow! I can’t believe that U didn’t mention Asher Roth. There is a God!

    • foolio_iglesias

      Hey,I’ve always maintained that street(/jail?) culture existed long before Hip Hop culture.Many of today’s artists have managed to make it’s subsequent (if not consequential) niggerishness appealing.If you look back to rap’s inception,only drug dealers wore lots of flashy jewelry.Eventually,rappers would adapt the drug dealer aesthetic,and inevitably,the trappings of prison life….

    • BIGNAT

      i remember when i pointed out this trend out a couple months ago dp. you called me a fag now you got a post about it. yeah it’s a terrible trend drake does it the worst why wear tight jeans with a belt. to let them sag off your your ass. really these mother fuckers could save some money and just wear sweats

    • Dallas Penn

      My bad for calling you a fag. Check your snail mailbox.