I thought I'd try something new to keep this shit funky over here.

Jailhouse lifestyle and fashion trends have long since been a staple of cRap music. Shit like the du-rag, the wifey B, the kissing men on the mouf, the male hustler who rubs talcum powder on the old men's nuttsachs, you know, the whole nine...

The popular jailhouse fashion trend right now is currently flashing the men behind you what your underdrawls look like. I can't imagine this is for showing off to the ladies. Who wants to see skiddoo streaks anyhoo?

Pictured above are three of the most popular young artists in cRap music right now performing in their underdrawls. Which one of these cRap dudes is going to go platinum plus in his pissypants?

You make the call...

  • Wale - blue boxers
  • Big Sean - tighty whities
  • Drake - black azzcraks
  • *[ll] and no Boutros Boutros BOUTROS for all voters*