I Rap Better Than My Favorite Rapper

Like pretty much most rap listeners I’ve dabbled in a little rhyming in the past.

I took it past the occasional rhyme and actually recorded some material. From what people tell me, it was pretty good. Well, maybe not that good if I don’t do it anymore. I did have this one song with a signed artist whose first single was produced by arguably the greatest producer of all time. By most accounts, people thought I out-shined him. But years removed from my wannabe MC phase, I can’t help but think I sound stupid whenever I hear certain songs. Either the flows are just silly, or the rhymes out of character.

At the time, my measuring sticks were my idols: Nas, Black Thought and Redman. My goal was to one day rhyme at level where those aforementioned MCs would hear me and tell me I’m nice. I never quite got there, but as I progressed, I remember thinking I had gotten better than some of my favorite MCs. Either that, or I took some of my best verses and felt like they could hang with some of my favorite’s best. All MCs do it.

See, Joe Budden is presently being crucified for saying what every single MC thinks, out loud. Most MCs think they’re the best out, but get politically correct when questions come up. By no means am I defending Joe. He has a right to his opinion and I do think the situation’s been blown out of proportion. In the same token, he could have handled the situation a little better. Saying you’d cut Meth’s “head off his shoulders” wasn’t exactly an appropriate analogy.

But back to my point. One of my boys, who frankly is just about the worst rappers I’ve ever heard (I told him this), swears up and down he’s better than Prodigy. As wack as P is now, my boy isn’t nowhere near him. Some of us may be delusional, but some of us may be dead on. Now with my rhyming days behind me, I probably couldn’t out-rap too many people. All I do is rhyme along to other folks’ stuff. But even if I never rapped a day in my life, I’m pretty sure I could cook up better rhymes than Soulja Boy, Crunchy Black and a few of the W.O.A.Ts (Worst Of All Time) out there.

What about you guys? I’m sure we have some MCs in attendance. What rappers do you think you could rip in a battle, outshine on a song? For you non rappers, if you were to pick up the pen, who do you think you could catch with a little practice?-Jackpot

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  • og bobby j

    i cant def spit better than jim jones or p diddy…

    probably gucci man, oj the whoeverthefuck and pretty much any rapper from houston….no ugk or scarface….








  • General

    -Jim Jones
    -50 Cent
    -Tony Yayo
    -Soulja Boy
    -Bow Wow
    -Too many more to name, there is alot of really horrible rappers right now

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Oh Lord, here come’s the Myspace-a-thon……

    I don’t rap anymore, but fuck it. I have some old shit that my dude put up on there. Angelenos – Esquire, Vinskulli & Tony Grand$ (I’m the yella dude. Don’t know the exact page name).

    Fuck that shit though, the music game ain’t for everybody.

    But I know for a fact I can outrap A LOT of dudes who get rap money.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign my dude. I don’t rhyme anymore but I know I can circles around a bunch of dudes. I won’t name any…fcuk it, yeah I will:

      NORE and Jim Jones

      That’s just off top…

      • white boy

        Ha ha… I’d just love to see y’all rhyming or at least hear… Maybe y’all should put somethin @ youtube?

    • chillin mayne

      i touched her then she touched me, then i touched her and she touched knees…sumtin like dat….yo dat shit wasnt half bad tho..yall recorded dat in a studio?@tony

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        @ chillin mayne

        If you’re talkin to me, man, I don’t even know what songs are on there. But, that sounds like my dude Esquire’s shit. I didn’t rhyme about no broads. I was the “street” rapper, lol. My voice is the sort of deep, sort of raspy voice. Sounds like I’m a fat black ass nigga. Ha. I’m going to see what songs are there, but that wasn’t me.

        Yeah, it was @ Esq’s studio, I think.

        • chillin mayne

          yea, if u da raspy voice kind of 2-pac soundin, then u on dat track…deres 3 trax up…da one called cowboy didnt play tho…i was bout to add yall, but i seen dude aint been on since 2006…

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          @ chillin mayne

          Nah, I don’t know what songs r there, but I’m on Cowboys. That’s probably the only decent song on there. I’m doing the hook & the last cat;

          “Heavy chain, neck muscles bout the size of a horse/swayin when I walk, attractin eyes of all sorts/puffin on a newport bout to roll up the dro/take a sip from my cup, it might slo up my flow…………..”.

          Matter fact, I say my name. So peep that one, then you’ll know my voice form the other dudes.

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    I can rap better than (in no particular order):

    Almost everybody in Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Virginia, Tennessee, MIMS, Murda Mook, Kanye West…just to name a few.

    Hey, ya’ll asked…

    • El Tico Loco

      Guess almost is the key word. 3stacks, Big Boi, Ludacris and Stat quo ain’t no joke; I do apologize on behalf of the wackness we’ve put out there, if you was a DJ you’d take the money too.

    • V4Vendetta

      The South (for the most part) shouldn’t even be in this convo. I can count the southern rappers that can actually rap on one hand.

      I’m better than:

      Every rapper currently on heavy rotation.

      I’m that nice! Word to Frank White!

  • DragonflyJonez

    Walker the Federal Ranga,

    Just gonna speak up for my state and tell you that Pusha T, Mal, and Skillz would cut your head off ya shoulders…word to Joey….

    • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects miles archer

      I was thinking the same thing…

      miles archer

      • akaTheRealist

        PREACH. Wale as well, even though he hails from Maryland, it’s all the DMV,,,

  • Jamal7Mile

    Back about 15-20 or so years ago, you got a record deal because you deserved one. During that period, there weren’t many SIGNED rappers that I could match up with.

    TODAY, I’ll whoop EVERYBODY ass! Yeah, I’m boasting… but that’s a reflection of how disgusted I am with certain aspects of emceeing. I wanna ask 80% of the field how the fuck they got a record deal. Didn’t Big Daddy Kane ask that question once??

    This is gonna turn into a long one so let me stop right here… for now.

  • El Tico Loco

    I ain’t gonna lie I know kindergarten kids who rhyme circles around this month’s cover boys. Me I can definitely outrhyme Masta Killah, U God, NORE, and Fat Joe I was considered supernice for a ESL student.

  • giantstepp

    Now, Im no rapper at all. Never dabbled, never had any dreams of MC-ing, never hated on the worst rappers out there. But Im am sure I could take the following pretty easily with half an effort;

    1 Soulja Boy
    2.P Diddy
    3.Young Dro
    4.Dem Franchise Boyz (yes, the whole crew)
    5.Paul Wall
    7.Crime Mobb (Diamond gets a pass cuz she is fine as hell)…yeah, I no shes solo
    8.E40 (neva understood his appeal)
    9.Mac Mall,RIP
    10.Young Joc

    • http://XXLMAG Ellio

      you out rhyme Young Dro??? hahaha, nigga please. Dro is def slept on. i’ll take your word for it that you’re better than the rest of the wacc-ass niggas on ya list, but def not Dro. replace him with Mike Jones and then i’ll believe you

    • BIGNAT

      young dro can rap very well and alot of people saying they can rap better than diddy. diddy does not rhyme he barely has flow. he pays for all his rhymes i remember being told that jada wrote the beginning to victory. i bet biggie ghost wrote all of puff’s first album. biggie ghost wrote alot of shit over at bad boy.

  • Scartown

    a kid with down syndrome can outrap most rappers these days.

  • Des

    I will agree with the quality of industry rappers going down over the past few years BUT, most of you people on here ARE WACK and probably couldn’t hold a flame to a quarter of the rappers you’ve named. Anybody that named an ENTIRE STATE, you have just proved how WACK you really are. I mean lets be serious aside from El Tico, and Dragonfly all you people that posted have a hard enough time READING and have the nerve to challenge someones skill as a rapper!? So I’ll put yall up on game real quick. THE TOPIC OF THE POST IS “I RAP BETTER THAN MY FAVORITE RAPPER” NOT “NIGGAS IN THE INDUSTRY IM HATIN ON BECAUSE THEY’RE ON AND IM NOT”. Even if you all had valid points it would be cool but YOUR NAMING PEOPLE THAT MAKE DANCE MUSIC!!!! WHEN HAVE SOULJA BOY, CRIME MOB, E-40 EVER CLAIMED TO BE LYRICAL!?!


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ des


      Since you took the time to re-type AND reiterate the topic of the post, for the sake of the thread, who do YOU think YOU can out-rap?

      Thanks for the “chastisement”, but, I read very well, & am quite versed in the usage of the english language. How do you tell us to “erase the hate”, immediately following you “hating” on a whole messageboard full of people who are just responding to the current topic that Jack posted?

      The title’s not “Hey, let me tell you what I think about your comments!”.

      For the record, I don’t see anybody hating. Fact is based on perception, & if one perceives a specific target as wack, how can you gage that? Definitely not “hate”, based on Websters definition of word.

      • General

        Well put Tony. I can’t speak for everyone on here, but I know the list that I made had nothing to do with strictly hate on any of the artists that I listed, but simply my own opinion of who I could top with a 16 of my own…
        Sometimes the people on here are a little too sensitive.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          @ General

          Thanks. I can’t respect that blanket generalization (no pun intended, ha!) crap.

          If I walked up to a bunch of dudes & said, “Most of y’all cats are dumb!”, best believe someone would have something to say, and damn if I wasn’t even referring to them.

          Plus, fuck rapping, I KNOW I know how to read, lol. I don’t like my intelligence being questioned.

    • http://www.myspace.com/youngnuksmusic Nük

      You kno what…I feel you! I lost track of the topic reading some of these cats replies! Do I rap better than my favorite rapper? Of course!!! But he has been locked up for a while…we have different styles…but the thing is…I LEARNED from this guy (and soooo many others…) so its nothing but love!!!

      FREE MYSTIKAL¡!!!¡

    • http://www.myspace.com/lightstuffent1515 Empress G

      @ Des
      You quoted the title, but the question we are all commenting on is and I quote, “What rappers do you think you could rip in a battle, outshine on a song?”
      No one is hating, just telling the truth, which most people can’t handle these days and this is why we have the crappy music in the industry spittin BS to us now so we can go dance a jig(a boo) and forget about music with purpose that speaks to the people and the times they are in.
      You need a reality check seriously. BTW DITTO to Tony Grand – Des you come off as the hater, sorry….no I’m not, lol.

  • ?

    I can outrap Soulja Boy!
    And Lil Wayne…Like seriously…Lmao

  • http://www.myspace.com/macthaknife Mac tha Knife

    Like Tony, all I’ll say is I can outrap a lot of dudes who are major right now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ohseedee O.C.D.

    I can spit better than 97% of these cats in the game.

    Point blank.

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngnuksmusic Nük

    Like the blog…
    But who could I rip? I ain’t a freestyle battle rapper but I write with the passion of Christ!

    A verse of mine would DESTROY:
    Bow Wow
    Soiljah Boy
    Young Joc
    Kid Cudi…he noice tho…
    And Short Dog…but I love dude so why would I?

    A song of mine would VANQUISH albums by:
    Wiz Kalifia
    Jody Breeze
    Loyd Banks & Tony Yayo
    And that cat who made “Aye Bay Bay”

    Sure the list continues…
    But who has that type of time!


  • El Tico Loco

    Are there people you guys can really, really outshine but their stans will not admit it? Jeezy anyone?
    Or better yet what do ya’ll think of rappers who won’t allow a nicer mc to flourish if they signed them to their vanity labels. DTP? Roc? ya’ll know.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ Loco

      I think that’s a case of ego vs being humble. It takes a tremendous amout of pride to humble oneself & accept the fact that someone is better than them @ something.

      Rap doesn’t seem to be a very humble industry, so while I don’t subscribe to the theory of how a lot of big rap cats do their “carriers”, I understand.

      It’s just a sad cog in a pathetic machine.

      • El Tico Loco

        Is a crabs in a barrel industry from top to bottom that’s why they barely eating now, it doesn’t help that nobody’s playin their position either.

    • Detroit P

      You’re gonna need alot more than just lyrics to Outshine Young Jeezy.Point Blank. See “My President is Black”…sometimes I forget nas is even on that song..nigga if fuckin Talib Kweli got on songs with people like Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Lupe, or T.I. he would get outshone, rapping in a battle is different than rapping in a song..although I’m sure Talib would lose at both(the most lyrical rapper doesn’t win those either)..Its Deeper than Lyrics

      • El Tico Loco

        You just made my point. Thanks

        • Detroit P

          lol..no i didn’t your only defense is that I’m a stan because I don’t agree with you..I gave you a good example…I don’t know of anybody who thinks Nas outshined Jeezy on that song…I never hear anybody rapping Nas’ part when they play it…lol you niggas is funny, the type of music you loved is pretty much dead and now yall just spend yo time hatin on the new niggas that don’t do music like they did in the 90′s…its sad really

        • http://www.reverbnation.com/EmpressGold Empress G

          @ Detroit
          I don’t think we’re hating on the new artists as much as we are hating on the fools who sign them and the idiots who buy their music. And it is more frustration then hate. Hate is more jealousy if anything and no one is jealous of these artists for being signed, mo power to them, but don’t push that BS to the masses an call it rap or hip hop cause it ain’t. Sorry. As for, ‘doing it like they did in the 90′s,’ c’mon son – we don’t expect the to be recycled versions of our fav pass MC’s but each new generation has taken rap to a higher level from the 70′s to the 90′s and then this new millenium generation comes along and hiphop loses it’s relevance as a music form but more as a commercial culture that could be used to exploit the people who support the music to buy certain products and do certain jigaboo movements (not dance, them steps ain’t dances and that’s a fact). I blame the new generation of MC’s for not playing there position in the industry and making sure that the music didn’t lose it’s creativity.

    • BIGNAT

      man jeezy rhymes may not get very complex all the time but good is good. i like jeezy better when he puts a little speed in his versus. like on the u.s.d.a album the song corporate thuggin. plus you can always make out what he is saying.

  • Enlightened

    I can blog better than Ron Mexico

  • urbansocialight

    I can rap better than (Female Edition):
    -Lil Kim
    -Nicki Minaj
    -Gangsta Boo
    -Teyana Taylor
    -The Crime Mob chicks

    And pretty much every chick out right now. I can’t see Remy, Lady Luck, or Fox but my flow ain’t half bad but I can only freestyle when I’m drinking.

    • BIGNAT

      amil really homie because she had some heat. lil kim really i still think she got a couple good biggie versus tucked behind her left implant.

  • Lefty

    a lot of my older material is posted here on the forums

    see for yourself

  • Zulu1925

    I can’t rap worth a shit… But, if you give me a topic that moves me, I can write a helluva persuasive argument!!!

  • meech

    i would probably rip young jeezy in an ad-lib battle!

    i would be like “OOOOO DAMN!” then hit him with some “YIGGY YES YA’LL!”



  • Curtis75Black

    I can never RAP BETTER than my favorites because they’re always gonna come up with something thats either gonna shock me, catch me off guard or make me think another way. They wouldn’t be my favorites if they didn’t. A change in style, flow, approach and Subject matter is completely what my favorites are known for and I appreciate how and why they do it. Thus the reasons why they are my favorites.

    Every emcee mentioned on this blog thus far aren’t anyone’s favorites. Those are rappers who you think is wack.

  • that nigga

    Every emcee mentioned on this blog thus far aren’t anyone’s favorites. Those are rappers who you think is wack.

    Yup, nobody answered the question correctly. Im a Nas fan and really no one in the game can fuck wit dude so my answer is no, I cant out rhyme NaS.


      read below CAREFULLY!!!!!!!

      “What about you guys? I’m sure we have some MCs in attendance. What rappers do you think you could rip in a battle, outshine on a song?


      • that nigga


        No, you read carefully.

        @ Paris: The title of this article is “I Rap Better Than My Favorite Rapper”, No?

        And he also goes on to say: “but as I progressed, I remember thinking I had gotten better than some of my favorite MCs. Either that, or I took some of my best verses and felt like they could hang with some of my favorite’s best.”


        • http://www.sonicbids.com/TheLastEmpress Empress G

          @ that nigga and curtis75black
          sorry sons YOU’RE wrong!
          and i quote – “What rappers do you think you could rip in a battle, outshine on a song?” that was the question to us bloggers, he simp-ly states in the title that he thinks he can rap better then his favorite MC’s he didn’t ask us if we thought we could rhyme better then our fav’s too and if so list them. Okay, we all read the article….Christ, if you not gonna answer the article why post a comment?! I’m so sick of people typing in responses and thoughts on other peoples comments rather then just answering the question the way you interpreted it – so now i am commented and giving my opinion on your responses so you can have a taste of some of your own judgemental medicine HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Renegade02

    Hey people, its normal 4 every emcee to say that they are better than someone or even the best. So lets do this if u claim to be better than someone give us 8 bar only and we will see wetha u R 4 real or just like them. . . .

  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha! Funny drops up there!

    I’m not going to even go there.

    But ya’ll stay hearing me say Joell is my boy. He listened to me and my homie and he is bananas.

    Jackpot why didn’t you post that song fam? I would like to hear it…

  • Easy as 1 2 3

    My favorite group is Wu-tang clan and id hate to mess with one because then seven other (RIP ODB) be ripping into me but i think i could outshine on a track:masta killa, u-god, rza, gza( he’s still good but pro tools no liquid swords)inspectah deck, meth(depends how high he is.) raekwon maybe since his new stuff is really good. Ghost though i wouldn’t go anywhere near especially if he on some “investigative reports” shit but i do write rhymes more for fun. Ain’t that what the game suppose to be about having fun?

  • Curtis75Black

    The Majority of emcee’s spittin’ will be outshown and probably embarrased if I was on a track or just having a verbal sparring with them !! The energy they will or won’t bring will definitely bring out the best in me to not only rape the track but sodomize them in the process, especially if I hear their verse prior.

    As far as names go, Erick Sermon, Lil Fame, Jadakiss, Common, G-Unit…..

    • http://www.myspace.com/youngnuksmusic Nük

      I feel you cuz…

      Check this track I did with Emcee Breed before he died…


      I didn’t hear his verse before hand…I wish I had tho! Truthfully, I was in awe at the things he did to the track to make it better…I learned a lot from Big Breed ya dig!

      R.P. Big Homie

    • Moi

      that is really funny!!! ^^^^

      • Moi

        meaning someone on here can outrhyme kiss, common, erick sermon . . . okay!

        • Curtis75Black

          Wasn’t that the whole case of this Blog ? I see peeps putting non-credible rappers on blast for the most part on here. No one DARED to put Jay-Z, Nas, Black Thought, KRS or even LL on this. Let me Clarify though, I’ve been a fan of Common since “Soul by the Pound” on his “Can I borrow a dollar” cd. Funny thing is with that track, we said something fairly similar dealing with skills and Tim Hardaway. Of course being a lyricist that completely caught me off guard but didn’t stop me from respecting the man as an artist. I know if we was on the same track, giving him a run for his money wouldn’t be a problem. Erick Sermon was a emcee I just enjoy listening to. No More, No less. I can say I really never took his bars too serious. He was more of comic relief for me. As far as Jada goes, sigh !!, He’s nothing more to me than a Punchline, raspy voice rapper with a dose of side effects before his verse begins. He never changes styles, subjects or flow. Plus he hasn’t held down a Solo project of his own SOLO !! I mean I understand you not feeling me or even believing me because of who I’m talking about but wasn’t that the Issue with Buddens calling out Meth ?

  • Gloveson

    Wow, alot of people here sayin they would fuck people up lyrically………..then why hav i never heard of you if you’re so good??

    its not all bout lyrics, you hav to hav passion and drive, if you had them then maybe you’d be out ‘there’ and you could see who you could murder lyrically……

    • $ykotic

      Everybody doesn’t want a rap career. Doesn’t mean those same people can’t rap.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What? Me be a rapper from Michigan? NO THANKS! I’ll find something else to do. And, sadly, I’m not even joking with you.

  • assman69

    i can rap better than

    lil wayne

    basically im iller than all of these niggas

  • yoprince

    joe budden sucks.

    and the list specifically said “best rapper” not “best lyricist,” therefore he’s a f’in idiot.

    and almost all of the people he complained about have entertained me more as COMPLETE MC’s than budden.

    not to mention, he’s a whiny bitch. budden needs to understand that being a rapper is about more than being nice lyrically.

    budden has no charisma.
    budden sounds corny.
    budden’s punch’s are telegraphed… see predictable.
    budden’s beats have sucked since his first album.
    budden raps about himself all the time as if we care about his personal life already.
    budden’s man got smacked severely and he was quick to back down after talking tough.
    budden comes off as a bitch.

  • mmcrisis

    if i had to make a list of ppl in the game i think i could chew i would have to say asher roth, charles hamilton, gucci, bleek, the gunnas, a lot of ppl come to mind i guess. i don’t even mean that in a disrespectful way. it’s a lot of “alright rappers” and i consider myself to be alright, but i couldn’t fuck wit fab and a list of other niggas like jada, styles, luda, ect, ect

  • tyson mike

    i could bet soulja boy.

  • Teddy

    soulja boy

    bow wow

    jim jones

    master p

    slick the shocker and all of no limit



    young chris

    will smith

    warren g

    ice cube

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ teddy

      I don’t know you homie & no disrespect intended, but you’ve got to be joking about Cube, right?

      Maybe you’re just kind of young & in that case, you’ve got some homework to do.

      Otherwise, that was funny.

      • $ykotic

        Ha Ha Ha!

        Dude said Cube?!! I’ll give you Juvie. But Cube?!!


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          “This ish is getting bad”.

          Wise man…………

        • Jamal7Mile

          What’s up $yk and Tony?

          Took a minute to catch up with yall. I’ve been offline since Monday. I was doing garden work and I fkd around and dug up the ground wire to the phone box (and internet connection). I’m lucky to still be here.


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          7mile! What’s good, iceburg?

          Hey, I’m glad you’re still here too. Electricity can be a nasty broad to mistreat. Stand a dude up, quick! Lol.

    • Smel

      Damn you snatched my answer with Silk the Shocker! I didn’t think anybody else would think of him…

  • Ali

    I’m pretty sure every commenter on here can spit better than 2007 & up Lil Wayne lol…..also Jim Jones, Diddy, all the club one hit wonder rappers like Huey Soulja boy etc………we could all rap better then every dude in the group who’s there by affiliation (Tony Yayo for example)……& the shocker I guess, is that I can spit better than 50 after Get Rich, guaranteed

  • http://xxlmag.com miamistyle

    Show some respect..Dont ever talk sideways about Prodigy, Noreaga, or Cam show some respect youall sound like budden… is these dudes like they were in the mid to late 90′s hell naw. BUt neither is nas, rae, spice 1, twista, bone, jay z, rythem blunt cru, too short, beans, ghost, outcast. Hell on earth, war report, doggystyle, S.D.E, Amerikkkas most wanted, it was written, the blueprint only built for cuban link, adreniline rush, shorty the pimp, the reason, southernplayeristiccadalicmusik, supreme cliente Classics all. But these motherfuckers is still illl and legends at that. Hard to recreate shit like this. Thats why i usually listen to rap from early 90′s up to 2000 or so.

    Respect your elders…..

    By the way Cams new shit is tight no homo..has that old school feel.

  • Tha Villon

    co-sign Curtis75. the reason my fav rapper is my fav is b/c i think they are raw. so i cant out rhyme my fav

    i think XXL should turn this blog into a competition for a record deal. if ya’ll really can spit better than the rappers you say you can rap better than then you’d be signed or be a well known indie rapper.

    and to whoever said that just b/c someone can rap doesnt mean they want a career in it, not true. plies didnt want to be a rapper. he did a song w/ sum1 and was gonna be done but decided otherwise. if you are good at something, 9 outta 10 times youll do sumthing w/ it.

    who i could out rhyme (whether i like them or not) in no particular order:
    -Fat Joe
    -Ja Rule
    -Flo Rida
    -Rick Ross
    -50 Cent
    -Dr. Dre (but he is the best producer ever, i couldnt touch him production wise)
    -Tech Nine
    -Jim Jones
    - i wont name the obvious (ie Soulja Boy)


    I would murder Fat punk ass Joe, but that isn’t saying much lol.

  • j.ezy

    i could Rap better than Kanye west, Jim jones, camron, Lil wayne, Fat joe, fuck it Eminem.. Im that good

  • http://www.myspace.com/kryakabillybonez Kry


    I honestly feel I could out rap most industry kats nowadays…but I also understand that I probably couldn’t be an industry kat either, with all the bullshit they gotta deal with…gotta give them credit for something i guess

  • scoobysnax

    Damn, nobody’s said Plies?

    ha haaaaaaaaa

  • ChiTown

    ^^^^^^^^^^ LMAO I almost forgot about that nigga Plies lol

  • Musa

    I would out-shine/-rap Busta or Twista…

    hahahaha, just to p1ss you OFF; joking

  • hater

    This is some shit right here, yall actually think yall can outrhyme any of these rappers?,, most of you dont even dare to put on a youtube video

    • YungQuakeTheGreat

      Oh I got a youtube fa ya, search He Lives N Me Quake. I can actually rap I can’t speak fa other muthafuckas but I ain’t no hatta I got too much talent ta hate on another nigga…tell me what u think, real talk leave a comment on it.

  • http://www.myspace.comm/EmpressGold Empress G

    I think I can out rap a lot of MC’s these days…so much trash being put out…I don’t usually battle, I am a songwriter more then a cipha smasher, but if I had to go up against MC’s in a battle, I could definately rock -
    1. Soulja Boy (who couldn’t? lol)
    2. OJ and every MC from the South (sorry South rappers, I just don’t hear nothing lyrical coming from ya’ll since Scarface)
    3. Slaughterhouse (the whole crew)
    4. Dipset (the whole crew)
    5. Fat Joe (sorry, lyrically i could rock ya man…)
    6. That fool that sings Ay Bay Bay and Halle Berry – WTF?! HOW THE F**K DID HE GET SIGNED?!
    7. Nelly (he has always been wack lyrically)
    8. Bow Wow (afta the joint w/ Souljah B i was like ok your washed up as a lyricist son, no question ie; Marco Polo…need i say more? lol)
    9. Diddy…sorry man, you are the G.O.A.T. at music industry business skills, reality tv shows, creating the remix, and producing new artists, but spitting….? NAAAHHHH, leave that to the rappers, Biggie not here to write your rhymes no more remember?

    NOW, if ya wanna hear some real Rap Skills go to http://www.reverbnation.com/EmpressGold


  • http://www.myspace.com/QuakeGreat YungQuakeTheGreat

    Ah I been writing lyrics since I was 12 and I didn’t start rappin til i moved up here to Atlanta cuz I heard all the wackness out but anyway I used to write poems and Ive been a good writer since high school even won spelling contests and I’m and drawing artist and I can honestly say I can rap better than some mainstream people but for me they made it because they have popularity thats what its bout now a days. Oh check me out on Youtube search He Lives N Me Quake cus I back up what I speak

  • turkey phucka