Like pretty much most rap listeners I've dabbled in a little rhyming in the past.

I took it past the occasional rhyme and actually recorded some material. From what people tell me, it was pretty good. Well, maybe not that good if I don't do it anymore. I did have this one song with a signed artist whose first single was produced by arguably the greatest producer of all time. By most accounts, people thought I out-shined him. But years removed from my wannabe MC phase, I can't help but think I sound stupid whenever I hear certain songs. Either the flows are just silly, or the rhymes out of character.

At the time, my measuring sticks were my idols: Nas, Black Thought and Redman. My goal was to one day rhyme at level where those aforementioned MCs would hear me and tell me I'm nice. I never quite got there, but as I progressed, I remember thinking I had gotten better than some of my favorite MCs. Either that, or I took some of my best verses and felt like they could hang with some of my favorite's best. All MCs do it.

See, Joe Budden is presently being crucified for saying what every single MC thinks, out loud. Most MCs think they're the best out, but get politically correct when questions come up. By no means am I defending Joe. He has a right to his opinion and I do think the situation's been blown out of proportion. In the same token, he could have handled the situation a little better. Saying you'd cut Meth's "head off his shoulders" wasn't exactly an appropriate analogy.

But back to my point. One of my boys, who frankly is just about the worst rappers I've ever heard (I told him this), swears up and down he's better than Prodigy. As wack as P is now, my boy isn't nowhere near him. Some of us may be delusional, but some of us may be dead on. Now with my rhyming days behind me, I probably couldn't out-rap too many people. All I do is rhyme along to other folks' stuff. But even if I never rapped a day in my life, I'm pretty sure I could cook up better rhymes than Soulja Boy, Crunchy Black and a few of the W.O.A.Ts (Worst Of All Time) out there.

What about you guys? I'm sure we have some MCs in attendance. What rappers do you think you could rip in a battle, outshine on a song? For you non rappers, if you were to pick up the pen, who do you think you could catch with a little practice?-Jackpot