Gone ‘Til November…


While most Americans were celebrating the commencement of another generation of college graduates or maybe they were humbling mourning the loss of loved ones who were in the armed services there was a section of the population centered in Atlanta reliving the good ‘ol bad days of Freaknic in honor of the ‘going away’ of the king of the south.

For many Blacks, going away to the penitentiary is the equivalent of staying in the dorms of the university. So much that I suggested a few years ago that Blacks should swap the usage of the words to increase their self esteem. Instead of young KeyVaun going to jail his mom should say that he is “on campus at the state college”. We all know that nigga is in jail, but shit just sounds better.

Atlanta partied so hard for T.I. this weekend you might think he was given a farewell speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. He might as well have since he is now some kind of martyr. I bet if you asked a ten year old which King he liked more, Martin Luther or T.I. you already know the answer. I don’t blame T.I. for this. I blame myself and all the people that could have said that they wanted more from the people they upheld as heroes.

I think about all the shit that Martin Luther King Jr. got himself into where he should have definitely had a gun under his jacket just to fell 100. MLK Jr. was hardbody supreme. Nobody has the platform that he has and speaks the truth to power that he did. Malcolm X was always a pariah so even when he expoerienced white muslims and he had to renounce Elijah Muhammad there were no white Americans that would touch his ass with a ten foot stick. MLK Jr. was the dude that white let come into their house.

Until MLK Jr. started to rail against the military industrial complex he was safe. The government used MLK Jr. to keep the negros in check after they merc’ked Malcolm X. MLK Jr. kept the negros peaceful and passive after JFK and RFK’s murders. Right after that heroin started to find its way into the ghetto in a major way. I wonder if the Vietnam War was a power plauy for the control of opium trading? Anyhoo, my point is that after heroin filled up the center city streets J. Edgar Hoover’s bosses no longer had a need for MLK Jr. to keep the disenfranchised masses in check.

I’m not putting this drop on the X spot to disparage T.I. That ‘Superstar’ (remix) was one of my 2007 faves. For all I know T.I. might be the coolest, funniest dude of all time. But when you call yourself the modern day Malcom X Martin Luther just because it rhymes, and not because you give that 101% of yourself you actually destroy the memory of those heroes to people that haven’t had a chance to experience them OGs.

The same way every two-bit despot is called the modern day Hitler by a politician. Hitler was bad as fuck and killed a grip of people. Don’t negate his destruction by comparing him to another less qualified sociopath. And don’t negate Malcolm X and MLK Jr’s hardbody status by comparing yourself to dudes you will never be like. I feel for this guy T.I. and the whole (tech) nine but its not like he came into this rap shit lyrically similar to Paris or Chuck D.

T.I. came up telling us that you could convert your drug money into entertainment success. He has no ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail‘ in his catalog. He hasn’t created anything as thought provoking as the ‘Ballot or the Bullet‘. He’s a cRapper. Let’s not lose our perspective party people.

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  • General

    You make a lot of excellent points. I hate when people are called the next MLK or Malcolm X. First because there will never be another one like them and second I don’t want the next MLK or Malcolm X I want someone to strive to be better and to be themselves…

    As far as TI, of course he is nowhere near either of them, but lets be honest that hip-hop would not accept if he tried to be.

    All you have to do is read the comment sections on this site about anything to do with TI and it is overwhelmingly negative towards the things that he has done in the wake of his arrest to try to promote a more positive message and try to steer some of the youth of America from heading down the same path that he did.

    Now granted he would not have done any of this if he wasn’t forced to, but no matter how he got there, we should support a rapper like TI when they are trying to better the community instead of tear it down

    • Stonyman

      I’m not so sure about him not doing the positive stuff if he wasn’t forced. I think that may be one of the reasons he got the sentence that he did.

  • Pierzy

    Nice drop. I can’t speak on being behind bars so I won’t even pretend to know what it’s like. I know a few that have gone and more often than not, they tell you they don’t want to talk about it so I don’t ask…

  • ErvGotti85

    Wow Dallas that was a very thought pervoking post, and that is a good idea to say jail is college, except people will catch on quickly asking is they at the state or federal college.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    DP, that’s what’s up. Me and T.I. go way back. I like that he reps for Atlanta, and I like that he sticks with that ugly ass dog of a wife he’s got–that shows that he’s dedicated to family. But, I don’t give a gotdamn that dude is getting locked up. He’s a rapper–a good one at that–but he’ll never amount to much else. No TV show will be able to erase the fact that he committed a crime. He needs to quit acting like he’s some modern-day saint and just pimp the rap game for what it’s worth–like everyone else is doing. If he really were a church going, God-fearing man, then why did he need all those guns? And if he’s so dedicated to his community, then why is he in fear of losing his life?

    Fuck him. Fuck his redemption.

    Just rap, nigga.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Epinz

    Great drop ngga!I feel u on the heroin shit cuz my uncle was in the war and that’s what they did to get by all that murder, these nggz was only 18 and shit! The u.s used to bring it over to the troop which is why they all came back hooked….also, martin died b4 rfk.

    • 619

      How did the U.S. bring it over to the troops when Southeast Asia, a.k.a. the Golden Triangle, is the #2 opium producer in the world? Study the topic before you make stupid ass comments. Vietnam was one of the main routes of traffic for heroin into the U.S. The U.S. sending it over would be husltin’ backwards. Frank Lucas’ stories, although mostly about someone else’s life, reflect the opium production in Thailand. Ike Atkinson, a U.S. soldier serving in Vietnam has spoken on where Frank Lucas got his story from. Atkinson, who even moved to Thailand at one time, has served over 30 years behind bars for trafficing heroin.

  • Dallas Penn

    Epinz, thank you for that reminder. Sometimes I get on a roll and my timelines get screwed up. Who needs facts when you are blogging tho’

  • Epinz

    Prison it what u make it. If u walk around frontin and actin like sumthn u not, them nggz gone get in ya ass(pun uninteded). As long as u b u and r willin to defend urself, u’ll b str8 in and out of prison.

  • Epinz

    Yea, its irrelevant in the contex of what it is u sayin. U and combat r the only nggz blogin whith sum kinda sense..( Bol intentionally doesn’t, though he could if wanted)

  • Mike Knows

    I think TI is wrong in comparing himself to Martin and Malcom at this point in his life. I say life and not career bc thats what these men (Martin an Malcoms)exsistence was based on “leading black america out of the Jim Crow crisis and establishing a positive identity for ourselves in America. Ti on the other hand is doing community service and making all of these positive appearences because it is a stipulation in his probation agreement. I however feel that TI is sincere in his quest to be a positive image. I also am aware that Malcom X made his transition to the profound leader he was after his stint in jail. So to make my point i think we will really see how close TI is to Malcom after he returns to society. Will he be a leader to our youth or will he be a prioson serving gun packing probation haveing blk buck that these labels love to promote. futher more whos to say that if Malcolm or Martin didnt grow up in a later era that they wouldnt have been rappers (lol)

  • Avenger XL

    The black community have lost two generations due to drugs,gang violence because of drugs, dumbing down of our children and crushing poverty in a wealthy system. TI is just as ignorant as his fan base to even say that. That is beyound arrogant it is just ignorant. He wasn’t taught well enough and played the street game and couldn’t even escape it when he found success in entertaining. On top of all that the crack babies babies are coming of age with all kinds of problems and unemployment is double digits in our amoung blacks. So though ignorant his statements reflect what decades of drug wars and educational neglect does to a people.

  • geico lizard

    Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie Long took time out from their pimpin pimpin to say goodbye to TI. They poured out a little communion grape juice for the little homie,

    • BIGNAT

      my mom watches him on sunday mornings and still does to church. i can’t stand creflo dollar that can’t be his real name that fool sounds like a pimp.

  • El Tico Loco

    It always takes death or jail to get folk to change for the better, the sincerity of the “change” gets revealed as time passes. I seen many friends and acquaintances get knocked or witness death to where they want to either pick up a Bible or study lessons, become preachers or take up an attribute some are sincere, some will fall back in their former lifestyles. In Tips case I’m rooting for dude but at the same time the whole equating himself to MLK/Malcom X had me looking at him like sideways cuz humility is one of the first signs of change and I haven’t seen that from him is more of a “look at me I’m a goodlife now”. I see thru it, how do you go from tippin strippers to tippin cops?

  • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

    Thought provoking per usual Sir DP.

    It seems, when most rappers get locked up or are charged with some shit (be it trivial or serious) fans seem to blindly get behind them with “Free (your favorite rapper)” campaigns and what not…It begs the question that is insinuated in the post…Would they do that for X? MLK? Mandella?

    Maybe with Obama in the White House, the definition of a black social icon will have a paradigm shift? Yeah?

  • http://www.porschetaylor.com porschetaylor.com

    Great Read! While I’m glad T.I. is speaking out against gun violence, he needs to own up to the fact that going to jail doesn’t warrant celebration. I’m torn on this though, because if I were going away, I would party like it’s 1999. I guess with today’s media/internet coverage, its more in your face. Folks who have followed the rules all of their life and been positive contributors to society begin to resent (read: hate) the coverage and celebration of an ex-thug turnt rapper. Where’s the celebration of the rapper that gets that college degree? Let’s hope he continues this path of redemption upon his release.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fucentgo STeaDY

    Good post pimp




    tip been all over dis website on his reporting to jail, shit ya’ll update when tip go take a piss (drake too). meanwhile, dis nigga c-murder ALLEGEDLY been murkin niggas & catchin cases left & right, he jus plead no contest to two counts of second degree murder. & he still got another pending murder case.

  • Zulu1925

    Comparisons of T.I. to MLK and Malcolm X are unfair for two reasons: 1. T.I. is still significantly younger than each of the other men was at the time of their death; 2. T.I. is still in the midst of the life-changing episode that each of the other men experienced prior to their greatest societal contributions.

  • Zulu1925

    The events that T.I. has and will experience in 2009 may serve as the crucible from which his greatest contributions will arise – or maybe not. But, we should at least give him the chance to show what he has to offer society, once his federal obligations are met. Until then, it is unfair to critically compare him to MLK or Malcolm X because T.I. just may become the voice of his generation.

  • Dallas Penn

    Are you reading this drop from a cellphone? Listen to the song posted here. T.I. himself makes the comparison to X and MLK Jr.

    • Zulu1925

      Prior to 1963, no one could have predicted ML King, Jr was going to become MLK. He was a little-known (nationally) Pastor of a small Southern church who had gotten in trouble for dating white women, plagiarized his doctoral dissertation and was a known womanizer. However, in 1963 MLK participated in the SCLC protests against segregation in Birmingham (where he wrote his famous “Letter”) and also participated in the Bayard Rustin-organized March on Washington, where MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech galvanized the public and thrust him into the national spotlight where he went on to lead the fight for racial equality until his death. All I’m saying is give the brother a chance to fulfill the expectations he has of himself.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Good post, DP.

    I think a lot of influential men (not just rap cats) put too much pressure on their own shoulders. They all want a cross to bear, so to speak. & while its all noble & modest, do so without comparing yourself to real heroes, in the legitimate definition of the word.

    I thought that line was ridiculous. Many of our glorified MC’s have done the same thing, & it always irks me. Like, MLK didn’t go around saying he was the next Abraham Lincoln. Hell, Michael Eric Dyson has never said he was the new Robert Louis Stevenson for that matter.

    How about be the first T.I., feel me? [||] Give these “kids” something to look forward to. Showing them that voting in our communities in necessary was a good step in the right direction. A better one would be leaving all that “hood” shit in the hood; help the youth grow up.

    • $ykotic

      One of the realest things I’ve seen on the ‘net today Grand$.

      Made me remember when PE did “Terrordome” and caught flak because of the “cause they got me like Jesus” line.

      Damn at least Chuck was fighting for US.

      Ross on gospel TV but rapping “Rich off Cocaine”, Spec gay flinching, Charlie Ham losing coins, these brothers are LOST.

      I remember MLK, Malcolm, hell even Cassius went to jail for the cause!

      And yet I see the white boy dying before our eyes because of the fame, crying on tracks literally and yet the message is lost.

      Bleeping shame man.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        Good looks $yk.

        Without cause, there’s no effect.

        So far, the only “causes” I see are “get money” & “stop snitching”. TF? Miss me with narrow minded propoganda. I got kids to raise; where’s the substance?

        I see a bunch of dudes who want to make history, but don’t know it. Folks been running in circles, chasing “our” own tails for long enough. “Our” meaning “our” generation. I’m color blind. Hell, we all should be by now.

        • $ykotic

          My brother. On everything…

          I’m gonna make sure they visit you daily. You have a story to tell. My treat.

          2morrow I’ma give 24hr exclusively to me. One day sale…

          Because I’ma closed in dude who comments! Ha!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


          My dude……

          *fist bumps the computer screen*

  • Epinz

    Just now noticed ur comment…ngga its obvious that that’s the case with vietnam. What I wad sayin was that the u.s. Was givin it to the soldiers to help them cope with what was goin on at the time. So, yea, I actually c how u would see that by me sayin “dropped” but that’s what I meant.

  • Epinz

    It was condoned by the u.s to shoot up at that time which is why so many came back hooked.not all though, some did do it for leisure of it.

    • 619

      You know the saddest thing to me about Vietnam isn’t really the drug use, but the fact that the U.S. government ignored the needs of the soldiers coming back. The U.S. government and part of the general public alienated the troops returning with issues in an attempt to distance themselves from the embarassment and public relations disaster the war turned out to be. The effect the war still has on homelessness is a shame. Walking through Downtown of my city I always see a few Vietnam vets in wheelchairs missing arms or legs, still camoed down talking to themselves. Our government hid the truth from the people for so long trying to make themselves look victorious, that when the truth came out they swept the vets under the carpet to make the public forget about the governments failures.

      • 619

        Look at movies like ‘Rambo’ even. One mafucker running through Vietnam winning the war by himself? hahahaha. Years after the war was done the government P.R. machine was still feeding the public bullshit to change their perspective about the outcome of the war.

  • DazzOne

    Look for that to continue with “The War on Terror”. With not releasing tapes and intell about waterboarding and Gitmo,ect., looks Obama will be no different.
    “Obama is a schemer, and I don’t trust schemers”.-Dr. Coornell West.

  • Dallas Penn

    Thank you Epinz, 619, $ykotic and the whole Commission