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The SlaughterHouse collective busts a lot of people in the head when they formed Voltron.

Sometimes the most obvious shit be the shit that we never see because its right in front of our faces.

Hip-Hop has always excelled in the arena of posse tracks, but those projects were always one-offs or remixes. It wasn’t until the Wu-tang formed that we had the opportunity to experience Hip-Hop like it was during the era of the Cold Crush Brothers, the Funk Four Plus+ 1 More, and the Furious 5. These groups showed us the heights of rap using techniques like harmonizing, slick wordplay, audience interaction and basic unity. That was before rap music was making any good money for the tall Israelis.

The second the t.I.’s started making big paper from rap they looked for individual stars to place on posters an the supergroups were all fractured from outside and from within. The money that came into rap had folks scrambling just to get a check. You have to be careful what some folks will do to get a check. They are liable to steal your rhymebook the first chance they get. Instead of unity and rocking crowds in unison the industrial music complex made rappers into war machines and set everyone off to battling. It took us a long time, and in reality, the collapse of the industrial music complex in order to have the chance to see rappers come back together again like SlaughterHouse has done.

fantastic 4

SlaughterHouse = The Fantastic 4
For the reason that they are bringing the idea back into the rap game that people from different cities and regions can posse up and be focused on the same goal. The Fantastic 4 is Marvel Comics legacy title. The FF may not be the strongest group in the comics universe but they have been able to thwart Galactus, the Skrulls and Annhilus because they work as team. This has been the SlaughterHouse’s crowning achievement to this point. If they really do release their group album this summer 2009 could be the year of Hip-Hop’s rebirth (no Lil’ Wang).

So now I asked myself what other rap supergroups could I relate to some of my favorite comic titles. All respect to Dart Adams from Poisonous Paragraphs who is the master at this shit here, but I’m partial to books drawn by John Byrne. I thought about Random Axe which is the supergroup composed of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. I’m going to relate this group to the Avengers because that was the one superhero collective that had the most hardbody brothers.


The Black Panther was down with them as well as the Falcon and even War Machine spent some time in Avengers mansion. Dart, correct me if I’m wrong but did Luke Cage get some burn with the Avengers at some point? Sean P is definitely on some Power Man shit. Fam should do a photoshoot dressed up in the Power Man suit. [ll] to wearing man-dex.

It was rough on a young fanboy coming up back in the day. There weren’t really any Black superheroes that I could relate to. Black superheroes hardly ever had anything sexy about their steez. Plus they were all called ‘Black’ as if anyone would confuse Black Lightning with another dude named Lightning. WTF?!? Dudes like Green Arrow and Green Lantern used the green in their powers and their costuming. Black Lightning was just a brother from the ‘hood that made Wonder Woman go hide her purse after he walked into the Hall of Justice.

After listening to that track ‘4 Minutes 2 Lockdown‘ on the Blackout 2 album I decided to call Redman, Method Man, Raekwon and GhostFace the Alpha Flight.

alpha flight

Some of you fanboy nerdcore purists (read: Dart Adams) will tell me no effin’ way to this connection because Alpha Flight was a team formed out of Canadian superheroes, but I have to ask you all if there are four rappers from Canada as lethal as Red, Meth, Rae and Ghost? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Kardinal Offishall, Tabi Bonney, and Saukrates don’t add up to the superpowers that are required to be Alpha Flight. Not even if I added former Mount Royaler Carl ‘Jackpot’ Chery to their ranks.

One of the offbeat comic book superhero teams was the Doom Patrol which was like the DC Comics version of the Fantastic 4. I see the cRap music version of Doom Patrol being offbeat too because they are fronted by the man in the mask called DOOM.

doom patrol

DOOM would posse up with Madlib, MC Serch and Kurious. Plus the ghost of J Dilla would be on the MPC-3000. And unlike the DC Comics title these dudes wouldn’t get canceled. Their fan base is strong enough to keep them on the road all year long.

How many cRap dudes have the letter ‘X’ in their stage name? Those are the cats that will become the X-Men. DMX, Xibit, Sadat-X, Brother J and Lin Que (from X-Clan).

x men

There is enough pro-Black shit going on in their rhymes along with the classic 7:30 tendencies of Wolverine that Dark Man X brings. I like this group a lot.

On the heels of the X-Men I give you the Next Men. The Next Men comic series was created by my favorite comic book artist John Byrne. The Next Men were genetically enhanced humans that would ultimately lead up to the final fate of humanity. The Next Men in cRap music have that burden on their shoulders as well. Will cRap music as we have come to know it be changed for the better or ruined forever?

next men

The Next Men will be artists like Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale and the girl that smacked the shit out of Charles Hamilton. She is definitely a superheroine. She did what no other rapper has been able to accomplish up to this point and that was to make the pink panther Charles Hamilton shut the fuck up.

Briana Latrise is the real superhero in this cRap shit.

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  • Pierzy

    Nice work, DP. I think it’s funny that since superhero movies have proven to be extreme moneymakers for Hollywood, the general public is finally being exposed to characters they had never heard of before (such as Iron Man…unless they were a Ghostface fan).

    I was never huge into comics but I fux with Batman from day 1 & I always thought it was fun to relate them to real life and/or other pieces of pop culture.

    Hopefully Slaughterhouse can get some run like “The Dark Knight” and not like “Mystery Men” so we can all revel in their ability for a while. I know the album will be crakk, I just hope it’s appreciated since so many great things these days are not.

    • Tony Grand$


      The comic book comparisons never get old….

      Bunch of dude’s in funny costumes professing super-human abilities.

      But, removing the actual number (4), I would liken them to Excaliber. Joey could easily be Phoenix, what with all the emotions usually causing more trouble then he wanted. Royce would make a good Captain Britain. I’d say Royce would make a good Nightcrawler, just because he kind of looks like him.

      Didn’t Onyx have a comic book @ one-time?

      • TonyGrand$

        Oops, I meant Joell would make a good Captain Britain.

    • Bobo D

      What’s good Pierzy.
      I’m a bit jaded on the whole hollywood/comic book moives. I mean people do get the exposure and so on, but hollywood is also a greedy as a mofo. They may just get writers to read the first issue of a comic book, deliver a crisp fresh shit to the audience and cash in on merchandise (see: Hulk).

      I ain’t into comic books, I’m more of Anime/Manga person. But I understand since the storm may be coming our way. Spielberg signed on to do a adaptation of a manga, then after a while a whole bunch of studios stared signing to do movies based on manga’s.

      “The second the t.I.’s started making big paper from rap they looked for individual stars to place on posters…”
      That shit has been happening since Motown. It’s cheaper to give a cheque to a single person then a group and have a hold of their carrer.

  • Tony Grand$


    I think FF4 is a good comparison, but I since you went canadian for a minute, I would also say they (SH) could be compared to Excaliber.

    Question is, who would be Captain Britain? & would Joey arguably be Phoenix?

  • Jamal7Mile

    Never was a comic book fan. EVER! But as far as collectives go in Hip Hop? Lets start with the Rock Steady Crew vs whoever in that Breakin’ movie.

    Wu-Tang, of course. Juice Crew (!!), Hit Squad before EPMD broke up (imagine an entire album of that Headbanger madness if they stayed together), Strong Arm Steady w/Xzibit, Westcoast AllStars “Same Gang” and the Eastcoasts’ equivalent w/”Self Destruction”, D12, Roc Familia…

    The X-ecutioners are my FAVORITE group of DJ’s!!! And I refuse to believe that they broke up. Isn’t there a DJ pool out there that’s supposed to be 100+ strong???

    I wish I could speak on the Tagger crews, but I’ve never step foot into NYC and I need way more than a movie called Wildstyles in order to comment on it. I love what I’ve been seeing though.

    They ALL superheroes to me. Not too many people know about them, either. But don’t superheroes like to move in silence anyway???


  • Dallas Penn

    Pierzy = No Days Off

    Your’e right about Hollywood cashing in our fanboy love for comic characters. That won’t stop anytime soon.

    The SlaughterHouse collective is for real and not make believe like some of the groupings I mentioned in this drop. They have some momentum and everyone’s attention.

  • ron mexico

    i like it, dallas! i like it.

    x-men is wu, tho. illest crew ever.

    “She did what no other rapper has been able to accomplish up to this point and that was to make the pink panther Charles Hamilton shut the fuck up.”

    see, but she didn’t even shut him up! nigga tried to keep goin!

    “you punched me, doe…”

  • Dallas Penn

    I wish someone would make a slow-motion reel of homegirl’s right cross. That shit was textboook.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I think World Star HH did, Dallas. That was the first place I saw it.

    And yeah, Mex, he DID keep rapping after that chin-check! LOL! He had to try to play it off somehow because he knew he was on camera AND he knew you were coming after him! HAAA!!!

  • Young History in the Making

    They even got a gif of mr. hamilton gettin checked by ole girl on the net already……complete with rings bursting out and all…

  • FSG

    That video never gets old. To see that nigga get his wig rocked is priceless.

  • El Tico Loco

    I’m not a CH fan at all, now I think I love ol girl and her right cross, this was obviously a special time of the month for her and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time fuckin with the wrong one.

    I know ya’ll big on Marvel Comics but give it up for the Hall of Justus and the Justice League.

  • Max Profit

    Very Very Cool!
    Good Job.

  • EmCDL

    Man DP you have a vivid imagination when it comes to this comic book shit LOL. But its tight!


    dp you put alot of effort into that i never even heard of next men. speaking of effort after ole girl came out with a heart felt and personal poem. charles does some of the same and she tried her best to knock his ass the fuck out. i give him props to actually keep going while holding her hand. i would have had to leave the area as soon as possible because that girls life would have been in danger. i have never hit a women but i have had to shake a couple chicks up.