I consider myself sort of a lyrical extremist when it comes to hip-hop.

I don't really care what MCs talk about as long as they say something slick in the process. There's nothing like a good beats and rhymes combo when the MC is just obliterating a great beat with mind blowing rhymes. As much as I love lyrics, I've learn to appreciate simile-challenged MCs for other facets of their games whether it be comic relief (at their expense sometimes) or flows. It's like...sometimes I need to take a break from deciphering Nas' lines so I just wanna listen to something really niggorant, so I put on some Jim Jones or something.

Now, Jim Jones isn't a good MC by any means. He'll tell you himself that he's no rapper. The thing is, as mediocre an MC as he is, Capo still churns out some pretty good music. He's wack at the essence, when it comes to straight up rappin, but he puts out solid music. He's what I call, Wacknificient. Like, at times, he'll say something really wack, but I won't care. I'll be the first one singing along to it. To his credit, Jim has gotten much better over the years. He's no Pharoahe Monch, but he's gotten better.

See, at times, an MC's wacknificience doesn't have to do so much with his lyrics, but the way he delivers his bars. It's so pedestrian and borderline laughable, yet, there's something absolutely infectious about it. For me personally, Gucci Mane LeFlare may just be the most wacknificient rapper out today. He's no Black Thought, but I still love his music. "Freaky Girl" is just about the best example. The song is just full of wacknifient lines.

He sets off the first verse with, "Let me set the record straight/hater you participate/three girls with me like I'm going on Elimidate/say you got a man, but your man ain't here/the ice in my ear shine like a chandelier"  and later boasts "My money long like a limo/just to show off I put my wrist out the window" on the second verse. LOVE IT!

Lil' Boosie is another example. I don't look to him for lyrical content, but you'll most likely catch me brushing my shoulders and shoes if they play "Wipe Me Down" at a party. This is subjective of course. My wack MC is the next man's Rakim, so it's all up for debate. But what about you guys? Who are some of the most lyrically impaired MCs you love to love?-Jackpot