BLOG: The Age of Do-It-Yourself Rap

Last night I saw Drake perform to an allegedly sold-out S.O.B.s crowd in NYC. The show wasn’t scheduled to start until 8:30pm but the line was already half a block long around 6p.m. (Somebody tell Rick Ross! Haha). His performance was either decent or dope depending on who’s recapping, but Kanye, Ryan Leslie and MC Lyte were among the big names who came out to watch him, and Bun B hit the stage at one point. I started wondering how the hype on this dude got so big…

When I spoke to Drake recently, he made a good point about being part of a new do-it-yourself generation of artists who are taking their destinies into their own hands – like most of the rappers on our 2008 top 10 freshmen cover. Lots of artists put in work to pull themselves up into the industry by their own bootstraps. But Drake is a special case, as you’ve been hearing over and over and over. Still unsigned hype, he hasn’t had any major label backing other than a Lil Wayne cosign (and you can weigh the significance of that however you want) and he’s released three mixtapes, the last of which, So Far Gone, is earning him all this 50 Cent-like mega-buzz. Now he’s got an interesting bidding war going on and he’s letting the labels have at it (fyi Lyor Cohen of Warner Music Group was also in the building last night)

What Drake has done in the past year is basically everything a traditional label would do to introduce an artist. It’s the program that most of today’s MCs are getting with, i.e. Lil Wayne, which is basically promoting their own damn selves. Creating their own market. At this point, Drake has already built his own buzz, his product is appealing enough to a good amount of people and his visibility is growing primarily through word of mouth. It would seem that all he needs a label for now is distribution and pushing his album back (zing!).

Take a look at what a label does before an artist ever drops an album – marketing (creating an image), promotion (radio, Internet, etc) and advance money are all part of the setup stage of familiarizing an artist with his/her audience. But artists have been dropping mixtapes themselves for years now and if you can build up enough hype to set up your own shows, then you’ve got a good start. There’s no money in sales, clearly – “show money” is the key, I hear. So if you can create your own music through mixtapes and then perform that music at shows across the country and you don’t have to split that money with the label because of a 360 deal… Could be profitable, no?

Of course I’m not too naïve too see the benefits of a real label deal, including covering expenses like flying to tour destinations and promoting shows but aren’t those all tax write-offs anyway? A smart enough rapper could conceivably release music entirely on his own these days.

As for the buzz, some people are saying Drake is overhyped but it probably only seems that way because it’s more visible. The buzz could indeed be similar to Fif’s, except that with the Internet we’re now actually able to witness the evolution of an artist in real time, which makes it seem like overkill. We all know that Internet hype doesn’t necessarily translate into sales, but Drake’s recognition is beyond the Internet at this point. His shows are selling out, radio has latched on, and everybody’s dropping his name as if they flew to Toronto and discovered him themselves. What do you think? Does Drake need a record label? Is the do-it-yourself method successful? Or do the artists end up overhyping themselves? -clovito

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    • Max Profit

      No he don’t need a deal as right now!
      All he needs to do is keep his affiiations with big time artists.
      Eventually he will get a really really good deal on his own terms.
      Everybody wants a deal on thier own terms.

    • RiZob

      People need to be honest with themselves….Nobody knew of, or gave a fuck about Drake until Wayne put him on….I know he had mixtapes before Wayne, but nobody knew of them, nobody had heard of the other mixtapes B.W. (before Wayne)…..I know this is the internet and everybody on here hates Lil Wayne like he killed their father and raped their mother….but give credit where credit is due……this whole Drake buzz is because of wayne….Drake “really” had nothing to do with it…and thats real talk….

      • Class of ’09

        U gotta give Drake credit too. If you think about it, a lot of this buzz came from Best I Ever Had. That song is everywhere. He has a bunch of songs wit Wayne of the mixtape. has already done songs wit Wayne, and Wayne even spit a verse, but his buzz didn’t hit top level until Best I Ever Had really started getting play. Everybody needs a backer too, 50 had Dre n Em.

      • EazeeStreetz

        Very True.Folks need to admit it and stop frontin’.The kid’s got a lil talent but his co-signs are what’s the driving force right now

      • MP McFly

        WTF!?!?! Wayne did have something to do with his buzz, i agree, but you cant honestly give wayne credit for this man’s whole career!!! thats stupid! Drake been putin in work since 04′ on the music scene! Maybe YOU didnt care about DRAKE until WAYNE put him on but the real drake fans been listening to hi since he did the song on Degrassi! WORD!

    • makaveli1671

      If he play his cards right he can be bigger than Wayne or anybody else out right now & no he doesn’t need a label….The reason his buzz is big is because of all the co sign’s of established artists(Wayne…i guess?)& not so established but respected artists (Joe Buddens?..) But the major factor in all of his success is the potential to be the first really respected triple threat in hip hop since Lauryn Hill because he can rap,sing,& act/model(no homo) & thats innovative for a male rap artists because it has yet to be done….Dude has the potential to make more money than 50 & Jay-z because he’s so marketable…dont even mention the fact he representing a whole other country!

    • s.soft
  • d-lo

    i think all he needs a major to distribute him if the hype is all true give him 50 esque situation put the whole building behind him and yea he could be the next it(hint hint LA)

  • Pierzy

    It’s completely “say enough times and people will believe it.”

    Lil Wayne is far from the greatest rapper alive but he said it so much that people were just like, “Um…well…I guess he is…he keeps saying it. It must be true.”

    This is one thing that really hurt someone like Nas. While he mentioned it once or twice in rhymes, he wouldn’t say anything about being the best or being “King of N.Y.” back in ’01 but Jay kept at it so people were just like, “Yeah, it’s still Jay.”

    Self-marketing is the best marketing in hip-hop.

  • Moving Sideways

    He obviously doesn’t need a label. It’s just one guy.

    He doesn’t need a touring band, a giant studio budget, his travel expenses are minimal, his promotion and marketing to hype up his product are already taken care of by Lil’ Wayne and the internet. Does he even need distribution? iTunes works just fine for that. Does anyone really care about Drake’s album art? I doubt it.

  • Epinz

    I was thnkin bout this earlier about this ngga, and I aint never really took the time to listen to what he gotta say but his buzz is big and if he was smart he’d go the jay-z rout or go independent since he is makin his own buzz and I KNOW if leyor was there that E1 would def break that ngga off proper!


    “What do you think? Does Drake need a record label? Is the do-it-yourself method successful? Or do the artists end up overhyping themselves?”

    ofcoarse he needs a traditional label! rappers don’t make much money off of raps these days, and the majors have connects in other areas. it’s kinda like being a member of a frat! majors have more connects in tv, movies, etc. name one independent artist that has had a big movie role!

    even with drake, not many people even know what he looks like! majors saturate the market, that helps the artist in the end.

    • Detroit P

      You don’t know what you’re talking about…people don’t know what he looks like?…this nigga was on a popular teenage show that ran for like a hundred seasons…these girls watched this nigga grow up on the show…grew up forgot about him…heard he rapped, remebered him from Degrassi and loved his mixtape..instant success…you’re confusing Drake with a Charles Hamilton…Drake is more than an internet star…Have you seen a Drake crowd…a Drake crowd looks just like a Plies crowd…Packed full of a bunch of girls singing all his songs word for word…he’s getting paid off sold out think about that then re-evaluate your position, cus you’re obviously out of the loop on this one…also its summer and Degrassi is gonna be showing reruns of it’s whole series for months..this niggas gonna be all over that Disney-esque “N” channel..and all them teenage girls gone be watchin

      • DETROIT

        “this nigga was on a popular teenage show that ran for like a hundred seasons…these girls watched this nigga grow up on the show”

        so was nick cannon!

        being a child star does not translate into being an adult star…ask bow wow! matter of fact, that just means that he has a trendy audience, which is more of a reason why he should join a major and try to get as big as possible!

    • macdatruest

      All the frat niggas I know is broke, but they swear they joined to network but the only thing that count for is borrowing money from eachother. fa real!

  • Avenger XL

    I say viva la do it your self. This is how things should be because the labels are the ones who pretty much watered down every major music in history in the name of raping the entertainer/artist.

    But Drake is overhyped not because of his efforts but because Wayne gave him that cosign and Wayne has a cult of stans ready to buy into anything he says is dope due to his marketing genius. So if Wayne says lemonade is a popular drink and it still is cats would put lemons in their syrup. Couple that with all so called sources of hip-hop media love to dick-ride anything beleived to be cool and bame you have over exposure.

    Wale is 100 times more lyrical than drake and his mixtapes are sick. But drake gets love due to association and the fact he sticks to his Disney channel/Nick rhyme scheme that appeals to the tween crowd. So his marketing team have him set to blow and the dick riders are in tow and on top of that he is going for the R&B/crap rap pretty boy position vacated by Chris “boogety beatdown” Brown. game set match

    • Detroit P

      Correlation doesn’t equal Causation…Lil Waynes cosign doesnt cause success…Lil wayne cosigned Nicki Minaj and Currency and Mack Maine and all those other young money dudes before Drake…didn’t have the same effect at all..not by a long gotta give credit where credit is due or you’re just hating

      • Avenger XL

        I would say he did not put as much into the others as he did with Drake. Dre does the same thing with folks on Aftermath. For some folks he just smiles and waves and maybe give them some throwaway beats. But for others he introduces them to industry connects and puts in a good word on the inside for them. In a vibe interview Wayne said he reached out for Drake because that dude is the future. I am sure wayne realizes that Mack Maine is a weed carrier he is trying to keep employeed, Nicki Minaj is only going to get so far with the lil Kim 2009 gimmick and Currency isn’t horrible but he is quite mediocre. Sooo why not put the serious industry find cosign behind Drake who probably wrote some bars for him at some point (but that is another story). Bottoline Drake got the better cosign the others are just tax write offs for artists ego driven vanity labels.

      • james dean

        nicky minaj has quite a buzz actually…..and Curren$y……he stepped away from Young Money and now a lot of people fuck with him more than

  • Tony Grand$

    This is how music should be done. DIY.

    No hands in your pockets, no bosses to answer to, your own agenda & limitless creativity.

    “Rap” is a brand like in other business. Cut out the middleman & take the bull by the horns.

    Nobody ever became successful by resting on their laurels [||].

    If the same kind of accessibility were available 10 years ago, hip hop would no doubt be less watered-down & more user friendly. Now, thanks to the ‘Net, fans feel like they’re a part of their fav artists career.

    I think it’s a good look. The labels better step their game up or get fazed out.

  • BeerGangsta

    Have J finally producer somebody that’s going to go Platium. Drake is catching a lot of attention lately. I have not heard shit from him yet.




  • Epinz

    I thnk lil wayne is the main reason he’s big, they’re just alike in style and rhyme! He does hold his own, I just thnk he’s in the perfect circle of friends, he would never do shit if he was associated with anyone else. Shit, if it weren’t for him be’in with lil wayne, they would call him a biter!

  • General

    I think the DIY is the only way for these new rappers to go, otherwise you just sit on the shelf at a major forever until your buzz is gone…

    This kind of ties into yesterday’s blog about rappers who missed their chance, well Drake is making sure that he doesn’t miss his chance and is taking advantage of every oppurtunity he has to build his career…

    I don’t agree with all the talk that he is only hyped because he got a co-sign from Lil Wayne, because I’ll admit I wouldn’t even give Drake a chance just because of that co-sign…

    Since though, I have listened to his mixtapes and while a lot of his tracks are built around heavy commercial appeal, there is no denying his talents as an MC and a singer (no-autotune)…

    Only time will tell whether his approach was successful and whether he is deserving of the hype. Real MC’s are not built on one mixtape or CD, but rather a long track record of quality material. 50 Cent to me is the perfect example of overhype, one close to classic CD and an extreme drop off in quality since

    • pe scholar

      co mutha fuckien sign!!!!! he is an honest artist. Contrary to popular believe, people relate to this!!!!

  • Epinz

    @detroit p
    I thnk ur right as far as the degrassi thing, but the big buzz dnt come from that,cuz,well, nick cannon would b big right now to( def not the case) I thnk he’s recognized from it but lil 13 year old girls aint on xxl or nah right buzzin him up.also, them other lil wayne co-signs are slight trash anyway. Drake is acually good from what I’ve heard so far but like kid cudi even, he wouldn’t b as noticed if not for kanye. Good music gets u internet buzz, a co-sign and good music gets u mainstream attention

  • Epinz

    @detroit p
    I get what ur sayin with degrassi but like detroit said”nick cannon would b big 2″ little thirteen year old girls aint on xxlmag or nahright( who’s obviously pushin him) buzzin him up. To us a lil wayne co sign dnt mean shit, but to the mainstream its huge. Look at what kanyes co-sign did for kid cudi! On top of the fact that the got talent, they got major mainstream cosigns. Also all them others lil wayne co-signs ar slight garbage. Co-signs only work if they have talent!

  • Epinz

    Ill also say that the internets wouldn’t even had known about drake if not for the wayne co-sign. I remember when he fist was really comin out, all that was said was that he was on degrassi. I thnk lil wayne put him in the game and then drake did the rest with quality shit! Like jay and memph minus the quality shit after gettin put on

  • Curtis75Black

    If this is the new trend for emcees of this generation, God Bless it !! It’ll be alot better than those 90′s “(Crack Selling) put me on days” where the relationship can end if 1 of 2 things happen: The rapper gets co-signed, signed to a label, drops a cd and it fails, in which he might blame the co-signer or The cd does well and he’s bigger than the emcee who signs him, now there’s resentment. Jay-Z &Jaz, Nas & Cormega, Canibus & Wyclef, Busta & Flipmode Members, Fat Joe & Terror Squad Members etc,etc. You do it yourself, put the extra work in and you succeed all you have to congratulate is yourself.

  • Paul Cantor

    label is completely unneeded at this point. Drake could have “So Far Gone” on Tunecore right now and be making money from day 1.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Gooch?

      If Drake wasn’t an actor, where would his start-up money come from? I never got that part of the equation. Lawyers, manager, artist development (ha!), distribution, stage props, studio time, etc. How would an unsigned, label-less artist get over this HUGE hump???

  • Ron Mexico

    some great points here, but most of you forget that drake was a star before he ever picked up a mic. it just so happens that his shit is good.

    drake has a team that serves the purpose of a record label. he may not need one, but that’s not to say no one does. most TRUE indie musicians (not Jay-Z and Cam’ron, whose names are popping up on here with “indie” attached to them for some silly reason) both need someone to execute these functions, even if not a traditional label AND they need to… have ears, which drake drizzy had from day one.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up, Mexico?

      You just answered some of my questions to Gooch. But it still seems like a big bill to me.

  • Vindi

    I was onto Drake before the Wayne co-sign so that point is bull, give a guy his due – back to subject he will need a label in the long run

    • Gman

      Yes YOU were into Drake but not everybody else. It is hard to rise above hundreds of other artists. You need a co-sign to get you in the door but you have to keep yourself there. Wayne got co-signs from Nas,Jay-z and Em and that helped his career as well.

  • Epinz

    I thnk if he were to do what jay did or cam as far as start his own shit, he’d b real str8. Pick up some other talents from canada, give it good name, and call it a movement.

    • Ron Mexico

      he totally has that power now. he doesn’t need to be bird fed, i think that’s why he’s taking so long to sign. it’s a great point to negotiate from.

      • $ykotic

        Quick question Mexx:

        Catch “Lift Every Voice” this week?
        Think I got one for you…

  • Epinz

    Unless ur from toronto, or watched degrassi, there’s no way u were listenin b4 the co-sign since lil wayne been co-sign this man since his jump to the u.s, his first shine was writing for wayne! That’s how he got the exposure to b able to shine how he’s been shinin. Drake is a quality act and I c him almost takin over this rap shit but the initial buz came from lil wayne talkin bout some kid from toronto who wrote a verse he spat at the b.e.t awards. And they been on eachothers shit ever since.

    • Tony Grand$

      @ epinz

      Not true. He was getting his buzz up purely from being on Degrassi awhile before Lil Wayne was fucking with him.

      He was in a couple mags or some shit, & I thought to myself “who’s this dude & why is he familiar to me?”. The Degrassi gig ended some time ago. But he’s been trying to do the music thing when he was still acting.

      He real co-sign came from “Hollywood”, then Wayne took him under his wing.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s good, Tony?

        The very first time I ever heard of Drake was here on the XXL Banger section last year. I listened and said “cool” and kept it moving. Then I heard from him AGAIN on some Hollywood-type blogsite and found out he was an actor. Then, AGAIN, when I was spying on my 20 year old cousin’s FaceBook account while she RAVED about dude and his new mixtape. After that, his buzz became impossible to ignore and I had to check out the YouTube vids.

        Fast fwd >>> today

        He seems poised to blow big time. The Lil Wayne co-sign did nothing for me, if not detract just a little. He doesn’t need Wayne, if you ask me.

        All-in-all, he’s in a unique spot and I hope he does blow up. I heard that he’s on the verge of signing “something” with Jay-Z’s label, but I personally would like to see how far he gets as he stands right now.

        • $ykotic

          I’m not going to get caught up in the hysteria.

          Any rookie needs to prove they are worthy.

          Even with a 100 co-signs. Like Lebron. The anointed “king” is about to get booted yet again.

          Really makes me think Jay Z co-signing you is like a curse. Somehow.

        • Jamal7Mile

          What’s up $ykotic?

          *Off-topic, non-Hip Hop question…

          Is it me or are the NBA Playoffs this year, an up-side-down, inside-out, exact OPPOSITE of what EVERYBODY thought it would be??!! If only I placed some big bets on Orlando/Denver over in Vegas with my bookie! Once again it’s off topic here, but EVERYBODY meet me at the blogs at so we can talk some SHIIIT!!

          I’ll ALWAYS be 7Mile, btw.

        • $ykotic

          7Mile! What’s up homie!

          Orlando/Denver would be horrible for the NBA.

          But I would watch it.

          That’s why I threw Lebron in this equation. Because heads are practically giving him a ring. And he even knows that he has a WHOLE lot of work to do.

        • Curtis75Black

          It might be “Horrible” for the NBA but great for the fans to see two real teams competing because they actually won a series, not something handed to them because David Stern wanted ratings. They are crazily promoting Lebron and Kobe with all those commercials. Ain’t even checking for Orlando and Denver.

        • DETROIT

          “I’ll ALWAYS be 7Mile, btw.”

          west or east?

          west 7 mile has all the bitches!

        • $ykotic

          Real talk my dude.

          I wonder if Lebron will do a Dwight puppet now! Cause he looks like he’s gonna have the time!

        • Jamal7Mile


          EXACTLY Curtis!! Did you see the puppet commercials during the game??? I am so anti-Stern/NBA Marketing!!

          I root for the underdog ALWAYS!!

          Lebron vs Kobe? NAAWW!!! How about some Superdunk VS Big Shot Chauncey?

          Like I said, I’ll be talking shit at ESPN.COM on one of those blogs. And my name won’t change, I’ll be Jamal7Mile all throughout any argument you find me in!

          *Side Note – Don’t forget Ron Mexico can also blog about sports, too!! On different sites! I’ve seen him!!

          SO JOIN US!!!

        • Jamal7Mile


          Westside got ALL of them TOP-SHELF chicks that need to be brought down a peg or two. You know… the bourgeousity
          itty bitty titty but sometimes biggy committee crew… that grew.

          DETROIT, think about ANY rich D-Town chick you know. She went to Rennaisance, MLK, or Cass High. She get her marriage printed in Jet Mag, only to get divorced a year later. She then decides to fck MEEEE (!!!) when I had some of that automotive money, and when I told her i didn’t want to marry her she SETS MY CAR ON FI…

          You know what? I’ma change the subject…

          It’s (legally) for the best, I’m just rambling right now.

          I need my own BLOGSPOT!!!!

        • Tony Grand$

          What’s good fellas!?

          I can’t stop cheering for the Lake Show. I won’t lie, I’ll watch whoever plays, I love basketball, but even if the Lakers disappoint me, I’ll still have to stay purple ‘n’ gold.

          As for Drake, I heard him rap once. I’ve read my articles & interviews than I’ve heard actual music.

          I hope he takes advantage o this situation the right way; not trying to sign artists all willy-nilly, not signing to the first label that comes knocking, not getting caught-up in his own hype.

          & for God’s sake, they already shot up his performance. Somebody tell that cat to pull his pants up before somebody rapes him [||]!

          @ $yk & 7Mile,

          Yeah, google “twitter tony grand$”. My wife brought it to my attention. Some niggas been biting shit I say, & someone let them know that “I” said it! Yeah, they’re watching….

        • $ykotic

          @ Grand$

          You knew that was gonna happen! I see the names looking really “$ykotic-ish” but I have the name branded.

          @ 7Mile

          A lil’ aggression there brah?

        • Jamal7Mile

          @ $yk

          Yeah man, I miss my ’98 SHO!! I could’ve chose murder as get-back, but naw, I simply broke up with her (and fked her best friend… um, and her little sister) for revenge. It was more sweeter to me.

          $ykotic, you really should GOOGLE your name and let that engine take you to every site that YOU PERSONALLY HAVE NEVER BEEN TO so that you can call out any imposter that uses your name to post bullshit!! It happens, man. Pra’ly means you’re getting too famous.

          Ask Rickey Ross…

          Matter of fact, I’m gonna GOOGLE my screen-name too. You know know, just to make sure no one out there is bullshittin’ and what not.

          Well… maybe later. Denver and LA ’bout to start Game 5 in a min.

        • $ykotic

          That’s the thing my dude. I did earlier on. I know who the derivatives are. I have papers on my moniker so it just helps me out.

          Maybe 2morrow I’ll link up my info.

          But I have sooooooo many chick stories…

    • Tony Grand$

      @ epinz

      Nah, his real buzz began with Hollywood.

      That gave him the connects to start focusing on his music, which he was working on near the end of “Degrassi”. Otherwise, Wayne wouldn’t have even heard of him.

      He was making minor moves on radio shows & appearing in mags, then Wayne caught wind of what he could do.

      So Wayne picked up on his buzz that Nickolodeon provided & gave him a “push”.

      & like Mex said, he just happened to be good.

  • Epinz

    or u couldve been on him which would make u a small minority of peaple, kinda like listenin to az b4 illmatic. Also, u coulda been listenin without knowlege of the co-sign, like listenin to az after illmatic and not knowin that that’s what blew him up…(Light bulb goes off)audience!that’s what it is Findi,thank u!audience is what the co-sign got him, an audience!!!


    Drake to me isnt that krazy but then again i havent heard all his mixtapes. He doing the right thing though his buzz is krazy.
    check this lyricist out: Jigg Littles

    he in the bronx mixtape soon

  • Epinz

    So what is young money? A record label or a click? Cuz he reps it but he aint signed, what if he starts his own sht, would he still b considered young money? Or is this a wu-tang type of thng? That would b a good deal for him as well…jezzy had two deals at the same time, that would def work 4 him!


    shouldn’t the age for do it yourself rap be like 1995-1999. MASTER P IS THE POSTER BOY FOR DO IT YOURSELF RAP! drake will never kill the game like p did independently. as a matter of fact, nobody will!

    • $ykotic

      And that is a good ass statement, Detroit.

  • Epinz

    I feel u on that to an extent. I’ve known of him from the show and knew that he rapped, but not serious like that. That b’in said,like I told vindi, in regards to just his music, u were 1 of those cases that knew of az b4 illmatic(to use the same example)I thnk that the co-sign opened the audience up to him. He def wouldn’t b around the peaple he’s around if not for wayne which also helps him out cuz all these other nggz is co-signin him to. He’s really good, but I dnt believe that it was purely skill that got him to where he’s at. Plus degrassi was filmed in canada, that show def wasn’t big enouph to put him where he’s at. If it was just for degrassi he would b looked upon like nick cannon…well…minus the fact that he can actually rap.

  • Quietstorm


    “Correlation doesn’t equal Causation…Lil Waynes cosign doesn’t cause success…Lil wayne cosigned Nicki Minaje and Currency and Mack Maine and all those other young money dudes before Drake…didn’t have the same effect at all..not by a long gotta give credit where credit is due or you’re just hating”

    the none stop grind gets a nigga ahead of the rest.

  • Epinz

    I’m actually suprised that nggz aint been attackin him for b’in on the show. Well…I guess its cuz he aint talkin bout killin and shit like that, the minute he starts talkin that gangsta shit he’s gettin stoned by the comment section!and degrassi will b the main focus ie. Ronmex!


    im starting to get tired of ya’ll (XXL) ridin the same niggaz in the game. drake, t.i., eminem, etc…. (i could go on) aint the only muh fukas in hip hop. dats why i stopped buying ya mag too many covers w/ the same shit (same shit inside the mag too). its really getting old to me.


      i feel you on that bro. maybe the bloggers can try to focus on a wider variety of acts…i know we can’t expect anything from the editors, but most of the bloggers seem like some real dudes.

    • $ykotic

      @ A-Town

      We slide other names and stuff up in the comments from time to time.

      Even we know they be slurping sometimes(AsherEm). But it’s better than Worldstar.

    • Jamal7Mile


      I’m telling YOU RIGHT NOW that YOU are a part of Hip-Hop that is sorely needed right now! No joke, no gimmick. You say exactly what’s on your mind. Your comments are FKIN’ REAL and I don’t think that YOU think other people read YOUR SHIT!!

      THEY DO!!!!!!

      If you search the ‘nets real hard, you will see that bottom, top, and ALL LEVEL type negroes done seen (read) YOU here! And they respect what you say (and steal your jokes), and take that shit into consideration on some big-time decisions…

      ALL OF US!!!


      They steal the jokes we make here in the comments section (I still like though)

      SOUTHSIDE A-TOWN when you get tired of XXL, let ‘em know that they got to get better. And STICK AROUND TO SEE IF THEY DO GET BETTER!!

      I ain’t no faggot-ass Stan to NOboby! But this blogsite/comments thing we got don’t need to change!

      • $ykotic

        Co-sign 7Mile.

        Been telling ya’ll they’re watching.

        @A-Town if you come through with some knowledge we may not know, why not drop it in?

        Gives them ideas too..

  • Rae Tha Great


  • Enlightened

    If you think they really “did it themselves” you shouldn’t be writing for this publication. Please stop misleading people.

    Talk about the hands behind the scenes that embraced him and pushed him out there for people to evaluate.

    There are a lot of people out here trying to make it.

    Stop feeding them these fucking fairytales and be real with them.

  • Epinz

    They write about them cuz that’s what’s poppin and that’s who’s makin noise at the moment. Xxl be’in a mag has to apeal to everybody so if they blogged about little brother or tanya morgan for example, only fans of them would read and comment on it. I dnt mind it cuz xxlmags bloggers speak upon the shit in a diff way! They have the best bloggers and they’re all original with they’re posts. Look at dallases last post or ronmex’s. Bols on point so knowin that this a mainstream site for a mainstream mag, be’in that this is a business,I can’t complain!


      i disagree, the same niggas comment on xxl everyday. we’d comment no matter who the blogs were about. and i’m not saying that xxl should go totally underground, but they could’ve done without at least 2 of those eminem features! they also put damn near rick ross’ whole album, track by track, on the bangers section. a lil diversity wouldn’t hurt them at all. why do you think niggas goto that awful worldstar shit? cuz niggas like chopper and tone trump are on there. they also have hiphop battles and shit like that! if xxl would acknowledge more rappers, there would be no need for sites like worldstar.

      ALSO, DON’T GET IT CONFUSED, THE NAME RECOGNITION THING MAKES IT EASIER TO GET READERS WITHOUT ACTUALLY WRITTING ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE! that’s the biggest reason why they always write about the same cats. you put eminem up there, and it doesn’t matter what you say in your blog, people are ready to read your shit and comment! good writing also has that effect on people, but what’s really easier, writing an effective blog or writing some random shit bout an extremely popular figure?


    @Jamal7Mile – nigga u read my mind! thanks man.

    i fux w/ these blogs & comment section HARD!(no homo) everyday. i respect all ya’ll.

    • $ykotic

      Real talk brethren. You made me research that C-Murder info.

      Bring it to the round table!

  • epinz

    i feel where u comin from, but look at this post and its comments, then look at the big pooh feat they just had up…correct me if im wrong but isnt the volume of comments not what they look at? shit, some of u originals aint even comment on it! the reason em an rickey was on here so much was cuz they had cds comin out. shit, b4 that em was missin for 4 years. thats the business side of this shit. the record companies pay xxl to advertise and promote theyre artists. thats not just with rap, thats just the music business period. i bet rollin stone site holdin this same argument on theyre comments.bloggin is like rap.its not what u talk about(cuz they all talk about the same shit)but how u talk about it. thats why ur an original and i come here everyday, cuz xxl has the best and most original bloggers and comment section.i thnk if xxl took the best aspects of the other sites like u mentioned then they would run a monopoly on this shit. its the business of this shit man. if it werent for that everybody would have an equal chance and shine, lord knows i thnk little brother should b triple plat by now and solja boy should b cleanin my sons school.and i agree with u on the name recognition thnk in regards to lazy or just horible blogs whit is why i only mentioned xxl.

    • $ykotic

      Homes did you see the highest number for today was the feature on Spencer Pratt?

      Above the bs I’m really looking at that DJ Quick/Kurupt collabo. Sounding like some fire right now. No press here though.

      That’s why a dude like me will jump all over the Maino/MOP press just to try and push it.

      Big up my dudes, look at these clowns.


  • epinz

    correct me if im wrong on the volume of comments, i heard it b4 but never knew if that really mattered. i asume it does since nothing looks worse than a blog with no comments

  • epinz

    exactly, not big pooh, tanya morgan,skyzoo…spencer prat!!! so nggz cant complain bout the bullshit if they feed into it. that proved detroits point even more in regards to a name on a post.

  • epinz

    yea, karupt had all the potential in the world. that shit should b on point. just mad they aint capitalize off of it ten years ago when they woulda been on this site(if it existed) or on the cover of the mag…its like marley mal and krs-one, just alil to late,feel me?

    • $ykotic

      My dude E. U taught me right now to go back and reflect.

      I’m with you. Sh*t is upside down right now. I’m trying to teach my soldiers this right now.

      N*99as are living past lives. Hustling backwards, looking ahead.

  • Epinz

    I aint even click on that shit with spencer. I dnt fuck with the bullshit on this or any site.


    WHERE MY LAKER FANS @ HUH? we will take it in 6.

    p.s. Jemele Hill and/or Rachel Nichols will u marry me?

    • Jamal7Mile

      Jemele Hill from my hood SOUTHSIDE. I’M gonna marry her!!! You can have Rachel, LOL!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Lakers/Nuggets gettin’ stretched out to game 7. That’s a promise!!!

    Nuggets in 7. Yup, I said it!

    • L.A.KaliRican

      OOOOOHhhhhhh, how do those words taste?
      Fuck yung money as a staff, record labal and as a muthafuckin krew!!!!!

  • http://xxl.mag LIL Y@NG

    Drake is a beast no further details

  • Yung P.

    RiZob is an idiot cmon now drake is HOT and im not saying lil wayne didnt give him publicity cuz whoever gets on a track with wayne is going to get heard but drake knows when he sounds good he doesnt “need” wayne and since he doesnt have a label he has to have hot affiliates if you ever heard drakes mixtapes you would know because so far gone isnt even his best mixtape so he was hot before wayne!

  • J Real

    drizzy doesnt need a label at all…my dude makes mad money without 1, is mixtapes r incredible, has sold out shows without an album out, and has cosigns and is collaborating wit weezy, jigga, and yeezy..dats a done deal

  • Darren Pereira

    Nobody buys music anymore. You make money in the music industry from performances, licensing/publishing and advertising.

    Getting a “deal” is pointless unless it’s with XBox at this point.

    Get that money, let’s go!

  • Darian Mitchell


  • Eric Biddines

    Overall you have to give the credit to Drake,do you know how hard it is for sumeone to come after wayne and actually succeed,and to be taken seriously when you were on a nickalodeon teen show “Degrassi”.almost impossible!!! not mentioning the other young money artist wayne co-signed that never did this much. Drake is a true artist and he’s interesting.

  • Hall Of Fame

    No label as for now!!!!Get as much Independent Cake as you can, but the overall appeal of getting a ill team is going to be key. Gee & Hop are gone do a great job for the young bawl!!!!!

  • The Watcher

    I usually do not get into the whole thing but here goes.

    This kid had his own money from the TV show, the whole riding around town in a Phantom line is true, he didn’t know Wayne, tell me one up in comer who has been able to do that?

    He is managed by the guys that make you believe that Lil Wayne “discovered” him, The whole Hip Hop Since some year crew, that is behind the hype of Kanye, Weezy, and Jeezy and oh yeah Drizzy (had to that) they are the reason Gee and Tez, them dudes

    Do not ever discount people being familiar with an artist, MTV had Em all over and that is why he partially blew, the other is because he spits crazy.

    Speaking of spitting, dude can spit, listen to his rhymes, he can spit he sounds nothing like Wayne

  • Oneman Beats

    Drake is making some hits and he can spit. That plus a co-sign helped him.
    i think someone up here left a comment saying he put something out before but it didnt go as at the time as its going now.
    Co-signing is very important in the game right now

  • ATGtst

    Drake surely got buzz going on but it’s not as big as 50′s back in the day. I’m one of your international readers, reppin Belgium to the fullest (lol). And 50′s first real official single was in da club. And I think You’re the best is Drake’s in the club, when In Da Club came out it became a number one hit here in Belgium. Untill now nobody who isn’t into hiphop as I am has heard of Drake let aside his single, You’re The Best. So I would say his “buzz” on an international level isn’t as big as 50′s was. But I actually believe that you can’t compare both because the music industry has changed a lot and the music is different. You’re the best isn’t a new kind of song, everybody’s already heard it before, In Da Club was something unheard of here in Belgium. The big audience here didn’t even now what rap or hiphop was back then. And I think that counts for a lot of country’s here in Europe. Now it’s a known genre so the what-for-music-is-this-buzz that In Da Club is something that Drake can’t compete with here in Europe.

  • Opal Ellyse

    Do it yourselfe is all there has ever been in Wisconsin:)

  • Nigel Kohlhepp

    Have you ever thought about writing an ebook or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.