One Shot

A few months back, a few coworkers and I spoke to a group of aspiring bright young journalists from Howard University, and one of them asked which artists we were really feeling who’ll most likely never *Chris Tucker voice* ever-ever-ever-ever-ever make it big for whatever reason. I immediately thought of Jean Grae, one of my favoritest most talented MCs. There’ve been a few times that I felt like she had a good chance to at least make a run for it. But once you miss your big shot, it’s pretty much impossible to reach that point again. Sometimes it’s old age, sometimes choosing the wrong singles, sometimes just waiting too long to put out music. So many new artists wait forever and a day 26 to release albums, trying to time exactly when the moon is in Jupiter and only end up missing their chance to blow. Blow as in establish a high presence in hip-hop.

I’m talking about talented MCs, not artists like, um, Tity Boi — those that didn’t capitalize when their buzz was at an all-time high. Canibus is a prime example of a rapper who had much potential, considered one of “the next,” but he made a misstep by prolonging a beef with LL Cool J instead of simply using it as a steppingstone. Then there’s (ugh) Papoose, who’s not my cup of tea but who at some point in his career had enough potential to get a $1.5 million deal with Jive.

While some of these artists are considered underground acts, they’re not all underrated, per se. Many of them get plenty of respect. Maybe they just don’t have the major label backing or that necessary it factor. I feel like Grafh had a bit of a buzz when he dropped “MySpace Jumpoff.” I thought his voice was unique and I liked his song, “Damage is Done” (more so for the production), where he spit about his father getting blasted (“They shot my pops and blew his brains two feet behind his last footsteps”). But I’m not sure if he ever had a chance to splash.

You could also add the ubiquitous Joe Budden (who had his shot with “Pump it Up”) and Saigon. I can’t put Lupe in there because that’s my favorite rapper of the moment and I still feel like he could reach Kanye level if he really wanted to. Which rappers missed their chance to blow? And whose opportunity to blow is about to run out? Which reminds me…where the F is Boosie?! —clovito

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  • Chris Cash


    Slaughter House as individuals

  • stoneyisland

    Shit where do I start?……Craig Mack, he shoulda blew up in a major way, Camp Lo, Ill Al Skratch, G-Dep, Redman, the list goes on and on. When you get the chance to blow you have to seize the moment……………..

    • Phil

      REDMAN? Missed his chance to blow? Ummmmmm,let’s go down the line:

      3 Gold albums, 3 Platinum albums, a TV show, movie, commericals, and a hardcore fanbase that never left him, even for “Malpractice” which still sold 700,000 records. So,uhhh…shut it.

  • sealsaa

    Add Big L to the list. Seeing as how Jay-Z obviously bit off of L during his come-up, I can’t begin to fathom why he was never signed to a major label. Who knows? Maybe he turned down the deals he was offered, which brings me to my NEXT pic, Mos Def. The mighty Mos put out a banger in Black On Both Sides, but failed to capatlize off of it. Hell, Black Star was a banger too. I remember hearing rumors of him getting offered deals from Def Jam, Roca Fella, Interscope, and just turning them down. Granted, major label backing isn’t EVERYTHING, but he has yet to put out a notable release since B.O.B.S.

    • Curtis75Black

      Mos Def just went a different route with his music. He makes his money elsewhere and we all know he can spit so, it doesn’t matter to him. As far as Big L goes, it’s not like he’s still living just chillin’ in the cut, so it doesn’t make sense putting him or any Dead emcee on th

      • SJB

        I don’t get what that that means, it doesn’t matter to him (Mos Def). So he’s just making shitty albums, wasting everybody’s time and money, and that’s his legacy? Wow, for someone who is supposed to be such an advocate for great hip-Hop, that’s an awfully wack approach. If he wants some respect, he should have like Kanye or Just (or even Nas or Hov) exec produce his next album. He clearly needs help, dude has done the least with the most (no pun intended).

  • Epinz

    Little brother(dropped the classic minstrel show on a major and went styrafoam!)
    Charles hamilton
    Ace hood…
    And everybody else on the xxl cover!

    • DetroitDraper

      Ace Hood garbage

      • SbuJah

        ras kass
        organised konfusion

        i think blu is mad dope… but is losing momentum cos his “peers” are effin up the game!!!

        all these young cats is plain garbage except for a few of em. when will they realise that releasing a mixtape every 2 months is killing the game. imagine you a doctor and the doctor down the road is giving away his services for free. what is that gon do to your craft? its just going to devalue your skill to the level where you have to have to lower your standards as well…

        case in point… in the mid 90′s you didnt get to be heard unless you were mad nice with your mic skills

        check out some dope rappers in the 90′s

  • avenger XL

    The rap industry is set up a lot like prowrestling. Go and check out the history of pro wrestling and tell me if you see the similarities. Technical wrestling was deamed boring at some point and folks wanted you to get to the violence and the simple good vs evil narrative. Technically skilled lyricist have pretty much been marginalized and much of the the buying public wants simple veiws spit over dope beats or a new dance craze. The cats you are saying missed their chance never really had a chance because their audience is smaller and they are a part of a subgenere of rappers who get the title of emcee i.e. two steps away from full on spoken word. There fanbase are mostly male and sometimes former wanna be rappers/producers. There are other people in this group but they can all be considered purist to the extreme in hip-hop terms a few moderate heads who love lyrics thrown in for good measures and the chick that smoked weed with most of the guys(note this is one of the reason why packpack rap concerts from back in the day was a sausage party) and you have the audience that buys into this type of artist. Labels wouldn’t even bother to try and market them being the d bags they are.

    • latino heat

      you ain’t lying about backpack concerts being sausage fests. i remember i went to a GZA concert back in ’99 and i tricked my patna into going with me because i told him there was gonna be females there. i knew there wasn’t gonna be, but nobody else would go with me so i had to lie to him. oh well. he ended up enjoying it anyway.
      good analogy between wrestling and hip hop also, as a fan of both i definitely see what your saying.

    • patkilpat

      I am a pro wrestler and and emcee/producer and you’re completely correct. Its also the same as being a stand up comedian (I’m that as well as other things too)

      “this raisin in the sun comes from grapes of wrath”-Patrick Kilpatrick and The Suicide Notes

  • Pierzy

    I submitted a blog with this same topic – I just called it “Hip-Hop’s Biggest Busts…”

    Canibus is #1
    Four Horsemen

    • General

      The fact that the Four Horsemen never manned up and actually put a full legnth CD together pissed me off….lets pray that Slaughterhouse project does actually drop in July like they say

    • D-Block

      how is canibus hip hops biggest bust? because people are too fucking stupid to listen to him? i still keep canibus in rotation to date. the majority of rap listeners are fucking retarded that why canibus never blew up.

      • El Tico Loco

        Co Sign couldn’t have said it any better

      • DownSouth

        Yeah Canibus was on a whole nother galaxy. Most people don’t like anything that challenges their mind and makes them think. I personally like a lil bit of everything, depending on my mood. To this day, Canibus is #1 in my top 5. Shot out to Eminem and Nas for being 1st rate lyricists as well.

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

      • The Spaniard

        Best comment ever.

        “This nigga think he all smart and shit with all these big words. Nikola Tesla? Who the fuck is that? Play some Weezy nigga!”
        ~average rap fan

        • chillin mayne

          jajajajajajaja…u a fool for dat one jajajaja..das how it b goin down tho

        • jhill2

          Nikola Tesla? You gotta know who that is. Get your brains up, then you can get your change up. Tesla was involved with electricity and energy. He even has a symbol named after him, the Tesla(T). Pick up some books and then you can write some corny hooks.

  • Avenger XL

    Another problem with many of these cats is the fact they either then have a character or their character didn’t translate well. Since you are an entertainer your job is to entertain and one way to do this is by inventing a character that represents the philosophy you spit. Rappers don’t use their government names much but all of the greats can be described by their character even before their lyrics and don’t get me wrong I love lyrics for lyrics sake but this is entertainment and if they don’t move their feet then you ain’t gone eat(thank you 3 stakes for that line)

  • General

    The westcoast is plauged with a lot of these cats that seem to have been waiting forever and a day to get that major label CD out or any CD for that matter….

    TOP 5
    -Crooked I
    -Bishop Lamont
    -Clyde Carson
    -Hitman-what the hell happened to him after he was all over Dre’s 2001 CD he seemed ready to blow the fuck up





  • jesse

    poor pharoahe monch – add him to the list

  • Jamal7Mile

    Sadat X
    Stack Bundles
    Tash (Tha Liks)
    Stat Quo
    Slaughterhouse members (still pending???)

    These guys come to mind for now.

  • SJB

    Man…Sauce Money, Nature, Kurupt to some extent, these are people who actually dropped albums. Putting Saigon on there isn’t fair because who out there really thinks his album will actually suck, if it ever sees the light of day Canibus is like the Ryan Leaf of this rap shit…

    • Pierzy

      Good call on Sauce. Dude won a Grammy as a ghostwriter and had some of the best co-signs in the industry and still…

      • $ykotic

        Blame Jay. Believe me on that one.

        BOYZ N THA HOOD-Jeezy took their momentum
        RAH DIGGA

    • latino heat

      SJB, you took mine. as soon as i read the title of this post Sauce popped into my head. Sauce Money had SO much potential. i thought he was the next dude back in the late 90′s. he had a album worth of classic colabos with Jay-z during that time and when his album dropped there was no hype at all. probably my biggest let down ever.

  • big_tymer

    lol u said where is boosie? boosie bigger now then ever.

  • DazzOne

    Damn, I guess XXL won’t let me comment…

  • SJB

    Pierzy, did u get his Middle Finger U album?

    • Pierzy

      I did…and I liked it. But there are only about 17 of us that actually have it.

      I also have the Four Horsemen EP and their chance came and went…

      • Bobo D

        Four Horsemen EP? I must have missed it.
        And Ras Kass keeps getting locked up, so I guess he can be added to the list. I’m still living off the “Razzy Kazzy” mixtape.
        “The Homie” is killer track.

        • BGZ

          Great minds think alike.

        • Pierzy

          What’s good Bobo…Here’s the Horsemen EP. They released about 4 copies I think. The beats are far from amazing but they do their thing lyrically…especially Canibus on the opening track…

      • Pierzy

        What’s good Bobo…Here’s the Horsemen EP. They released about 4 copies I think. The beats are far from amazing but they do their thing lyrically…especially Canibus on the opening track.

  • Silly Willy

    How about AZ ?

    • $ykotic

      He should have the picture on top.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    How about Beans? He never lived up to his potential in my eyes. He’s not mentioned as one of the great ones like he probably could of been.

  • JermZ Da$h

    half a mil
    sauce money
    Young chris
    stack bundles
    dirt bag
    young n restless
    Young Joc
    need i go on????????

  • Epinz

    How bout a drop on the most disappointing co-signs of all time. Memphis bleek qualifies for both blogs!
    Also, all them texas boys had they’re chance in 05, or did they blow and just fall off?…
    I’ve been on sai since he dropped freestyles on kay slay shit in 02! He has no excuses, neither does pap!

  • Epinz

    I dnt consider big L one cuz he was killed b4 he had a real opportunity to blow. He had only dropped 1 cd alive and he was rumored to have been signin rocafella….that woulda been huge!

  • Curtis75Black

    1st off, Redman shouldn’t be mention in this Blog at all. I also feel Canibus did use the beef with LL as a steppingstone, especially if your 1st single is directed to the man, which I feel shattered everything he was trying to accomplish. He already had a buzz blazing everything he was on, so if just came out with a single and not a diss record, it would’ve been better off for him. Mos Def that shouldn’t be on this list either because he just went a different route with his music. He makes his money elsewhere and we all know he can spit, so it doesn’t matter to him.

    Papoose, Cassidy, Freeway, Jean Grae Memphis Bleek (on his own) and The one and only MC Shan (Should’ve been on The Symphony) are some that comes to mind

  • Epinz

    Yall should do a blog about the worst co-signs ever! Memphis bleek would qualify for both…

    I’ve been on sai since he was droppin freestyles in 02, this ngga has no excuse!He’s def lost the chance he once had to blow like he could’ve!

    Also, would them nggz from texas count? Or would that b considered falling off?

  • SJB

    AZ is one of the only people on here (maybe the only) who has dropped a bunch of albums and has a very thorough catalog. Some of his business decisions never made much sense, i.e. signing with Motown, but who here has Aziatic?!?! To me that was a classic, call me crazy.

    • DetroitDraper

      I have it and yes that was a straight classic.

      • SJB

        See and that’s the thing about AZ that makes him a lot different than anyone else, he has a very solid career IMO…almost everyone I know and grew up around are huge fans of his, but for whatever reason he was never able to take it to that Nas/Jay/even Jada level. He’s sorta the Kool G Rap of his era, or somethin..not trying to hurt feelings, but who really thought hell Rell could be a superstar? Dude is the definition of a Dip-Set cronie, whole style is a carbon copy of Killa’s…

    • miles archer

      Aziatic was cool but Pieces of a Man is incredible from start to finish.

      • oskamadison

        But Undeniable is bodying both of them.

  • abdulnasir

    just abt every1 that’s not on a major label, whatever happened to the early southern movement around the cash money/no limit era, when we had other southern artists like jt money n solee? remember them?

  • Epinz

    Co-sign on the aziatic! He went in on that shit!

  • Curtis75Black

    1st off, Redman shouldn’t even be mentioned in this Blog. 2nd,I feel Canibus did use the beef with LL as a steppingstone, especially if your 1st single is directed at the man. He already had a buzz with all the tracks he blazed so I feel if he would’ve just dropped a single instead of a diss record, It probably would’ve worked out better for him.

    The emcee’s I feel deserve to be mentioned is Papoose, Freeway, Cassidy, Memphis(on his own)Bleek and the One and Only MC Shan(Should’ve been on the Symphony)

  • Federal Ranga

    Yung Joc did not blow? That was a joke, right?

    I will give you some niggaz who REALLY never got they shot;
    J.R. Writer
    Serius Jones
    Arab (don’t ask)
    Wacko & Skip
    Kyjuan from the St. Lunatics (he pretty decent)
    Jodi Breeze

    Now here the niggaz who time about to run out if they don’t hurrdafuckup;
    Lupe Fiasco (the only rapper whom I can say is sleeping on HIMSELF)
    Hurricane Chris (if Soulja Boy can keep it going, why can’t he?)
    Romeo (busy with USC)


  • freshbriant

    Hello people your forgetting AZ,what about Peedi Crakk circa 2002-2004,rah digga(don’t sign with Busta Rhymes ever !!)can’t think of others right now. LEANS BACK AND TURNS ‘GIMME YOURS’ WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY THE F**K UP

  • oskamadison

    Anyone remember The Outsidaz? They were on The Fugees’ The Score with “Cowboys” which even had a video and The Score is one of the biggest selling hip-hop albums ever. And they were on tour with Red and Meth (with Red co-signing them) and had Rah Digga down with Flipmode and had Pacewon gettin’ co-signed by Ski and Wyclef. Why didn’t they blow? Blame the usual: label poli-tricks, inner turmoil, bad management, bad timing, plus the fact that they all probably smoked entirely too much weed to really be focused.

    • Pierzy

      Em came up with Outsidaz as well. They had all the co-signs you could ask for

      • miles archer

        I still have that Outsidaz EP.

        Damn, how that shit go… (Screaming) “PaceWon: GET UP, GET UP, GET UP, GET UP…”

        That shit was hot.

        Miles Archer

    • latino heat

      @ Oskamadison
      i still tell people that Outsidaz / Red & Meth concert was one of the best shows i ever been to. even though only 3 of The Outsidaz showed up. there energy on stage was crazy. also there 1st album The Bricks was dope as fuck, but there was NO promotion when it dropped. and to Pierzy i remember the Eminem co-sign also. do you know why they had a falling out, because Pace Won had a diss song about Em on his 2nd solo album. which was also highly slept on.

      • oskamadison

        @ latino heat
        Because when Em got with Dre and blew up , he didn’t reach back for dudes. Pace was pissed because HE was the one that brought Em (and Bizarre) to the Outs like check this dude out. I think Pace and Young Zee fell out when Pace dissed Em ’cause, for one reason or another, Em was showing Zee more love than Pace (see “That’s My Nigga Fo’ Real” on the 8 Mile sdtk). Regardless, I’ve rocked with Pace and Slang Ton (god bless) in a cipher before and understand when I tell you, off the top, they would murk anybody.

        • latino heat

          Eminem did a song on there Nightlife EP after he blew up and he was always shouting them out in interviews back in the day.. and there were rumors that he signed Young Zee to Shady records for years. you can only hold a grown man’s hand for so long.

        • oskamadison

          True indeed. I also used to hear that the Outs used to be into a lot of shady shit, too. Maybe karma deaded them, who knows? I got Zee’s unreleased “Musical Meltdown”. Shit was retarded.

        • latino heat

          Young Zee had a unreleased album?! where can i get it? was it from the Shady Records deal or from before all that?

        • oskamadison

          Dude, this was back in ’94. Young Zee was signed to Perspective Records, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ label. He was supposed to be the first rap act to drop but apparently, HE got dropped first. They probably got shook when The damn Source gave Zee 2 1/2 mics which was pure bullshit. As dope as Zee still is, back then, that dude was on another planet. He was saying shit like:

          “I worked at Popeye’s, got fired but fuck it/I used to nut buckets on their chicken mcnuggets…”

          “Straight out the ass, Zee got the nurse nekkid/The youngest in charge like Special Ed’s first record…”

          “Zee rock and work the boards/And make beats, I do it all like The Lords/My PO can’t stand when I’m tourin’/I come back with more than beer in my urine…”
          and my personal favorite:

          “Hittin’ all forbidden kittens strapped with my mitten/Your whole click can suck my dick when I’m shittin’…”

          Shame they never blew like they should have.

  • avon

    artist like papoose saigon joe and crooked cant blow in the state that hip hop is in now even with major support i really feel that pap need to sign with a indie so he can release an album its not the majors but hell what other choice do son have

  • oskamadison

    While I’m at it, let me throw another one in there. This cat is a legend, not VH1 bullshit ass “Hip Hop Honors” legend, but REAL legend in this shit. One of the most influential MC’s ever yet never really blew the way he should have. Schoolly D might have came first with that east coast gangster shit but this man elevated and perfected it. I’m talkin’ about…the Kool Genius of Rap. What y’all think?

    • latino heat

      man everybody knows Schooly D, is “number one in the hood g”.

    • El Tico Loco

      While you on KGR what ever happened with Chino XL, Akinyele, Bumpy Knuckles, Mykill Myers, or Shyheim especially him he coulda picked any lane.


    BOY! one of ya’ll hit tha needle on tha head w/ JODY BREEZE. cant think of shit…

  • clovito

    cosign AZ but he might’ve been too boring to be a big star. drag-on I thought had potential

    • latino heat

      Drag-on was a fake ass Cam’ron until Cam ethered him on Let Me Know. then Drag had to come with a original flow and it went nowhere.

  • Epinz

    Anybody know of binary star?
    Also, black sheep had it all and never came close to the tribe or de la as far as impact.

  • sealsaa

    @ D-Block

    Canibus’ shitty beat selection and lack of subject matter is what held him back. He is still one of the best battle rappers to ever touch the mic, but that doesn’t translate over well to an album. Rip the Jacker being the exception (produced by Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind)

  • sealsaa

    And as for Canibus’ “battle” with LL Cool J, I fail to see how it negatively impacted his career. Anyone with common sense will tell you the Canibus won that battle. Yes, LL had more main stream appeal than Canibus at that time (remember, 99% of his fans wear high heels), but he was washed up back then, just as he is now.

    • Curtis75Black

      Your opponent having more mainstream appeal doesn’t mean a thing when it come to YOU blowing up. MC Shan had more appeal when KRS went at him also and you see what happened. Like I said earlier, Canibus using L as a 1st single launching pad kinda killed the buzz he had because nothing on that debut sounded like that “Battle Track” which was a dissapointment to many. And it’s funny how peeps like you still use that battle bar when Canibus was and probably to this day still one of his biggest fans, quoting LL on all his cd’s !!

    • BRASCO

      true but thats why canibus fell off the face of the earth, and LL is countin money(probably lickin his lips 2). remember 99% of your fans dont exist.

  • real talka

    1-Jody Breeze – One of the best rappers in ATL.
    2-Hell Rell – A better hit single,and more promo would’ve helped him.
    3-Pastor Troy – another “we ready” type of song would’ve helped
    4-Rah Digga – A Second album with better beats,and the right singles definitely would’ve work for her.
    5-Soulja Slim – Death was the only thing that held him back.
    6-Cassidy – Can’t make a solid album to save his life, but he can rap just about any damn thing. I JUST DON’T GET THAT !!!!!!

  • Phlip

    Royce Da 5’9″

    His verse on Eminem’s “Bad Meets Evil” was RIDICULOUS, and he was regularly the better (read: last on the song) verse on the songs they did… Marshall Mathers blew the fuck up, while Ryan Montgomery dropped an album on Koch.

  • zood

    I don’t think its a case of Lupe really wanting to, his albums have been class acts in their own rights and have seen more success than most do these days. I’d hate to see him sell himself out and dumb down for the sake of Kanye levels of success.

  • BGZ

    Ras Fuckin’ Kass!!!

    Label drama, prison drama, misfortune >>> dude was the ‘best ever on the West unless ya last name Shakur’ before Crooked I.

    • El Tico Loco

      Maybe he can come back with Ja Rule as Twinz 09

    • oskamadison

      CO_SIGN THAT 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BrocktonPatriot

    Talib Kweli after “Get By” He missed his chance with The Beautiful Struggle

    • Tony Grand$

      Keith Murray
      -Dude hasn’t really missed his chance, though. Judging by his cameo on BO!2, sounds like he’s about ready.

      • Chris

        That ‘Wu-Tang, Def Squad, L.O.D. Wardance’ line was sick!


    The outlawz without Pac, C-bo, Fiend, Mr.Mike, Tela

    • Big Nick Digga

      Tela got child support to pay.

  • LB

    Yea, the Canibus analysis is wrong. He was one of those MCs that got silenced by the politics involved in the game more so than it had to do with him not havin it. I remember Canibus bein dissed a whole lot by Def Jam people, and a lot of negative stories written about him at the time by other-maybe affiliated-publishers. He was one of the few who could stand toe to toe with Eminem at his prime, but couldn’t get thist to break for him. I think he didn’t make it because of the other, much less talked about reason: it was because he didn’t want to sell out.

  • wtc badman

    i dont agree with what latino heat said bout drag -on cuase drag-on has had some decent verses early on in his career such as some on dmx’s second album personal opinion man no offence i hope u understand where i am cumin from

    • latino heat

      @ WTC Badman
      no offense taken homie, i feel you. Drag-on laced that No Love For Me on Dmx’s 2nd album. i’ll give him that. but honestly when you heard This Is For My Dog’s on Dmx’s 1st album you can’t tell me you didn’t think that was Cam’ron on that joint. then they had the little back and forth in different interviews around that time, and Cam ended it with Let Me Know. Drag changed his whole voice and style after that.

  • El Tico Loco

    Term ended his term.
    Cuban Link
    Alphamega didn’t capitalize of the verse on Hurt before the Smoking Gun revelations
    Young Dro
    Young Bleed (How ya do that there)
    J.R. (my J’s)

  • Incilin

    One of the biggest blown opportunities in hip hop has to be Mysonne. He was set to be the future of Def Jam, but his dumbass got caught up and landed himself in jail for 7 years. Next thing you know, Def Jam got these new cats by the names of Ja Rule, DMX, and Jay-Z.

    • $ykotic

      CO-SIGN!!! Forgot all about that scenario.

      He will never recover from that. AND the money was out there. Damn.

  • El Negro

    shyt last year immortal technique had a huge chance to get an even bigger fan base with the rock the bells tour with nas but he never really made his name tht big but i still respect him and he’ll always be in my top 5

  • Jesus Martinez

    I always thought Kurupt shoulda got a lot bigger than he did. He was the most talented MC on The Chronic to me and he just never really blew up solo-wise. That car crash really stopped DOC. R.A. the Rugged Man, MC Eiht, and Kool G Rap are other dudes that either were ahead of their time or never reached a bigger audience.

  • seriously

    i dont feel like lupe or stat quo should be mentioned lupe has two solid albums but the general public just doesnt pay enough attention to him. stat on the other hand wasnt given the chance when he was signed to shady/aftermath

    • El Tico Loco

      StatQuo was signed to Shady/Aftermath there was no chance.

  • Nate

    Avenger- I like the analogy of rap game to pro wrestling. So true. The best technical artists don’t get the most love in most cases.

  • Corey

    Besides Canibus(2 garbage albums beatwise..his fault) the one dude I hope didn’t blow his chance but is about to is Saigon. All because of politics and BS! Hope to hear from him soon with an CD instead of EPs!! Oh, definitely Jean Grae. 2 Dope MCs who deserve success!!

  • El Tico Loco

    Bottom line most names that are mentioned are people that in one way or another where done in by industry politics.

    • clovito

      that plays a big role yes. Some artists are also just too lazy or don’t have the desire or business savvy


    Little brother
    Royce Da 5′9″
    bubba spraxxx ( but he brought about his own down fall. instead of trying to do some more of his delivarance style material. he dropped the charm and went off in the wrong direction)
    AZ him and nas were almost on equal ground back in the day what happened
    jodi breeze he was suppose to drop a cd since since sinceeeeeeeeeeeee
    Stack Bundles
    pharoahe monch

  • Enlightened

    Glasses Malone

  • King Joffy Joe

    Ummm, how about Hell Rell?

  • LeroyLove

    I think I gots to add:

    The Lady of Rage
    Mack 10
    MC Eight
    Grand Puba

  • w

    I’m old so …
    Bust Down (from Miami I believe and had his own solo album and did stuff with Uncle Luke)
    Big Mike (used to be with the Geto Boys when he filled in for Willie D and had one amazing solo album)
    Richie Rich (had that one solo album for Def Jam and was friends with Pac but nothing happened)
    MC Breed (he never could get it together despite his mega single “Ain’t No Future in yo Frontin” and the song “Gotta Get Mine” with 2Pac)
    Kam (the political Los Angeles rapper who had some underground classics like “Neva Again” in 1993 and “Made In America.”
    WC (oddly Coolio blew up from the Madd Circle but he missed his chance despite being with Westside Connection with Mack 10 and Ice Cube)
    King Tee (despite classic albums like “Act a Fool” he never really achieved any major respect worldwide)
    Goldy (Oakland based emcee who used to rap with Too $hort as part of the Dangerous Crew and released one album “Goldy In The Land of Funk” and could really, really rhyme
    Pooh Man or MC Pooh (he got kicked out of the Dangerous Crew and his career never recovered … he created one of the first celebrated songs to oral sex back in 1992 called “Eatin’ Pussy”
    Bad-N-Fluenz (Oakland based group who could have been one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time (check out Too $hort’s “Get In Where You Fit In” track from 1993 if you don’t believe me) but Rappin’ Ron–who took out the Luniz in a freestyle battle–died and Ant Diddley Dog never really was able to move forward. They had one album called “Bad-N-Fluenz” in 1995 and I think they had another album released also.
    2nd II None (DJ Quik’s Compton group who had one classic self titled album in 1991 that featured songs like “More Than a Player” and “If You Want It” before they released “Classic 220″ in 1999.

  • NewMoneY

    3.Every member on SLAUGHTERHOUSE
    4.Cassidy (dude had potential he just fell off)
    6.Cuban Link ex Terror squad member(“still tellin lies” was my shit back in 2000)
    9.Mic Geronimo
    10.Jin (Dude had a Buzz goin but his singles n were wack!!!)

    *This dude is not no 1 shot but missed opportunity cat BUT i feel like he had alot more potential to become better than what he is today……..FABOLOUS (dude was like vince carter he got the tools to become a GREAT but its like he dont got the passion for it he too laid back and enuff with the features on every track)*

  • Ace


    Ras Kass



    Cory Gunz

    Memphis Bleek

    Bishop Lamont


    Stat Quo

    Craig Mack

    • clovito

      cory gunz still has a shot. I don’t know what he’s waiting for

    • clovito

      cory gunz still has a shot. I dont know what he’s waiting for

  • Boogie The Don

    I got more flavor than now and laters a true player wit rhymes that make ‘em run back to they table and jot down they latest fable plain and simple scratch is where they start from after I done sparked ‘em I’m sharper than your part son generating more mcs than 2pac ones a young poppa ya can’t stop him so just watch him Cartier Rolex faces I got ‘em so the first time you spot one say he better than me to any degree stop him and tell him Boogie got ya I’m colder than the artic rhymes as big as Ross is wit fresh step and fresh breath I’m fresh flossin’ the cold gate artist who aims like a marksman before you enter my throne room check your heart kid forget where you at this ain’t a cell phone commercial my rhymes penetrate through layers of granite surface bounce off of walls then drum on ya eardrum just to make sure you heard it cause most wording is worthless honestly I’m sick of these verses rappers claim its they best cause its written cursive.

    Boogie The Don

  • gkid12345

    Papoose comes to mind when hearing this. I followed this guys every tape but damn he missed his chance because he signed with Jive. Everyone Forgot Remy Ma??? She was supposed to be the next Kim/Foxy but fat hoe and her label left her to sell 130k in total. Same with Stat Quo, incredible music he was one of my favorites and aint get nowhere because of shady/aftermath. Maybe Papoose,Stat,Saigon, and remy should start a slaughterhouse type group when remy gets out.

  • Q! tha Great!

    Canibus (he did miss his chance but like someone said earlier, he was so far over the average hip-hop listeners head that his fan base was too small)

    Papoose (may still have a shot is he gets the right label and promotion behind him. clocks ticking though)

    AZ (had all the potential and I’m not quite sure why he never got where he should be, one of the greatest Emcee’s though)

    Ras Kass (same as AZ, bad label business and then got incarcerated, great emcee)

    Bishop Lamont (caught in thea Aftermath blackhole)

    Stat Quo (caught in that Aftermath blackhole)

    Crooked I (can still come out of it if the Slaughterhouse album holds up! Rooting for you Crooked!! West coast!)

    hell … Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9″ & Joell Ortiz (same as Crooked, rooting for all ya’ll, that group deal should come with an individual album deal for all ya’ll!! especially if the Slaughterhouse record goes hard!!)

    Cassidy (had the talent, the look, swagger and just got jacked by too many other artists, maybe one more chance left)

  • oneman Beats

    i dont see nobody saying Armagedon. (Terror Squad) remember that summer when FAT JOE’S Don Cartagena album came out. They played Geddy’s “My Prerogative” on the radio like it was a single. he was next up but they put out BIG PUN next.

    Armagedon is a beast

  • latino heat

    thank you homie! i’m glad somebody feels me on Armageddon. dude is a beast. Prospect too. they both fucked themselves though. Fat Joe said numerous times that he couldn’t get either of them into the studio to work because they were always in the streets doing dumb shit. like i said above, you can only hold a grown man’s hand for so long.

  • GO-Getta’

    Canibus – dare say he is’nt in ur top dead/alive list..i dare ya say it

    Mos def – he had that thing going 4 him

    Slaughterhouse – lyrical beasts but need skill of making a hit song

    Papoose – alphebatic slaughter joint still in my ipod,if he can only leave klay ass directions

    Llyod banks – he had punchlines & metaphors back in the mixtape days but nah he’s just rotten apple nowdays same thing goes 4 Weezy he had the potential of being 1 of the nicest but duh 2 much pussy,drugs, say the baby kiss my lips makes a shadow of his former promise.