If MTV Listed The Hottest In The Game Today…

It’s almost that time of the year again. It’s already been a year since MTV put out their Hottest MC in the game Top 10. Shouts to my dudes, J-Rod, Rahman, Tuma and Shaheem over at 1515.

Kanye West took last year ranked no.1 last year, edging out his big brother Jay-Z for the top spot. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, Andre 3000 and T.I. rounded out the list in order. I’m not sure when the Brain Trust plans on running their new list, but here’s how I think it should go as of right now.-Jackpot

[Blogger's Note: The following is not MTV's Hottest MCs In The Game list.]

Eminem [1]: All eyes have definitely been on Marshall these past few months leading up to his fifth solo release, Relapse. Not too many rappers could get their video to premiere on Cinemax. Though the music has been getting mixed reviews, Slim is sure to sell a gang of records off GP.

Drake [2-3]: “And I think it’s got that making of a legend feel,”Drake raps on So Far Gone’s “Say What’s Real.” That’s pretty much sums up Drizzy’s current buzz. Everybody from teenage girls, industry tastemakers to some of hip-hop’s biggest names agree that the T. Dot MC is poised to become hip-hop’s first new superstar since Kanye. That’s five years people. T.I. and Wayne are undeniable superstars but they slowly evolved into those slots.

Gucci Mane [2-3]: I’m not too sure how it happened, but this guy’s buzz is pretty much out of this world right now. He’s poppin

Rick Ross [4]: Forget the CO controversy, the Bauwse nabbed his third consecutive no.1 with Deeper Than Rap-hands down the year’s best report to date.

Jadakiss [5]: Kiss’ fan base is underrated. After a five-year hiatus, Mr. Raspy’s The Last Kiss sold an impressive 134k in its first week. There aren’t ten MCs in hip-hop who can claim that.

Kanye West [6-7]: 808s & Heartbreaks is still charting higher than most releases six months after hitting stores. Furthmore, Yeezy remains one of the game’s most sought after MCs, popping up on singles with Keri Hilson, The-Dream, Beyonce and many more.

Lil Wayne [6-7]: Like 808, Tha Carter III is still charting roughly a year after its release. In addition to remaining the cameo king, unreleased Weezy joints keep surfacing on nearly a daily basis.

Soulja Boy [8]: The one hit wonder is pretty much dead now. iSouljaBoyTellEm may have bricked, but the success of “Kiss Me Through The Phone” and “Turn My Swag On” has kept SB in heavy rotation this year.

Cam’ron [9]: We’ll see how hot Cam really is when Crime Pays’ SoundScan numbers come out tomorrow.

OJ Da Juiceman [10]: The new kid out of the trap, OJ’s stock is going up and fast. With “Make The Trap Say Aye” still bubbling, OJ and the aforementioned Gucci Mane are becoming sought after guest rappers. Even R. Kelly enlisted the ATLien for his recently released, “Superman High.”

That’s roughly how I think MTV’s list should go today. I’m sure some of the MCs I’ve featured will be left out, while others (Kid Cudi, Asher Roth?) may make it onto theirs. What do you guys think? Who should be on the list and in what order?

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  • Pierzy

    I refuse to put any stock into MTV’s list considering that on their list of Top 25 ALL TIME, Dr. Dre was like #12 or something…Awful.

    • realone

      4.Corey Gunz
      5.Joell Ortiz
      6.Styles P
      8.Red Cafe

    • mdb

      dr. dre shouldnt be on a list at all if it’s top rappers…producers he’s top 3 easy but rapping? dude doesnt write his own shit and it’s nothing real special either

  • riocardo

    1. Drake
    2. Rick Ross
    3. Gucci Mane
    4. soulja boy
    5. wale
    6. lil wayne
    7. Kanye West
    8. TI
    9. Kid Cudi
    10. OJ Da Juice Man

    • squadwildin

      Imma tell you how Gucci Mane got hot. He did all them whack ass shows in the hood and got his buzz up. When you cater to the hood niggas, you get a big buzz. Then all the white crackas in the suburbs follow suit. Its crackas up here at UF thats bumpin Gucci.

      I like Gucci but he’s has to be in the Top 5 WORST Performers of all time. Literally, his live shows suck. But hood niggas like it so whatever

  • General

    I think TI still gotta be on that list as his CD is still runnin strong along with all the joints he has been leakin before he goes away…

    I think Em at the top is a no brainer as everyone is still beggin for him to save hip-hop right now…

    Raekwon with the 2nd installment of his classic set to drop should be up there too instead of OJ or Cam, whose CD is gonna brick

    And to be honest I think 50 or Game should be on there instead of Soulja Boy since both of their upcoming CD’s which supposedly will be relased this year will generate a lot more buzz than most others, especially if that “Bang Along” track is any evidence of what we should expect from Game’s new CD

    • http://www.datpiff.com/Dont_Panic_Entertainment_Max_Profit_The_Drugs_Ar.m44293.html Max Profit

      In no particular order

      1. Blu
      2. Kid Cudi
      3. Max B
      4. lil Wayne
      5. Drake
      6. Corey Gunz
      7. Tyga
      8. The Game
      9. Eminem

      • Detroit Draper

        You have Tyga on your list?…Your list is automatically VOID now lol

  • d


  • DaBigBoy

    WTH, MTV crazy Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy & OJ R u crazy, screw the buzz these guys are WACK!!!!!!!!
    Must be pure rock fans over MTV making this list.. total bull!

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Who the fuck is Drake? For real, is he poppin’ on the East or what?

    • HNIC

      My dude, you have got to download the “So Far Gone” mixtape by Drake. It’s the hottest mixtape out right now, no doubt. He’s extra nice with his wordplay!

      • Bill

        “He’s extra nice with his wordplay!”

        That’s a flat-out lie.

    • King Joffy Joe

      @ Ben. I live in Miami, FL. And no, Drake is not poppin’ AT ALL down here.

    • Mr. 306

      Drake From the T Dot? I’m from Canada and I’ve never even heard of this guy….and Cam’ron hasnt done anything worth a half a shit


    THIS LIST SUCKS!!!!!!!





  • Illegal1

    Raws may be in the news, but for all the wrong reasons. Word around Miami is that he bought 100k worth of CD’s and gave it out to his CO homeboys who passed them out for prisoners that were on good behavior. The eminem CD ain’t bad, I hope his next one is better and he needs to do a song about Nick Cannon. No apologies necessary from Slim, that’s what he does.

  • avon

    aye my dude drake sucks and so does o j but i think you got the list bout right fa how mtv gon be getttin down but o j or gucci gon have to get cut for asher he is white and mtv is a white ass network and then you know that they will make the case for cudi jay z nas and so on but wont post the sticker with they name on it to the board its just how they do but its better than that bull vibe got going on

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Good list. I agree on just about everything. However..

    “Gucci Mane [2-3]: I’m not too sure how it happened, but this guy’s buzz is pretty much out of this world right now. He’s poppin”

    I’ll tell you exactly how it happened; TI went to jail. If TI was around right now, he would prolly be doing some Gangsta Grills 3 mixtape shit, and no one would bother with Mane. But since people in the south got no one to listen to, they listening to Mane. Remember the last time Tip went to jail and Lil Flip became the man? Then Tip got outta jail, and where’s Flip now?

    Gucci 09 = Flip 05

    • Detroit P

      T.I. hasn’t gone to jail yet…and even so, niggas have been bumpin Gucci waaay before T.I’s Last CD even came out…it’s been a long time comin…you obviously don’t have your hand on the pulse of the game

    • Detroit Draper

      As far as your comment Gucci said it best “Gucci bigger than him/ the fight not fair” PUSSY lol its a million other funny ass quotables from that song. One of the best disses that year.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    That Mtv list is bogus. They sit around arguing points pertaining to whoever, & it’s usually only one dude who’s making some sense.

    It’s the Best MC’s, not best entertainers or best album sellers. Their list is lazy & biased, just like their playlists & television programming.

    But, if we’re going by the buzz, Em’s got that right now. Even the “haters” can’t stop talking about him. Marshall is that dude in hip hop, if only for the moment. After the albums dropped, folks ain’t yammering too much about anyone else. So, we’ll have to see what else the year has in store.

  • $ykotic

    Awww man!

    Take another look at that listing ya’ll!

    That ishh is horrible…

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      I looked 3 times just to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

  • http://www.twitter.com/itztrizz617 Trizz

    This would be my list…
    10) Soulja Boy- Album sales aside, the dude is all over Twitter, has hit songs and already got a 3rd album coming, not many can get albums released that consistent

    9)50 Cent-50 is always gonna be in the headlines and his “beef” with Ross has kept people talking. Crack A Bottle has came and went but now 50 is pretty much re-doing his album with Dre mainly producing even the biggest 50 haters gotta be intrigued

    8)T.I- The King is always going to get buzz simply off his name. His farewell appearances are becoming marquee events in the South.

    7)Jadakiss-Number 3 albumin the country…behind world sensation Hannah Montana is def a good look. Ladies are starting to feel that Smokin Gun track an d with the Lox new set, Jada is def buzzing

    6)Gucci Mane- Idk why you have him so high. He is def poppin right now but his album caught a quarter brick AYE. Didn’t know he had an album out…exactly

    5)Rick Ross-Would’ve been top 4 but Ross is definitely on the decline. He’s now tryna get at Em and people are seeing right thru him.

    4)Kanye West- Lost points of 808s but it all but made people appreciate the rapper more. His other 3 albums got major sales boosts and he’s killing it on the features now.

    3)Lil Wayne-He aint really doing much right now but I’m sure MTV wouldn’t have him outside the Top 5. He’s getting way more credit than he should for Drake.

    2)Drake- So Far Gone has been the most hyped mixtape since the Droughts were relevant even getting him his own Drought is Over tape. People are starting to hate on the Toronto kid which is always a good sign.

    1)Eminem- Cinemax, Family Guy, 3 consecutive Jimmy Kimmel performances, Crack A Bottle went #1 in a day…needless to say people are buzzing about Slim Shadys comeback. With his album likly to go number 1 tomorrow. Em is the hottest in the game

    Notable Snubs:
    Jay-Z where the hell is BP3
    OJ da Juiceman-Album also caught a quarter brick AYE
    Kid Cudi-wheres his second single
    Fabolous-His buzz is only on Twitter

    • latino heat

      the reason S.B. can release albums so fast is because the label knows he ain’t gonna last. he makes throw away music, so they put it out there and make money off them while they still can. same goes for Plies who dropped 3 albums in under 2 years. the label knows he’s not a artist that will be around for the long haul so they cash in while they can.

  • http://reverbnaiton.com/ajb4 AJB4

    where’s 50,Kid Cudi, Asher Roth this list is bogus

  • http://www.twitter.com/itztrizz617 Trizz

    Honestly when I hear Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane, OJ…I dont think TIP i think Jeezy. TI been there done that with the Trap movement hes on to the commercial route making tracks with Rhianna and Justin. Gangsta Grillz, adlibbing, street motivation thats all the Snowman, Jeezy dropped his album and is tryna get his label off the ground and ohers started stuntin in his absense

  • sealsaa

    @ Trizz

    C’mon fam, you’re clearly a biased 50 supporter. The post was about these artist’s MUSIC, and the buzz surrounding it, not some internet beef between 2 rappers. Love Ross or hate him, he had the number 1 rap album in the country when it was dropped, so I don’t see how you can honestly say that he’s in a decline. He was dissing Eminem BEFORE the album even dropped. The thing that all of the artist on the list have in common is that they’ve dropped albums recently, or have been featured in videos and songs recently. 50′s only high profile appearance recently was on “Crack A Bottle”, which didn’t even get as big a buzz as you would expect from an Eminem single. Ross is a fraud, but he’s doing more in music than your boy fif is right now, and thats a fact.

  • sealsaa

    LOL, I was looking for Asher Roth’s name on that list. I’dve called fucking shenanigans, and boycotted this mag if they had put his name on this list after he caught that brick recently.

    • Pierzy

      Dude caught a brick like Reginald Denny

  • SS

    maaaannnnnn yall dont know nuthin bout dis, gucci mane been hot, he isnt da 05 flip he been hot, but now da mainstream is feelin him, and know yall know him, da album dat was put out, isnt official dats his old record label dat wanna make money off him, do ya research first

  • Trizz

    No bias…i liked Ross album but as far as singles nothin on that album screams out top 20 to me…meaning that Ross will eat off the number 1 and go away. personally i dont think that mtv will leave 50 off the list considering that hes always in the conversation for something.


    i don’t know bout an mtv list, but i’ll tell you this, NO NIGGA HAS THE STREETS ON LOCK LIKE GUCCI AND OJ! it’s fuckin nuts, i’m not really a fan, but in the midwest and south, NO OTHER RAPPER GETS EVEN HALF THE PLAY GUCCI DOES!

    but as far as a MTV list, lil wayne would easily be #1….DUDE IS ON FIRE!

    • El Tico Loco

      That don’t mean they nice. I live in the A but not in the matrix.


    who listens to drake? all i heard is one song from dude! he must be one of those hipster rappers, he don’t get much play in the hood!


    MY LIST, which doesn’t look at record sales because historically that’s the worst way to judge a rappers worth (ex. hammer, v ice, bone, nelly, etc), goes like this:


    1. GUCCI/OJ (they count as one dude, like rae and ghost used to)
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. CAMRON
    4. Soulja Boy
    5. Rick Ross (the cop, not the criminal…LOL)

    and although he’s not on my “in the hood list”, EM IS GONNA DESTROY THE GAME THIS TIME AROUND, AT LEAST A MIL 1ST WEEK! and he has some hot shit, not hood shit, but definately hot shit!

    • avon

      hol up detroit im with you all the way but them bone boys can really rap i agree with the hammer and vanilla ice comments but bone got skills and nellys first album wasnt whack he had some shit on it greed hate envy otha side luvin me

      • DETROIT


        you are absolutely right, bone could rap and sing, and nelly was a good artist as well! i just used them as examples cuz most people don’t reallize how good they actually were! good call tho, you got me on that one!

        also, i left jeezy of the list….JEEZY HAS TO BE A PART OF ANY HOOD RAP LIST!

    • D-Block

      id rather listen rappers who actually be in the hood, than rappers that say they are.

      • DETROIT

        “id rather listen rappers who actually be in the hood, than rappers that say they are.”

        i don’t know none of these niggas personally…lol.

    • Detroit Draper

      Thats a accurate ass list Detroit and your right Gucci and OJ one person lol but true.

  • http://estilolibre247.blogspot.com/ junior

    eminem- how he did nothink for like 3 years, just come back like 6 week ago???

    cam’ron how??? where the work???

    oj da juiceman, gucci man hahahahaha

    Drake # 1 on the Mix-tape

    Rick Ross and Jadakiss best 2 album in 09 {at to point}

    Lil Wayne and Kayne Maybe 9 and 10 on the list

  • G Wikipedia

    For those who aren’t familiar: Drake is a half retarded looking Canadian r&b singer who is surprisingly agile at rapping. However, his stock is way overpriced right now because of the lack of quality artists in his category to compare him with. In addition, with the “spreading of music” due to the internet (exponentially artists to try to keep track of, which brings more quality music overall but less big stars), the hip hop new media is desperate for new stars to promote and to provide content for their websites.

    *turns up “Come and Get Me” by Jigga*

    • ?

      “Drake is a half retarded looking Canadian r&b singer who is surprisingly agile at rapping.”


    • D-Block

      man i wish canadians with talent would get recognized like Shad K or Classified

      • Mr. 306

        I feel bad that all you Americans miss out on the talent we do got in Canada. Swollen Members and Classified are nuts.



    how the fck gucci man in #3 that dude suck idont care how much buzz he gettin he aint hotta then jeezy yet. yur list suck realtalk

  • Around and Around

    “Top” lists like this are absolutely pointless and subjective.

  • king blair

    1. TIP- tv,albums sold headlines, SLU
    2. Kanye – headline king
    3. Cam – mags, internet hoopla ppl want that dipset
    4. Wayne- cooled off a bit wit that rock shit
    5. CO Ricky- great album, not so great cred
    6. Gucci- mixtape king
    7. Drake- super buzz
    8. Em – album dropped but streets not on like99
    9. Jeezy – cooled off since album dropped
    10. 50 – he still controls the headlines needs new good shit

  • brand-new

    i might catch some hate for this, but i think lloyd banks should be on the list. he’s been killing the mixtape’s all year. another honorable mention would be bishop lamont.

  • Phil

    Hah, the South is about to drown itself in its own mumbo sauce.

    • LB

      What’s dat supposed to mean man?

  • http://xxlmag.com flaboi

    i have no idea who or wat drake is about

  • http://freedomblogging.org Adam

    Everyone on this list sucks now.

  • CoopD509

    God Dammit! I hate the industry right now!Nigga’s is fightin about whether OJ Da Homo, Drake(Who the fuck is that), and Soulja Bitch should be on a Top 10 list?? WTF!!!? What happened to actual talent and lyric quality and aunthenticity? Gimmie Nas, Jay-z, and Cube against anything that these new fags is putting out. I bet Cube/Nas/Jay has thrown away better 16′s then Droopy errr i mean Drake has ever spit! Wayne was better on the first 2 Carters. The list should be Top 5 Hottest and it should read:

    1. TI
    2. Eminem
    3. Kanye
    4. Jadakiss
    5. Raekwon

    Honorable Mention…50 Cent, Nas, and Jay-z.


      “Gimmie Nas, Jay-z, and Cube against anything that these new fags is putting out.”

      that’s real talk bro, but we have to play by the rules of the list. The only people that i listen to on my list are jeezy and cam!

    • alby412

      When we say the “hottest” some ppl confuse it with the “nicest”

      • King Joffy Joe

        @ alby412, BIG co-sign. Being the the “hottest” does not equal to being the “nicest”.

  • http://myspace.com/youngfree YounG FRee

    I think the names on that list are right… but Em’s buzz is for the album… which is really not all that good! If we are talking about this very moment… Right now!!! The hottest artists in the rap game has to be Drake. I don’t think there is any argument there. true story… dude buzz is out of this world, on a national level. I’m from the south, and I dont listen to Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Oj Da Juiceman… TI would have to be #2, followed by Rick Ross. Kid Cudi,Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, Nipsey Hussle, Eminem, Kanye West, Then any of the southern artists…you pick. Gucci gotta crazy buzz, but dude is terrible… idk. these fucking kids love him. but he sucks… so does oj da juiceman. i mean i respect there hustle all day, but the music is GARBAGE.


      you can’t have ross and no gucci. ross claims that his fans are in the streets! and no one can deny that gucci is waaaaaaay hotter in the streets than ross! they cater to the same demographic, and within that demographic gucci is da man, so is jeezy! internet niggas tend to think that ross is bigger than he really is! Gucci even gets more spins than ross!


    Whats up with wale? Dude’s buzz has been intact for a few months by now without releasing any mixtape or sumthin, i mean Chillin was hot man word, but u still givin props to Soulja Toy? shame on you


    Danm HipHop got so WACK, But Jada is the truth!

  • westcoastaggie

    It’s amazing how Drizzy would probably be number one based off his recent mixtape and affiliation with Weezy.


    BTW: S.F.G. is approaching classic status. Name me an artist that has people reciting every lyric for every song performed WORD FOR WORD?

    • KS

      im pretty sure he signed with interscope

  • D-Thorn

    Thats probably the worst list ever.

  • gkid12345

    Yo this drake shit gotta stop, its ridiculous. He sounds just like lil wayne and can’t even freestyle. WTF MAN!!!!!!

  • ?

    Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, and….


  • ?

    Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, Eminem and…


  • eaztcoast



  • El Tico Loco

    This must be Bizzarro world list. What kinda bullshit is this.

  • http://www.welovehiphop.com Justin Case

    This might be the worst list XXL has ever posted. WTF?

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Who looks at MTV anymore? Seriously, do they honestly have the right to put together a list like this??? All they play is freakin’ reality shows! I think making a top ten list of MCs is stupid, because although there are garbage ones out there (like some of the ones thats on that list), there are alot of good ones too, and most of them just don’t have the shine like the T.I.s and the Kanye’s.

    I’m surprised Dirt Clump Jones ain’t on that list….horrible, just horrible. I’m gonna cry myself to sleep tonite…

  • macheeeo

    The should be……….

    #1. Lil Wayne

    Hard to accomplish what this dude has done. Money, Fame, and undeniable worth ethic.

    #2. Kanye West

    This dude not only started singing but even has his own LV shoe! His cameos have been nice.

    #3. Rick Ross
    The production on his album hasn’t been heard in long time. The shit is very movie type of production to it. CO or not, music is good.

    #4. Eminem
    I listened to the album. Lyrically its on another level. Production will grow. Substance is twisted. a little hard to put on repeat. I hope he makes a few remixes or something.

    #5. Crooked I
    If you haven’t listened to this guy, you need to get his shit quick. He is ridiculous and one day in the right hands. He will be the shit.

    #6. Slaughter House Crew
    Nuff said

  • Emperor Doom

    This list is pretty accurate which is really sad. I have no clue as to why gucci mane is so poppin right now. I’ve heard some of his recent mixtapes and the shit sounds like fucking background noise at a party. Every song is about ice/selling drugs in one form or another. I can’t listen to Gucci for more than 3 songs in a row or I get bored with him. Gucci is boring.

  • whaahh

    3.Rick Ross
    4.Kid Cudi
    5.Asher Roth
    6.Soulja Boy
    7.Lil Wayne
    8.Kanye West
    9.Oj Da Juiceman
    10.Gucci Man



  • http://- Esilly

    1) Drake, Drizzy, The Chris Paul of this Fall
    2) Big Sean, ‘B.I.G. Known so widely’
    3) Lil Wayne, Weezy still spits on EVERYTHING
    4) Kanye, Yeezy has had some HOT verses since 808′s
    5) Jay-Z, Young Hova is the Godfather of all of this, we must pay our respects in the top 5
    6) T.I., Hes just ill
    7) Eminem, Marshall is comin back
    8) Jeezy, aren’t we still in a recession?
    9) Pharrell, just because he’s original, doesn’t mean he isn’t consistent fire like a Zippo
    10) Wale, Up and comin, a couple hits already, D.C. reppin

  • http://yahoo Rushmoney

    Yo this shit crazy how r people putting Souljia Boy, Gucci,and Juiceman on their list?
    10:Enimen-everyone noes Em has talent but he dosent display it all the time.
    9:Cam’Ron-Crime Pays is cam’s return the rap game.
    8:Asher Roth-new cd is craazzyyy,a crazy nice flow too.
    7:J.R.Writer-he is crazy…the king of punchlines.
    6:Lupe Fiasco-Smooth consitent style that keeps his fan base pleased.
    5:Blu-A undergroung cat that his a dope cd out called Below The Heavens
    4:Styles P- The Hardest Out
    3:Jadakiss-The album is nuts!!!
    2:Papoose-Kills the mixtapes year afta year and his tapes are betta than 90% of people’s albums.
    1:Joe Budden: Album of the year…Padded Room the best piece of music put out this year plus Joey kills it in Slaugther House
    Mostoverrated: Gucci, S.B.,OJ,Kayne,50,Rick Ross

  • I got US cali


    if u honestly hate on this guy..ur either a hood ass nigga or ur just plain hatin to hate realest talk. his shit aint even super poppy like all these current flops and yet hes still supper poppin. wanna know why hes got the mixtape game locked up? because dude put in work and he do it right..got no street cred and aint tryin to lie about. dudes real 100 hes got the hustle the wordplay the means and the will. TAKIN OVER
    and i aint even on this niggas head im just bein real. get off ur couch already ny..open ur mind and forget about about ur 98 bullshit..times is changin just adapt!

  • i got US cali


    peep the nigga drakes newest shit

    drake and the empire; da drought is over

    go head and listen to drake speaks freestyle…he dont even wanna quit flowin flex just tryna cut em off his boness…cant say he cant freestlye..most his shit sit anyway freestyle or not..who u know out there now who can wordplay like that besides MAYBE nas jay kanye and mos? wayne even admitted it…drake is better than him

  • http://milliondollamindz.blogspot.com/ MillionDollaMIndz

    Where is Raw spillage and Blackargo ? let’s entertain this convo in a year ?

  • Teddy

    1. Drake

    2. Eminem

    3. Lil Wayne

    4. Kanye

    5. T.I.

    6. Jay-z

    7. Andree 3000

    8. Rick Ross

    9. ?

    10. ?

  • Tony Davis The D.J.

    u serious…
    once upon a time…
    but dude career is as dead as Abe Lincoln.
    Let’s get real.
    Em, 50, that whole Shady Records staff…
    are just memories homes.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves yo.

  • Tony Davis The D.J.

    Oh yeah,
    and the boy DRAKE:

  • Rick Tha Rul3r

    What about Wiz Khalifa?????

  • Rick Tha Rul3r

    What About Wiz Khalifa?? He And Drake Were left off the XXL freshmen cover too.

  • mike

    1. Eminem (fuckin RELAPSE and RELAPSE 2)

    2. Drake

    3. Lil Wayne (Finally good to see him slowin down and prolly workin on some good music.)

    4. T.I. (Goin to jail soon, but re-releasin P.T.

    5. The GAME ( Bang Along is the shit. R.E.D. ALBUM gonna be sick)

    6. Ace Hood (Great mixtape)

    7. Kanye West ( still on the charts DAMN )

    8. Raekwon (signed w/ dre but made sing songs wit game (Bulletproof Diaries = sikk )

    9. Fabolous ( Loso’s way has some hype )

    10. Jadakiss ( album is aight )

  • rzigilar

    Dre3000 is the best and only on this list. Drake sucks….He bit so many different styles and he’s a little all over the place. He’s wack to me. Everyone else on the list is pretty much washed up and should just stop making music.

  • the legend

    that list is wack but that is according to xxl not mtv who havent done the list some people need to start reading the thing properly but knowing mtv they probably would put some wack artists on it gucci mane what the fuck

  • darrell johnson

    1. Eminem
    2. Kanye
    3. Drake
    4. Gucci
    5. Weezy
    6. Rawss
    7. T.I.
    8. Jeezy
    9. Asher Roth
    10. tie: Cudi/Jada

  • flash1234

    4.Kid Cudi
    5.Kanye West
    6.Young Jeezy
    7.Lil Wayne
    8.Asher Roth
    9.Rick Ross
    10.Ace Hood


    How the fuck is Slaughter House not mentioned as a whole , and atleast Joe Budden’s buzz with that Fatt Ass he got in his back pocket you niggas is dumb. How about Maino, Nipsey Hussle, my nigga c’mon. i like Drake he is nice and the others on that list are all fair game but im not fucking wit the Camron shit and i will Piss and Shit myself before I let Gucci or OJ play before them other niggas on any device i use to listen to Hip Hop.

    Fuck Outta Here !!!

  • weezyredz

    You guys at xxl are a fuckin’ joke. bring back yellow nigga! you guys are thru.

  • Jack

    skills have to play a role at somepoint eliminating gucci mane rick ross and soulja boy cam’ron and oj da juiceman possible replacements

    Busta Rhymes has to be on there he’s got all the buzz and talent he should be top of the list somewhere

    Asher Roth I love College and now be by myself is on the rise he was rockin the mtv spring break

    Charles Hamilton always makes news and dope tracks

    Joell Ortiz people are catching on to his skills and his new mixtape where he runs through the classics possibly could put the whole slaugher house on there but if i had to pick one Joell Ortiz.

    And last but not Least TI is about to make a video with Mary J and re realse his already major paper trail

    I usually don’t post comments but there was a lot of lames on the list and a lot of quality people left off Let xxl know how much you agree with me and get me hired onto the xxl staff.

  • Manny

    As long as Soulja Boy and Plies aren’t on the list I’m good.

    There is actually a lot of good rappers out there it’s hard to rank them in a specific order.

    A lot of people have Em number 1-3 I’d put him 6-8, even though his stuff is ok now, it wasn’t what it was before. More rappers have hotter stuff now.

    Drake and Kid Cudi 2-3 maybe?

    Lil Wayne 4-5?

    How did Gucci Mane get so hot??? I’m going to listen to the newest mixtape that’s out to see whaaaaat is up????

    Charles Hamilton (My # 1 Guy)maybe 8-10 when his album comes out June 23

  • D Flem

    Are we going off just the buzz here or actual skills. If we’re going off just buzz then there is no way you keep Gucci, Drake, Wayne, Kanye, & Yo Gotti outta the top rankings in any order. I guess it really depends on where you are. Like niggas have Skyzoo, Kid Cudi, Max B, Joell Ortiz, come guys really, how many shows are they gonna fill up besides maybe in that one region. Thats the same here though with you know Lil Ru can fill a show here but niggas here Papoose coming and no one shows up. So i guess the only real way to show it is to do it by region. Me personally i’ll pay to see Gucci or OJ da Juice, but i’m gonna laugh if they say Skyzoo is coming be fore real man underground shit is not the same around the world and that’s pretty much what it is.

  • GMU is a crazy bastard

    that list is Fuckin garbage Oj a joke so is gucci i could make a list that consists of people with hype and keepin it true to hip hop.

    In no particular order

    Eminem, Asher Roth, P.O.S, T.I., Doom, Stat Quo, Method Man, Jadakiss, Wale, Busta Rhymes

  • im me

    2)kanye west
    3)cory gunz
    4)wiz khalifa
    5)kid cudi
    7)charles hamilton
    8)young jeezy
    9)rick ross
    10)asher roth

  • Azhar

    I cosign ALBY412, the hottest doesn’t mean the nicest

    but Gucci Mane and OJ the Juiceman, you’ve got to be kidding me…..lol, u really can’t understand what the fcuk Gucci is sayin and if i hear that annoying azz “AYE” one more time IDK what da fcuk im gonna do!

    My List of the nicest and hottest right now (to me)Based on whenever they guest spot or release their own music you gotta hear it
    1. Hov (we all gonna cop BP3 whenever it drops + hate him or not his last joint AG was fire)
    2. Nas (Ni**a was a great concept album)
    3. Kiss(Kiss My Azz mix cd & Last Kiss cd)
    4. Jeezy (Recession is a banga start to finish)
    5. Em (Relapse u know u heard it)
    6. Dre 3000 (John Legend guest spot makes u want more)
    7. Kanye (he needed to get 808 off his chest, he gets a pass from me on that 1)
    8. Rick Ross (3 #1 debuts + Rawse beats be bangin, we all know he lying get over it)
    9. Slaughterhouse (need that album fella no homo)
    10.Clipse( how can they fall off their last Clipse album was a classic)

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    10. OJ Da Juiceman

    9. Young Jeezy

    8. Jadakiss

    7. Lil Wayne

    6. Kid Cudi

    5. Rick Ross

    4. Fat Joe

    3. Slim Thug

    2. Eminem

    1. Gucci Mane

  • http://www.myspace.com/partnersncrimemusic Aaron James Jr

    Guys your all missing the best rapper to come decade and his name is LUPE FIASCO. He will sh*t on any emcee today. Hehas the blow flow and his lyrics are secondto none. Yall sleepin on his when he is the best combination of skill for any emcee, to me already up there with the greatest of all time.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYTNyOR0jvg narnia

    wooohoo nice post!