It's almost that time of the year again. It's already been a year since MTV put out their Hottest MC in the game Top 10. Shouts to my dudes, J-Rod, Rahman, Tuma and Shaheem over at 1515.

Kanye West took last year ranked no.1 last year, edging out his big brother Jay-Z for the top spot. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, Andre 3000 and T.I. rounded out the list in order. I'm not sure when the Brain Trust plans on running their new list, but here's how I think it should go as of right now.-Jackpot

[Blogger's Note: The following is not MTV's Hottest MCs In The Game list.]

Eminem [1]: All eyes have definitely been on Marshall these past few months leading up to his fifth solo release, Relapse. Not too many rappers could get their video to premiere on Cinemax. Though the music has been getting mixed reviews, Slim is sure to sell a gang of records off GP.

Drake [2-3]: "And I think it's got that making of a legend feel,"Drake raps on So Far Gone's "Say What's Real." That's pretty much sums up Drizzy's current buzz. Everybody from teenage girls, industry tastemakers to some of hip-hop's biggest names agree that the T. Dot MC is poised to become hip-hop's first new superstar since Kanye. That's five years people. T.I. and Wayne are undeniable superstars but they slowly evolved into those slots.

Gucci Mane [2-3]: I'm not too sure how it happened, but this guy's buzz is pretty much out of this world right now. He's poppin

Rick Ross [4]: Forget the CO controversy, the Bauwse nabbed his third consecutive no.1 with Deeper Than Rap-hands down the year's best report to date.

Jadakiss [5]: Kiss' fan base is underrated. After a five-year hiatus, Mr. Raspy's The Last Kiss sold an impressive 134k in its first week. There aren't ten MCs in hip-hop who can claim that.

Kanye West [6-7]: 808s & Heartbreaks is still charting higher than most releases six months after hitting stores. Furthmore, Yeezy remains one of the game's most sought after MCs, popping up on singles with Keri Hilson, The-Dream, Beyonce and many more.

Lil Wayne [6-7]: Like 808, Tha Carter III is still charting roughly a year after its release. In addition to remaining the cameo king, unreleased Weezy joints keep surfacing on nearly a daily basis.

Soulja Boy [8]: The one hit wonder is pretty much dead now. iSouljaBoyTellEm may have bricked, but the success of "Kiss Me Through The Phone" and "Turn My Swag On" has kept SB in heavy rotation this year.

Cam'ron [9]: We'll see how hot Cam really is when Crime Pays' SoundScan numbers come out tomorrow.

OJ Da Juiceman [10]: The new kid out of the trap, OJ's stock is going up and fast. With "Make The Trap Say Aye" still bubbling, OJ and the aforementioned Gucci Mane are becoming sought after guest rappers. Even R. Kelly enlisted the ATLien for his recently released, "Superman High."

That's roughly how I think MTV's list should go today. I'm sure some of the MCs I've featured will be left out, while others (Kid Cudi, Asher Roth?) may make it onto theirs. What do you guys think? Who should be on the list and in what order?