Black Together Again…

meth and red

I was sure I would enjoy listening to Red & Meth’s new album. I wish they has called it something other than ‘Blackout 2′. That title has no taste or imagination. I understand that the label execs want to convey that we will be getting the energy of the OG ‘Blackout’ album, but if we wanted the exact same album we would just listen to ‘Blackout’. Lord knows that shit is on KaZaa.

I’m happy to say that this album is another album altogether. Red & Meth are the prime example of how artists can combine and become greater than the sum of the individual parts. I loved listening to Redman’s latest disk ‘Red Gone Wild’. It was vintage Redman even if it had a few more weedcarrier features than I would have wanted. The album was still solid and Red was still retarded. Meth on the other hand isn’t the dude that I have fuxed with individually. I loved his verses on ’8 Diagrams’ (a tragically slept-on, senselessly hated-on album).

meth and red

Method Man needs the motivation (read: weed) that Redman must be growing in his basement. There is more than enough traclks on this album that sound like Meth 1999 when he was still hitting SuperHead in the pum-pum. When Meth and Red were gonna be Hip-Hop’s Amos & Andy. Classic Blunt Brothers collabos.

There’s a few features on this album that help the dynamics and the balance between Meth & Red. There isn’t anything forced either which surprised me since Def Jam is good for putting Ne-Yo and Chrisette Michelle on every possible song they can. The rap music industry is reverting back to the old MoTown days. Don’t be surprised when you see a rapper boy band in New Edition chopper suits. That day will come.

meth and red

Let’s preview some of the tracks on ‘Blackout 2′.

‘A-Yo’ (featuring Saukrates)
You’ve heard this track on the internets already. It’s smooth and fluid. The production is that new funk. This is a dope song to drive out to.

Errbody Scream (featuring Keith Murray)
My homey Tahero hit me on the text and asked me if Joe Budden wrote Method Man’s verse on this track. Meth’s flow does sound Budden-esque inspired circa ‘Pump It Up’, but if Budden had written this joint wouldn’t it be depressed about something?

meth and red

Ms.International (featuring Erick Sermon)
How are you dudes gonna act like a song for the ladies ain’t what’s really good? I know four ladies that are all getting their doctorates this month. Somebody better get woke to the idea that ladies need to be recognized and treated like ladies. Lady doctors will be keeping the lights on hardbody in the near future.

4 Minutes 2 Lockdown (featuring Raekwon and Ghostface Killah)
You wait all year to hear a song like this. Tracks like this are why rap music fanboys are so excited for the Slaughterhouse collective. Four emcees get on a beat and act like str8 surgeons in the I.R. theatre doing Harlem Globetrotter tricks with the scalpel. The horns is what makes me get ill for this joint. There are so many sick lines from each spitter. Red opens up with the heat, ask Houston how he rock it. Raekwon is the metaphysical rap mad man. Meth redeems his credibility. GhostFace blacks the fuck out. Crazy. Rewind this joint 100x.

meth and red

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  • Pierzy

    Morning DP…

    Like I just told my man Grand$, this album is even better than I expected – and I had high expectations considering how much I loved the first album.

    “Fire In The Hole” was ridiculous and I’m happy that they didn’t try to just recreate it, but as you said, went in different direction altogether.

    “4 Minutes 2 Lockdown” is out of this world. 2nd best song of 2009…after Em’s “My Darling.”

    • Tony Grand$

      So, I picked up Kissanova, Rick Ro$$, & DOOM so far this year. Jury is still out on if I really want to buy Em yet. But, I’ll probably get it today.

      I go pick up Red & Meth (monday, actually), got to the pad, put it on, & had to sit & enjoy what Hip Hop is supposed to sound like.

      I’m a Red stan, undoubtedly so, to the point that Pierzy even know that shit & we’ve never met face-to-face, lol. But, this was beyond stannery. It was a well put together joint. It stayed on play the entire day.

      “Red Gone Wild”, was ridiculous as well, Dallas. Cosign that.

      I doubt the kiddies will enjoy it, unless they’re legitimate students of the art, as opposed to rah rah spectators.

      I’m about to put it on right now, & turn that shit way way way way way way way the fuck up (no Paris P).

    • El Tico Loco

      Shame to say I haven’t copped a Southern Rap album in 09 not even Rick Ross everybody I know copped that. But I did get Em, BO2 and Cams new joint (a sleeper).




  • Jamal7Mile

    What’s up Dallas?

    As a lyricist/beatmaker, I’m loving every track I’ve heard so far on BO2. Dudes are having big fun. The BO2 concert would be bananas. And the “Ayo” vid was dope, too.

    This project is a win for Red/Meth and the fans. I will cop it before the week’s out.

  • General

    This is another CD that gives true hip-hop heads some much needed heat…

    Its unfortunate that everybody is gettin over amped over what Joey said about the Vibe list, cuz it has kinda overshadowed the release of this CD…

    I got respect for Joey, Red, and Meth and Blackout 2 will go right into the rotation with Padded Room and Relapse

  • Curtis75Black

    I’ll be picking this cd up today !! I thouroughly enjoyed their last opus and I can say STRAIGHT UP, If you didn’t listen to Meth and Red’s last solo projects, you slept on 2 gems that Def Jam fucked up on just to promote Jeezy and Ross !! A real fan would’ve peeped those cd’s off GP, fuck a single or non single drop.

  • Ja$e

    Yo I’ve been listening to red and meth since I was ten(my allowance and I’ll do whatever i damn well please ma). I was so much of a stan that our clique in school was the Ticallion Stallions. I say that to say this, I don’t see anything wrong w/ what Joey said. Are you not allowed to think you are better than someone in hip hop anymore? Because your a leegnd i can not think I’m better than you? So Lebron can’t think he’d tear Jordan’s head off 1 on 1? After Jordan heard that he’s not going to go on t.v. talking shit he’s going to lace up grab a ball and go knock on Lebron’s door w/ his son holding a flip cam.Competition is whats needed in hip hop. Anyway cosign the new album is fire as was RGW and the day after had some bangers.

  • nycboy

    I could care less what the title of an album is as long as the music itself is top quality and thats exactly what you get with BO2. Compared to the most recent releases(Cam’ron,Busta Rhymes,Eminem,Jadakiss), i think this album is most solid. It definitely has that late 90′s feel. Considering whats been coming out of the game in the past 5 years, 2009 is doing pretty decent.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, DP, I commented on this drop, but niggaz ain’t approving my shit, dunn. Why the white guy gotta be hated on?

    Anyway, my original comment was praise for the original Blackout, but more specifically, the “How High” remix. Not the album joint. Anyway, here’s to hoping these niggaz approve my shit…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Dallas Penn

    Good afternoon fellas,

    Pierzy, Grand$, Jamal, El Tico, Curt, General, Ja$e, Paris and everybody on the cellphone check-in.

    I’m glad that y’all are as excited for the Blackout project as I am. I think they really exectuted it well. I like the friendly competition that rappers put on one another. The posse track with with Red, Rae, Meth and Ghost is one of this years’ top bangers.

    Raekwon has been one of the hungriest emcees lately. I feel like he is catching the sting of being overlooked by people as one of the great ones. The buildup to OB4CL2 will be surreal. We may have to deal with that album as one of the best in the 2000′s.

    That’s what I’m predicting.

    • Tony Grand$

      Word, DP.

      “Four minutes to Lockdown” is nice.

      It seems like Rae may be one of the few MC’s from the “golden era” (aka the 90′s) that sat back & continue to study the erganomics of rap, as an art, sport & a business.

      I was having doubts about Only Built 2, but after what he pulled of on “Yessir” & “Four Minutes”, I’m confident that it will follow in the footsteps of BO!2.

      I never trust “leaked” joints nowadays.

      • Tony Grand$


        I misspelled “ergonomics”.

        Real men admit their mistakes……

    • Pierzy

      Cuban Linx II is building like a tsunami wave… Like Mr. Penn said, Rae has been going in recently.

    • El Tico Loco

      DJ Absolute’s “Blood on the Chef’s Apron” ya’ll need to check that out if OBCL4 is anything like that mixtape is not gonna dissapoint. Which by the way is “Blood on the Chef’s Apron” a title originally meant for OBCL? 13 years ago, it gives me a Deja vu.

      • El Tico Loco

        OB4CL2 sorry I’ll proofread from now on.

      • miles archer

        Blood on Chef’s Apron was supposed to be the title for Rae’s 2nd album. Ghost says it on Hellz Wind Staff,
        “…in the making/next album Blood on Chef’s Apron/Keep a Gambino playstation in ya playpen…

        Miles Archer

        • El Tico Loco

          That’s it and it even had a coming soon on the Loud Records website, I just thought I was trippin.

      • $ykotic

        “Blood” was always supposed to be Link2. Go back to Link1 and you will hear Ghost say it.

        But that CRT is dope ass hell. If u can snatch that up!

    • General

      Damn, the second that Flashback Memories joint dropped from Rae with The Game, I was fiendin for that Cuban Link 2.
      I think that CD does have the potential to be the best of not only this year, but the best in a long while

  • Phil

    This album could not have come at a more right time than now. These guys were so smart to leak those 4 songs cuz the album gives you so much more. Bottom line, I am being entertained. This shit bumps in the car, sounds great on the weekends, lol, and can get average listeners (women & kids) a good laugh or two also. My only nitpick with the album wasn’t about even with anything ON the album, but WHO didn’t make it!

    Primo, WTF my dude! Red hollered at him more than once! A DJ Premier/Red&Meth cut would have taken this album into the stratosphere. Either way, BO2 is definitely the soundtrack for my summer 09! Hope they can make it on to Rock The Bells, too!

  • oskamadison

    This joint is bangin’ in my car…and both of my door speakers are blown!

  • EmCDL

    As usual, I’m late on the blog drop LOL. I still haven’t copped any of the new releases since yesterday, but I’m pretty sure that i’m going to get the Relapse; heard most of the album already and its fire! Considering that I don’t have any of his albums (but I’ve listened to them all), this is a definite purchase.

    As far as Meth and Red goes, I want to check that album out as well, especially the way Tony Grand$ is talking about it (what up?!). I have the first Blackout album and that shit bang, as well as Red Gone Wild (“Gimme One” and “Suicide” are my favorite tracks on there), so I’m definitely copping it sometime this week or the next.

    • Tony Grand$

      Whadup Em?

      Hey, I’m a self-admitted Stan, but the album is the most consistent HIP HOP album this year. I haven’t heard (read) one complaint about it anywhere on the net.

      • $ykotic


        Therapy is going good! Fingers are still numb and look broke as hell!

        Didn’t stop me from copping B!2 though! “Ms. International…..” Man we are going to be blessed with a lot of good music this year! Believe that!

        Don’t sleep on Crime Pays! Ya’ll come off that $ and get Em’s joint too! All this good music and weather is making me feel good(and that OR lettuce)!


    i was shaky on blackout 2 but you guys have made me a believer. i will be buying 2 cd’s this week. bo2 and the busta joint hope they going be as good as crime pays. don’t hate on crime pays it’s a something from cam you never had in a long time. a album with just mostly him along with his classic comedy skits.

  • erick stratton


  • Ayre

    Actually the kiddies are buying this in my store it’s running damn neck and neck with Em’s joint sales wise, but the playbox is kickin Eminem’s ass with the playcopy!

  • Alex Grant

    This album is what the fans have been waiting for. No longer is rap all about making money because of illegal downloading vets dont care if they go plat so the raps are going back to the quality they once where. listening to this took me back to the late 90′s early 00′s. Album is feelgood and funk doc and meth cow are back

  • Tony Grand$

    If you don’t have this fucking album, get this fucking album………..

    Is it me, or do they need to release “Hey Zulu” as the next single?

    Get this fucking album……

    • oskamadison

      Not Hey Zulu, How ‘Bout Dat should be that next joint. Hey Zulu is probably my least favorite joint on there…and even that’s bangin’. I copped it the day it dropped (had to trade in about 7 CD’s to do it. Shit is tight right now.) Fell asleep listening to it probably from having to be @ work 4 that morning. Put it in the car and got the full effect. Probably one of the top 5 joints this year, I predict.

  • Tony Grand$

    Whatitdo oska?

    “How Bout Dat” was the first joint I thought they should realease, but I changed my mind because I was bumping the CD (like I’ve done all frigging week!) & my kids hear “Hey Zulu” & start wilding out everytime. They love that song.

    If you can make children (& women) dance & immediately react, that’s a sure sign that there’s some appeal there.

    But, I’m loving this album. I’ve already gotten over ‘Kissanova & Bawse, after like a couple days, but I have even taken B0!2 out of the CD player! Lol.

  • AD

    Ok, I’m know that I am not the first person to think that Red brings out a different animal in Meth when they’re together. But, I am glad to hear when they are together. I own most of Red’s work and a Gilla House mixtape, and only Meth’s Tical. Red+Meth=that ish. I hope they only drop together from now on.