The other day, I was watching this video of this guy body slamming this girl, and I got to thinking, how are there so many kids in one place, and it's not a school or anything?

Perhaps you've seen this video. Sandra Rose posted it the other day with the hilarious title, "Hip-hop's negative influence on our youth," or something to that effect. As if kids these days know shit about rap music. I remember seeing it when it was posted to World Star, but I didn't bother checking it out at the time. For a while there, I was checking out every video they'd post of people fighting, especially if it was a guy beating up a girl, but there's just so many of them. Now I only bother if I hear something's especially entertaining.

The body slam clip was pretty rich, as far as these things go. As it begins, this guy and this girl are fighting, and the guy body slams the girl. Then she gets up chases him down, starts swining on him again, then he body slams her again, but even harder, on some ol' WWE shit.

I'm sure some will argue that the guy was a pussy for fighting a girl in the first place, but it isn't my intention to have that debate here. You guys know I don't condone beating up on women, even if it's warranted morally. But the fight in this clip was different from a guy just up and putting his shoe on a woman. At various points in the video, the girl had ample opportunity to take off running, but she didn't, because she was too proud. Like that woman who didn't want to get out of her car when the cop told her to (because that would constitute taking orders) and ended up getting tased. I'm not saying she deserved to get body slammed. I'm just saying.

Anyway, I was more concerned about the sheer number of kids standing around in this parking lot. You hear more and more stories these days about huge groups of black kids walking around in malls, up and down sidewalks, on subway platforms and what have you, and this seems to me like a new development, like tight pants, faux hawks and the like. It'd be hard for me to say, having grown up in the sticks, where there just plain weren't very many people around, but didn't kids used to hang out by themselves?

I remember a few years ago I read this story about how 15 or 20 kids in this apartment complex gang raped this woman, and I figured it may have been a matter of group sex gone wrong. I said as much in a post on this site, and there ended up being this whole big thing. At the time, I didn't realize huge groups of black dudes were going around doing shit together, let alone raping broads. I thought that was some shit you did by yourself.

Fast forward a few years. I'm walking down the street trying to get myself a burrito, and I ended up having to cede the center of the sidewalk to a group of young toughs. I could have taken any one or maybe even two of them, even in my old age, but there were like eight of them. Fags. It ended up being the first in a series of incidents, including the well-publicized robbery of some cracka-ass crackas on the way back from the airport, and a shooting. I did several posts on it on my own site, and there was a big story on it in the Riverfront Times.

This was only last summer, so I wouldn't be surprised if this summer is even worse - even though we've got a black president now, and I know there was some talk of black people stepping their game up. But you saw what happened at Popeyes, and then KFC. In fact, I wonder if these fried chicken riots aren't a plot by the TIs to make black people look bad. If you notice, they happened right as Obama reached his 100th day in office. Same with swine flu. Hmm...