Yes, there are women in hip-hop

Women haven’t disappeared from hip-hop. On the contrary, there might be more prominent women in hip-hop now than there have been in a minute. It’s just that their roles have changed.

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching the new episode of Howard TV with Flo Rida. I wrote like 1200 words on it here the other day, so I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about. This time, Flo Rida brought not one, but two strippers in to perform with him. Neither one of them was quite as fantastic as Ashley Logan, but you don’t see me complaining.

One of them in particular caught my eye. She was the best-looking black chick I’d seen in a long time. Because of where I work, I do tend to keep track of the occasions when I see a smoking hot black chick. Of course, I see way more hot white chicks, but I do seem to appreciate the few good-looking black chicks I see that much more – like unicorns. I don’t know if that’s any consolation to any of my black female readers. I’m just throwing it out there.

She was a bit more voluminous than I like my women (assuming I have any choice in the matter), but I’m sure that comes in handy in her chosen line of work. Anyhoo, I was sitting there watching her do her thing, and I jizzed in my pants got to thinking: this broad ought to become the next Ashley Logan, or Taheezo, or Amber Rose, or any number of other women who’ve become famous recently for getting with one of these rappers, or having an especially nice body, or both.

It’s too bad I’m not a rapper. I might try to holler. I know eskay was going on, on Twitter yesterday, about how one of these rappers had wifed up a pr0n star, and what part of the game is that, but eskay has a lot of opinions that I don’t – mostly having to do with rap music. Call me crazy, but I might actually get with a girl who’s in pr0n before I got with a girl who’s in… working at the hospital or whatever. The worst part about it would be the she fucks other guys. But I think I could deal with that, as long as it’s for work. Otherwise, girls in pr0n seem like decent people. I’ve following a bunch of them on Twitter right now. No Boutros. And sadly, I probably have read a lot more about pr0n chicks than I have about notable women in other fields. They just don’t interest me as much. Sorry.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, if you notice, a lot of women in hip-hop have been coming up in the game lately, by being especially attractive, dating famous rappers, showing off their bodies on YouTube, and what have you. And I’m at a loss for how this is a negative development. It’s not like these girls are Superhead and/or the girl who used to edit the Source, tricking guys into accepting a knob shine and then writing about in a book, where their real girlfriends might find out about it. What’s so bad about being a woman with a huge ass who’s attached a prominent man? If that makes Amber Rose a ho, then I guess that makes Michelle Obama a ho as well. Think about it.

True, these women have become notable primarily on the basis of their looks, rather than their ability to do anything in particular. I’m sure many would argue that this is unfair to women, because a man is able to get ahead on the basis of his intellect, or probably his ability to turn himself into a walking minstrel show, while a woman has to rely on her looks, but I’m not sure if I’m buying that argument. Why should a woman have excel at the exact same thing as a man? My theory is that a lot of so-called feminists want to see a woman excel at a man’s game not because they’re pro-woman, but beacuse they’re anti-man, and they want to see a man lose. As a man, I don’t get to live in an especially nice house, and travel the world, and get lots of free clothes just because I look good (which my grandmother used to say I do), but you don’t see me complaining, now do you?

It would seem to me that the true feminist move would be to congratulate women like Ashley Logan, Taheezo, and Amber Rose, who’ve managed to make a name for themselves at a time when there’s supposedly a dearth of notable women in hip-hop, and to encourage other women to pursue a similar path. Before we know it, there might be more notable women in hip-hop than there are men. Even if not every woman can find herself a Kanye West, or a Joe Budded (which admittedly wouldn’t be as hard to find), they might could find themselves a prominent blogger. With the slow but inevitable death of hip-hop print media, my stock will only continue to rise. Now would be as good a time as any to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.

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  • Pierzy

    Superhead really did change the game. She’s made more noise than any other woman – including our favorite Asian, Lil’ Kim – in the realm of hip-hop in recent years…

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Feminists feel this is a negative development because it is promoting the idea that the ONLY way order for women get attention in hip hop is to be “especially attractive, dat[e] famous rappers, [and] show off their bodies on YouTube, and what have you.” Being good looking should not the be only way someone gets attention for anything. Their intellect should count as well.

    “My theory is that a lot of so-called feminists want to see a woman excel at a man’s game not because they’re pro-woman, but beacuse they’re anti-man, and they want to see a man lose.”

    *dies with laughter*

    Oh Bol, I just think you’ve written this whole drop to justify lusting after extremely good looking broads

  • ri067953

    “Of course, I see way more hot white chicks, but I do seem to appreciate the few good-looking black chicks I see that much more – like unicorns.”

    That shit had me rolling…

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t what ya’ll talking about, I see plenty of fine black and latin women on the job. I feel like I work for the March of Dimes. As a matter there’s only one decent looking caucozoid chick.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What’s good with the women in Hip Hop? I ain’t never met a woman that could match me at anything whether it be whipping hard on the block, eating crab legs, or spitting a hot 16 while simultaneously completing a 83 yard touchdown run in Madden ’09. Never. But honestly, the relationship between man and woman revolves around attraction between one and the other. It’s hard to acknowlege what any woman does without me sizing her up– wondering what sexual position is gonna work best, nahmean?! That’s just the way it is–it’s that untamed White Nigga spirit in me and I make no apologies. Matter fact, next time you see me in this blog, I might be rolling up with a couple bad bitches in bikinis trying to get in on my comment. I’m a show y’all what’s what with these women.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • geico lizard

    “My theory is that a lot of so-called feminists want to see a woman excel at a man’s game not because they’re pro-woman, but beacuse they’re anti-man, and they want to see a man lose”
    Hell yeah this is true Bol. Oprah spent all that time talking shit about chris brown on her show but she didnt have shit to say on her show about another sex scandal at her school for girls in africa. Oprah thinks men are evil so she kept all men out of that school thinking nothing would go wrong but she didnt think about horny lesbians feasting on little girls. If oprah had her way she wouldnt have rihanna with any man not just chris brown.

    Tyra banks was on her high horse too about that chris brown stuff and then chicks trampled each other like steers outside her studio. The violence doesnt matter when its woman on woman i guess,GTFOH. Oprah,tyra, keri hilson and all these man hating women need to come out the closet and stop bullshittin.


    makes sense to me. all very good comments also. ya’ll making sum good ass points.

    p.s. if there any females that read this, please do. speak the fuck up. let us kno how ya feel.

    • Tony Grand$

      The thing about women that hate men is the way that’s it’s expressed nowadays.

      I’m sure we (most of us) can agree that we grew up listening to our aunts & moms & sisters talking shit about the respective men in our universes, but so what. No big deal. Then we grew up watching TV shows with fucked up fathers & husbands, again, no sweat of our backs.

      Now, these, ahem, women parade their hatred in emulation. It’s kind like the slave mentality, they hate us so much they unknowingly try & become & replace us. All the dykery in plain view is hurting my head. Can’t speak for any other cities, but in L.A. it’s outrageous. Every third chick is gay. & they do nothing to hide it; daughters calling some girl “my mom’s girlfriend”. Wtf? That just adds fuel to the hatred, because for some reason now, they think they can do what we can’t. Like what, get pregnant & not know who the father is? Bullshit. & how are you even a lesbian & you have teenage children. What part of the “lick ‘em low” game is that? Identity crisis my ass (no homo), that’s stupidity & lack of morality. & I’m the bad seed of society, because I’m a man, AND I’m not confused on that fact?!

      Women like Oprah & Tyra perpetuate the image of “I don’t need a man” which isn’t true @ all. We need each other. Now it seems like, give a broad a real nice vibrator & a homegirl with a tongue ring & to them men are expendable! Gtfoh!

      Okay, rambling………

      • Lowedwn

        Damn, co-sign everything that man just wrote, Bol too.

        I live in L.A. and I see the same damn thing, all the time. I really can’t say more, ’cause I think Tony hit it on the head. The other sad thing is nowadays most of these ladies are on some clone vibe. Like they seriously forgot what it’s like to act like themselves, they all wanna be and look like such and such.

      • $ykotic

        Grand$ you just shut down the comments section!

        “What more can I saaaaaaayyyyy…”

      • BIGNAT

        i think we gotta blame ourselves a little most chicks are lesbo because they tired of dudes treating them like shit. i just hate the whole if your a lesbian why you dating a girl who looks more like a man than i do. also that works in reverse why gay guys date other guys who dress like chicks it’s strange. i am happy my neice is a lesbo that means i don’t have to worry about some little fucking loser knocking her up.

  • ?

    whats wrong with you?
    You always have something negative to say about black women.
    Thats why I cannot stand your fucking blogs.


    “tricking guys into accepting a knob shine and then writing about in a book”
    good post bol

  • BayAreaGetsPaper

    Bitches and Shit But Hoes And Tricks…

    Females used to rap like they were niggahs… they need to switch it up and do some female shit on that Mary J tip…

  • sealsaa

    I’m all for a woman empowering herself by shining a man’s knob (lord knows i’d be more than willing to help “empower” a couple of thick puerto rican teenagers, but then i’m culturally diverse like that ), but once you’ve swallowed, don’t expect people to treat you with respect and admiration, as if you’ve actually accomplised something (i.e. Super Head appearing on Oprah, as if writing a book about sucking famous guy’s dicks could be considered an accomplishment. Congrats, you give good head *claps*).

    • Tony Grand$

      “(lord knows i’d be more than willing to help “empower” a couple of thick puerto rican teenagers, but then i’m culturally diverse like that )”

      Lmao! Heard the hell outta that, bruh………

  • sealsaa

    Thats the spirit Tony. A little “youth outreach”, as it were.

    • Tony Grand$

      “Out reach” indeed, friend..

  • macdatruest

    I cant post stuff no more, they keep taking it down. Oh well, fuck it

    • macdatruest

      Oh, I guess I just cant post shit about Harles Chamilton, or Outerscope


    Atlanta is the dyke capital. A fine-ass Black girl is finer than a fine-ass White girl. A fine-ass Mixed girl is finer than both. There is no point in listening to a woman rap anymore, since none of them can touch Lauryn Hill.

    Those were all non-arguable declaritve statements. :-)

  • Michelle S.

    LMAO @ these comments. Some of this may be off-topic, but forgive me- I’m rambling:

    Everybody plays a role (is at fault) for the whole “I wanna be gay for a day” type thing. I know quite a few females who are straight, end a bad relationship, then go dyking (as I like to put it), thinking it’ll be better (when it’s not, b/c women cheat too; and a whole lot better might I add, but still-). & then of course, they switch back up. Now, me personally, I don’t see the whole point of it, but that’s just moi. I don’t knock anybody for their sexual preference, but when they do it just b/c it’s what’s “in”, that’s when I have a problem.

    Superhead is a prick. She used the hell out of Oprah to promote her book. I guess bitches people felt sorry for her (about her life story and what not) and bought her book. People look at it as if she was trying to redeem herself [cough]bullshit[cough], but somebody who’s trying to “get away” from her past wouldn’t write another book about who she blowed after putting the 1st book out. Now bitches people wanna put out books about who they’re screwing (or trying to screw) to make a quick buck. BUT I always did say if you’re gonna be a hoe, get paid for it.

    Anyways, I don’t think women (anti-men haters, as some of y’all think we are) are nessecarily trying to “take over the world” [COUGH]. We do need each other (and not just to reproduce, you know?). But I’d much rather take care of myself and do for myself than to sit back and let a man do it. I just don’t like the idea of being dependant on anyone BUT me.

    Honestly, I don’t listen to female rappers now b/c all they talk about is sex and sucking somebody off and that shit is not cute whatsoever. I always hated Lil Kim, always will.

    I have heard of Jean Grae, but I haven’t listened to her yet. Don’t attack me for it.

  • Michelle S.

    ^God, that was a lot. My bad.

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