Everybody has his or her rough days, weeks and even years. When friends and family can't help you through tough times the way you would like them to, I'm sure you turn to music (or weed, or some Ciroc, etc). Music calms the savage hood nigga, unless said hood nigga is listening to M.O.P. I'd like to know what album you play the most or song you keep on repeat to get your mood right. If you’re going through a fucked up day or after a terrible 9-to-5 shift, what do you have bumping? What's your go to album or song?

When shit gets hectic for me, I usually ring up some J Dilla beats or Tribe sounds (the first three albums are usually in rotation). I get a lil' heated, I’ll rock some Onyx (BacDaFucUp is playing right fuckin’ now!!!) or NWA’s West Coast Classic mixtape.

BTW, for the cats that left comments yesterday about the new music they listen to, leave me some links to check so I won’t be all over the net trying to find your submissions. I’ve got some good gear to send to the ones I like. -DT