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Most of us are in agreement that the SlaughterHouse movement can singlehandedly (albeit four pairs of single hands) save rap music from itself. The best thing that will come from SlaughterHouse will be the transformation of Crooked I and Joell Ortiz. These are the two artists with the most to gain and the most ground to cover in front of them. I see Royce and Budden as two mentor-like artists who have so much experience and knowledge to offer even if they no longer have the potential as the other half of the the movement.

I'm not saying that Royce or Budden are lacking anything, its simply that Crooked I and Joell have a greater potential inside of rap because they have less wear and tear on them. There should be no debate that Royce and Budden still remain fit physically and most importantly, lyrically. The key to success for Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and the movement as a whole will be their work ethic and their ability to keep their egos in check. I think Joell Ortiz is on the right path. Here's a clip of him on stage at the Roots crew jam session this past Monday.

I had the chance to visit the studio where Joell Ortiz was working on crafting some lyrics for the song 'Stand Up' produced by Novel. When I listen to this song I remember what I love to listen to rap music for. This song empowers me to start my day off. I miss having rap music that inspires me to find my next level. Instead of using haters to fuel my actions I just need to look at myself and recognize my own power, my own value.

That's a risky and courageous move for Joell Ortiz to release a song that doesn't subscribe to the nihilistic or narcissistic attitudes that are pervasive in rap music today. I don't know if most rap fans want to believe they can be winners. I know I do. That is why I fux with Joell Ortiz, and that is why I want SlaughterHouse to win. What do you want?

Stand Up!