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I’d like to believe that CDs will never go out of style but it’s becoming more and more apparent that they already are. Personally, I’ve been a harbinger of compact discs since I first fell in love with hip-hop and signed up for BMG Music Service around 1996. And even in this age of digital consumerism, I still made it to Best Buy once in a while to cop a CD I wanted to actually own.

Well, things done changed lol, as this depressin’ recession leaves little room in our tightening budgets to sacrifice dollars for our favorite artists. As a result, I think the last album I bought was 808s & Heartbreak, not for lack of quality music because I’m a huge fan of The Dream’s and Ryan Leslie’s albums–I just have yet to shell out money for them. At this point, financially, buying CDs has become a luxury, much like buying magazines, I presume. While folks are still going to the movies and renting Netflix flix by the droves (their business is up), I read last week that no albums have gone platinum in first quarter 2009. Of course, sales aren’t everything and they don’t tell the whole story of an artist’s influence. But it used to be that it did. When Wayne sold a million copies in his first week, I wondered who exactly went out and spent their money on that album when they could’ve just downloaded it. Was it the desire to own a potential classic? But the album was already available online and early reviews were mixed–it definitely wasn’t considered a flawless album.

Rob has been bumping his watermarked Asher Roth CD (mine is on the way!) And I’m digging the kid, so considering purchasing his album, if only to support artists who are actually talented. DT recently inquired what hip-hop CDs you’ve bought recently. My question is what does it take for you to buy a CD in the first place? Why are you spending that money? Does it have to be an artist you connect with? Only your favorite rappers? Will you buy an album that you already downloaded? -clovito

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  • wax

    the new UGK joint had me make the drive to pick up a physical CD. thats pretty much it.. I used to buy 4-6 discs a month as late as 2004… I dont even download much these days, its all about the quality of music and there really hasn’t been much released.

  • Pierzy

    Again with Asher Roth?

    Apparently we’re on http://www.ASHERROTHmag.com

    • geico lizard

      Co-sign pierzy. Every major site I go to the owner is on Asher Roths dick. His dad must be well connected in the music business.

      • RiZob

        CO-SIGN…..If anybody gonna shell out $12 for an Asher Roth album they must be absolutely insane…this guy dissed Wayne and big-upped Asher in the same post…???? u must be one of those self-hating niggas,that automatically assume that if someone is mainstream they are bad., or you might white > black….either way something is seriously wrong with you….Asher Roth….smh

  • DV8

    Right now I’m at the point where I’m buying classics and a lot of old albums I never had the chance to buy and things like that (when I have the money to do so). Most of todays music sucks so usually if I buy a current CD chances are I listened to someone elses copy or heard it on the net first (like how they preview albums on imeem). I dont download albums only mixtapes.

  • KingPoetic

    I’m the only dude I know that cops, can’t match the feeling of unwrapping the cd, checking the details out, reading through the literature, and knocking that shit the day it comes out

  • king blair

    Ima buy that Cam joint its all about your connection to the artist and your trust in the product if you know when you buy the CD that its gonna rock Ima buy it classics get bought on site. My last 5 buys are
    2.The Recession
    5 april 21- Crime Pays

    • BIGNAT


  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, the price could always come down, you know? Fuck paying 10 and change for a CD, I want to drop a 10-spot and get change BACK. I mean, if they dropped the price of CDs to a dollar or two, I’d run out and buy a bunch of CDs including a lot of shit that I normally wouldn’t fuck with, just so I could further substantiate my collection.

    Digital music is great, but sometimes, you feel like smoking a doobie and walking over to the shelf and physically touch a CD and put it in the system. You hear the disc spool up, a couple of low-register digital beeps, then the track counter appears along with the static (or lack there-of)…then the music hits. It’s a sense of theater, my niggaz. Everything shouldn’t just be so easy–sometimes you gots to work for it, nahmean?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • clovito

      Good point. I think lowering the prices would help. If you can get more CDs for less then maybe the people who actually like owning them would be rushing to the stores. Then again, Virgin Megastore had a bunch of cheap, older CDs and they still closed up shop.


    Paper Trail was the last one
    next up is that Killa Cam Crime Pays. I dont buy a lot of Cd’s becaue these dudes is trash. I was gonna cop the 50 album since he was doing a great job of entertaining me but on second thought. That could be half of a fifth of henn.

  • big ry

    Shit,I haven’t owned a cd player in years! Technology changes all the time and we always adapt to it,but it’s like we have to stay in the year 1995 with cd’s because the record companies can’t find another format.I would like to support my favourite rappers,but I’m not going to start carrying around a discman again to do it.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Absolutely NOTHING can make me buy an album! I thought a classic could, but I passed on Hell Hath and Game Theory even tho I thought they was brilliant. Like I said before, if I bought an album I what would I do with it? I would ripp all the songs to my computer (In most cases it’s faster to just download it than to rip it) and never ever need the CD again. What’s the point?

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    I have to agree with Herbz, the whole experience of touching the CD, loading it up & selecting the track makes it worth buying it but……..

    The music itself usually isn’t worth the price most times. Everything worth hearing is on the radio or every other car driving down the block. I really don’t buy CD’s anymore, partly because of lifestyle & convenience. It’s easier for me to download (legally or otherwise) while I’m chasing kids around the house than to load up the fam & hit the record spot.

    I’ll make an exception for some older shit that I buy on impulse, but that’s neither here nor there.

    If the music gets a little better as a whole, I’ll probably start buying again.

  • El Tico Loco

    CD’s, vinyl, and cassettes are for music collectors, downloaded music is for entertainment consumers. I still have most of my crates and I’m not parting with them because times changed, I do have an ipod and serrato so technology is a slave to me not the other way around, the convenience is cool but is untangible IMO.

    • El Tico Loco

      Now as far as coppin I’m with Matt and Tony, it’s an experience but there’s no music out really worthy of it. I used to cop music on sight, now you want to ask about it or check it out online to make sure your money is spent wisely. Last time I copped on sight was Pharoahe Monch last album and to wait 10 years since Internal Affairs I was dissapointed, it kinda makes me weary of Detox or OBCL2.

      • $ykotic

        co-sign all 3 (Tico,Matt,Grand$).

  • Arcey

    I’ll buy CD’s the day the industry makes an effort when they release the hardware i.e. adding interactive material, dual disc with music videos (and more!) instead of trying to sell me a seperate DVD for this shit that’s almost free (still have to pay cable and/or internet bill).

    I used to buy vinyls, tapes & CD a whole lot in the ’9os just for the love of collecting them and I had disposable income (yeah right, my lunch money vs. The Infamous tape or OB4CL CD) but then I’d listen to some of those purchases (not those mentioned earlier!) a few weeks/months later to find out that after all that album had low replay value. The music industry also killed itself when motherfuckers started making compilation albums; that is them featuring a different rapper(s)/singer(s)/their weed-carriers, even trans-genre music like Metallica ft. Ja Rule!

    Also when artits stopped caring about what they were releasing just to make a hit or when labels started dropping/shelving artists just cuz that song ain’t hit top-ten on the billboard… but that’s the business, always been like that’s word to Motown’s quality control meetings.

    They need to change the format cuz if the ‘net was around in 1982, even “Thriller” wouldn’t have sold that much units.
    I don’t care about the artists’ pictures in the liners notes (exception: The Roots, always had something written about the songs), I do care about the credits, you know, who did what, where, what was sampled etc but that could easily be on the CD when you pop it in your PC or Ipod/Itouch – I could go on but I already wrote too much – sorry y’all!


    “I wondered who exactly went out and spent their money on that album when they could’ve just downloaded it. Was it the desire to own a potential classic?”
    EXACTLY. dat is the reason i bought C-3, on the first day too. i figured i had to be a part of this shit i knew it wus gon be monumental. besides that im a big wayne fan. & he had just been destroying mixtapes left n right.
    so yes, for me to go spend my money on the actual cd it gotta be somethin monumental. me jus liking the artist isnt enough any more. b/c if i just support cuz i fux w/ the artist & the album turns out 2 be wack. i feel like im sending the artist the wrong message.

  • Chris Cash

    As long as your an artist i like im buying the album. What music fan doesnt love builing to his collection, even if its a wack album its art and adds to the historic value of your catalog. I gotta read the credits and thank u’s. You’ll spend 10.00 to get in the club but wont shell out 9.99 plus tax to actually own something. I own a Zune and its still worth buying the album because its a physical copy, just rip it.

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Im kind of guilty. The last CD I bought was Wu-Tang’s Iron Flag, even though there’s good music out. It’s just the convenience of just sitting at your house and not dealing with the hassle of buying the CD, cuz nowadays, you’re going to have to rip the damn thing down anyway to put on your ipod, mp3,etc…

  • Worley

    Certain artists I cop off GP: Nas, Jada, Outkast and Ghost (you on thin ice dude; the last two joints were meh). Others have to have a solid mixtape, some type of hooplah or I listen to someone else’s copy to get me interested. Only problem is once I get interested that first week sale price is over so I end up just burning a copy. Keep the joint on sale for a month and I will definitely buy more CDs.

    • El Tico Loco

      Good idea Co Sign that all day.

  • Beast McCoy

    I can’t lie I rarely buy CD’s. Between the Net, public libraries and when I trade in stuff for store credit – I really have a hard time spending actual money of what I can now get for a fraction of the price or free. And to tell the truth I was one of the music biz’s biggest supporters buying at least 5 – 20 CDs a month and now that I seen how much I can save buying on line or ripping from the local library – I just don’t want to have all those CDs anymore. [And I have well over 5,000 CD albums and singles so you can see why I started ripping them and backing up the files on a portable hard drive and Laptop] Because on the side of convience who wants to carry around or store a bunch of music that can easily process and stored in a smaller medium. I mean really remember when car stereos had multi disc changers? Now you know no one really desires that because of multiple reasons. If your CDs get stolen guess what you’re ass out not to mention CDs many more reasons why CDs are quickly becoming a dead medium. It’s like someone telling you I got this hot tape – most of would stare at the person and say you mean CD right because it’s an old, unreliable medium that most people just don’t use. The only way I buy CDs most time is because it’s so rare I can’t download it or that I already have someone lined up to purchase it after I rip it.

  • DANJA29

    Bein’ dead honest- even if the music is worth the purchase, I ain’t buyin’ sh*t. I haven’t gone to a store a physically purchased an album since ‘Late Registration’. And it’s not because I haven’t liked any albums since then. It’s because I truly don’t see a point in it when there’s a bunch of ways to get the album without buying it. Crazy shit is, there was once a time when there was more good music out than I could afford and I couldn’t get it all. Now there’s a gang of half-ass music out there and I can get it all for free if I want to.

    • Yayza

      Dude, you definitely need to cop the CDs you’re feeling. Otherwise there won’t be any new music for you to listen to tomorrow.

  • zood

    I often preview an album before I buy, I generally like to buy the physical thing, especially with the prices being quite low all the time, but being in the UK sometimes only way is to download from itunes or something because the cd isn’t usually available, like UGK’s new one. But the music industry hasn’t been able to control the internet phenomenon. One day it will, but i remain a firm believer in supporting an artist if your a fan and you want an album.

  • 80′s Baby

    If the cd has Doom on it,I’ll buy it. And I’ll buy Asher and Mos Def’s CD too. Those cats are about making good music instead of making what they think everyone wants to hear.

    It seems like every rapper is making cookie cutter albums. It’s all about format and bullshit. I truly believe that the 3 cats I mentioned above love making music. I’ve been burned by my rap heroes too much. Nas(garbagio beats),Jay (swag-rapping…ewwww),and Ghostface (bad songs).

    If Asher’s cd is bad I’ll chalk it up…he deserves a buy tho. Besides, Cd’s is like 10 dollars now…I remember paying 20 fucking dollars for Wu-Tang forever.And I had job that was garbagio.It was worth every penny but if Cd’s were 20 dollars today the world would be in bad shape.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Shit, I Collect CD’s, So This Recession Isn’t Slowing Down My Purchases (Even Without A Job). Although I Don’t Drive To The Record Store Like I Used To Anymore, I Just Buy My Shit On Amazon. If You Spend At Least $25, Shipping Is Free. And If You Pre-Order Something (Method & Red: Blackout 2), It Usually Arrives The Day After It’s Released.

  • http://xxl ryan

    the last CDs I bought was ray cash COD and skillz million dollar backpack. those were amazin ass albums. but im not the type of guy 2 just go buy a album. I only buy cds of my fave rappers. but i would definitely be coppin that cam’ron crime pays may 12th. best believe it.

  • Shawty J

    I prefer buying over iTunes and these digital music services. Generally if I feel the artist and I’m able to listen to them rap for 60+ minutes (them getting good reviews also help) I’ll go out and buy the album. But if an artist drops a single, but that single is I like for them I log onto limewire and download.

  • tyson mike

    i buy cds by the dozen sometimes, i love cds it just makes the music better knowing you’ve supported the artist.
    last year i brought like, around 30-40 cds around half of them were new ones, but the rest were old cds that came out years ago.
    this year i actauly havnt brought any cds cause i dont want to be broke when Eminems album comes out, aswell as 50s and Dres.
    for me to buy a cd it take a single that can make it to my top 25 played on my ipod.
    but then again i have brought cds base on the cover before, hadnt heard the artist before just liked the cover and had to have it.

  • scoobysnax

    Last 3 CDs I bought:

    1. Untitled – Nas
    2. Rising Down – The Roots
    3. The Cool – Lupe Fiasco

    I also wanted to buy the Gnarls Barkley CD, but I was flat broke. I might drop some cash on Busta’s new CD, cuz I’ve liked most of what he’s put out recently. But that one, I’m definitely gonna listen to a bootleg first. But there’s nothing like getting a new CD, when it doesn’t quite want to come out of the case, and then looking over the insert as the first track plays.

  • maCaso

    Next CD’s i’m buying

    1. Eminem – Relapse
    2. Asher Roth – Asleep in the bred Aisle
    3. Dr. Dre Detox
    4. 50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct
    5. Eminem – Relapse

    Rick Ross & Jay-Z has no hype

  • Curtis75Black

    The last cd I picked up was Prince new 3 dics collection. What makes me pick up a cd is the artist and what appeals to me as a fan of music and what I need to hear as an adult. Unwrapping a cd is always gonna be like buying a new pair of sneakers, You can’t wait to rock it !! The anticipation of listening to the new songs with a new vision is always Hot.

  • Yayza

    It’s simple. I go through albums with a “try before you buy” mentality. I listen to an album, and if it sucks (“The Last Kiss”) I’m not going to waste my hard earned money on it. But if it’s actually a well-thought out work of art, I’m fine with spending money to support people who put their time and effort in the music (“The Renaissance”, Classified’s “Self-Explanatory”). The funny thing is that artists now are doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing to get sales. Artists are rushing out product more frequently, with a quantity over quality mindset, and we aren’t buying it. Good albums will always sell. It’s just there are only a handful of GOOD albums that come out a year nowadays, and the ones that do come out are diamonds in the rough. I bought Reks “Grey Hairs” last year, but if it wasn’t for the internet I would never even have heard of dude. So really, it’s difficult to search through a mountain of shitty albums just to find some quality hip-hop these days. Just believe when I do find it, I’ll support the artist any way I can.