A big shout goes out to Run DMC for being elected into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Hip-Hop is really bigger than rock music though. The best Hip-Hop deejays spin funk, soul, jazz, rock and even classical music. Anything that will make you nod your head to the beat is fair game. R.I.P. Jason Mizell.

Here's something for you to do at home if this is a lazy basketball watching Sunday for you. I've put together another one of my ridiculously truthful, but infamously totally unscientific bar graphs which charts the greatest rap music duos of all time. Actually, we have only graphed the top 5 so all of you Whodini and Nice & Smooth stans might be a bit butthurt.

The determining factors were the influence on the rap genre itself while also considering the lyrical content of the artists and their overall catalog. The biggest point of contention has been the placement of Redman and Method Man ahead of OutKast AND A Tribe Called Quest. What most complainants have been unable to register is that Redman has given birth to the styles of Grammy winning rapper Ludacris and the rapper in every whites top 5 - Eminem.


The point I'm stressing here is that Redman and Method Man may not have a catalog as a duo with the same sales numbers as some of the other artists in the top 5 but when you consider their overall body of work you are looking at two of the most important and prolific artists of all time with the rap music genre.

Plus, How High >>> Idlewild, and the Meth & Red show > Class of 3000