Run DMC = G.O.A.T. Rap Duo…

A big shout goes out to Run DMC for being elected into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Hip-Hop is really bigger than rock music though. The best Hip-Hop deejays spin funk, soul, jazz, rock and even classical music. Anything that will make you nod your head to the beat is fair game. R.I.P. Jason Mizell.

Here’s something for you to do at home if this is a lazy basketball watching Sunday for you. I’ve put together another one of my ridiculously truthful, but infamously totally unscientific bar graphs which charts the greatest rap music duos of all time. Actually, we have only graphed the top 5 so all of you Whodini and Nice & Smooth stans might be a bit butthurt.

The determining factors were the influence on the rap genre itself while also considering the lyrical content of the artists and their overall catalog. The biggest point of contention has been the placement of Redman and Method Man ahead of OutKast AND A Tribe Called Quest. What most complainants have been unable to register is that Redman has given birth to the styles of Grammy winning rapper Ludacris and the rapper in every whites top 5 – Eminem.


The point I’m stressing here is that Redman and Method Man may not have a catalog as a duo with the same sales numbers as some of the other artists in the top 5 but when you consider their overall body of work you are looking at two of the most important and prolific artists of all time with the rap music genre.

Plus, How High >>> Idlewild, and the Meth & Red show > Class of 3000

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  • Dee

    ur crazy..
    I would say

    Outkast>Run Dmc>ATCQ>Little Brother>Meth&Red>De La Soul

    • Max Profit

      Red and Meth? When did they ever make a classic album together? What the hell happend to EPMD or UGK even Mobb Deep?

      • Were Read 2 Def

        Blackout! is a classic.

        • Doobie42

          i hate New York dick riding….

  • Dub Sac

    1.) How the fuck you gonna leave off Whodini ;-)

    2.) Eminem isn’t on my Top 5.

    • Chris S

      well he should be.he’s the greatest of all time. period

  • http://xxl jg

    yall crazy

  • ukkh

    kast’s 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th albums are better than anything that red and meth have come up with thats a fact! so thats body of work covered as an overall outkast wins.
    lyrically 3 stacks is king and i dont think you will find one verse of his that isnt a killer! granted red is ill on the mic but personally i feel andre is better!
    And influence on the rap game? come on man are you trying to tell me that red and meth have had a bigger affect on the hip hop genre than outkast have? oukast stay winning my friend, and dont take this as a “stans” point of view you are just wrong and im sure the rest of the people who comment below will agree

  • El Tico Loco

    Even tho they might have a group deal and they work great together, at the end of the day Meth is Wu and Red is Def Squad and they make hot collabos (actually so far 1 album), so that purple bar should’ve been more for Mobb Deep, MOP, Whodini, Nice and Smooth, or UGK, Hell throw in 3rd Bass. Those are some major snubs you pulled.

  • Dallas Penn

    You have to be an unadulterated OutKast stan to talk like their movement is so damn great.

    Sorry patna, but Red & Meth are who you want to be when it comes to rap duos even in today’s music climate

    • iGotOnMyBackpack79

      No, you have to hate the south to pretend that OutKast didn’t have a legitimate movement. Red & Meth aren’t even a legitimate duo. Where the hell is EPMD?

    • OG Matt Herbz

      DP, if Andre and Big Boi would really come back together and crank it out like they used to, Red and Meth couldn’t hold a candle to it. Talking about Outkast in the South is like talking about ‘Pac and ‘Big in their respective coasts. And I ain’t no Outkast stan, neither. I honestly don’t even fuck with Stankonia. But on the strength of their past work, alone, Outkast vs Red & Meth, all else being equal…Outkast would take that shit by a mile, nigga.

      However, to make that hit, they’d have to take themselves back to when they were two dope boyz in a Cadillac. Nowadays, they’re one pit breeder and a metrosexual faggot riding around in limos. You see? They couldn’t do that…

      …Red and Meth, however still got the lock on that get-high shit. Their formula could stay the same and wouldn’t require re-invention.

      That being said, I would still have more hope for an Outkast joint.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • thoreauly77

    while i do love rundmc, i began listening to them in 89, the same year i bought the “me, myself and i/buddy” split, and then later the full-length. de la’s first two records are five-mic, genre redefining classics. “buhloone mindstate” is horribly underrated (likely because the plugs changed their tone, rebelling against tommy boy even further, even expressing anti-white consumer sentiment, as well as excluding skits). still, its a great record. “stakes is high” is also a classic, providing the antithesis of the flashy-suit, indulgence-driven puffy era, while still providing humor, social commentary, and the continuation of the native tongues aesthetic (of which JB’s, Latifah and others had fallen off). next up were the “AOI” records, beginning with “mosaic thump” and only making it two-thirds through the intended release (trilogy) with “bionix”. while these records were a bit spotty by de la standards, the “AOI” records are still 4/5, and this is in comparison to their own catalogue mind you, no one elses. it’s a shame that the third installment, a maseo DJ instrumental record, never materialized, as tommy boy once again showed themselves to be full of shit. finally, there is “the grind date”. what more can be said about this record except for that it is de la’s latest masterpiece? if for some reason anyone has avoided de la because of their early mislabeling as “hippies”, or because you heard one of your buddies diss them during the shiny-suit era, dismissing them as “downers” or some other such hogwash (are they still bumping puffy’s record?), then you are doing yourself, as a hip-hop head, an incredible disservice.

    but all of this means nothing if i didnt simply say that de la is my favorite group of all time: the beats (prince paul, de la themselves, dilla, 9th, jake one, madlib, on and on); pos’s scientific, intricate flow and dave’s bragadoccio + exponential improvement; their live show. and they are hilarious!

    G.O.A.T. rap duo, hands down.

    • Avenger XL

      Yep! truer words never spoken.

  • Incilin

    I love Red and Meth but this list makes no sense what so ever. Every thing you said about Red is true….as a solo artist. Red is defy a precursor to Luda, but Em has a lot influences in his style (Most notably Rakim). But that doesn’t mean Red and Meth are influential.

    Your basically giving them credit as a duo for what they did on the solo tip. And I know your not foolish enough to put Red in your top 10, even if you’d like to. It’s totally unfair that Red never gets the credit he deserves, but this isn’t the right way to give him props.

    I’m not the biggest Outkast fan, but as a duo they have the best discography by far; Their only weak record is Idlewild, and they been recording for 15 years. Plus, Andre’s singing on Love Below has influenced an entire era of hip hop from T-Pain, Wayne, Kanye, Cudi, Drake. 3 Stacks was the first dude to straight spend an album singing and still no one questioned his mic skills because they knew he was just that fly.

    Not to mention that Tribe recorded A Low End Theory, one of the best hip hop albums ever made. And still went on to create Midnight Marauders. Meanwhile, Red and Meth made Blackout and then….well nothing really.

    Black Starr > Red and Meth

    • BIGNAT

      i think outkast weakest album had to be stankonia i own all there cd’s. this one is the weak link it has the most hits but nothing much else. idlewild is a good album but i don’t think it’s really a rap album.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Wasn’t Cee-lo singing on his debut b4 Andre?

  • Pierzy

    It’s obvious that Run DMC are STILL underrated. Without them, hip hop would not have exploded the way it did and, in the process, would not be nearly where it is now…

  • Ben

    I was never big on RunDMC. I understand what they did for hiphop as far as making it mainstream and profitable. Yet I never really like they swag or style and the music was corny.

  • Tony Grand$

    If I’m not mistaken DP, you fux with Combat. He did a good ass drop on Run DMC a couple weeks ago. If you didn’t already, check that shit out.

    Run DMC is possibly the GOAT duo simply because they’re pioneers. Not pioneers “on their own right”, but genuine forefathers of this here hip hop thing. I’m 32, so I’ve seen a lot of evolution AND revolution in hip hop. Cats like them, Cool J, Beasties, not to even get into Herc, Flash, Bam, are the reason for what all these young dudes do, even though most of these young dudes don’t know where to pay their homage.

    As for Red & Meth, Red is my #1 ever. I don’t care who doesn’t agree; I’m speaking for me. Meth, he’s okay, but for the wild-out, craziness, entertainment of the hip hop world, Redman is untouchable.

    There’s a lot of cats that couldve been mentioned, but there so many facets to them that would make them better than most to some. So I agree with your blanket statement “unscientific”, lol. One could argue that beats alone puts ATCQ over most over those groups, but someone else could say the subject matter of Outkast gives them a push on them. So, it’s hard to call from that graph, but Run DMC is the GOAT just of the simple aesthetic of their career.

    • Pierzy

      Very well said…

  • iGotOnMyBackpack79

    Pretty much just more bullshit NYC bias. You dudes stay on your own dick and wonder why niggas ain’t listening to y’all shit anymore. OutKast has a better discography than anyone on that list with the exception of ATCQ.


    where 8ball and mjg at? where ugk at? also on the graph how you got red and meth higher than outkast thats some bullshit. i am from nyc and i find this list to be some bullshit outkast should be higher. i don’t mind de la soul being so high they moved on with the time i fucks with them. i am still bumping that de la soul is dead. i got that joint on record the big one as well. also the grind date i enjoy very much.

  • Stan

    The fuck is “every whites top 5″?? Some ppl go out their way to throw in that racial shit.. A rap fan is a rap fan is a muhfuckin rap fan.. Em is fuckin nasty.. His lyrical ability alone puts him in that category.. Not to mention units sold… Black, White, or fuckin Purple the facts should speak for themselves.. Bridge the Gap

  • shone jones

    Anyone who refuses to acknowledge Run-DMC’s contributions to hip-hop is a fraud, pure and simple.

  • chillin mayne

    ugk should only be in a lsit of most basic rap lyric groups

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Buffoonery. Bun killed Jay on Big Pimpin’ (lyrikally), and Pimp produced all of one of their classics “Ridin’ Dirty” while wreccin’ the mic, and singin hookz (overall talent). I could copy and paste some Bun verses on here that would put most emcees to shame when it comez to this lyrikal shyt, so chill with the blasphemy sun. –

  • king blair

    I call Fuckery!!!!!
    How High is the R& M best song and shits on any single song by Kast but Negro Please
    Aquemini,SPCM,ATLiens,SB/LB > Blackout

  • Dallas Penn

    Let me start with you. Run DMC is that group that showed us that regular dudes could rhyme well without flashy clothes on. You are too young to remember how glitzy rap started off as. google pics of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Them dudes wasn’t just wearing tight jeans, they were wearing tight leather pants. Thank God for all of us Run DMC were ‘Tougher Than Leather’. I respect De La without question. They birthed ATCQ and KanYe and even Asher Roth. Think about all these rappers that have middle class values? Think about all of these rappers that DON’T EVEN CONSIDER the trap as an option. Wrap your mind around that for a minute.

    Tony Grand$,
    Run DMC is the GOAT. We all agree, but Red & Meth is closer to them then OutKast is. How is it that B.I.G. has only a small fraction of a catalog yet people consider him a GOAT candidate? That is the influence factor I am speaking of. Do yourself a favor and go see Red & Meth perform live and then come back to this thread.

    • Tony Grand$

      Yeah, I’ve seen them perform, house of blues when Blackout came out. & I’ve seen them perform seperately. Again, Redman is my favorite of all time so I’m greatly engulfed by anything he associates himself with. When he left Hit Squad, I left Hit Squad, for example. But even that blind loyalty wouldn’t have me to consider Red & Meth the greatest. Like I said earlier, some would say that Outkast’s subject matter blows a lot of shallow groups out of the water. In that sense, they (Outkast)made it “cool” to be honest. They (Red & Meth) have their place in history, no doubt, but GOAT is a strong acronym & I’m not going to just toss it around.

      I clearly made my case as to Run DMC being GOAT. I don’t think I compared them to anyone so much as gave my opinion of them.

      As far as Biggie, I’ve never said on this site or in any conversation I’ve had since his passing that he was the greastest MC ever. My personal reason being catalogue, longevity (which he never got to prove), performance/public interactions (which got cut short), so in that same vein Run DMC, hands down, has easily earned their status in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

      As far as influence, Red influenced me from Whut to Doc’s Da Name to Malpractice to me even watching his show (which I didn’t like, but peeped it religiously, as a die hard fan), while Meth, not so much. Put them together & they form a great union, but compared to a UGK, Mobb Deep, MOP, hell throw in Little Brother & Kid’N'Play, etc., they have yet to weather enough storms to be consider in that catergory, in my opinion. Consider every single aspect of what one would need to have to be consider the Greatest of All Time.

      Ridiculous live performances alone does not a GOAT make.

      Again, all just my personal opinion.

      & Red & Meth are ill performers. You gotta love that synergy.

    • Incilin

      First off, I reiterate my original point that Dre’s singing is more influential than Red/Meth’s rapping. And the reason why Outkast’s influence is limited to that isn’t because people don’t like Kast, it’s because Outkast has a style that’s difficult to emulate. I can think of 10 rappers that make music similar to Biggies, but hardly even one that makes music like Kast. But that’s props to both of them; Big’s influence and Kast’s originality.

      Secondly, since we’re about about DUOS and INFLUENCE, where is Red and Meth’s influence as a duo? If Red and Meth had never did Blackout, they would just as influential as they are right now. How are they more influential as a duo than say De La, or UGK, or even Mobb Deep? And if your going to give them credit for songs they did where they both featured on the same track, or featured on each others track, then Nas and AZ ought to be considered one of the all time great “duos” in hip hop.

      And yes, I have seen Red and Meth in concert. Fuckin B-A-N-A-N-A-S

    • iGotOnMyBackpack79

      Actually, Jungle Brothers birthed ATCQ not De La and the fact that you keep saying Red & Meth are greater than OutKast is just flat out east coast bias buddy. You should do a legitimate poll and i guarantee the outcome would be very different.

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide



  • J.G.

    where the hell is eric b and rakim

  • $ykotic

    I go fish and look what happens! But any OG knows that Run DMC were not loved. Rakim and KRS had that.

    I thought De La was a trio!

    Red & Meth are gonna raise that bar once Blackout 2 drop.

    But no love for MOP…

  • Master Cheef

    What is it with you and lists? Why does everything have to be about why one is better than the other? Why can’t it be about why they are all dope in their own right?

    Write about something that gives insight into the game. You are closer to it than most of us fans. Top 5 lists are for lames. Anybody can go A > B > C > D. Tell us something that isn’t so subjective. Offer some new information on a subject. Put some niggas up on some new shit. Or, would that be too much like work? It is a lot easier to just say i like this nigga better than that nigga.

    But, Run DMC is the motherfucking shit. No doubt.

    • thoreauly77

      dude, quit hating all the damn time, it’s annoying, even if occasionally your points are valid. just, really, stop. you used to say interesting things now you just seem like you have a personal vendetta.

      • Master CHeef

        faggit, this nigger constantly disrespects and condescends the very people that make it possible for him to have this platform on which he can spread a message.

        Journalism is supposed to be un-biased. All of his drops are filled with prejudice (against the south and white people for example). I live in the south. I know a lot of white people who are good people.
        You may settle for halfass writing, but I demand more.

        I am sure that dallas know a lot of shit about Redman that a lot of his readers don’t. He could’ve told us something interesting, like red’s and meth’s writing process or who they were influenced by. Instead, just to get a drop done, he goes red and mef > outkast. That shit is fucking lazy and he doesn’t deserve to get paid for it. XXl could hire somebody who doesnt mind EARNING their money.

        You don’t like my comments? Do like I do when I see yours and just skip over it.

        • Tony Grand$


          Go back & hit me with an email add. I got you.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide


          Good points bruh.

        • thoreauly77

          oh, so you just skipped over my comment huh? interesting how you could make such lucid points having never read what you were rebutting. you must be smarter than i thought. turns out i got you to make a halfway decent comment in the process though, even if you did spell “faggit” incorrectly.

        • Master Cheef

          Your first sentence was a run-on. Your second was incomplete, and your third was another run-on because you left out a comma. Take that, grammar police.

        • Master CHeef

          You are also supposed to capitalize the first letter of the fist word of a sentence. Not to mention, I misspelled the word on purpose.

        • thoreauly77

          you forgot to mention that you skip my comments.

          “You are also supposed to capitalize the first letter of the fist word of a sentence.”

          - there’s a “fist” word in a sentence?

          “Not to mention, I misspelled the word on purpose.”

          - turns out you did mention it.

        • Master CHeef

          dually knowted, butt keel yoselph beecuz eye doughnt cair

          lalb (laughing a lil bit) at “turns out you did mention it.” pretty witty, but it’s an expression. please forgive me for such an absurd display of ignorance. i’m a southerner. this typing shit is hard!

          thank god we got our very own gay, human version of spellcheck for the xxl website.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is where Hip Hop gets tricky. When you start putting crowns on emcees its where you get the Bias. Run-DMC, One of the best duo’s in the game, all of our swag and energy from any duo afterwards, early MOP to Outkast was them. Back and forth on the mic, stage presence and individuality from De La, Mobb Deep, KidNPlay. The different styles of music in ATCQ,UGK & 3rd Bass – all Run-DMC. I don’t believe anyone mentioned lyrics because it’s not necessary. For that to happen, Run-DMC would still have to be doing their thing today along with Newer Vets and NewJacks. You can’t put Rakim in your top 10 today if he hasn’t dropped a cd in 10 years, That’s foolish. What does he have to offer in comparison ? You can’t say Lebron is the best Baller in 2019 if he quits today !! It’s about influence, not what you like. If you started checkin’ Hip Hop in 1995 and Nas is your favorite, that’s your choice but you don’t know who influenced him, who he looked up to, who he considers a better artist than him even if he doesn’t say it. It might be the artist you don’t like who Crowns Himself The G.O.A.T. Someone with 25 years of non stop music, energy, presence, individuality.

  • Dallas Penn

    As many of you can see Run DMC has three dudes in the group but two dudes rap. Is anyone still confused by what a RAP duo is? Kill yourself if you are.

    I’m talking with people whose rap lens doesn’t extend before 1998 so maybe I am just pissing in the wind since this shit is blowing back on me?

    Don’t tell me a godamn thing about what OutKast made cool unless you talking about wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball jersey (which I would still say Killer Mike reps better, anyhoo)

    Singing? Cold Crush Brothers circa 1979.

    Wearing silly leather shit? Treacherous 3 circa 1979.

    Dressing like fishtick dandy gentlemen? Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde circa 1982.

    Step up your birthdate or sit down and shut the fuck up while grown folks is talking.

    • El Tico Loco

      Don’t tell me a godamn thing about what OutKast made cool unless you talking about wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball jersey (which I would still say Killer Mike reps better, anyhoo)
      That argument you just made can apply to Red and Meth too cuz niggaz been smokin weed before they dropped (duh). Outkast represented Atlanta respectably first, before it was just Kilo Ali and Kriss Kross.

  • thoreauly77

    this guy seems to get it. ^.

    also dallas, i hear you man. but there is a reason i stated de la as genre redefining; so was rundmc. the main difference is that de la keeps doing it, ahem, twenty years later with no end in sight. thats fucking cool! um, also please to not condescend to me with that “google” some pictures of the furious five and see their flashy clothes stuff; you should know i know better by now. is wrapping my mind around how some rappers never even “consider the trap” supposed to be a revelation of sorts? let me reiterate: de la soul is my favorite group of all time. revelation past, revelation 1989, listening since the leather pants era, able to use a sam goody card since ’89. still listening on and K.I.M.


  • capcobra

    anyone ever heard of e.p.m.d?

    • Master CHeef

      word. and deq squad, too. keith murray is underrated in my opinion.

      • http://xxlmag jb

        Word. EPMD gets my vote. RUN-DMC AND Tribe are trios not duos. I actually count the D.J. lol

        • Curtis75Black

          You must’ve forgot about DJ La Boss and DJ Scratch. EPMD’s DJ’s

        • http://xxlmag jb

          I didn’t 4get. I don’t see how much of a role they played in the group tho. Especially La Boss who was replaced after one album (I think). They wasn’t seen as part of the group like Jay and Shaheed from Tribe. And wasn’t Jarobi in Tribe too? lol. U can’t count Run-DMC as a duo when Jay was as big a part of the group as the other members. U can’t make a Run-DMC album without him.

  • Master CHeef

    you know the truth is, as much as i hate on this nigga, i still read the drops.

    Dallas, do a drop on keith murray. thats a nigga wit a real rap sheet that walks it like he talks it. “kick some knowledge” and tell me something i don’t know.

  • Dallas Penn

    You are as stupid as you are lame. You are a faggot ass faggot and a master chode.

    I don’t put any more info on my drops than a bird ass nigger like you could wrap your pea brain around.

    Do you know how long Redman has been writing sick verses for Erick Sermon? If you have no idea do like I said before –> sit down and shut your asshole up.

    • Master CHeef

      You are as stupid as you are lame. You are a faggot ass faggot and a master chode.

      - just like the stuff in your drops, no proof to verify it. Show me a peice of paper with some verification.
      didn’t you say a few posts ago, you could expose our favorite rappers, but don’t get paid enough. Prove it. Dont talk about it, be about it. Put the work in, then maybe you can get a raise.

      I don’t put any more info on my drops than a bird ass nigger like you could wrap your pea brain around.

      - try me. i will accept the challenge.

      Do you know how long Redman has been writing sick verses for Erick Sermon? If you have no idea do like I said before –> sit down and shut your asshole up.

      -that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m suggesting you could do a post about. Like I said, tell us something we dont know. I want to learn something, and not your lame personal opinion demostrated with a queer ass graph. Try doing something with facts you can back up and make it entertaining at the same time. Give us a whole page of shit about
      def squad, epmd. Once again, since you think i’m so ignorant, “kick some knowledge”, teach me something, earn that paycheck.
      really, what makes you think i couldn’t comprehend a post about red ghost whriting for eric sermon. give me an honest try.

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide


        Damn, u son’d him again, LoL.

  • Dallas Penn

    Sorry that you feel stung by my comments. Sometimes unintended targets get fragged. Anyhoo, glad to def you love DeLa. They are totally the shit because they have kept it realer than most.

    If Run DMC had not done the heavy lifting in front of them I don’t believe DeLa would be possible but this is something that we can argue ad infiniti.

    What was your point again? That DeLa is the shit? Yes they are. See the chart above.

  • Dallas Penn

    Did Tony Grand$ put Kid ‘n Play over Red & Meth?

    I’m never coming back to this thread now.

    Shit has been poisoned (no Kool G Rap & Polo)

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn……….EPMD wtf?!!!

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    BTW. I put Field Mob’s three albums – “Ashy to Classy”, “From the Roota to the Toota” and “Light Poles and Pine Trees” over most of these “group’s” albums becuz they were just plain better listens from front to bac, respectively, and their albums are also southern underground classics. I put their lyricism over everyone on your list, cept Kast. Download “Its Over” “Blacker the Berry” “Channel 613″ “All i Know” “Don’t Want No Problems”, and “Nothin’ 2 Lose” (amongst others) for some of the most versatile, well-thought out and crafted Hip-Hop on Earth. And for the record Run-Dmc and Willie D heavily influenced Pimp C. And Red & Mef are phenomenal, but their album is held in such high regard becuz SHiT, itz Red & Mef, not becuz it wuz truly a classic body of work. BTW A Nas & AZ album could possibly trump most of theze groups ya’LL boiz iz mentioning, hell even a JadaKiss/Styles joint (no disrespect to Louch), they’re styles (no pun intended) are just that cohesive. Peace –

    • benjamin bixby III



  • Jhon da Analyst

    Beatnuts……Psycho Les and JuJu??? Beuller? Beuller?

  • romil

    You have to put outkast as #2. Are you kidding me this is a joke right? lol

    The only reason red and meth would top this is that they get along

    Run DMC is the GOAT…
    Outkast 2nd.
    Tribe 3rd.
    Wu Tang 4th
    De La 5th

    Red and Meth arent really considered a group more like collaborators.

    • Curtis75Black

      @ Romil,
      I co-sign everything but where you put De La. Their Catalog trumps everything Wu-Tang has put out severly !! Wu gets too much love in the aspect of what peeps did on a individual basis. As a group they are not fuckin’ with De La’s shit at all.

  • Victor

    Mobb Deep???? I know they’ve fallen off but The Infamous and Hell On Earth and even Murda Muzik have created a sizeable legacy. Still Tribe are the shit, Beats Rhymes and life was still a bangin album imo.

    You never know with Red and Mef though, if Blackout 2 is a huge success then your argument might hold more water. Still, each to their own and ish.

  • capcobra

    if run dmc is #1…then salt n pepa should be #2.

  • stoneyisland

    DMC was the shit but GOAT?? come on pound for pound my vote goes to either EPMD or De La Soul. A close third is Eric B & Rakim, fuck what you heard any nigga who says that Eric ^ Rakim are not slept on when discussing this issue is either retarded or or just super retarded. Alot of you young cats ar dissing Kid N Play but back in the day them niggas was the shit fuck whatyou heard! before all this bullshit drive by gangsta wanksta bullshit Kid N Play, Kwame, Heavy D & the boyz were the shit, Heavy D and the boyz put out album after album, they probably were on Aresenio Halls show more then he was:-)

  • No Mames Buey

    test 1 2

  • Ace

    Top 5:

    5. A Tribe Called Quest

    4. Little Brother

    3. Meth & Red

    2. Black Star

    1. Outkast

    Honorable mention: Dre & Snoop, Dogg Pound, Mobb Deep, and Kid ‘N Play

  • Avenger XL

    OK kiddies

    It goes like this

    Run DMC are great because the are the pioneers who kicked the door open and made the whole rap for profit thing possible and gave legitamcy to the movement. They also advanced the sound from the disco like vibe of the original crews.

    De la soul is great because they represent the artistic heart and soul of the music. They tell the world that black kids in the city and around the country are not one sided creatures and this hip-hop thing is artistically limitless. They are the ones who pioneered the artistic otherness seen today in hip-hop.

    Tribe – were great because they were the youthful fun spirit of the culture and they were the geatest off springs of the native tongue movement.

    Kast- are the pioneers of the true sound of the south and they represent a return to a funk and soul asethetic that was totally forgotten in black music.

    But I think EPMD is more important than red or meth because red and meth is a dope collabo that pioneer nothing they are just dope in spots and meh at times while EPMD’s early work pioneered the timbo/hardcore brand of boom bap and yes hardcore and gangster are to different genres in hip-hop which I won’t go into it now.

    There is no such thing as g.o.a.t.s just great artistic pioneers and they really can’t be truely compared to each other fairly.

    • EmCDL

      Damn man you should have done this drop LOL

  • the legend

    the wu tang clan are the greatest everyone over here loves them i aint even from new york
    their lyricism is on levels above any of these groups

    as much as i love red and meth, outkast is better as they have released more classic albums while meth and red only released 1, i think the majority of the south is wack but dallas penn you need to suck a dick as you’re clearly biased against the south


  • BGZ

    I think many people misunderstood the point about RAP duos – basically rap groups with mic 1 and 2 (based on that, what’s the Lost Boys or Heavy D and the Boys? a solo?).

    I also get the point about influence – if it’s based on lyrics only, than Meth+Red over EPMD is valid, even though many people in the South would argue for UGK (based on the amount of randomness and guntalk in today’s rap, C-n-N should have a place, as well).

    I would argue against De La’s high ranking – there were other fun rappers at that time, as well; – and the ‘Kast vs. ATCQ arguement always boils down to the vertically challenged grudgematch of Phife Dawg and Daddy Fat Stacks.

    From my POV, – w/o disrespecting any of these artists contribution to hip-hop; – I’d rather listen to a new Andre 3000 rap verse on whatever Southern bullshit remix than the majority of Run-DMC’s, De La’s and even Tribe’s (sorry) back catalog, which I own.

  • Dallas Penn

    Best comment on this thread. Respect.

  • No Mames Buey

    duos worthy of attention (using Dallas’ defn of duo = 2 rappers)

    Little Brother
    6 dope albums this decade. Phonte best rapper of this decade.

    Black Star
    only had 1 album, like Red & Meth) Kweli’s 6 solo disco + Mos BOBS >> Red disco + Meth disco

    Dilated Peoples
    2000s West Coast version of the turntablist lyrical rap steez pioneered by Rakim. 4 dope studio albums

    Delinquent Habits
    unique Mexican/mariachi type beats. 5 dope studio albums. Kemo aka The Blaxican aka El Blaxicano has the GOAT Spanglish flow. You can feel the emotion of Kemo & El Guero Loco’s lyrics, Pac stans would love DH.

    • $ykotic

      @ El Tico Loco

      Is this where you adapted your name from? LOL

      Just kidding. Delinquent was hot!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Organized Konfusion, Mobb Deep, Showbiz and AG, Nice n Smooth, Supa lova Cee and Casanova Rud, Sadat X and Lord Jamar, But for sure Mobb Deep needs to get more props

    • $ykotic

      Supa lova Cee and Casanova Rud

      Wow homie. That’s like dropping Ill & Al Scratch.

      Nice at their time but well forgotten.

      “Do the James Brown” Cee & Rud
      “I’ll Take Her” Ill & Scratch

      *going to iTunes*

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, I thought the shit was funny too.

  • swisha

    You left out UGK.. u must be on some powerful shit that’s for sure.

  • miles archer

    I think this whole blog is ridiculous just off the fact that Tribe and Run-DMC aren’t duos so why even talk about it like they are.

    What are u gonna tell me next, The Roots should be compared to Biggie in the “Solo MC” category? Or the Lost Boyz? I guess by your example, Cypress Hill and Naughty By Nature would also be a duo.

    I don’t even consider Red & Meth a duo. They’re two successful solo performers who decided to do an album together.

    And putting them above Outkast in any category except cannabis consumption is a fucking joke.

    For me personally, I’d have to go:

    Mobb Deep
    and let everybody else fight for the rest of the spots.

    Dogg Pound, Beatnuts, Capone N Noreaga, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, UGK etc…

    Now those groups are duos.

    miles archer

  • miles archer

    Oh, how could I forget Blackstar… they would definately have to round out my top five.

    miles archer

  • KCC

    This is fucking stupid. OutKast has 5 CLASSIC Albums (SPCM, ATLiens, Aquemeni, Stankonia, SB/TLB). Who else has that? Nobody, thats who. There is not even another duo on the same level as Kast. Period. and I like ATCQ, Red and Meth and DMC, but their catalogs are not there.

    Big Boi and Dre are both suposed to drop solo this year, and there will be another kast album after that. Go out and get them.

  • Bobby

    4.8-Ball & MJG
    Top four real duos of all-time.

  • romil

    people gotta understand the Wu started the mega group movement. They went in and acheived it well. Grammy nominationns, platinum and gold. All while doing non radio friendly joints. They are still relevant to day and been out since 93. De la soul, is a classic group but I feel ATCQ came in and out ran them. this is my final rating..

    Run DMC
    Naughty by Nature.

    RunDMC tops all the old school pioneer groups

    Outkast tops all southern groups, plus any 2 man duo. Everything they put out is fresh.

    Wu Tang the all time mega group made it possible for groups like slaughterhouse.

    Naughty by Nature-broke street records & anthems as well as took over the radio in 90′s

    • Curtis75Black

      @ romil,

      Your opinion is your opinion but you do know Stakes is High was not De La’s last cd. You do know they was still recording and has 3-4 cd’s out after the fact when Q and Phife was on their solo tip and Ali Shaheed was rockin’ Lucy Pearl. As far as Wu goes, Their last cd proves where they are at as far as relevance. Only Ghostface proves to keep the name alive. Raekwon is still trying to rehash a sequal that dropped in 94 and as much as I’m a fan of GZA, Pro tools didn’t do much.

  • DV8

    5. UGK (down south pioneers, everybody from down south knows IGK reigns supreme)

    4. Tribe Called Quest (who knows where Tribe would place if they stayed together)

    3. Wu-Tang Clan (losing ODB hurt in more ways then one, but they are Top 3 based on they 1st 2 albums alone and plus the movement was undeniable)

    2. Run DMC (kicked in the door, without them we wouldnt have the oppourtunities that are available today in hiphop)

    1. Outkast ( the highest selling rap group of all time, innovators of music,

    Thats my top 5 and in my opinion the most accurate.

    P.S. I love Red & Meth to death but they are not a legit group in my opinion. More like frequent collaborators.

  • latino heat

    i’m a die hard Red & Meth fan, but if you want to be honest about body of work, Meth’s solo catalog is suspect. Blackout was average. Redman’s catalog on the other hand is bangin. you might as well include Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on this list if you put Red & Meth on there. real talk is you have to include EPMD, UGK and Mobb Deep if your talking real two man groups.

  • the legend

    shout out to romil and DV8 respect your opinions but i think the wu is betther than outkast pls latino heat i liked blackout really good album, Also Curtis75 Black i can understand your points but good albums have been released by the wu recently and i liked pro tools the gza is still a genius

    paper plates was so good 50 didnt even dare respond he knew he fucked with a real rapper this time not fat joe or rick ross

  • Arnold Ringley

    Is blogengine as good as wordpress blogs in some manner? Really needs to be because it is starting to be popluar recently.