BLOG: Rick Ross Won

I was watching that video where Rick Ross calls Eminem a honky, and I thought to myself, This guy must be living it up. I can only imagine how many crab meats he’s consumed in the past week.

As a matter of fact, I’m not sure if you can get iodine poisoning from eating crab meats, or if that’s just shrimp, but Rawse might want to consult a medical professional. I know most seafood these days has got a lot of mercury in it, and that’s not good for you either. Rawse might be in luck though, since he’s so big. At least once a week, I do something that would probably kill a child or a woman, and I’m as healthy as a horse – not so much as a drip!

I joked about this the other day on Twitter, but every time I blog about Rawse, I really do get a craving for crab meats. Because I blog for a living, I’ve had nary a crab meat since I had some at my parents’ house for New Years, a few years ago. Later on today, I’m gonna be buying my own house, so I might have to cop some crab meats and some J. Roget, to celebrate. Only thing is, I’ve been having to write way more checks than I thought. So I might have to wait until next week, just to see what I have left, if anything.

Rawse, on the other hand, doesn’t have to worry. He’s probably got more money than he’s even capable of spending, which is not to say that he’s got that much money. It’s just, what is he’s gonna buy? In this new video, he’s showing off his pair of Kanye West’s ridonkulous Nikes, which look like some shit out of the second Back to the Future. As if we’re supposed to be impressed by a pair of tennis shoes. Even the brokest of black people somehow come up with a way to buy expensive tennis shoes.

Maybe that was just his way of taunting Fiddy. Fiddy spent all spring taunting Rawse, but it doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect on Rawse’s album sales. The general consensus leading up to the release of Deeper Than Rap was that Fiddy pwned Rawse about as bad as a rapper could possibly be pwned, but Rawse’s album will sell anyway, because people like Rawse’s albums way more than they like Fiddy’s.

And people do seem to like Deeper Than Rap. I know a lot of people enjoyed those first couple of Rawse albums as a sort of guilty pleasure, but all of a sudden I’m hearing people talk about this new one as if it’s actually good. All I can think is that people must be especially hard up for good new rap music. Keep in mind, that new Jadakiss album sold 135,000 copies its first week out, and it’s a Jadakiss album. Like I said on Gawker the other day, the streets are hungry for bullshit. Someone get Fat Joe on the phone.

Now that Rawse has done his numbers, it’s his turn to play the bully. I doubt he can have any more of an effect of Fiddy’s album sales than Fiddy had on his, especially since Rawse isn’t as strong a comedian as Fiddy. But Rawse claims he’s done with Fiddy anyway. Instead he’s going at Fiddy’s boss, Eminem. Which could be hilarious. Eminem hasn’t seemed as eager to beef with anyone since he’s mounted his comeback. I was hoping he might go at Asher Roth, but I kinda figured that wouldn’t happen. Maybe we can get him to go at Rawse.

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  • Walt

    Considering the budget and promotion behind “Deeper Than Rap”, 150k is hardly worth celebrating over. That’s why people were surprised that the relatively low budget (in terms of promo) Jadakiss ended up at 135k, and deemed it as a success. Ross will lucky to reach Gold, as even back in the days when people bought music, he still sputtered out right after Gold status.

    • squadwildin

      Yea but some ppl buy albums just because of the success of the first week. They figure its somethin worth checkin out. So he should have a strong 2nd week if the fans really are diggin it. I like the shit, but, I already downloaded it.

      With some artists, I might download it, then say fuck it and buy the whole shit off itunes. 150k is successful enough. Even with promotion. This type of album I predict is one that should pick up steam unlike most rap albums that do big first weeks then drop to #100 the following week. But time will tell

    • 954 hooligan

      U talk like u work a MAybach Music.

      stop pretending like u know somethin.

      BTW I dont give a fuck about ross or his sales

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. He’s a dude that you cross only at your own risk!!

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. He’s a dude that you cross only at your own risk………..

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. He’s a dude that you cross only at your own risk…………………………..

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. That’s a dude that you cross only at your own risk


      ross is just tryin to use em to sell more records. 158,000 ain’t shit, he knows that em is gonna do like 700,000 first week, and like 3 mil total. he want to be acknowledged by eminems fan base…that’s all! he knows that in reality he can’t fuck with slim. how could he possibly win:

      1. there’s no way he will compete sales wise.

      2. eminem is a battle rapper by trade, he will eat ross’ ass up. ross’ diss records are terrible!

      what’s ross gonna do, say his songs sound better?

      • DevoG

        Wonder if he has any shows in the D anytime soon? If he does he need to get in and get out before Trick Trick heals from that gunshot wound.

        • DETROIT

          that’s very true! ross has not promoted in the D yet for this album, no in stores, no shows, NOTHING! i think he knows that he’d get clowned here. that fake shit is frowned upon in detroit. NOT SAYIN THAT THERE ARE NO ROSS FANS IN THE D, cuz i hate to hear people say dumb shit like “50 don’t sell in the south”…lol! but the overall perception here is that dude is a fake ass cop. plus no local artists cosign him. you already know that as far as mainstream rap goes, the d is shady/aftermath territory!

        • DevoG

          Ha! If Ross goes to the D it will just be another SDN/World-star moment waiting to happen.

        • BUTCH JONES





    • valdez

      no disrespect to pierzy & paris, but yall need to get off em’s dick. this is a what-have-u-done-for-me-lately industry, so in that case eminem (as bol would say) sucks balls.

      and so does 50, for that matter. i personally don’t think em has it like that anymore.

      that being said, until proven otherwise, rouse owns g-unit/shady/aftermath. he has direspected the so-called “3 headed monster” and i have yet to see/hear a response that is RELEVANT.

      yes, rouse is a cop, but his music is killing it right now, no?? hopefully, em is carefully crafting a meaningful response as we speak. otherwise, consider all 3 of them ETHERED.

      (for the record, i haven’t heard DTR yet, & i’m not particularly a rouse fan).

      • Pierzy

        Hold on. There’s a difference between having a “hot” album (which Ross has) and a CLASSIC album. Rick Ross has been successful but he doesn’t have a certified classic album. Em has at least one (Marshall Mathers LP) and maybe two (Eminem Show). This is the same argument as the Jay-Z/Jim Jones debate. One hot song cannot compete with a classic catalog.

        I’m not impressed with Deeper Than Rap but that’s just me…

        • valdez

          ok. i never said rouse had a classic album, but at the same time “classic” album status is a matter of opinion, no?? honestly, in MOST hip hop circles, although is is considered a great rapper, i don’t consider ANY of em’s albums as classic, NONE of them.

          u mean to tell me that those aforementioned em albums are on par with ready 2 die, illmatic, reasonable doubt, all eyes on me, strictly business, paid & full or the 7th day theory??

          i think not pierzy. and for u to actually try to sit here and compare rouse to jim jones musically??? u just lost credibility with that statement homes.

          the cop had 3 no.1 albums and they always have had certified bangers on them regardless, as opposed to jones’ one hit wonder status.

          but again, your judgement is questionable at best, saying em has 2 CLASSICS!!

        • Pierzy

          Well, first of all, Em has also had 3 #1 albums and a #2 album (Slim Shady LP)…

          Secondly, yes, The Marshall Mathers LP is definitely on par with those other classics you mentioned. No question. I’m definitely not alone on that. And, if you want to debate it, that album or The Eminem Show is WAY better than Port of Miami or Trilla or Deeper Than Rap.

          Eminem has been called the best rapper alive by many; Ross has never been called the best rapper in his own region………….

        • DETROIT


        • DETROIT

          hey p, who was #1 when em was #2 with the shady lp?

        • Pierzy

          What’s up, Detroit? That’d be a great trivia question because I had to look it up:

          It debuted at #2 on the charts behind TLC’s FanMail with 283,000 sold in its opening week. The album went on to be certified 5x platinum by the RIAA. To date, it has moved over 9 million units worldwide…..

        • DETROIT

          so pierzy, just for the sake of everyone else on the site, would you say that even if you add the first week sales of DTR and Trilla together, ross would still be #2 if he were going against tlc’s “fanmail”….if i’m not mistaken, fanmail went diamond quick!

        • LEO

          I hope Em’s about to eat Rouse’s Culito sometime soon…can’t believe someone would actually believe that Rouse can “ether” Em, or Dre….maybe 50(which he hasnt)

          And HEEEEEELL yeah “Marshall Matters LP” belongs on that classic list and you can put the “Eminem Show” on there as well…niggas is retarted nowadays…

        • Pierzy

          Okay, here are the first week numbers:

          Rick Ross
          Port of Miami – 187,000 sold
          Trilla – 198,000
          Deeper Than Rap – 385,000
          Fan Mail – 318,000
          Slim Shady LP – 283,000
          Marshall Mathers LP – 1.76 MILLION
          Eminem Show – 1.3 MILLION
          Encore – 710,000 (only 3 days due to bootlegging)
          So, Detroit, to answer your question, Ross’s first 2 albums would’ve outsold Fan Mail’s first week sales by about 70,000 but if you put all 3 of his albums TOGETHER, combined (543,000) they fall short of three of Em’s releases individually. That’s just silly…

        • DETROIT


        • Pierzy

          And by the way, I fucked up on his “Deeper Than Rap” numbers. I wrote 385,000 but we know that’s not right…it’s 158,000. My bad.

        • macdatruest

          Eminem dropped 5 singles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!
          The Streets Should Be Buzzing About I Relapsed!!!!!!!!!!
          But….I think Em’s time is over. If you are an Em fan you will get what you expect. In my opinion, I don’t think Eminem has a classic album. Eminem don’t go in on them albums, he’s a character. He know his lane. Clever Shock Comedy.

          He tried to veer out his lane and the results were garbage on Encore. He even had a song where he sung. Nigga only real problems is his self and Haley. If that interst you more power to you. At this to me him and his fans are a desperate bunch.

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. That’s just a dude that you cross only at your own risk!!

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. That’s just a dude that you cross only at your own risk….

  • Pierzy

    I said before it – I think Ross going after Em is like waking a sleeping (friendly) giant. I’m not saying Rick Ross is anywhere nearly as terrible as Benzino but, I mean, Em destroyed him. He’s a battle MC and has been from day 1. It’s in his nature…it’s who he is. Even Canibus, an MC most thought could out-rhyme everyone, was embarrassed by Slim. That’s just a dude that you cross only at your own risk………….

  • http://xxl All Dae

    on point blog funny as usual.

    I’m copping Rawses album tomorrow and will comment about in Monday….I know it’s not classic but it looks like a nice body of work.

    Ross is winning cause for some reason he’s mentaly avoiding pitfalls made by 50′s N.Y. rivals. Plus Ross is entertaining and that’s the point of being in the industry to entertain the people. R u not entertained?

    50 dropped a nuke on this guy and like a roach he came out unscratched.

    I don’t think Em can dust him. What’s he going to say he’s fat or can’t rap. Those disses been thrown at Ross so Em’ll have to “come with something better”

    Until then I’m trying to get some stank on my crab meats.


      “Ross is winning cause for some reason he’s mentaly avoiding pitfalls made by 50’s N.Y. rivals”

      in other words, ross is winning because he’s delusional! in his mind selling 158,000 albums is a win. at that rate he’d have to make like 50 more albums just to sell as many records as GRODT! ross is like a boxer that goes into a fight with the sole intent of not getting knocked out! fuck weather they win or loose, in their mind, the fact that they were able to survive the fight is enough of a victory!

      • jburgy

        Co-SIgn!! I have nothing further to say!!!

      • Emperor Doom


  • Pierzy

    Whooops. Sorry for all the duplicate comments – server trouble at the office. My bad y’all!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I agree that if Ross grows the balls to actually drop a diss toward Em who’ll co sign. Nobody will wanna be a feature on it. Cause Ross will survive a nuke blast but I doubt Young Joc or OJ Da Juiceman or your favorite trap rapper will spit on beat let alone come correct lyricaly.

    Maybe Fat Joe

    • Tony Grand$

      I picked it up the day it dropped. I wasn’t looking for any type of hip hop “holy grail”, so it didn’t take a whole helluva lot to satisfy me [||].

      I like it. I couldn’t care less about his personal life. He put out a solid album, & that’s what matter when all’s said & done.

      As far as him going in on Marshall, not interested. I would assume Em has grown beyond such lame attempts @ making music. We know what he’s capable of, ether-wise, so he shouldn’t feel he has to prove himself. He should focus his energies on making sure he can live up to the expectations being set.

      Plus, I’ve been in recovery for a year & 1 month. All that hostility shit kind of dies off when true sobriety sets in. Getting pissed off loses it’s zing. He’s smart enough to know that Ross is just looking for more money to buy more crab meats & delicate fabrics.

      • DevoG

        I haven’t heard it yet so I have to ask, is he talking about anything relevant, or is the album 90% beats, and 10% speak?

        • Tony Grand$


          Dude ain’t saying anything we haven’t been hearing for the last 10 years.

          Tracks are ridiculous though. Ride music for real.

        • squadwildin

          Devoe G if you liked Ross’ first two albums, you should like this one. Two songs on there I absolutely hate though. Murda Mami and Gunplay….but thats me. I dont like Foxxy Brown or Gunplay(the artist) so thats the major reason.

  • Dee

    i got that ross album and its not deeper than rap its deeper than crap. ross aint no boss he tryin to get on that em,50, and dre level. nice beats but his lyrics need some work. ross need the kanye workout plan.

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    Byron Crawford, are you fucking NUTS? Rather, are you on Officer Pig Rossifer sweaty nuts?! My man, you are delusional to think that OPR won this war! Dogz, he proclaimed to be the biggest out of the south and he hasn’t touched TI’s numbers, Jeezy or Luda! 150k is a fucking embarrasment!

  • dub

    150 k on def jam where they buy half the albums themselves aint shit

  • Enlightened

    It’s funny to say, but Ross did win the battle. A lot of people don’t want to admit it because after all, he IS a corny-ass, fake-ass, nigga.

    And Lord knows I CAN’T STAND HIS ASS, but the truth is the truth. At the end of the day, this is hip-hop music.

    50 Cent dropped that Officer Ricky and then he got scared to put out anymore dis songs. He stopped the dis songs because he was scared to have the evidence out there to where people could just compare their songs to each other’s and say Ross was making better music.

    Now he hiding. Fuck the 158,000 or whatever. Whether y’all think that’s a flop or a success. He kept dropping music. He’s still on the internet talking shit. And everybody was cheerleading against him including radio DJs but the nigga is still standing with decent first week sales and his fake ass Boss swagger intact.

    Sad to say, but yeah that nigga won.

    • DevoG

      Point taken but this shit stopped being about music for 50 somewhere between after G.R.o.D.T. dropped and when he started acting. Definitely when that Vitamin water money dropped, and most definitely when blew. I guess you can say he lost but, it’s like losing a baseball game on a walk off home run by A-Rod. Ya Dig?

    • untouchpuertorocNYC


      The only music Officer Pig Rossifer put out that was solid was music to his album that was complete way before he threw a dart at 50. 50 and gunit put out 6 complete songs getting at this fraud. How can he win a battle if it’s a war? How can he win if he put out zero new songs at gunit during the battle?

      this was never a battle of raps for 50. 50 said he was going to fuck his life up, for fun, and he’s on his way! 150k is the begining of OPR spiral down hill!

    • untouchpuertorocNYC

      how do you figure he Officer Pig Rossifer won? Dogz, he put out zero new music during this beef, but half his album that was completed months before OPR went at 50. 50 and Gunit put out 6 complete bangers going at Maybach and Maybach did zero songs, but cut a few verses…how does he win?

      Also, it was never about music for 50…as 50 stated, “im going to fuck your life up, for fun”! 150k is the begingin of the end of OPR!

  • El Tico Loco

    I doubt Fat Joe would co sign an Em diss, he don’t have beef with Em, just 50 if you recall they’ve even done a collab.

  • PrinzNJ

    50 just fell back so he wouldn’t boost dudes sales any more. He about to come back and go hard. This Beef is fake as hell anyways. GOin after Em? Yea, even as delusional as Ross is, he doesn’t honestly think he can handle the White Boy Wonder

  • allmylife

    yall didn’t post my comment on your last blog…im a little pissed but whatever man…im right i don’t care. Anyways im writting one on this piece of crap blog just to see. Now, rawse and fifty’s little side show isn’t worth this much attention anytime one of them does alittle something you and others are all over it like its pop. news. Come on man crab meat ain’t a topic of discussion….. find a relevent story that isn’t getting any attention and put a new spin on it. (asher rawse fifty and em….are like the only things you seem to want to talk about) man if your hard up for a good idea…just ask me…im sure i could pull something out a the garbage that would smell better then your crap meat story.


    ^^^co-sign everything Enlightened jus said

  • DasaMidi

    Bullshit,back to nahright!
    *thinks,i need to stop following XXl on twitter.Hmmmmm*



  • http://xxl All Dae

    @ Tony Grand$

    If I may ask what r u recovering from? I’m curious not so much as to what happened but to the change afterwards… seem sobered by the experiance….real talk.

    I’ve snapped and made regretable moves and know that violence lead to more regret then solutions….

    • Tony Grand$

      Alcohol. Weed too, but that’s just part of the whole “zero usage” part of the recovery program. But, yeah, it’s alcohol. Almost drank myself to Death, literally.

      It was one of those things where, if you get through it, everything else in life isn’t as serious as you once thought.

      • Jamal7Mile

        @All Dae and Grand$

        I hear you, Tony. You already know I relapsed! Ha, remember our first convo? Arguing about who’s city had the hottest news anchor? And remember “cheers”? Had to drop all of that. I’ve struggled w/booze forever! I could never make it past step 2 and I only half-ass admit to step 1.

        But that term “rock-bottom” scares the shit out of me. Haven’t met mine yet, and don’t want to… but gotta feeling it’s coming anyway.

        Let me stop…

        • Tony Grand$

          @ 7Mile & All Dae

          Lol @ Mal! Yeah, that was funny. My dude!

          But cat, I know “rock bottom” all too well. I wrote a blog on it called “happy (re)bithday to me” on my year anniversary. Check it for som scared straght lol. I’m done with my steps. The most important one though, I’ll never get to; backwards!

  • Mario

    Time will tell
    but Everyone knows that 50 is selling atleast
    700,000 his first week. ross ain’t even going near that and as far as Em
    Ross’ only comeback is Monkey,Honky and oh Monkey.
    Co-Sign with Pierzy

    • Justice4All


  • mario

    Besides did ross have to Bring Race into the issue.



  • aze1

    ross has not killed the three headed monster and has not beat 50…50 has beefed it with many rappers and we are still talkin about him beefing with new ones 50 has never left the picture…now ricky got some dope shit out but 50 n banks killed him..did you guys listen to “officer ricky” and banks officer down killed ricky ross..

  • P-Matik

    I live near Baltimo’, Murrland. Home of the crab meats.

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    Sorry guys but 150k is poor and Ross knows it. If you look at the big sales by big artists surely they’ve been pushing 200k+ and Weezy did a milli so it is still possible. Both 50 and Em will put 150k to shame. Sorry dudes but its the truth.

  • Curtis75Black

    I find it funny how ya’ll are calling 158,000 a flop in todays market !! The man already had 2 #1′s under his belt. Remember DMX did the same shit and was praised for it. If this was anyone else, love would’ve been shown. As far as Ross trying to bait EM, who really gives a fuck about someone whi can’t make a decent battle rap trying to fuck with Eminem ? I also noticed how everyone is trying tp predict what Em is gonna sell but alot of peeps aren’t feeling the tracks he’s dropped thus far so if he has Huge 700,000 week it’s off curiousity at best !! Am I wrong ?



      if you add the sales of all of ross’ albums together, the number would be lower than what dmx did with “flesh of my flesh” alone!

      dmx was the top selling rap artist at the time…ross has never even cracked the top 5

      comparing ross to dmx based on #1 albums is like comparing jerry stackhouse to mike jordan because they both led the nba in scoring!

      • Curtis75Black

        @ Detroit,

        I’m not comparing the 2 artists. Hell yeah 4 #1′s is a Big Deal and so is 3#1′s in todays market considering how the music is being pushed. I couldn’t careless about Ross music because I don’t like him as an artist but there was a time we used to praise our emcees/rappers for their success. Are you telling me if Jay finally release BP3 and sells the same amount as Ross this time around, He Flopped?

        • DETROIT

          what’s good bro,

          “Are you telling me if Jay finally release BP3 and sells the same amount as Ross this time around, He Flopped?”

          HECK YEA….if jay did those numbers, it would look worse for him than it looks for rickey!

          rickey was trying to climb the latter of success and become a top teir artist, and he failed miserably! but, i wouldn’t call it a flop, because his 1st week numbers are the same as they always are. like i said, HE DIDN’T LOOSE, BUT HE DEFINATELY DIDN’T WIN! and it’s not over yet! with the 158,000 he sold of DTR, he basically solidified the fact that he can’t win, from now forward, his only options are loose or draw!

          Jay Z, on the other hand is a top teir artist, for him to sell half of what plies sales would be an ABSOLUTE FAILURE! how is kanye gon respect big brother, if he sells 5 times as many albums as jay? let alone the fact that jay just signed $150 million dollar deal!

  • Chris Cash

    Damn all that!! 150k is good by Jadakiss standards but for Ross thats a flop, even in todays climate. Hes had 3 number 1 albums in the past 3 or 4 yrs and im sure the first 2 albums are platinum (atleast close).

    Plus 50 is to smart and his money is to long to just lose that easily espeicailly after Ross basically set him up for victory, just wait till BISD comes out 50 will start backup

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, Pierzy, I can understand trying to get that first post in there, but to get the 2nd-5th and about 5 more in there, too? Tell that “Add Comment” button to get its mind right.

    Well, 50 said he was going to ruin Ross’ career. He didn’t. In today’s climate, 150k out the first week is damn respectable. I can’t vouch for dude’s Boss status, and I sure as hell can’t say that I like his music, but he beat the fuck out of Asher on 1st week numbers. Not even close, but I quietly expected that to happen.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Pierzy

      What up OG…

      Like I said, my bad. It said my comments weren’t popping up and then I hit refresh and there are 9 comments – 8 from me.

      I’m not trying to get a comment monopoly. Ha!

  • murK

    rick ross won in the sense he just ignores shit. i don’t care who disses him, eminem included. ross will always win cuz this fat fuck only ignores it and gets on spiff tv (the only shit he’s ever on) and makes it seem like he’s winning. how can u win against a delusional person?

    i’m really sick of this guy for real.

    • Jamal7Mile

      You got it right, Murk. He IGNORES everything. Flat out pretending that it never happened. If Ross sold Asher-numbers, he still would claim victory by saying he put out an album and 50 didn’t.

      The whole situation is entertaining to me, though. Not really taking sides, just kickin’ back and enjoying the show!

  • Black

    The fact that dudes think Ross” album is that good (myself included) speaks to the music that is released today. Niggas at my job is really tryna tell me it’s a classic. Shit is crazy.

  • Og Bobby J

    Here is the thing….Ross is alright musically. I dont fux with him like that, but that me. He will sell his little units, make his little claims….but in reality, he is only tryin to get at em to stay relevant.

    Not sure what type of success it is when people say “his music is good, but he is a fuckboi”. Ross probably feeling tight about that.

    OG Bobby wishlist:
    Em jumps on a track, with slaughterhouse, and address/ethers the rest of the industry (wayne, plies, ross, anyone from houston not UGK, and the numerous other flunkies).

    • Jamal7Mile

      Sheeiit!! That wishlist would cause such a shit storm in Hip Hop, ha haa!! If only it were possible.

      Then again, maybe that’s what Hip Hop needs right now? If EVERYBODY got destroyed (or at least called out) and a new set of rules are established.

      LOL, nice list OG!

  • giantstepp

    Ayo Bol, they are all missing the whole point of this drop! Rawse, Em, 50, Jada been discussed to death, peep game Bol droped on ya’ll below

    “Later on today, I’m gonna be buying my own house, so I might have to cop some crab meats and some J. Roget, to celebrate.”

    Congrats my dude! You need to invite the regulars to that 1st backyard BBQ! I got a 6 pack to contribute!



    “Just as superstar rapper Rick Ross is celebrating the release of his new album Deeper Than Rap, the real Rick Ross will be celebrating his release from prison next week.”


    weather you like ross or not, you gotta admit that this is a unique situation! i can’t remember another time in rap history that a rapper got confroted by the person he’s copying!


      if ross strips mr. roberts of his name….THEN 50 NOT ONLY WON, HE DESTROYED THIS NIGGA WORSE THAN JA! AT LEAST JA IS STILL JA…LOL!

      • General

        He can’t strip him of the name Rick Ross. Shit you could go to court and legally change your name to anything you want and can’t nobody do shit about it…
        Thats just more stupid talk from 50. Besides Freeway Ricky Ross would have to sue Freeway who is with 50 too…

        • DETROIT

          actually he can strip the name legally. think about it like this, i couldn’t just come out dressed like denzel washington, rapping bout acting, and have my rap name be denzel washington! that would infringe on his brand. hell, soulja boy had to change his shit to soulja boy tellem cuz of that other nigga wit bone…biggie had to change his shit to notorious big cuz of a white boy named biggie smalls. if the real rick ross wanted to do business as rick ross, which is his government name, he couldn’t…it would be too confusing for the audience. what if the real rick ross wanted to make a movie called the rick ross story? how would the public know who the movie was about? TRUST ME DUDE, LEGALLY, RICK ROSS HAS THE RIGHT TO BE RICK ROSS! ask any lawyer you know.

        • DETROIT

          oh, and he could change his birth name to rick ross…BUT THAT WOULD BE A EVEN BIGGER LOSS!

    • Jamal7Mile

      Yup, this sounds like it’s going to be on some real-life “CB4″ shit.

      GUSTO’s getting out in May!!

    • $ykotic

      Yeah man! I was just about to drop that info!

      And the part about how the TI’s called Khaled and Ross and blasted them;

      TI’s: “Congrats guys, DTR debuted at #1!”

      Khaled: “We the best!”

      TI’s: “You think so? 158k sold you moron. You think we’re stupid? Get Ross on the phone!”

      Ross: “Boss”

      TI’s: “Yeah this is your boss. Khaled you take your cronies and get your ass back into the studio and make my f*cking money back. Park MY f*cking bus. Go make some more music and don’t even think about asking for more money! You assholes wasted all that time bickering with this other guy and you can’t even move 500,000. Peons I am the Boss! Get to work assholes!” *click, click*

      Ross: “Khaled, I’ma try and bait Eminem after I eat this entree…”

      Khaled: “Come on Ross, I’m stressed. I done screwed up your project and Ace Hood’s.”

      Ross: “I got you a pair of yeezy’s…”


    Damn! didnt kno tha real ricky ross was getting out. didnt see that coming at all. 50 for sure will go recruit him 2 finally finish ross’ ass off. this is not good. i like ross music. and all this time i thought 50 fell back for sum other shit. he jus waitin on that release date, write him a fat ass check to GO IN on that nigga. awwww i cant wait. STAY TUNED… this will be very entertaining.

  • tony

    Laugh! Ross called Em a Honkey! I agree with that 100 percent. Ross not scared of them. He is trying to boost his Record Sell up. It won’t work. Its 2 much R&B Bullshit on the CD. That Shit is boring.

  • jay

    all of y’all who hate on ross are dumb. he was a C.O. so what? i rather be a c.o. than an inmate or a person who got shot 9 times! what’s gansta about that? and if all these rappers actually did what they said in there rhymes they would be locked up. so in the public eyes c-murder, shyne, mystikal and chi ali should be the illest rappers alive! it’s entertainment people! who cares what these people did before they were who they are now. samuel jackson was a crackhead. tyler perry was homeless. but look at them now. y’all write about these people like y’all know them. y’all don’t. and always judging like y’all got iller bars. why don’t y’all come out with an album pierzy and detroit?

  • $ykotic

    Also I heard that Bol’s having the 1st Annual Commentors Crabfest at his new crib! LOL

    Good Luck brother man!

  • ThE AnsweR



  • brand-new

    new lloyd banks mixtape drops 2day kiddies!! fuck payback music!!

  • Detroit Draper

    LMAO @ Detroit that is the truth at least Ja’s still Ja lol that a be a classic if Fif and the real Rick Ross take back the name

  • Detroit Draper

    Ross’s album is ok, alright, and any other word that means mediocre…it was just too R&B for me. Kissanova’s album was R&B-ish also but at least he got some dope lyrics to kinda offset all the frooty beats and Neyo hooks.

  • Detroit Draper

    Oh and if you have’nt noticed Detroit runnin this blog shit

  • latino heat

    Rick Ross won?
    in the words of Grandma from Don’t Be A Menace,
    “you still a bitch, nigga.”

    • Jamal7Mile

      @ Latino heat

      LOL!!! Ha! That weed smokin’ granny was tough as shit, wasn’t she?!!

      “Punch like a bitch!”

      FUNNY SHIT!!

      Me personally, I love comedy and I love Hip Hop. So when those two are combined, BOOM!, you have a fan called Jamal7Mile!

      And (duh) I like Redman, Biz Markie, some Snoop songs, Fuck with Dre Day (always with the video, though… just with the song sounds threatening), Tha Alkaholiks’ “Make Room/Last Call” w/video…Haaa haaa!

      “It’s time to roll my sleaves up, [SMACK!!] a few emcees up..” DAMN FUNNY!!!

      A rap song is “whatever”. But a rap song combined with something that YOU PERSONALLY like (comedy, selling dope, pimping, knowledge of self, knowledge of enemies, comic-book herosities, or plain ol’ gettin’ pussy) is what you’ll buy/support/blog positively about.

      I got more to say, but I’ll save it for my blogsite topic…

      Nice post Heat!

      • latino heat

        thank you. glad somebody appreciated it.
        co-sign everything you said too. it’s all about what your in the mood for at the particular moment.


    if they take the name back. he (the now rick ross) can never show his face again… ever. that would be like the ultimate ether (since nothin else seems to work)

  • $ykotic

    Damn Bol this blog made the forums!

    Awesome show, great job!


    let me help you out a little bol you get alot of mercury in your system from eating salmon. salmon naturally have mercury in them so you eat alot of slamon you will be fucked up. moving on to ross in my eyes he lost he was suppose to do 300k-400k or better. the endless promotion the killer production collabs that were all very good. after all those good things you don’t even outsell you other 2 albums. which are not better than this one so rawse won nope i don’t think so. did jada win yes because everyone know jada makes shitty album and he only did 20k less than rawse. with less resources and less push from the label.

  • macdatruest

    Yall niggas talkin about what Fiddy gone sell, that nigga don’t even know if he droppin an album. Everyday he show up and try to get in the studio and they tell that nigga NO he gotta go in the Aftermath basement, and break the wigs out to do Pimpin Curly. He be like “DAMN, I gotta do Pimpin’ Curly again???!!! nigga bust of cryin’ and shit waaaah!! He marking the days on his calender like he locked up. Pimpin Curly: Day 100 hahaha
    R.I.P. Fiddy’s Rap Career
    And if yall really think he better than Ross, he still selling Curtis go buy that shit!! and T.O.S. show some love!!
    And I want all yall muthafuckas to cop relapse, I think I need to watch niggas look uncomfortable hhahahaaha.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Mac?

      I don’t hate Ross or 50… they both gave me a track or 2 (mostly production, sometimes beating up on each other, good ent. right??).

      You can’t deny AAALLL of this is entertaining, can you?

      Ross from FL is entertaining!!
      50 from NY is entertaining!!

      Jamal is from Detroit (dot dot dot, I saw that joke, touche), who cares who wins?

      You follow me?

      I’m being entertained, and I said this before… (them dots again) Imma lay back and watch how the chips fall. Do you see what I’m saying?? Just wondering… (dots and shit)…


  • http://xxl All Dae

    @ Grand$

    Peace god hope you stay on the wagon…

    my computer didn’t show any responses to me till the end of the day.

    Can you imagine trying not to drink to much or smoke out daily w/ a million in the bank. I can see why Em relapsed.

    My broke azz be comming up with funds for dro and henney. If I had millions I’d wile out also.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up All Dae?

      “Can you imagine trying not to drink to much or smoke out daily w/ a million in the bank. I can see why Em relapsed.”

      A real addiction (disease, trust me) will make you lose ALL, and I mean ALL of your toys, cars, houses, jobs, women (even crack headed-ass hoes), respect, street cred… and even worse… FAMILY! I said I never met my “rock bottom” but I AM CLOSE!! And I absolutely WILL get to that low point if I don’t start paying attention to what I do on a daily basis. My drinking has got to stop (I’m working on it). My weed smoking HAS stopped, as much as I love weed.

      Them two, especially combined, has caused real-life probs for me. I’m 34 and I would like to call it a phase I was going through… but I know that shit ain’t the truth.

      This is the wrong blog for an AA meet… but fuck it, I feel better!!

      ALL DAE, “rock bottom” is REAL!! I’ve seen it and it will make you waaaay less than a man (or hu-man). At rock-B you will NOT have that computer you use to type on these XXL blogs, Believe! You probably won’t remember how to.

      …another long story (34 yrs old, btw, and overcame ALOT of shit) and, once again, let me stop…

  • LOL


  • mobbin5

    bol…i will murder ya mom brah me an my damu b squad nigga outside her house right now with 50 cals cocked with red flags tied right over our faces shit bout to get lit up like 4th july met christmas u nutty professer look a like FAGGOT!!!!

  • macdatruest

    Not to ruin the recovery efforts dot dot dot but I be getting high as a bitch!!!!

    I just paid my mortgage, and rescructured my interest rate! I went down from 6.3% to 4.5% that’s a fat ass discount. Im bout to buy a bottle of the finest, Miller(shouts to the hometown brewery) product money can buy dot dot dot Milwaukee’s Best!!!!!!!!! I aint got no dro, so I’m smokin’ that Bette Midler lol but hell yea gettin high is the shit still

    Damn, being on the wagon is good if yo only other option is to fuck yo life up, but damn (dots) Mac need his Man Juice nigga! My birthday was on March 25th though Im 26 now- maybe I should slow down

    • Jamal7Mile

      Heneiken(spell??) is the BEST Mac, what you talkin’ about, Bro???? MGD is only aiiight, I drink that too. Canadian beer ain’t bad either… but maybe that’s because I live 20mins away from Canada and I get everything from em as if it was a State next door to me like Ohio or Illinois. Hennessy (France?) is my main vice, though.

      6.3% to 4.5% is a nice discount from year to year. You won’t find too many people with that here in Michigan. I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about moving to a nicer state. My homie moved to Tampa, FL and he calls me back saying he don’t have ANY major probs in the Sunshine State. He only says he gotta problem with some girls wearing gold fronts (that’s what HE said).

      Now before Squad and everyone else from FL djump on me for that, MY HOMIE said that, not me… I’m still in Michigan, but thinking about leaving. Women w/a bunch of gold teeth is weird to D-Town Brothers (but not unheard of).

      Let me stop… this is for another thread…

      • squadwildin

        Whats good Jamal….Lol…thinkin bout makin that move huh? It’s all good. I personally dont like Tampa but South Fla(where I’m from)ladies dont have gold fronts. It was one year where a couple hood chicks thought it was cool to get 4 to the bottom but that faded out quick.

        • Jamal7Mile

          What’s up Squadwildin?

          Aw shoot bro, I’ve been through a gang of shit in this crazy life of mine! From being born/raised in Motown to going to a crazy ass college like Norfolk State in fuckin’ 92 (and LOVING it, btw). From getting in trouble with rednecks in Kentucky/Tennessee (I was part of that lawsuit at Denny’s, ready to fight and blow the whole case) to holding hands with Rosa Parks in Detroit at the NAACP dinner.

          But Now shit is too real, and yes I’ma chase them dollars… no matter what state it’s in. My automotive gig at Ford Motor Co. will be over sometime before the end of 2009 and it’s time to move on NOW!!

          At age 34, I’m toooooo old to be switching jobs and careers like that. Wish I had a wicket jump shot! Haa!

          Florida don’t sound too bad to me Squad, but I am kinda scared about that nutty-ass weather yall be going through. We got basements in Detroit and yall don’t… the fuck I’ma hide at when that hurricane hit, man??!!

          Just kidding, it’s a cultural clash type of thing. But if I truly moved to FL to chase legit $$$ I would have a whoooole lot to learn, Bro!

  • K.ola

    Ross didn’t win shit…

    boi did that for the hits…

    he can’t out battle banks… he lost saying you won is not shit….

    t.i # ‘s go up but this clown goes down….

    ross is the biggest loser of all 50 foes… 158 on defjam with 5 video’s is good… nigga 50 is far from done…

  • MB

    Ross out 50′d 50. PLAN: Start beef before album drops and watch people buy. Contreversy sells. Can’t hate on his numbers. Only a few artists these days sell 158,000 the first week. Check the soundscans.

  • rrahha

    150,000!!!! thats something to JUMP over!!! since when!!! people give fif shit for selling 700,000 for the last one like that was a flop but 150000 is a winner!!!! somethings wrong here….it really is…..and about the recession talk, yeah it affects people but TI sold 400,000…other people sell better than 150000 with 2 million worth of marketing money it shoulda been a whole lot better….wow….

    • Jamal7Mile

      Plies sold 300,000 first week, and I hardly know what’s in his catalog!


  • ?

    I agree that em should respond, but he probably wont and I respect that. If you’re a true fan you all should respect that too.
    He’s finally achieved an inner peace with himself and he wont allow anyone to destroy that. He’s changed, and quite frankly I love it and support it. But never EVER

  • poisenivy520


    listen to this

    Drake Feat. Juice- Best I Ever Had (Remix)

    and when ur done sign up for

  • Emperor Doom

    No Rick Ross did NOT win. He is still garbage when it comes to rap music and 50′s album will be better. Put any 50 album against any Ross album and try and say Ross’ is better with a straight face. In all honesty when Ross raps I can barely understand what that fat fuck is saying anyways.

    50 > Ross

    Ross did NOT win.

  • Cop_Killa610

    how is he gonna say people like officer ricky’s albums more than fifty’s when 50′s least amount sold in one week was 600,000 with Curtis. All of 50′s albums went platinum so let us know when the C.O. gets a platinum plaque and as far as Eminem goes he dont have to answer he’ll shut him up when he sells a mil in his opening week

  • Kyle

    Eminem dont have to respond, his response will be his album sales when Relapse drops May 19th and 50 is probably makin another classic so he aint worried bout officer rawse and 50 will just out-do rawse with record sales

  • born to SHINE

    First off Ross’ album is NOT a success to me and he did not win against 50. Reasons why? 1) His last two albums sold more in their first week than this one did and this one is actually a better album. 2) After all the videos he shot, all the marketing dollars DEF JAM spent and above all, the beef HE STARTED with 50, u mean to tell me that’s the best u can put out??!! U successfully baited the biggest name in the game into bringing u more exposure and this is what u put out. This album was supposed to b a CLASSIC. It’s far from a classic. It’s a good album but if he was gonna go thru that much, Ross should’ve made a better album. 3)Ross lost when he ended up admitting he was a CO. 50′s whole point was to prove that this dude is a str8 LIAR. And he did just that! After he admitted to it, 50 was like ‘OK I got nothin else to say to this clown so let me go shoot this movie and finish up my album’. After 50 started ignoring this clown he starts talkin’ shit to Eminem. Get serious. Dude turned the beef into it being about the fact he was ever a CO. NO, thats wasnt the problem. The issue was that he denied it numerous times. Why did he lie? If you lied about that which was a proven fact, then what else is dude lying about. Maybe he never moved weight like he say? Maybe he never really was in the street like he say. Miami is a big place and NOBODY can back up a word he says. This dude grew a beard like the real ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross and started telling stories as if he lived the life of the person he’s trying to imitate. If that aint a SUCKA ASS NICCA then I’m done with rap. When a dude like Rick Ross can get away with the shit he just did and no one can see it or no one cares, then hip hop as far as credibility goes is DEAD!

  • AZEightFive

    Eminem is going to be respond’s but it’s not going to be the “Nail in the coffin” respond’s cause come on. Why waste a breath on dissing Rick Ross? He knows that Ricky will hurt him own self plus he knows that Rick Ross got’s to last more the three albums.

  • Joe Schmoe

    How could Ross be the winner? Even dj’s are with 50 on this. I was with Jadakiss last night and he was braggin’ bout not gettin’ Ross’d. When 50′s enimies are ridin’ wit 50 what’s that say? Game said it too man. Plus anyone who supports a guy who was caught in a lie and then kept lying is a clown. So all you 158,000 people ( Since it’s def jam more like 50 people ) you are clowns. Stop buyin’ hip hop and go listen to Flo Rida or Bow Wow. Leave the real hip hop to real men!

  • TCUK

    150K is a major loss in comparison to Jada’s numbers when you take into consideration the promo/budget.

    But Ross has got a free run, 50 busy off shooting a movie making more money than Ross will make in his career. If 50 go hard with a mixtape and has a decent buzz leading to his album he will have destroyed Ross.

    Ross album okay at best, banging beats but theres only so much “BAWSE” STWEEEETS” “WEIGHT” and “TRIILLA” you can take.

  • cspliff9

    hes a fat pussy bitch. officer ricky cant compete wit 50 at any level. he aint a g, and he dont push weight. that fat ass mothafuckas all talk

  • bxcapo

    he’s in the red and he owes child support, dont sound like a boss to me

  • GooninAllDay

    People need to stop with this Em is one of the greatest discussions. You can’t go to no hood, projects, or nothing and hear his music playing. Real street dudes can’t relate to his music. He is a good rapper, but extremely over hyped. Ross is not a great neither. However, his music,not street cred, is more relevant than any Interscope artist. 50′s music is shit in the toilet nowadays and Em’s new video is fucking stupid. If Em still had it like YALL think he would have been responded to Ross baiting him.

  • Boricuakat

    HE’S THE BIGGEST PUZZY THAT WE’VE SEEN THUS FAR!!! Going at EM is the dumbest thing that Fat Clown could of done! Em would murder this dude in lyrics. Floss is desperate now 50 killed him with this whole beef thing mannn Rick Floss needs to shut his big azz up

  • black

    Damn nigga’s taking others nigga’s names to post on here..real fuckboy shit

  • Ignacio Yount

    Incredible! I’ve been hunting yahoo and google all day in this and i eventually think it is the following!