Rick Ro$$ = Trillionaire

Okay, so before I get into this drop I have to make you watch these two videos…

Deeper Than cRap Music

Happy Women’s History Month

^ The second video was just a little gift for those of you here chilling with me on the shabbas.

Okay, so Rick Ro$$ latest album surprised me. It surprised me because I never listened to him before this joint. He seemed to be a bit of a clown to me. His whole persona seemed to be 10 years late into the rap game so I never gave my ear to his music. This time I got turned on to him by accident. The true story is that I work in this area of lower Manhattan (NYC, not Kansas NFSJIC) and I was on my way to my favorite hotel to leave a deuce. Outside of the hotel this Def Jam truck was parked along with an SUV with the Rick Ro$$ vinyl wrapping. I knew that there was about to be a party there so I just hung around and wouldn’t you know it, I ended up in the Rick Ro$$ ‘Deeper Than Rap’ listening session.

*As a sidebar: There was tons of free Belvedere which was great, but there ws no free food. Nothing to nosh on even. Def Jam, please invite me to some shit where y’all have food as well. Fuck all that recession talk, Maxim just had an event with free Patron and catered food.*

**R.I.P. Shakir Stewart**

Rick Ro$$ album has a bunch of bangers on that shit. Plus, the order that they previewed the tracks to us gave you the feeling that this album is one of those joints perfect for taking out with you for a long drive. I felt relaxed and carefree. I can only imagine how this album makes Ro$$ feel. For those of you scoring at home Rick Ro$$ is now leading 50 Cent on points in their battle. While 50 Cent has been entertaining us with comedy Rick Ro$$ has been in the studio getting focused and releasing what has to be the best music of his life. Especially if I’m fuxing with it.

Forget about all that side shit 50 Cent did with Ro$$’ babymoms. One was broke and she did the things that broke folks do which is to accept gifts and free shit. The other one sells her ass and she did things that people who sell their ass would do. Now if 50 had made a video with the first BM (Tia?) then maybe I would still have 50 Cent in the lead on my internets scorecard. But while 50′s latest album is being placed into Aftermath limbo Ro$$ album is front and center for Def Jam.

Here’s a few observations I want to note for you that I took from the ‘Deeper Than Rap’ listening session…

1) Rick Ro$$ will NEVER make my top rapper list, but he deserves credit for being a rapper that can at least select good beats to rhyme over. Almost everything I heard at this preview knocked, including the songs featuring R & B artists (which there are a few). Mediocre rapper + good music >>> good rapper + average ass beats.

2) Be the godamned corrections officer alerady. Anyone that knows anyone working behind bars knows how hardbody C.O.’s have to keep their shit. All the C.O.’s that I know are one step from wearing the orange jumpsuit they damn self. If you think that you can be in close quarters with the wolves and the scum and not be one yourself you are a damn fool. Why hasn’t Ro$$ ever said that?

3) Learn a foreign language, preferably spanish. The idea that a drug lord kingpin from Miami who doesn’t know any spanish seems so disconnected from reality it just smacks me in the face. Ro$$ is down with Fat Joe for crying out loud. Have Joe Crack teach you a few words and sentences that way you seem authentic to the boss lifestyle you espouse. Colombians don’t trust NOBODY that don’t speak that shit.

4) Give out some free turkeys or some shit when the album drops. Have a bar-b-cue block party in Carol City. Have some kind of press event where you portray that whole boss Daddy Warbucks character instead of just shopping for sunglasses at the high-end mall. Most bosses are so much about they business that they have someone buying shit for them or they have retailers come visit them, not the other way around.

Rick Ro$$ has the Def Jam machine clearly in his corner and that isn’t a bad thing, but if you are gonna to go into debt with that monster then you need to get the biggest bang for your bucks. It’s not time for Rick Ro$$ to hustle harder, it’s time for that nigga to hustle smarter.

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  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy


    Go Listen to your Redman CD, about “he will never make it to my top rapper list”, get that dick out your mouth, B.

    Brooklyn, NY forever

    Rick Ross, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, Rich Boy, UGK Saved hip hop from ending up like Reggatone or the Blues a few years ago.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    You hit it on the head with number 3. Not just cuz he is in Florida claiming to deal heavy but anywhere a nigga is dealing heavy you are fucking with a Latino. You definitely aint buying raw at basement prices from no English is there first language speaking niggas.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Album is surprising. All Fif has to do is make good music, but Ross stepped it up.

  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy

    Oh, Please excuse me lord…..I forgot to mention Gucci Mane LaFlair and CLIPSE as our personal Saviors also.


    Go listen to your roots albums faggot.

    • benjamin bixby III


  • Pierzy

    What up, BXS. I think #1 is your best point…dude’s beats are what has carried him.

    Yo, I was in Manhattan last night at 31st & 5th but I didn’t see any Def Jam vans…

  • latino heat

    the 2nd video >>>>>> then the 1st video. yo BXS why the fuck did you make us sit through that loooong boring ass video? you could have done this post without it. anyway saying this is the best music of his carer is like once again saying your the smartest retard on the short bus. i guess this album is supposed to be like the 2009 version of Group Home’s 1st album? you know dope beats and with a wack ass rapper spittin on them? that’s all people keep saying is how dope the beats are, nobody is saying if he stepped his terrible “rhymes” up. i’m guessing it’s because he hasn’t. i wish the Def Jam machine would get behind Redman and Method Man’s new album instead of this bullshit. you think seniority at the label would count for something.

  • tommy gunz


  • Domjel

    Damn OG! I know shit is fucked up when blogging is becoming raps twin by throwing credibility out
    the window. The nigga was a CO! And then repeatedly lied, and you co-sign! B X? Even he wasn’t comfortable with his past. And his choice in women, at least the prostitute, to make make a baby with just highlight he doesn’t poses a third eye for the streets. And trust, there is a difference between each side of the cage.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Yeah he was a CO. So fucking what? He is an actor meatball. Do you give a fuck that Deniro was waiting tables before he was in Deer Hunter? Did it matter to you that he wasn’t an actual Vietnam veteran?

    For too many of you so-called rap fans you are the type of folks that can’t separate reality from fantasy. That is why Ro$$ lied in the first place. He thought that it mattered what he did before he started rapping.

    For crissakes, Lil’ Wayne kisses Baby on the mouth with his tongue and he sells ten billion records. People know he isn’t a gangster. They just want to be entertained.

  • Domjel

    I’m all for entertainment, and science fiction for that matter, in every form. And I realize all rappers embellish, but to fabricate and promote. I mean Slick Rick told us he was a story teller. For me hip hop has always had an element of truth and brutal honesty unmatched in entertainment. Which is why I fucks wit your blog, and not entertainment weekly. Do you think Chuck D would have garnered as much respect if he were a DA? Being black and taking THAT job reveals a different mentality, one that a few bars (no pun) can’t fix. The game is so over saturated and writers like you help weed out the infiltrators. Or you can just nod to the beat.

  • Stevie B

    This is some of the most ignorant stuff I have heard. Now its ok to be a mediocre emcee? Really? I refuse to lower my standards I want the hot beatz and hot lyrics. The problem with Hip-Hop music and music in general is the conversation always gets off the topic of music. You went to a listening party and you talking about speaking spanish to Columbians?What the fuck?

    P.S. I used to date a columbian girl and her parents did not give a fuck that I knew spanish I was still a nigga to them.

  • Kevin

    you guys are ridiculous for immediately bashing on the blog post. he makes a very good point, and in some cases he is wrong. i believe that ross is a lyricst, not a stankyleg rapper. he makes peaceful, insightful, and talented raps, and when necessary, throws in the r&b vibe with a good artist that makes you want to sip lean in the tropics. ross DID mention in an interview that part of the C.O. deal was to sort of “cover” or throw off other things he was involved in, which was one of my first thoughts when it was confirmed that we has a C.O. SURE, he could say that to make everyone go, “ohhh, SUPER G!”, but really, it makes sense.

    We should all appreciate hip-hop heritage and the OG’s that have been giving us real music for many decades now but we also have to welcome, with a new swagger, a different style of rappers today. Ross manages to stay away from the pop bullshit and gives us ridin’ music that we’re looking for. seems like you guys want to complain about every single thing and you’ll truly never be satisfied. have an open mind about things and don’t talk like you’re going into a panic attack when you spaz on blog responses LOL. nice day

  • king blair

    I no way in hell support or condone kissing a man in the mouth I refuse to support homo thugs; thats six degrees from riding the chocolate train.
    Ofc Ricky makes nice albums but I still would rather hear 50 rock over Ross’ beats. When the CD drop 50 should take all of Ross beats and make a mixtape album of his own that shit would shut Ross down

  • capcobra

    get bol on the horn…ashley logan and kay slay talking crazy about that man….check worldstar.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Do you read this shit I write? I think some of y’all can only understand a line and then you remove it from the context with which I wrote it.

    If you listen to rap music to be ENTERTAINED then you should fux with the Rick Ro$$ album.

    Rap music, like all music can contain elements of honesty if that is what the artist desires to convey, but if you look to rap to be the litmus for reality you are losing.

    UMG, Koch, Atlantic Records etc. are in the business of crafting a fantasy soundtrack for you the consumer. Stop wishing that rap would be what it was thirty years ago. That ain’t happening ever again.

    The shit I talk about here comes from being forty years old traveling the globe and listening to all types of music. You could be sicker than the average and smarter than most if you listened to what I said.


      happy easter everyone!

      what up sunday,

      i hear what you’re saying in your blog, but this is a response to what you said above. Do you know why eminem was so controversial? because he was young and white, which was an image that young whites related to, which made him an immediate danger to middle america. rappers such as redman, brother lynch hung, bone thugs, etc. were saying crazy shit waaaay before em, but it didn’t matter cuz it only effected young niggas! if rick ross were white, he’d be shut down, but he’s black, so it’s cool. lil street niggas listen to this type of shit for inspiration, it’s not a game for them!

      most rappers embelish, but like the dude above said, rick ross is the equivalent of chuck d working for the dea! there’s a difference between telling a lie and living a lie! That being said, the only power we have in corporate rap is our $$$$. if niggas didn’t support ross after this co shit, don’t you think that would set a precedent for rappers to come? likewise, if people ignore this fakeness, it will also set a precident. if niggas ran ross out of the game, young rappers who value their career would not come out fakin, because they would know that they’re career would be ended as soon as they were exposed. Rappers are not actors, the two words have very different definitions in the dictionary. bob marley was an entertainer, that doesn’t mean that it woulda been cool if he was a complete fraud! it’s not totally out of the ordinary for an entertainer to be real! like you, i’m 30+, listen to all music, and i also have masters degree in mass communication. the people who loose in all this are the black children! similar to niggas bumpin r kelly after he pissed on a 14 year old black girl! if he pissed on a 14 year old white girl, do you think he’d still get play? WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE, QUIT ACTIN LIKE SHEEP!

      • DETROIT

        and don’t front sunday, you’re old like me! you’ll never buy or listen to deeper than rap. if you ever get in the mood for that type of music, you’ll prolly just throw in the blueprint! rap is like 40 years old, there’s no need for us to start lowering our standards now! there’s a possibility that there won’t be any classic albums in ’09, there’s no law that a classic album has to come out each year. being the best of the worst counts for nothing in my opinion! i have no problems throwing illmatic or http://www.thug.com in the deck, as opposed to some other shit just because it’s new. like everyone likes to point out, IT’S ALL ABOUT GOOD MUSIC!

      • Pierzy

        I think you both make good points but what was the big quote from Dr. Dre in “The Show”? He said, “You can talk about killing someone on a record but you’re not gonna go out and do it…this is like our job…”

        That’s what it is. For some reason, people took rap as being more “real” than any other form of entertainment. No one expects Pacino to act like Scarface but a lot would like to see Brad Jordan really act like Scarface…

  • macdatruest

    Niggas aint lookin for some good music, they wanna “lose their self” all in a rapper’s image and be man groupies. Niggas wanna claim g-unit like they really in the group. Well go buy a Fiddy Cent Ganster Dildo if you wanna support them niggas or read Tia’s Diary, cause Fiddy sure as hell dont make music no more. Don’t sweat these niggas Billy X, they claim they cant see Fiddy lost, but they sound like they tryna comvince theyselves. At this point, I would rather hear Ja any day than Yayo or Fiddy

  • render

    I will never call myself a ross fan, and ill never spend money on that niggas album but even ill admit his music is killing 50 right now

    no hate, but i never really got the love for 50. power of the dollar was hot but Get Rich has to be one of the most overrated albums ever. its not terrible but when i hear niggas compare it to reasonable doubt or illmatic I just gotta shake my head…niggas just fell in love with 50′s gangsta/ half naked album covers

    50 cent doesnt give a shit about music…it was never his aim to make dope music. when he talks about making tracks he says shit like “market” and “product” like hes a fuckin anr, only worried bout the bottom line.

    ross is a pathological liar living a fantasy but from his interviews and tracks at least he shows he cares about making good music. Its why he’s finding dudes like the justice league who’re bringing a type of musicality noone is matching on a production level right now

    either way…rick ross vs. 50…the loser is hiphop

    • latino heat

      yo Render,i’m glad somebody feels me on GRODT. that shit has to be the most overrated album in hip hop history. the hottest songs were the 3 bonus tracks that were already old by the time the album dropped. Power of The Dollar was hot, as were his mixtapes, but when the album dropped i was totally let down. In Da Club was overrated too. it sounded like another generic party song to me.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Yeah co-sign on that…I never really though GRODT was too much of a classic. Don’t get me wrong its a hot album and all, but its not as hot as most folks claim it to be. I had listened to the whole album when it first came out and didn’t really care for it, and now that I have an older ear I gave it a listen again all the way thru…nope, still don’t think its that damn hot. What, its suppose to be off the chain because of Dre’s beats? I can be on here all day mentioning albums that blow that one away hands down…not hating, just my opinion that all.

      As far as this post about Rick Ross’s album, I salute it. I have heard some of his tracks and they sound good I ain’t gonna lie; I actually have his first album and that shit go hard I don’t give a fuck what anybody say. Yeah he lied about being a corrections officer (it even got to me a little bit), but damn people give the man a break! I know ya’ll heard way worse truths from rappers than that C.O. bullshit!

      By the way Billy X, I thought #4 on your list was funny as hell (a la American Gangster LOL), I don’t think anyone else on here caught that considering all the hate in these comments LOL

      • latino heat

        it’s funny that you mention Dr. Dre’s beats on that album, cause most people don’t realize that he only did 4 beats on the whole album. people were dick riding the beats so hard and didn’t even know that they were done mostly by producers most people hadn’t even heard of. same for Em’s album’s Dre only does a few beats per album. Dre hasn’t produced an entire album in years.

  • Domjel

    Detroit, you put it perfectly. X, I read every line and respect your work and look forward to future drops. Peace.

  • Ruste Juxx

    i love when people say “r.kelly pee’d on a lil girl”. did we all forget that he fucked her too. but i guess it would of been much better if he woulda just bussed and that was it. why compare ross to chuck d?. i love PE. but i didnt think they were gonna throw on the black beret and shout “we did it for africa” and run guns into the white house. im really from the streets. so i know who to believe and who not to believe. jeezy can rap about bricks all day. but he was a fat bandanna wearing nigga when he came into the game. when he got this good rap money. he got slimmer and jewels shine a lil brighter. i know half the things these dudes say arent real. these guys are authors. i want a good story. true or not i want a good story. he was a CO. he wants a police officer. they’re not the same thang. so if he’s rappin bricks and his picture comes up. is supposed to be hype to say “yea, its me”. i wouldnt.

  • yeah man

    Wow…you write the most jaded shit homes. Just remember, for a lot of kids it will be too late by the time the veil is pulled back on the Wizard of Oz. Bless up Dallas Penn, I respect where your heart seems to be at. And yeah, all grown folk knew dude was a liar ever since that ‘I made a mil moving weight’ talk, unfortunately the Rick Ross’ and T.I.P.’s of the world are marketed to children in much the way that AKs were made light enough to be the perfect weapon for child soldiers. Don’t front.

    • render

      who the fuck let tipper gore in on xxl?

      what the fuck kinda hood you come from that lil niggas start hustlin cause some fat rap nigga told them to? you show me one kid that decided to start pushin because of rick ross’s bearded ass and I’ll show you a retarded lil herb that was gonna end up fuckin their own life up anyway on account of stupidity…fuck outta here…who u think has more influence on kids? rick ross or the niggas they see on the corner with the new jordans and a stack in their pocket?

      that nigga in the alley been around before nwa and he’ll be there after rawse

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Yeah Man what up? Detroit what up? I’m not old like you homey. You may be old but my ass is cold.

    Poor people, I mean really poor people, don’t read these drops. Poor people don’t even have their own computers and they will always be shitted on by our society. Peep this new documentary film American Violet if you are so inclined to see a poor person rise up.

    The Ro$$ album has bangers. Period. Point blank. The fact that Ro$$ got the machine to churn out his album puts him in the lead but is far from a statement that he won. I never said that Ro$$ won.

    The Ro$$-Fifty feud has some more jabs still to come. In the meantime and in between time I will be bumping that Maybach Music and laughing at the real life cartoon called Rick Ro$$.


      “Poor people, I mean really poor people, don’t read these drops. Poor people don’t even have their own computers and they will always be shitted on by our society.”

      COME ON X…ARE YOU FROM THE HOOD FOR REAL? i live in one of the brokest cities in america, yet and still there is are many libraries here. these libraries have computers…when you go to these libraries, most of the people on the computers are kids lookin at these rap sites! to say that poor people have no access to computers shows that you spend very little time around poor people in real life. Like too short told you in 1993, there’s money in the ghetto! if broke niggas don’t have computers, how did soulja boy get on? i’m not trying to clown you, but that statement sounded like some shit a nigga that has never been to the hood would say!

  • yeah man

    Yeah render, I used to buy that argument too…you’ll see when you stop fooling yourself. I grew up in the Caribbean without electricity and running water in a house made of galvanized metal and yeah there were dudes out doing their thing but we idolized the dancehall DJs way more than them and when Shabba said ‘I love alla the gun dem, keep dem shine and chris’ we took that to heart. And I aint saying to ban the music, you have to let people be free, but if you think setting a mantra to music doesn’t effect your mental state then you don’t understand why they sing songs in school, church and in basic training when you join the army.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I was woundering when Billy X would weigh in on Ross. On point.

    I disagree that Ross is not a good rapper. He’s killing it on the mic. I don’t get the reasoning that Ross has good beats and raps well over them but is not a good rapper. say what? He rhymes on point is creative and selects good beats. that’s a good rapper in my book.

    • El Tico Loco

      You said he’s creative? GTFOH he does have an ear for beats but creative? Man please, I wish they would just sell the instrumentals because once you heard one Rick Ross song you heard them all (I Make money transporting keys, I got money I give free publicity to items most of my fans will never afford) damn b that’s real creative, I didn’t know a rapper could be so diverse with the subject matter, who woulda thought of such worldplay on shit that we all can relate to.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    “Mediocre rapper + good music >>> good rapper + average ass beats.”

    So in other words, Ross > Nas?

  • Avenger XL

    I said Rick Ross was making some good solid music for deeper than rap. Also people should remember that this ish is entertainment you can’t talk about saling drugs or you are snitching on yourself and others envolved. That will get you killed or locked. Secondly hip-hop beef these days is a mix between WWE and soroity pillow fight most of it is staged and nothing gets hurt but egos.

    Now will he do the numbers? I am going to say he will sale what he usually sales maybe less because of two major factors.

    1. Def Jam couldn’t promote crack to crack heads.
    2. He doesn’t create enough crossover style music even with John legend and I don’t know how many white kids i.e. the record buying public check for Ross. The hood is going to bootleg and some are going to take the ride with 50 on him which could slightly effect his outcome.

    Bottomline great music released at the worse possible time. This effort may be buried and that is just wrong.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    @ Incilin, basically.Nas beats be on some bullshit.

    @ Detroit,Pull his coattail to the game!

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I spend most of my day around poor people in more ways than I’d like to describe. I tell poor people to go online to check out some info and they look at me crazy. Like “nigga what are you talking about? URL to these people is slang for “you are ill”. So don’t ever tell me about poor people and their ability to use computers. You sound like a rap song fantasy to me right there.

    Incilin, are you retarded. NaS isn’t a good rapper. NaS is a great rapper. T.I. is a good rapper. Game is a good rapper. NaS could pick the shittiest beat evar produced and be light years ahead of Rick Ro$$. How does a college boy not know the difference between good and great?


      so you still stand by that statement? that’s ignorant as hell my nigga. poor people do have computer access in a lot of cases. IT’S 2009 MY NIGGA!

      It’s probably not the thought of the internet that turns them off, maybe it’s how you come at them! based on some of your statements, i could see that. maybe it’s the shit you tell them to look up. maybe they just think that you are a fuck nigga in general.

      dig this bro, an oz of crack costs $900 (that shit is high as hell right now), a computer cost like $300…so a poor person can afford to be a hustler but can’t afford a computer? I used to live in the brewster projects, and there were people who had internet access! same with the soljourner truth projects. I’M FROM THE HOOD FOR REAL BRO, SO YOU CAN’T RUN THAT BULLSHIT ON ME!

      • DETROIT

        also, are you saying that ALL POOR PEOPLE ARE DUMB:

        “I tell poor people to go online to check out some info and they look at me crazy. Like “nigga what are you talking about? URL to these people is slang for “you are ill”. So don’t ever tell me about poor people and their ability to use computers. You sound like a rap song fantasy to me right there.”


      • Zulu1925

        @ DETROIT

        I’m sure Billy X. didn’t mean to imply that NO ONE in the hood has computers, just as you are not saying EVERYONE in the hood has computers. We can all agree that some folks have computers and/or access to them and some don’t. And, some of the folks who have access to computers don’t necessarily take advantage of the tool. BTW, the fact that you immediately testified about library access proved his point that “Poor people don’t even have their own computers…” Final note: Maybe an ounce of coke is selling for $900. Who sells CRACK by the ounce?

  • latino heat

    i have the same argument all the time with the one and only person i know that actually listens to Bitch Ross. if you want to hear “coke rap” done right listen to the Clipse. yeah the subject matter is the same but the actual rappin and wordplay is light years ahead of Ross rhyming his name with the word boss 20 times on every song. your not just listening to a bunch of bullshit for the sake of hot beats, although they have that too. and they come off as way more believable also.

  • $ykotic

    LOL! I see Penn going in!

    #3 is sooo true! At least “buenos tardes”!

    He’s making decent music. His character is swiss cheese though.

    Most cats I know don’t have computers. They would rather have J’s and whatever else is hot. Dumb.

    White and black people. Old and young.

    Back to the subject: IMO this project may suffer from the pushback syndrome.

    I cannot see DTR out performing other projects dropping around it. Suburbia rocking Ross and not Em? The hood knows Cam is coming. Even Def Jam will stop hardcore promoting him. They have other CD’s to push.

    Slaughterhouse! (x4)

    And 50 is lurking. Ross won his wish for getting the attention. The anticipation is building to see the affect of this newfound toy. Most of the flyest toys break on Xmas day.

    Hope it works for him.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Let’s pick up the Ro$$ debate after a few more drops since this one is filled with too many people who can’t comprehend the futurism of my rap artist marketing plan.