Return Of The King…

I think XXL created the Eminem covers because they know I fux with comics and shit.  Frank Miller’s characterization of Punisher (along with Daredevil and Bullseye) is some str8 up classic shit.

I like the idea that Eminem is returning to his take no prisoners steez. If that is what his managers are trying to convey from the XXL cover art then we should be in for a treat of major proportions. Would anyone have surmised in 1979 that in thirty years the most popular rappers would be whites?

Between rap music’s Elvis and the kid Asher Roth who could be the prince to Eminem’s king I would have to say that white is taking over this rap shit this summer. If you are Black and trying to come into the rap game please kill yourself. Or stand out in front of Foot Locker and try to sell your crappy CD. No ones buying it though because you dudes aren’t keeping it real.

White keeps it 100 when they rap. If their rhymes are about getting high you can believe that shit. White boy weed is the best shit evar. If white makes a rhyme about raping some chick on some drunken date rape shit you can believe that story too. White stays trying to give broads that date rape drug.

Remember them white from Duke University that tried to lace that stripper’s drank? That was my favorite story. The stripper was already so high that the date rape drug them white gave her had no effect. Ha! White do stay on some thirst shit for sweet black punanny. Why else Quincy Jones octaroon seed always end up with white sachs on her forehead?

Is there any question that Eminem won’t come back releasing the best music of his career? This looks like an industry takeover from the Universal Music empire. Between UMG, Interscope and Def Jam you have the three labels that are generating all the star power. Being on a major label is the worst thing you could do for your self unless you plan on being a mega-star. That shit will chew you up and leave you for dead on the side of the road.

If you have some things working in your favor like your skin color I suggest you max out on the returns. What is better for a fan of this shit than to see someone gripping the microphone that looks like they do? That shit is empowering and that shit is the future of rap music.

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  • Pierzy

    As a white boy that’s old enough to remember the times when liking rap meant you were a “poser” or a “wigger,” I like to see this…

    Now, I’m going to ignore the “prince” comment, but yeah, I feel like Eminem is in the “Fuck it, it’s my time to come back and reclaim my crown” mode. I think dude’s LP is going to surprise a lot of people, like The Marshall Mathers LP did. Remember, nobody thought that album was going to be a classic. Successful? Yes. Classic? No. It turned out to be both.

    I’m just praying that there are some heaters on there directed towards the chump that this site has placed on a pedestal and been praying to for several weeks now…

    Billy, I’m glad you’re back and this is no offense to you, but both new posts today have mentioned AR. C’mon now…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I appreciate all the White comments…

    I think.

    And while I can feel good that white dudes are gracing the covers of XXL and shit, I feel like those artists only serve to put us in a box, you know? Like Eminem made it evident that there are a bunch of white kids that grew up with black kids–they were poor, and got baby-mama drama, too. Then on the flipside, you got this bitch ass nigga Asher Roth putting my white college student types in the spotlight. Yeah, there are a lot of white dudes in college and some even act like that faggot, but still, that ain’t me. True Story: OG Matt Herbz graduated from college. I threw parties, got with bitches, drank beers and liquor, smoked weed, and even popped a few pills, but I’m standing tall saying that that Asher Roth song is trash. That’s some gay ass frat boy shit and if you’ve met one frat boy, you’ve pretty much met them all: A bunch of homos that get shitfaced too often and at the same time, try to act prestigious and honorable, what with the Greek letters and shit. Point is, I threw down, too, but not like THAT nigga, see? You can be a down ass white dude without being typecasted into that “Smokes Weed But Is Smart As Fuck” character that Asher is playing himself as. It’s lame. That video was ANYTHING but Hip Hop, and Asher doesn’t cater to real Hip Hop heads, so I’m not fucking with him.

    No homo just in case.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • ko

      We get it, you’re a corny white boy. Enough with the bullshit stories nobody gives a fuck and your shit isn’t witty, funny, or however you’re trying to come across.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        Stop mumbling, nigga. Talk like you have something to say and walk like you have somewhere to go. Get off the next man’s dick–my shit don’t need footnotes.

        Bitch ass nigga.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Bobo D

    So Billy did you catch the Wolverine leak?
    Shit is crazy I’m gonna have to catch the finished version. Hopefully the next x-men origins involves Apocalypse.

    • Tony Grand$

      @ BoBo D & DP/BXS

      I just got through watchin Wolverine……………

      Do yourselves a favor;
      Fux. With. That. Movie.

      *spoiler alert*
      No Apocalypse, but it really doesn’t matter one iota. Prepare yourselves for the “big-screen” translation fuckery, though.

  • Master CHeef

    billy was not on asher’s nuts until he met him.

    when he meets one of these rap niggas, he turns into a straight groupie.

    he ain’t lying bout that shady album though. I hope that dude is on some Punisher shit. If he could actually stir up some controversy again or shock a few people, that would be off the chain, but only time will tell.

  • render

    lol bxs…think im finally gettin wise to your satire…unless you’re serious

    only white rappers mainstream is checkin for are the two you just named (only em if u discount internet votes). tho i will say that half the underground is a white movement right now…had a conversation with this college kid bout hiphop a while back and told him i was lookin out for jays new shit (american gangster…throughly average album looking back on it) and homeboy starts goin off bout how jay aint real hiphop no more and starts namedroppin vinnie paz and apathy and a whole movement of his white skinned indie heroes

    thought i slipped into some alternate reality where white niggas (no matt herb) be the ones holdin the culture down

    and quincy jones white daughter from the office can get it any day, all day

  • Dallas Penn

    Think about this… How many white dudes have come into rap espousing some fantastical outlaw lifestyle where they traveled the globe as drug traffickers only to decide to be recording artists?

    For the artists that don’t have credibility issues because they never rapped about some shit they didn’t actively engage in, those people are in the front of the music sub-genre now.

    Black dudes better come up with some new music form soon because they are gonna be catchin’ only the blues in rap music in a few more years.

    • Pierzy

      This is why I had to respect Bubba Sparxxx when he came out, even if I wasn’t a fan of his until his 2nd, very underrated album, “Deliverance” dropped. He never faked about what he was about…

      However, Mr. Penn, aren’t you contradicting yourself a little bit since the other day you were defending your point regarding Rick Ross because music is entertainment? Just a question…

    • $ykotic

      *hand claps*

      Thank you.

      The bad part is that this convo is gonna last for another 2 weeks (Ross & Roth).

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Marshall’s coming back?

    Owwwwww… *laughs*

    But Asher Roth as prince?

    C’mon, Billy. You know better.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign all day…

  • Dallas Penn

    No contradictions at all. Let me break this down for cats that can’t understand but weren’t as brave as you are to ask the question.

    If you are not wrapped up in the fantasy idea that some entertainer ran a drug trafficking business as a way to get into the music business then you can indulge in the Rick Ro$$ album and not feel any kind of way about his lyrics. You will underastand that it is all fantasy and you will enjoy the CD as you drive along the interstate.

    If you are someone that demands that singers/rappers/whatever LIVE the lifestyle described in the lyrics they perform to entertain you I would suggest that you fux with white rappers since that is what they specialize in. The angst of being white in what most people consider a Black man’s profession (idiots think this) is what gives the white rapper his power. He is the Tarzan of the jungle who talks with the apes but still has blonde hair.

    • Pierzy

      I thought that’s what you were saying originally, but I just wanted to clarify it for my fellow contributors on here…

      On that aspect, I totally agree with you. You can’t beg for artists to “keep it real” and then complain when they do because it’s not the type of “real” that you want…

    • Detroit P

      I don’t know if you realize how racist you sound…but basically you’re saying that all any rapper that happens to be white has to do is personify a bunch of white stereotypes and he will be rapping reality…even if he never went to college…or never grew up in the suburbs…or never grew up in a trailer park with a bunch of red-necks…even if he CAN jump high..or even if he CAN dance well…he can make himself out to be whatever he wants, and as long as he fits into your stereotypical frame of what a white person is or what they should be, you will call it reality….The reason I don’t feel Asher Roth is because he doesn’t come off as someone with any artistic talent…he’s just Bland as if he was completely birthed by some lame A&R-father and a record label-mother….I’m in college and I don’t care if Roth went to college or not..but that song is so bland and cliche that it sounds like he’s only seen or read about college…I don’t care if Rick Ross is fake, he raps with enough detail and personality, that Ross’ fallacy is more entertaining than Roth’s “reality”…I don’t care about these rappers lives..I just care about the music

      • LeonTheProfessional

        Homeboy straightened it out right here… yup.


  • Dallas Penn

    The idea of one size fits all rap music is a mistake. Even the mega-popular Lil’ Waynes and KanYe Wests have their detractors.

    Rap music has so many lanes no one should give a fuck what anyone except their favorite artists are doing.

  • bongolock

    …what anyone except their favorite artists are doing

    aint it tha truth. even with all the tunes on the radio (i assume) i dont like i am more than satisfied with the hiphop tunes i choose to listen to. even when kanye or wayne drop turds its fine. i may not like it but someone does. i’ll catch em later when they make shit i like

  • geico lizard

    -You dont have to drug black womens drinks when you have money. That roll of ones will be enough to get them naked and horny.

    -Quincy Jones daughters havent been near a black man since that one chick let 2pac sex her. That rasheeda jones chick will take a swing at you if you call her a black woman.

    -I have been talking bad about eminem for years but I have started rooting for him just so asher roth undeserved buzz will die down. What you said about whites wanting to see someone that looks like them on stage is true because a few blacks feel that pride about the new president.

  • RiZob


    Bubba Sparxxx > everybody

    Lil’ Wyte > Asher Roth

    and thats real….

    • latino heat

      i forgot about Lil Wyte. that is a crunk ass white dude. he can really spit too.

  • Incilin

    “Is there any question that Eminem won’t come back releasing the best music of his career? ”

    ^^^Ahh, have you heard his god awful single? Eminem already made one of the best rap albums of this decade. Marshall Mathers LP is his magum opus. He will prolly never top it.

    IDK man, ever since you came back to XXL you been having some real funky posts…..wonder if it has to do with not following through on that thing you were talking about. Hmm….

  • Stevie B

    So if Eminem raps about killing his mother wife and and shooting people with sawed off shot guns and raping people killing bank tellers thats ok thats real

    But if a Black person raps about selling drugs and committing crimes and partying thats wack they all need to stop

    Ok that makes lots of sense?

    I guess if your white your right!

    • El Tico Loco

      Is not quite a Black or White thing if you rap about those things is cool either way, the problem when these rappers go out on a limb to prove that they actually did what they were spittin about when we already know the deal.

      • Stevie B

        I understand what your saying but the person who wrote the article and Dallas Pen made statements inferring that all white rappers keep real and black rappers that talk about the streets never do.
        I disagree with them.

        I didnt even address the whole “Tarzan talkin to the apes” statement Dallas made or Matt Herbz using the word nigga.
        I dont even want to get started on that!

        • Grand Master

          Dallas is the person who wrote the article… just saying is all

  • ukkh

    there is some racist dudes on this site! look its simple its entertainment if a rapper chooses to rap about things they never really did thats up to them wether they are white or not. To say that white rappers keep it more real than black rappers is stupid! and asher roth isnt no where near the level em is at and he never will be, not a hater but i dont like his music i agree with detroit p its bland!

  • Brownie

    Dallas speaks some sense man. Only blogger out of all the stories ive read on this site thats actually complimented his ability and not just talked about his skin colour