I think XXL created the Eminem covers because they know I fux with comics and shit.  Frank Miller's characterization of Punisher (along with Daredevil and Bullseye) is some str8 up classic shit.

I like the idea that Eminem is returning to his take no prisoners steez. If that is what his managers are trying to convey from the XXL cover art then we should be in for a treat of major proportions. Would anyone have surmised in 1979 that in thirty years the most popular rappers would be whites?

Between rap music's Elvis and the kid Asher Roth who could be the prince to Eminem's king I would have to say that white is taking over this rap shit this summer. If you are Black and trying to come into the rap game please kill yourself. Or stand out in front of Foot Locker and try to sell your crappy CD. No ones buying it though because you dudes aren't keeping it real.

White keeps it 100 when they rap. If their rhymes are about getting high you can believe that shit. White boy weed is the best shit evar. If white makes a rhyme about raping some chick on some drunken date rape shit you can believe that story too. White stays trying to give broads that date rape drug.

Remember them white from Duke University that tried to lace that stripper's drank? That was my favorite story. The stripper was already so high that the date rape drug them white gave her had no effect. Ha! White do stay on some thirst shit for sweet black punanny. Why else Quincy Jones octaroon seed always end up with white sachs on her forehead?

Is there any question that Eminem won't come back releasing the best music of his career? This looks like an industry takeover from the Universal Music empire. Between UMG, Interscope and Def Jam you have the three labels that are generating all the star power. Being on a major label is the worst thing you could do for your self unless you plan on being a mega-star. That shit will chew you up and leave you for dead on the side of the road.

If you have some things working in your favor like your skin color I suggest you max out on the returns. What is better for a fan of this shit than to see someone gripping the microphone that looks like they do? That shit is empowering and that shit is the future of rap music.