maybach music

Do you remember when it cost real cake to own a Maybach? That was on some private jet ownership level type shit. You had to have a driver at all times too. No real Maybach owner drives the car themself. That would be uncivilized. No that the good name of Maybach Motors has been sullied by all the rappers I wonder what car the for real rich people own?

Maybach Music is ahead on points while G-Unit is stalling. This won't last forever but while it is in effect Rick Ro$$ canm gloat all he wants. He took it to one of the real bosses in rap music and he is still standing. This also tarnishes the 50 Cent myth somewhat, but that was happening anyhoo thanks to some tracks that were widely panned (FYI, 'Get Up' is a club banger that drives the broads crazy, but you fishsticks wouldn't care about that).

So just in case you thought you were going to able to escape the future of rap music for one day I am here to tell you that the two-headed rap beast names Asher Ro$$ is coming to computer monitor near you. Ro$$ will actually be bumping from car stereos as well. And not just in southern players cadillacs, but up top and in the midwest too. I don't think Cali rides too hard for the bootlegg Rick Ro$$ since they already know the real Ricky Ross.

Deeper Than Rap is the album that Def Jam is starting to perfect from their camp. Rappers are becoming R & B singers at a dizzying rate. At least the separation between the two is diminishing. I remember when a rapper would have maybe one track with a falsetto R & B dude just to make their album accessible to the ladies (read: radio). Now I be waiting to hear a rapper spit bars in between singing and crooning.

This is why I fux with SlaughterHouse on the regular. They don't have any singing in their steez.

What if Maybach Music has ended the career of 50 Cent as we used to know him? What if Pimpin' Curly is what 50 decides he want to pursue as an entertainer? I'd argue that we would be much poorer for that. 50 Cent makes me laugh as Pimpin' Curly, but the classic 50 Cent was more vintage Suge Knight than vintage Gladys Knight. The classic 50 Cent didn't have any friends except for his guns. And Em and Dre.

Sure the classic 50 Cent was a hyper-macho fictional character, but that shit was still entertaining. I don't find myself entertained by Ro$$ outside of his music. He shouldn't exist outside of that character he portrays on records. That is when Rick Ro$$ gets his message of opulent wealth all confused up with the shit that middle class people THINK that rich people do.

Ro$$ lives the full-on cinematic gangsta fantasy right now. I don't want him to wake up from this shit and find himself in hole with Def Jam to the tune of billions. Because you and I can already see how this story is going to end. He still turned in a good album though so give credit to Maybach Music for that much at least. I imagine they are gonna ride this shit until the wheels fall off.