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The problem I see with the music industry right now is that it lacks some true visionaries inside of the machine to help it connect to what people today really want. People still want good music, but people really want aspirational music. As our economy has slipped deeper into this black hole (no Pinky) from which it may never return people are craving the soundtrack which tells them not to stop believing. Just like that Journey song that everybody sings at the karaoke bar.

I want music that sounds good and makes me feel good. Even a morose themed album like ’808s & Heartbreaks’ was a winner because it sounded good and made me feel good to kick a bitch to the curb. The artists that are still on that nihilist bend will become fewer and farther between. People want to feel good about themselves. That is the new lifestyle. Forget the fact that I am thousands of dollars in debt and I have shitty life (not me, but you). I want to feel good about myself right now.

The sky might fall, but I’m not worried at all. This is the lifestyle that I am talking about and this is the lifestyle that record companies need to be concerned with selling. ave Moving CD units is a zero sum gain these days unless those CD’s are promoting goods and products. ‘Pass The Courvosier’ gave that brand some instant recognition and credibility to a brand of cognac that had the most retarded French name evar. This is what we should focus on from now on instead of worrying about how many records are sold by an artist.

Ha, I know you folks think I am defending the Asher Roth album again since the rumors that the CD was undershipped to stores are now being conflated to read that the album isn’t selling period. Mark my words when I tell you that Asher Roth’s album will be one of the years top sellers before it is all said and done. This CD is one of those joints that will be spinning at every summer bar-b-cue and cookout that cool people are drinking beers at (imported and domestic). What is more enjoyable than the summer break between college semesters? That is what this album represents.

It isn’t just college kids that live for the summer break, but young professionals who remember what that time was like also yearn to relive those days. This is the lifestyle component I am referring to. Record companies have to more reflective of the aspirations of people to get their shit smoothed out (or die trying). Television, movies studios, record companies, clothing manufacturers and liquor distillers are going to have to start forming collectives like SlaughterHouse did. Seagram’s already did that shit and failed because the children running that shit lacked the vision of their father.

Some t.I. heir will come back from college and have the right idea to marketing the next rappers along with their clothing and their preferred spitrits and shit will be a rap. In the meantime and in betwen time you can clown me if you want for saying that Asher Roth is a big part of the future of rap music. I still believe he is and I’m just waiting for record companies to realize the power of the college lifestyle. Where the fuck is Van Wilder when you need him to show up?

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  • squadwildin

    Totally agree….I haven’t heard Asher Roth’s album but that is the reason why I like Kid Cudi. He makes music you can feel..

  • Pierzy

    I think people need to follow Kanye’s lead. No matter what dude does, it’s great AND it sells. Oftentimes it’s either one or the other – an album is great but never embraced by the masses (DOOM) or an album is popular but sucks ass (Roth) – but Kanye has managed to do both on all of his albums, particularly Graduation, which was being played in every dorm room across the country when it dropped…

  • mario

    i co-sign i bought the album (AITBA) but i’m waiting for it in the mail (beacuse it undershipped)
    i love kid CuDi he is one of the realest people to ever spit it on wax him and Kanye need to do some Duet rap Album “Amazing” anyways till i get it from Amazon.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, get at me when they make music that makes me want to pull the trigger on all these right-wing conservative niggaz. I don’t want to feel good, nigga. I want to have enough heart to assassinate some bitch ass politicians.

    Oh yeah, it’s deeper than rap.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • No Mames Buey

      some of Obama’s actions, namely Wall Street Welfare & continuing illegal spying on Americans, got me thinking of the classic Kweli line

      “u try to vote & participate in the government
      & mothafocking Democrats is acting like Republicans”

      • benjamin bixby III



  • latino heat

    i feel you on the uplifting shit, but most people can’t relate to the college lifestyle. how many people do you actually know that went away to college for 4 years and actually lived that Animal House, Van Wilder shit? i don’t know any. Kanye’s music used to make me feel that way. i know more people that can relate to Kanye’s Spaceship record then anything Asher Roth has ever said. i hope Kanye comes back to his senses on his next joint, cause he really lost me with that 808′s shit.

    • Dub Sac

      I hear you – it sucks when you’re late to all those college parties cause Domino’s doesn’t close til 1am.

      • Pierzy


        As someone who went to school for 4 years and lived that life, it’s even funnier!

  • No Mames Buey

    1 of my comments didn’t get posted, wtf? Is it because I said Poisonous Paragraphs blog > XXL at finding new dope hip hop albums?

  • Zulu1925

    @ D. Penn

    I agree that times call for less music revolving around ostentatious displays of wealth and machismo and more with an aspirational, uplifting, fun mindset. However, I would contend that many hip hop artists would be afraid to produce that type of music because of the slippery slope between “fun” and “bubblegum” and the fear that “heads” would lump them in with “ringtone” acts. Like Pierzy said, it has proven extremely difficult to satisfy both the hardcore “heads” and the general public (BTW, Kanye’s universal acclaim is revisionist’s history. Hardcore fans HATED his rapping, initially. Though everyone dug his beats.). So, most hip hop artists are content to stay in their lane and not venture into foreign territory. And, if someone new DOES provide the happier aesthetic, they can expect to be shitted on by those who prefer gritty realism as the main component of their musical experience.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    This blog sucked dick like the writer….
    When Sean P dropped Billy X wrote that hardbody hip hop is the way. He goes to a free party drinks and dickrides. Then in the morning Billys dumb ass tells us this is next.

    Then Slaughter House forms and Billy X is on there dick telling us how independent is the way and there was free liquor at the party. How Joel Ortiz is the truth and dick sucking..

    Now Billy X went to a free party for Ashor and is on his dick and Ashors the wave of the future and now college rap is whats up and “feeling” good.

    Pick a style old man and stop talking thru the free liquor.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Why is Billy X replaced with Dallas Penn…
    Oh well same comments…

  • Tyler

    Dear Mr. Pen, my Dude I don’t really speak out on the post usually but I do dig your vibes but 2day U just came off as a A Rot dick rida’ & straight Bi-Polar & shit. The post started out 1 way then I have no idea how we got 2 the point where it switched 2 that shitsandwich on wheat bread of an album from ya’ boy A Rot. I feel U on the state of the industry & on music that makes people feel good. Dats all Love but 2 twist that into pumpin’ up an album that nobody wants or even cares about is well. . . . kinda like, liking FishSticks in your mouth if U catch my drift which is what U came off as. A lightskined GayFish. Another problem with this industry is the writers/bloggers that don’t do the job the way it should be done. They have 2 ride the dick of whatever artist they are getting paid 2 jock instead of giving us, the consumer the real deal. That’s back 2 that FOX channel type shit which I thought we were thru wit ‘dat 4 a minute since Bush got bounced. We have all heard way more hot whiteboys flow than this Dude. Why he has an album deal, only God knows yo but again. I rock with U, no Fishsticks, I’m just asking 4 U 2 keep it authenic ya’ dig. Ya’ boy is weak & that’s all it is 2 it. IT’s about HOt product at the end of the day, like it or not. Keep doin’ your thing.

  • Dallas Penn

    I feel you out there [ll], but if I fux with Asher Roth its because I fux with Asher Roth. I wish someone paid me to say that much cause then I would say it even more.

    My problem has always been the narrow lens that people use to define Hip-Hop music. When some shit comes through with an original meme people shit on it.

    There is a ton of shit to l;isten to and consume in rap. I fux with Viktor Vaughn, but that is not what a mainstream movement is made up of.

    Asher Roth is a legitimate mainstream movement and he is more real about his content than Rick Ro$$ is. At the end of the day we all buy what we like though?

    The purpose of this drop is to remind the industry what they need to do in order to monetize their manufacturing, marketing and production investments in the business.

  • Master Cheef

    I feel obligated
    to tell u this blog’s been rated
    as having no value what so ever
    Shall you? Fuck no. Never.
    buncha phallus men who jock cum
    malice again and then swap some
    and you’re not young
    you should give it up
    your living sucks
    your carbon footprint is worse than that of a trillion trucks
    sounds like you’re having a crisis at mid-life
    wishin u wer a college kid who could get right
    you’re the weakest link on this website
    like ross, you keep getting exposed
    and your ex knows your sex blows
    Prahli see her on tape wit a real cat
    get a steel gat and peel your wig back
    no matter how hard you try to clutch
    your age didnt make you wise, but out of touch
    and cosign who said you were bipolar
    guess that shit get worse as u nigh older


    all i got to say if that shit was under shipped it was not under promoted. the weekend that just passed i saw alot of asher promotion.

    • nellz

      yea on the internet. i didn’t see anything on TV, or hear anything on the radio. I guess thats why he’s #1 iTunes.

      I went to FYE and Best Buy…they both didn’t have em.

  • ri067953

    Yo, this is the most retard post I have eva seen…this man is only stating the obvious. Nobody buys hip-hop albums because most artists are presenting an image that most people cannot relate to. Like all good music, you have to dig to find it. Asher Roth is not the first guy to do this type of music. Cop Lexicon’s album “Youth is Yours” from like 6 years ago or anything put out by People Under the Stairs and you’ll see what I am talking about or anything put out by People Under the Stairs.

  • Dallas Penn

    I got a little misty eyed seeing that inspire Master Chode to rap.

    Send an e-mail to Steve Rifkin you faggert and maybe you might could get yourself a deal.

  • miles archer

    Yo, straight up, I’m tired of hearing all this clown shit come outta ya’ll mouths about fuckin Asher Roth.

    Don’t tell me how the boy can rhyme or how he’s just being himself… HE BIT ANOTHER RAPPERS WHOLE FUCKING STYLE!!!!!

    When did we stop giving eye jammies(shout to Phife) to a motherfucker for biting somebodies shit.

    There’s rules to this shit. There’s a CODE to this shit. There’s a culture to this shit that you fucking “Journalists” have spent the last ten years helping to kill off cause you’re supporting a “product” that pisses on everything this shit is built on.

    Asher Roth. Nice guy… I don’t give a shit. Good father… fuck you, go home and play with ya kids(sorry, I was just watching Glen Garry, Glennross).

    But on the real, influence is one thing… but homie is blatantly biting and the biggest publication we got is aiight with it.

    I got a friend who’s a musician, that doesn’t even listen to hip hop like that, tell me he heard a new Eminem song the other day. He didn’t realize it WASN’T Eminem till the DJ said the artists name at the end of the song.

    As I do so often when this subject comes up, I go back to a qoute from the God Tony Starks,
    “I don’t want niggas sounding like me on NO ALBUM, cause I’ma approach a nigga…”

    What the fuck have we done to our culture?

    miles archer

    • Stevie B

      PREACH GOD!!!


    • nellz

      ur musician friend over there doesn’t listen to hip hop, thats why he thought it was eminem

      No one in their right fucking mind would think an asher roth song is eminem

      They have the same voice, can’t help, not so much. rhyme patterns, delivery, flow are all different. There’s been plenty of other rappers who completely jacked an eminem flow, but no one complains about it. I believe sheek did it once, lil kim once, cory gunz does it every other song..

      I don’t wanna hear about people jackin niggas styles. Word to Jay-Z

  • Tyler

    Co-sign miles archerm 110 percent. . . . And Mr. Penn thanks 4 getting back at me. If U Rock wit Dude then U Rock wit Dude. I was hoping his album was hot but it just didn’t do it 4 me & I like 2 think I have some pretty sick ears, but I doubt if he moves many units over the long haul. Better luck next time cause I love heat no matter who is bringing it. I listen everything from Bjork to 50 & Them. Ya’ dig. The more different the better but it’s gotta be heat & just because Dude got a college type marketing concept behind him does not a hot album make ya’ dig. Good idea, bad follow thru.

  • Tyler

    Co-sign miles archer, 110 percent. . . . And Mr. Penn thanks 4 getting back at me. If U Rock wit Dude then U Rock wit Dude. I was hoping his album was hot but it just didn’t do it 4 me & I like 2 think I have some pretty sick ears, but I doubt if he moves many units over the long haul. Better luck next time cause I love heat no matter who is bringing it. I listen 2 everything from Bjork to 50 & Them. Ya’ dig. The more different the better but it’s gotta be heat & just because Dude got a college type marketing concept behind him does not a hot album make ya’ dig. Good idea, bad follow thru. Now let me see if I can find my X-Clan tape. Vanglorious!

  • $ykotic

    The bad part is this dude is gonna sell. More than fat boy.


  • macdatruest

    I’m in college. College is expensive as fuck. College kids download torrents, sorry marketing bigwigs. Asher Roth Sales=low

    • nellz

      true fact. I like Asher, but the album really isn’t worth buying…at all.

  • dameSTATUS



  • sb

    this guy right here is the best thing you have going on this site…music now needs to be an reflection of what’s going on now and what the climate is…we are going through trying times and the music can either reflect that or saomething that can be inspirational…..

  • DV8


    I liked Dalls Penn better when he was holding a camera. Get back on your job B!!!

  • $ykotic

    So can you guys pretty much understand that this album is not for the hood? And it will sell because it’s targeted at an audience that supports him? And spends money?

    Wake up people. The demand was higher than anticipated. This is a good thing.

  • EmCDL

    @ DP,

    This post is alright given the fact that you are talking about how the music industry should focus on topics on whats going on today and, how it should be inspirational instead of talking about how much cash you got in the bank and what cars you drive when mackin’ on hoes when you go to the club VIP status and shit…how you added Asher Roth in there I don’t know (not gonna call the kid out like that since like I said I haven’t heard any of his stuff yet). But I do feel you on how its a wider spectrum of hip hop music out there instead of the same ol shit…however, when folks out here (including me at times) listen to the gang banging, drug slanging, ho-smashing music for a long period of time, then that mainly what they want to listen to on a regular basis; its like its embedded in their brains. Not saying all folks are like that, but its a fact; a friend of mine who raps and tours listens to nothing but shit like Mobb Deep, Clipse, Wu Tang, etc. When I told him I listen to that and I listen to other cats like Dilated Peoples, Murs, Little Brother etc, he was like “How you go from listening to Clipse to listening to Murs?” I just like to listen to different types of hip-hop…as long as the lyrics are hot as well as the beats, I can give a fuck less whos rapping. Like its already been mentioned before, you gotta dig deep to find good music…