Kinda like a big deal

A few things occurred to me when I read, just now, that the Clipse really are drug dealers.

First of all, I was glad to see that the Clipse really have been rappin’ from experience, and not just making shit up. I can’t wait to listen to their new album, Before the Casket Drops, and see if it sounds that much more authentic than it would have otherwise.

I hadn’t even listened to their new song with Kanye West, “Kinda Like a Big Deal,” until just now. Even though I guess I’m supposed to keep track of what’s going on in rap music, I stopped trying to listen to even every third new rap song posted to the Internets a long time ago. I’d rather just wait until the album comes out.

If the Clipse can turn this revelation into press for the new album, it might not even end up doing Little Brother numbers, like Hell Hath No Fury. (I’m not even sure what that Re-Up Gang album did, but we’ll just pretend as if it never happened.)

The idea that one of the main coke rap groups really are coke dealers seems like as good an idea for a story as anything I’ve heard in a while. Only thing is, it might require more work than sending someone down to Virginia to ask the Clipse about their new clothing line. I’d want to know about the dirty cop, the connect in Panama, the various money laundering fronts and what have you, and I’m not sure these rap magazines have the resources to do that kind of reporting. I know Vibe had to take up a collection just to print next month’s. So they might have to wait for the Smoking Gun to do all of the heavy lifting, and then send in someone to paraphrase it, like they always do.

Only thing is, the Clipse might be fucked, if the Feds find a way to connect them to this operation, other than just being managed by the guy in charge. They might be in luck though, given the number of rappers connected to high profile drug dealers who somehow managed to escape prosecution. It’s a well known fact Young Jeezy was moving weight for the Black Mafia Family, but it doesn’t seem to have hampered his career. And long time readers of this site will recall that Lupe Fiasco used to go on OT heroin deals with his manager, though there’s been speculation as to why he remains free.

The Clipse seem like smart guys, which would suggest to me that there isn’t anything directly connecting them to any coke dealing, other than a number of albums and mixtapes where they talk about being coke dealers. Even their manager, the guy who got caught, apparently took great precaution. It sounds like the most dirt they have on him is a phone call of him bragging about how the Feds don’t have any dirt on him. If he does get sent up, it might have to do with that club, where there’s been over 100 different incidents in the past year. Damn.

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  • $ykotic


    • Pierzy

      What up $yk…good lookin’ out.

      I think I got too big. Like I said, I’m being blacklisted…or maybe whitelisted.

      • Tony Grand$


        How about you’ve XXceL’d into the commentor staratosphere. Now, “big brother” has his (T.)eye on you….

        Time to hit up Wiki again, $yk.

        • DevoG

          Wonk, Wonk, Gong!!!!

  • lefty


  • $ykotic

    As crazy as it looks like right for them, it’s actually a good look.

    Like an unwanted co-sign.

    • General

      Yes, and if they actually do get connected and charged it will do wonders for their life and careers!!! SMH

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        TriLL Talk.

  • sealsaa

    “and if they actually do get connected and charded it will do wonders for their life and careers!!!”

    I guess prison is the new college for black people (or has been for a minute now).

    • General

      That was my point

  • LOL


    • Capital G

      Yes he did…. And thank ya’ll for recognizing Pierzy’s proliferation. I’m happy it caught on.

    • El Tico Loco

      The irony of telling everybody that someone’s a snitch.

    • DevoG

      Yup! But that’s BOL for you. Dry snitching is a way of life.

      When them folks do come for Bol, the police won’t know who to blame.

      Was it a.) the gay mafia
      b.) the T.I.’s
      c.) disgruntled rappers
      d.) some chicks from Spellman
      e.) all of the above



  • sealsaa

    @ General

    I know. Just elaborating on the sarcasm.


    100 incidents in the club, got damn. why do niggaz start gettn money & do stupid shit, i’d have shut that bitch down for drawing too much attention to the spot. move location or something. this all could have been avoided.

    lol. @ that nigga bought the club for 40k & 40 or 80 lbs of herb.

  • Pierzy

    I guess Re-Up Gang is an appropriate name…

  • sealsaa

    “lol.@ that nigga bought the club for 40k &40 oe 80 lbs of herb.”

    Its called niggotiating*

  • Chris Cash

    There was a rapper from Dallas named Twisted Black (who was actually good) that got locked up because his lyrics incriminated him, I wonder could they use this against them.

    • macdatruest

      C-Murder, Shyne and Supreme can tell you how “keepin it real” or “paying homage” can lead to indictments. BMF been indicted, Jeezy is just doing a federal job. Jeezy made it cool to snitch on yourself. Puff’s silent partners was BMF, thats why Jeezy got two deals with Bad Boy and Def Jam. Listen to where Pac mention BMF in “against all odds” Niggas think that war was about Faith? Niggas know Puff had Pac hit, Pac wouldnt take that Puff Money, but B.I.G. did, and that’s when they fell out. They wanted .. nah lemme stop. Just know at the end of the day, “crack rap” was planned for rappers like crack was planned for panthers. Shout out to Jay-Z. My brother knew Twisted Black too. He way sent up, the Feds aint playin wit they taxes dawg

      • valdez

        they wanted what. i
        ‘m one of the few who believes what u were saying. please finish…

  • $ykotic

    Damn this story is all over the ‘net! I know Mexx is going in manana…

    I bet a CRT is coming real soon. The bad part is the feds are probably getting every CD they made(strangely they are giving money to the Clipse) and going to try and implicate dude saying they were telling his story.

    And to think they didn’t need Pharrell to help their careers…

    • Chris Cash

      I sure the feds will download there shit illegally

      • $ykotic

        LOL u caught that!

        Ain’t that a federal offense?

        • Chris Cash

          Im sure alot of the shit they do is a federal offense.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I’m actually disappointed that they are real coke dealers.. That’s nothing to be proud about

  • squadwildin

    Mutada, you gotta get it how you live. But if ya’ll are Clipse fans, ya’ll would know that they REALLY started talkin bout big weight only after that hiatus. Rap wasn’t payin the bills so they got back in the dope game & came up big…

    From the start, I knew them niggas was not lieing about shit. Everything they said, seemed to add up.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I’m like the cop in “Leon The Professional,” I can smell a lie. I knew dude wasn’t lying when he said “From crack to rap, to back to sellin’ it pure…”

    The message was clear, they didn’t bank hard enough off the rap game, so they had to do what they do: Manteca.

    –OG Matt Herbz–


    i just hope they get locked up and drop a classic album. change the title to until the gavel drops mwhahahahahhaha. nah i am fucking around i hope they make out okay and drop another good album

  • Illegal1

    “I ain’t spent one rap dollar in three years holla!…open the fridge in there, 25 to life in here” I knew they was speaking the truth. Was this the guy they referred to as “Papi”? I thought he lived in Miami?. Well if that’s someone else, dude needs to get the fuck out asap.

    As far as the nigga complaining saying there’s nothing to be proud of being a real drug dealer, nigga there is something to be proud of in speaking the truth. Don’t Rick Ross yourself dumb nigga.


  • yoprince

    cam’ron, jadakiss, the clipse…

    all well-known rappers who put “work” back in the streets in the middle of their careers.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    lupe used to slang???? oh shit was that skate push shit a front

  • yung gee

    hip hop police was probably on they ass. clipse probably put dude on and dude did all the footwork.. its gonna suck 4 them wit all them legal fees they gon have to deal wit. dude gon get smoked unless he snitch..

    • Tony Grand$

      I’ve never understood the rapping crack dealer. I get the Ross’ of the world (proverbial fabricators for the sake of self-glorification), but the dudes who actually make it snow getting on the mic & telling everyone their business is baffling to me.
      That’s assuming that they did it *sarcastic “yeah, right” face*.

      I sure hope they knew what they were doing, & got from around that shit before now. This might be a good look for their careers, but no doubt a bad look on their lives. Time to put the weight down & pick your bars up. I mean rhyme bars, not bars of soap, lol. Uh, no homo?

      • General

        You make an excellent point, cuz rappers are all bout the stop snitchin shit…

        So why would you go on your records and brag about doin shit that you did and snitch on yourself…

        Answer, none of them actually did any of that shit, they knew other people who did, but you would have to be a complete idiot to get on a record and brag about the shit if you actually did it…oh nevermind

        • squadwildin

          If you front ppl money to buy Dope and get a residual, YOU ARE STILL SELLING DOPE IN THE EYES OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU.

          They can be indicted due to conspiracy and that’s more years than actually bein caught with weight(to a certain extent. Unless youre lupe’s manager who got caught wit like multiple keys). If you get indicted for drug possession, YOU AINT SHIT. All the big bosses get booked for conspiracy. When you move the weight they was talkin bout in they rap, you not supposed to be touchin that. Period. Point Blank.