A few things occurred to me when I read, just now, that the Clipse really are drug dealers.

First of all, I was glad to see that the Clipse really have been rappin' from experience, and not just making shit up. I can't wait to listen to their new album, Before the Casket Drops, and see if it sounds that much more authentic than it would have otherwise.

I hadn't even listened to their new song with Kanye West, "Kinda Like a Big Deal," until just now. Even though I guess I'm supposed to keep track of what's going on in rap music, I stopped trying to listen to even every third new rap song posted to the Internets a long time ago. I'd rather just wait until the album comes out.

If the Clipse can turn this revelation into press for the new album, it might not even end up doing Little Brother numbers, like Hell Hath No Fury. (I'm not even sure what that Re-Up Gang album did, but we'll just pretend as if it never happened.)

The idea that one of the main coke rap groups really are coke dealers seems like as good an idea for a story as anything I've heard in a while. Only thing is, it might require more work than sending someone down to Virginia to ask the Clipse about their new clothing line. I'd want to know about the dirty cop, the connect in Panama, the various money laundering fronts and what have you, and I'm not sure these rap magazines have the resources to do that kind of reporting. I know Vibe had to take up a collection just to print next month's. So they might have to wait for the Smoking Gun to do all of the heavy lifting, and then send in someone to paraphrase it, like they always do.

Only thing is, the Clipse might be fucked, if the Feds find a way to connect them to this operation, other than just being managed by the guy in charge. They might be in luck though, given the number of rappers connected to high profile drug dealers who somehow managed to escape prosecution. It's a well known fact Young Jeezy was moving weight for the Black Mafia Family, but it doesn't seem to have hampered his career. And long time readers of this site will recall that Lupe Fiasco used to go on OT heroin deals with his manager, though there's been speculation as to why he remains free.

The Clipse seem like smart guys, which would suggest to me that there isn't anything directly connecting them to any coke dealing, other than a number of albums and mixtapes where they talk about being coke dealers. Even their manager, the guy who got caught, apparently took great precaution. It sounds like the most dirt they have on him is a phone call of him bragging about how the Feds don't have any dirt on him. If he does get sent up, it might have to do with that club, where there's been over 100 different incidents in the past year. Damn.