Hungkheys Been Pwn’t This Rap Shit…


You rapfagns need to act like you know who owns this rap shit. Black rappers have borrowed rap for the better part of three decades and now it is time to give that shit back to the people who have owned it from fucking day one.

Think of rap as a leased car that you can drive fast or slow. You can put bitches in the whip or coke by the bricks. No matter what you decide to fill the car up with you still gotta return that shit to the leaseholder and you still gonna owe some money for the wear and tear no matter how clean you kept your shit.

The only thing that Black rappers ever owned was the pots and pans that they would beat up on the sidewalk. As soon as they went to have their voices recorded they no longer had any ownership and Hip-Hop then became known as rap music. Mainly because that was the most expeditious way for the owners to monetize their shit.

When I was old and stupid and I first came to this website I thought that people of color and poor white folks that resided in the center city were the owners of rap, and the cultural movement of Hip-Hop in general. I was old and delusional then. My mind was geared to thinking in a linear direction without the perspective of three dimensions.

People of color don’t own shit in America. They don’t even own the epithets that people use to describe them. It’s time for Eminem and Asher Roth to make a collabo track called ‘Fuck These Niggers!’ Some of y’all will be mad at first, but that song will be epic as hell. When I heard the lyrics the first thing I thought was, “at least these dudes ain’t talking about me.” Ha. They was talking about them OTHER niggers. Over there.

The song talked about the fact that niggers be bragging about their Glocks and their Heckler & Kochs when none of these niggers last names is that (word to Danny Hoch). From Maybachs to Maseratis to exalting everything that exists outside of the ‘hood and merc’king everything that exists IN the ‘hood these rapping niggers that Em and Asher are shitting on are the very dudes that we have been lionizing for the last few decades.

On the track Eminem and Asher remind their fans that from day one the engineers, label owners, distributors were all “hungkheys” that let the “mungkheys” play around in the jungle just to get their kicks (literally and figuratively). It’s hard to argue with these dudes too since we all know that Rick Rubin was the mastermind behind Def Jam and Russell Simmons was simply his liasion to singing and rapping Blacks. Like a consigliere or to keep up with the car metaphor, his chauffeur.

I can hear that song in my mind now. Black folks get ethered once and for all for having the perception that they ever owned anything to do with rap music. When the strings were pulled they bounced around like marionettes to the rhythm. The Blacks slapped at each other on cue. We all laughed at the spectacle. It was far more entertaining than dogfighting. Plus dogfighting is illegal.

Whites been done pwned this rap shit. This is why you need not feel some kind of way about white rappers. The chickens are coming home to roost. And the mungkheys will have to play somewhere else.

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  • Pierzy

    Stand up to all of my fellow suburban white boys that grew up listening to the music and embracing the culture while getting hated on by the Nirvana-heads!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yeah Yeah, finally the respect I deserve.

    Rock was started by blacks. Rap was started by whites. The Chinese select Wu-Tang Clan. Konnichiwa, bitches.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $ykotic

    Most heads will read this and get emotional, thinking you’re on some pill induced tirade.

    Yet everything is true.

    Rappers are more worried about shine and yeezy’s than owning more than 40% of their publishing. Or getting 4 cents a copy to lease a whip. All these labels. No black distributors. All these cars. No planes.

    Sad as hell.

    • LB

      Nah, nah man…far from everything is true in this article. For one, there is no contrast between Hip Hop and rap. “Rap” is a form of communication and the mode for fostering that communication is Hip Hop-the the musical genre turned industry, turned global subculture. This article is mostly opinion from exactly who you said at first: someone on a “…pill induced tirade…” or just plane ignorant individual. Straight up.

  • Chris Cash

    I saw a early tracklisting of the new Em album and it had a song called Black America on it, I know that its false now but I was kinda waiting on that, cause i always liked White America.

    It would actually be nice to have a song like that because then Us black would be forced to wake up.

    Dp you said some deep shit that i have always thought about blacks and whites in relation to rap, and yes Im black.

  • Nelson

    Okay. Best post ever.

    “It’s time for Eminem and Asher Roth to make a collabo track called ‘Fuck These Niggers!’ Some of y’all will be mad at first, but that song will be epic as hell.” = Classic!!!!

  • murK


  • latino heat

    white people don’t even think they have to return the cars they lease. word to Scott Storch.

    • mo

      Spics don’t even lease cars, they just hotwire them then pack in 8 wetbacks..early

  • geico lizard

    Rappers need a union and a pension plan. Gucci mane is wearing his 401K around his neck.

  • Ron Mexico

    isn’t eminem from this “hood” you refer to?

    • Jamal7Mile

      Yep, he is Mex (and @ Penn, too). I stood right next to this white dude at the Hip-Hop Shop that was owned by Maurice Malone in the cypher, with the mic in my hand, that you all call The Shelter from the 8 Mile movie. The so called Shelter was on 7Mile and Greenfield, right down the street from where I live. The cypher was every Saturday afternoon 4-6pm. On Wednesday we played chess… every other day I bought clothes and my mixtapes from Proof and Thyme and listened to DJ Head and Butterfingers play dope beats.

      I met Obie Trice for the first time there (just a personal note).

      I think Detroit Freepress and The Detroit News will back up what I said if you check their archives of 93-96 (the 2 major Motown local daily newspapers).

      They won’t give me shit since I used to write articles about the HHShop that competed with their articles.

      Look it up and do that research!!!

  • LB

    I hope this piece isn’t published in the actual print publication because it’s an erroneous piece of garbage. Man…

  • P-Matik


    • Around and Around

      April 30th, 2009
      at 4:03 pm

      P-Matik says:


      Cosign……. crabmeats everyday

      • macdatruest


        • Jamal7Mile

          dot dot dot …. Haa Haaaa!!!! Yep, that’s me.

          I’m still not a hardcore fan of Ross or 50, but I’m loving this cat fight they are in!!

          Who over 30 Didn’t love it when Hulk Hogan finally went at Andre The Giant in WWF? You know.. uh, before we found out that shit was fake?? DON’T LIE!!

          Rowdy Roddy Piper VS Hogan??

          Brittish Bulldogs VS The HART Foundation?

          …damn, I’m ooooold!!

  • FlapJack

    Wow. Bol, is that you?

    • LB

      Man bruh, whether it’s this cat “Bol” of the scruffy faced dude shown in the banner, or the grown-up version of the white kid (which has nothing to do with Hip Hop) posted within the text, this article is BS, doesn’t cater to the base market that XXL is supposed to be catering to, and should be pulled the fuck down!



    “white people don’t even think they have to return the cars they lease. word to Scott Storch.”



    • benjamin bixby III

      i listen to hootie!!!!

  • miles archer

    Homie, you write some of the dumbest shit I read on this site.

    You’re right. Nobody of color owns anything in this country.

    Magic Johnson
    Bob Johnson
    Oprah Winfrey
    Shaun Carter
    Russell Simmons
    Michael Jordan
    Sean Combs (these are just the cats off the top of my head).

    Not to mention a man of “color” happens to be the leader of the whole free world.

    I guess none of that counts though, cause if it did you wouldn’t have shit to write about.

    miles archer

  • nycboy

    Ok, to the idiot who wrote this column, are you serious? You obviously don’t know what your talking about? White America never owned hip hop. Your only speaking and looking at it from one angle and that’s the industry. When artists get involved in the industry, then they allow the corporates to take advantage of them financially and market however they want. BUT THAT’S JUST ONE ASPECT OF HIP HOP(albums,radio,mtv,bet, etc.). Hip hop is way bigger than all that corporate stuff, maybe you don’t remember, but there was a time when hip hop was in the parks, train stations, and basement parties, and still is in some areas. That’s why i don’t buy into all this “hip hop is dead” crap, because the music and culture was never confined to just radio and mtv.

    • LB

      Don’t it amaze you how cats like this aren’t screened by real Hip Hop heads before getting jobs that deals directly with the consumers.

      • nycboy

        You know what im sayin. I mean i don’t mind somebody speakin their own opinion, but don’t speak on something unless you’ve got all the facts.

    • El Tico Loco

      My double edge comment.

      Well after a second read he was talking about the RAP industry not Hip Hop, that’s ours. And the fact that his job was not screened by true hip hop heads kinda proves his point.

      • LB

        El Tico…You’re always great man. But ya gotta understand, RAP is apart of HIP HOP. HIP HOP is based on rap. Their whole premise (the infamous industry execs) of coming up with “Hip Hop” to descride rap music was that “Oh shit, this is Hip…and that one guy that every kid is going crazy off of keeps sayin a hip, hop, a hippity hop hop…Ah HAA! Hip Hop!” I agree with everything else ya said though. Peace bruh.

  • Mobbin5

    U Niggers Are Self Loathing Munkeys!!! Hahahaha U Rap About Havin Dat White So Much YoU Would Think You Were Obssesed With Us!!!


    okay i am a little confused i thought rap cam first then it turned into hip hop. like wu-tang is rap and like chingy and boy wow is hip hop.

    • DV8

      I really hope your just trying (and failing) to be funny because your statement is as bass ackward as they come.

  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha! I told you Penn!

    Ya’ll gotta read Penn’s drop at least 2x when he writes like this. It’s 2 fold. The bells of truth are ringing within the paragraphs.

    Like that Marshall Mathers pic.

    When 90% of these rappers signed are only getting 3 to 6 cents a copy, with 30 to 50% publishing(IF that), what do they own?

    • Pierzy

      But, if “we” are taking over, doesn’t Prince Asher have to do better than the numbers he did? I mean, Dallas didn’t touch on the fact that dude’s sales were low.

      $yk, I know both you and Dallas think it’ll burn throughout the summer bur I’m still not convinced.

  • Combat Jack

    brilliant analysis. i don’t wholly co-sign, but brilliant nonetheless. bravo.

  • Stan-Layy

    This blog is about Personal Opinion and I think Penn makes a good point. Hip-hop became became rap when Kurtis blow signed to mercury. It’s kind of similar to Punk dieing with The Clash singing to CBS. Big business and corporations have a hold on pop. hip-hop industry. They are attempting to control how our youth think and act for profit.

  • Silly Willy

    OK, and since Alan Lomax, a white man, interviewed the black people playing blues to put them on race records first in the 40′s, you’d say white man owned the blues, right ?
    BXS, you drop major BS with this one!! Get off the lily white lollipop for a minute….

  • Tony Grand$

    Lol @ Dallas pulling those marionette strings……

    “It was far more entertaining than dogfighting. Plus dogfighting is illegal”

  • macdatruest

    Damn, so are we talking about The Music, The Slang, Style of Dress, The situations that Rappers rap about that made them famous that they lived through???

    Or are we talking about the paperwork, the studios, concert arenas, radio stations and media outlets???

    Because rap would still be rap even if no one heard it. Like when I think of a style like Bone Thugs And Harmony- I couldnt even imagine that originating in the studio. Some Goodie Mob Conscious Hip Hop/Soul shit. It would still have came from niggas hearts and minds if nobody marketed it. Now on to Capitalism and white folks…..

    This article is driving home a big point: Why dont more rappers strive to be in ownership positions??? Actually they have-artist in the Bay Area and the South and Midwest have long been independently putting their own shit out doing great- The bright lights and big dreams is more of a New York thing. I call it “Def Jam Syndrome” where it’s more about bragging about being on a “major” than getting paid.

    But it’s like being in the XXL freshmen 10, it just sounds good but really dont mean shit.

    Independent artist get blackballed by networks of “industry standard rules” that filter out rappers not connected with TI’s interests. The rappers that get coverage on T.Ivision are the chain lovin’ ass slappin coons. And when a rapper does outsmart the T.I.’s right under their nose and generates mass attention through other resources (Soulja Boy) the next thing you know hip hop is dead. Why? Because some lil’ nigga went worldwide from his computer!!! And the Majors aint selling shit!

    God forbid more artist cut out the middle man and believed in their talent rather than aching to sell their soul for a Just Blaze beat and a Roc chain. Hip Hop can never die, it’s bigger than all of us.

    • DV8

      and thats real nigga!!!!!!!!

      West Up!!!!!!!

    • squadwildin

      macdatruest….thats a real ass analysis. I can respect that. Maybe Soulja Boy’s down fall was a plan by the TI’s cuz he did it on his own. I never thought of it like that. Yet ya’ll niggas continue to hate on the young entrepeuneur(fuck spelling)

    • FlapJack

      Real talk mac. you killt it.

      • valdez

        from what i have seen, mac is always on point for the most part. and this time is no exception.

  • DV8

    Very true spit….Hiphop is us, The Rap Industry (or the whole Recording Industry for that matter) is owned by they. Thats why I dont understand these retards so anxious at getting a major label deal when they can just do it independent. At least as a indie you can say you own your shit. You just have to pay to get it distributed. When you sign to a major you are a tool. Being signed to a major label is kind of like being a waiter in a restuarant. You watch all of this money being exchanged for services and all you get is minimum wage and maybe a tip.

    • macdatruest

      co-sign true shit!

  • Stevie B

    I finally understand everything dude is a self loather thats it no need to stress it anymore.

  • benjamin bixby III

    Truthfully…some of what he is saying is correct

    The only thing is it fits for a different era…because in all have black producers engineers rappers writers singers..even some small black distribution companies..had this been the late 80′s early 90′s then yea…I think the only thing that we have lost our grip on is our purpose for the music…it was a time when rappers wanted to give u something enlightening and now they just wanna get paid no matter the cost…souls have been sold!!

    • LB

      Ben…Yes, he’s on point with some things but way off with others. His understandin of the history is flawed. He writes:

      “The only thing that Black rappers ever owned was the pots and pans that they would beat up on the sidewalk. As soon as they went to have their voices recorded they no longer had any ownership and Hip-Hop then became known as rap music. Mainly because that was the most expeditious way for the owners to monetize their shit.”

      He’s right with how the investors or boosters basically formed an industry on the backs of the talent. But Hip Hip did not become known as rap. Rap is Hip Hop. Rap is a form communication that was used by our (African, Indians-indeginous people) ancestors to communicate our history to the youngins when they had no other means (paper, books, writing materials) to pass down tradition because of slavery and other economic perils. Fast forward to the 70s and early 80s: our people still needed to communicate the dier situation in our neighborhoods post-Civil Rights due to the abandonment of some of our so-called leaders, the killing off and political imprisonment of other leaders, and the major influx of outside poisons like heroin and crack that started the deterioration of our villages.

      Our RAP is exploited through a THEN newly formed sector of music called “Hip Hop.” Which then became an industry all in itself because of the different power of communication that RAP presents to the world, mainly the youth. Read some of my earlier posts on this.

  • EmCDL

    At first when I read this, I was like “WTF is this dude talking about?! He talking out his asscheeks!”, and then I gave it another read thru as well as looking thru most of these comments, and in a way, this blog makes some sense. I never really understood why all these rappers want to get put on a major label…your creativity is flushed down the toilet, they brainwash you and make you put out what they think is best for the public and what they think will be a hit on the radio and clubs, you barely get any residual from the sales (thats if its any type of sales whatsoever given the state of the economy we are in), and if you don’t pop off like they want you too they quick to throw you in the trash like a pair of nasty ass gym socks.

    My friend told me this before he left Cali, and to me it makes perfect sense: He told me that there’s really no reason to try to get on a major record label; if you have a love for being a lyricist, rapper, or whatever and want to put your music out there for folks to hear, shit will happen in due time. Whats the point of trying to get on a label and being all flashy and shit and getting your creativity deleted, when you can do the shit on your own if you want it bad enough. If you work hard on your craft, and a few people listen to it and think its good, they gonna tell they peeps about it, and so on and so forth. But ultimately its all about what your representing, which is yourself, not what one of them major labels what you to be. If I was any of these ‘rappers’ out here, I would go independent, point blank. Why these cats out here chasing a major deal is beyond me…Aight I’m done blabbin’ LOL

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    I knew Dallas was the time-child. It’s really not fair to the other bloggers, your from the fucking future!




    Rappers are entertainers with a few artists mixed in their circle. They are not true business men in the industry because they can’t see past their own ego. Jay didn’t believe in Kanye and shitted on Cam but they were the two most viable artists on the roc. Most of these guys don’t know how to run shit well.

  • crisis

    cats seriously arent getting this post

    BXS, some heavy shit with this
    i did get emotional reading this shit, but i co-sign this shit heavily

  • dude

    dude wishes he was black rofl
    back in the 40′s blacks wished they were white but now the scripts flipped lmao