Hot Boy$ = $econd Coming of The Beatle$… But Better!

“I already signed the deal, so, for me, I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go. I already received the cheque. For me and [Lil'] Wayne, it’s a go… I know B.G.’s on board and he’s willing to do it. We finishing all the paperwork now… It’s going to be bigger than The Beatles!” -Juvenile, Vibe Magazine

I, like so many of my gole-teefed brethren and cistern, am very much looking forward to a Hot Boy$ reunion. However, I’m not drinking the fancy Tussin-spiked Kool-Aid that leads Juvenile to believe that they’ll be the most applauded band in the history of popular music. They ain’t The Beatles, The Hornets, The Cockroaches, The Ladybugs, The Scarabs, The Silverfish, or nothing like that.

[Blogger’s Note: Not “sistren”, which isn’t a real word despite its pervasive use, but “cistern”, which is a real word, just not the one we’re looking for. Sweet creative license, indeed. I also thought about going with [Greta Van] “Susteren”.]

Besides, only Wayne is at risk of being killed by a love-struck fan. At best, Juvie, Turkayyy and Chopper Suit in the Crackhouse may find themselves brutally beaten by a strip mall pimp.

At the endangerment of my music journalism pass, I admit that I’m not a huge fan of The Beatles. But, just because I don’t go psycho at the very mention of this band doesn’t mean I’d go as far as to call them “overrated” as I have in the case of one Elvis Aaron Presley, god of all that is rock music. I respect the artistry of The Beatles’ catalog and understand the reason behind their lofty regard. When everyone born before 1965–including my own mother, who turned me out to this hip-hop thang like said strip mall pimp–goes ape shit for the Beatles Anthology, I think it safe to say Juvie The Great’s comparison comes after having one Swisher Sweet too many.

How could one believe that the second incarnation of the Hot Boy$ could supplant The Beatles in popularity and esteem when it likely won’t supplant the original Hot Boy$? Niggas gone be like, “Mayne. This shit ‘chea don’t e’en much feel right, ‘chyurrrd me?”

I can see the final product now. The shit’s gonna look like the 2006 Cleveland Cavaliers. I love Juvenile and B.G., but Weeziana’s the LeBron to their Larry Hughes and Eric Furl—I mean, Eric Snow. Forgive me.

Desperate, last-ditch reunion sideshows aren’t comparable to bona fide legends. In this regard, these niggas couldn’t even be OutKast when they came back. They won’t be as far down on the totem pole as Boyz N The Hood or Playaz Circle, but they can leave their dreams of dancing in the sky with an iced-out Lucy at the bottom the got damn Styrofoam cup where it belongs.

If Tyga’s career to date has taught us anything, it’s that the people won’t allow themselves to be duped by the Weezy blanket. In contrast, Drake has brightened his future by his own merit. If Juvenile, B.G. and Turk believe for a moment that they can stumble into the studio and cough up some bullshit, rest assured that the reunion album will be a never-released shit sandwich at best.

The best case scenario for Hot Boy$ sees Lil’ Wayne making his teammates better in true LeBron James fashion. This would be easier if we could trade Turk in for, say, Devin the Dude a la Mo Williams, but unless Wayne’s sharing his Gatorade, this project is on the fast track to being New Orleans’ Cuban Linx 2.

Questions? Comments? Requests? You know how to love meeeeeee…

Damn. On second thought, Lil’ Wayne sharing his Gatorade with these niggas is a pretty fucking terrible idea.

What’s G? It’s the shit I pour half a bottle of prescription-strength cough medicine into before I does my musics!

P.S.: Don’t forget to vote in the DDN Tournament Finals! Yung Berg & Soulja Boy are TRULY AT WAR!!!

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  • Phlip

    Juve said that shit on the radio down here in NC a couple weeks ago and I almost threw my car into a ditch on the side of I-85 in a fit of laughter.
    Someone would think that SOMEONE would have tapped him on the shoulder to stop saying such nonsense.

  • DV8

    I wonder if Wayne’s original ghostwriters (Juve, B.G.) will split the duties with Jae Millz? This sounds like a disaster in the making. Everybody has moved on and Wayne has had like 9 ghostwriters since Juve and B.G. left. And where is Mannie Fresh? if Manny isnt behind the boards then they should scrap the project all together.

    • Ron Mexico


      not even a sliver of enough credit is given mannie fresh. he’s the foundation of that entire empire. for real.

      • Zulu1925

        *3rd Try*

        “Mayne. This shit ‘chea don’t e’en much feel right, ‘chyurrrd me?” – Ron Mex

        I have to admit that the above joint is a pretty good approximation of the “Yat” (as in ‘Where y’at?’) dialect. LOL!! And, I would also agree with DV8 that a Hot Boys reunion without Fresh is like red beans & rice without smoke sausage (No Berg). But, you KNOW plenty of folks will be checking for JuWeeTurGizzle, if for no other reason than to say how wack the music is. I, for one, will be trying to make plans to go back home to the N.O. whenever the album drops, ’cause the release party is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN, FA’SHO!!

      • squadwildin

        Imma put it like this…The Beatles were great because before they became famous, they played night and day for 8 hours straight, sometimes 7 days a week, LIVE at different strip clubs around Europe

        THats a lot of work and a hell of a lot of practice. You gotta respect their love for the craft. I dont like their music any way but I do respect their hard work.

        Elvis was Trash. Period

  • OG Matt Herbz

    That shit is mad funny, but 10 to 1 odds that Dallas Penn is looking forward to that shit.

    Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Pierzy

    They’re not The Beatles. They’re not Wu-Tang or Outkast. They’re not even Tag Team or 69 Boyz. Maybe they’re like Quad City DJ’s or City High…but bigger of course.

    • Ron Mexico

      damn, p. city high?! hahahaha. that’s so foul. them niggas is the chopper suit fugees!!!

      you ain’t like NO hot boys music?! i thought wayne was nice back then. b.g.’s heroin drawl was awesome and juvenile has flashes of brilliance throughout his career. not only do i consider 400 degreez a must-own, but “the man” off tha g code might be my favorite song of his

      …AND turk kinda went off on that shit.

      • Pierzy

        Honestly, I never really got down with them but obviously I’m being a little extreme in an attempt to make a point. They burst on the scene shortly after I had people telling me that Swizz Beatz was way better than Preemo even though if someone broke into his Accord and stole his Casio, whistle and “Sounds of Tugboats” CD, he’d have nothing left…

        But seriously, for the most part, I’m all about the lyrics and I co-sign all of you that have said that Mannie Fresh is a major reason why they were (forgive the term) “hot.” His beats were/are crazy and he produced for other people with the same results.

        Juve had some talent but I just could not listen to he or B.G. for too long because they rhymed like they’d just gotten out of the dentist chair following a root canal. You don’t have to be the most articulate emcee in the world, but I felt like I needed subtitles with those dudes.

        • Tony Grand$

          That shit came from them having to gargle jewlery cleaner.

        • Ron Mexico

          i hear you. the shit ain’t for errbody.

        • Zulu1925

          You have to understand, though, that at that time, they weren’t rapping for anybody outside that swatch of land traversed by I-10 from Houston to Biloxi. Their references, slang and enunciation was strictly meant for their core audience. The kids in the colleges in that area took those songs to their hometowns during breaks or after semesters and the “Cash Money sound” blew up.

      • latino heat

        “chopper suit fugees”
        best laugh i’ve had all day.

        • Dub Sac

          Yeah – that had me cheesin like an idiot.

  • Tony Grand$

    Lmao Mex!

    Maybe this is Wayne’s attempt @ cleaning up the mess that ‘Prom Queen’ made in the nigger aisle.

    Between all the syrup, heroin, weed, X & whatever other drugs these niggas did over their respective “careers”, it’ll turn out more like a reunion of The Grateful Dead.

    I wonder if Juvie knows he’s Ringo & not Sir Paul?

    • Ron Mexico

      tony, you my nigga and all…

      how is turk not ringo?!

      • Tony Grand$

        Aight, you have a point…

        Let’s say we bump him up to George Harrison status?

        *cues “Got My Mind Set On You”*

      • DV8

        I think Turk has the most to gain out of all of this. Hes gonna get paid to be ignored again.

      • Phlip

        Because we’ve actually witnessed Ringo playing drums and performing well, while the best we’ve ever gotten out of Turk is “A lil nigga se’em teen, playin wit 6 figgas/got so much ice you can skate on a nigga.”

        • Ron Mexico

          “i have mo’ karats than bunny have in a factoraaaay/”

          has to be my favorite turk line of all time

        • DV8

          LMAO you have a favorite Turk line? Turk was to the Hot Boys as that dude on the couch was to the Half Baked crew.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Damn, LMAO.

        • Pierzy

          HAHAHAHAHA! Well done, DV8.

  • newyawka631

    maybe b.g. will make weezy take off those stupid fuckin skinny jeanz[u know i raised u]

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Like The Beatles

  • Detroit Draper

    I definitely looking forward to that but It wouldnt be complete without Mannie.

  • latino heat

    this is like the 3rd or 4th time we’ve heard this hot Boys reunion talk. Ron Mex hit it on the head when he said this shit is the down south version of Cuban Linx 2.

  • Giantstepp

    When you surround yourself with weed carriers and groupie hoes you get a false sense of your real worth. Now, I was fuckn with the Hot Boyz, and I could give a shit about the Beattles, but C’mon Juvie? Put that(feel free to insert drug/drink of choice here) down!!!

  • capcobra

    “i rhyme wordz like beetlejuice/beatle juice”……i think weezy back wit the hotboyz is worse than michael rejoining the jackson 5…he too far beyond them now…he’s only gonna outshine ‘em…he better off focusing on his brand cause right now he’s a horrible business man..he’s THE hottest rapper in the game right now and gots no business ventures popping off..he must be waiting to fall off to start his clothing line/movie career/put artists out/open a restaraunt/make a shoe/…etc…you know all the shit the successful rappers do…matter of fact…the more i think about it…this dude a hoe…the industry pimpin him..he ain’t pimpin the industry……wtf

    • $ykotic

      You hit the nail on the head. He is horrible with the BI. Baby got him on the strip with them skinny jeans….

      @ DV8

      It ain’t a reunion without Mannie.

      Get ready for the Chopper Suit Fugees; where their cups are more famous than them.

      Beatles? How about Soul4Real?



  • miles archer

    For all the cats with Wayne’s nuts on they tonsils,(no dre day) try to contain ya selfs in ya “painted on” tru religions when I say Juvie is STILL more interesting to me than the boy who came up wit Bling Bling.

    And that brings me to something else that’s always had me wondering… Wayne has always taken credit for Bling Bling, yet the last time I checked, it was on B.G.’s album and Wayne WASN’T EVEN ON THE SONG.

    I know, I know, the radio version. Maybe he just came up with “the phrase”.

    I can see it now… It came to him on one of those humid August days back in 1998 when the summer sun gleamed of Baby’s grilled out grin as junior leaned in to kiss his daddy in the ‘nolia projects courtyard.

    Miles Archer

    • Zulu1925

      @ miles archer

      Not a Wayne stan, but I’m from New Orleans. “Millionaire Dream” was the first song with ‘bling’ in it. I’m pretty sure you’re right about the year – 1998. It caught on pretty quick in New Orleans and since it’s a city with lots of tourists and college students from other parts of the country, it spread fast.

  • BGZ

    John Lennon was a sucka for love.

    My theory is that he shot himself like Lil’ Weezy cuz Yoko Ono wanted to leave him.


    if mannie is on board and they actually try to do music. instead of back that ass up 2009 this might be something worth listening to.

  • avon

    the hot boys had a much impact on hip hop than given credit 4 98-02 they was on fire and the albums released before the major deal are southern classics you must have never heard all on u 1 and 2 solja rags how you love that or choppa city

  • anutha_level

    i’m looking forward to it.

  • EmCDL

    Hot Boyz reunion? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I’m sorry but I ain’t tryna hear them cats on the radio with that southern drawl no one can understand other than the folks that are from where they from. And just like everyone said on here, without Mannie its a waste of time…well maybe if they get Polow Da Don they might have a chance at something….naw forget I said that…

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    Don’t have to time to read all the commentz ryte this second (8:23 – Tx time), but i just wanna add that most katz i’ve come across prefer Juvie ovah Weezy F. Yes, of course we all know that the general pop. prefers Weezy, but brothers like myself, who don’t live amongst the general pop. (if u know whut i mean), relate more to Juvie. I mean once Wayne surgically planted that damn autotune in his larynx and started spittin’ codein induced goblin raps, it thru even some of my most weed-headedest’ pawtnaz for a loop. And then of course, out-of-the-blue, he started really feelin’ himself and became the first to officially start the trend, that it’s cool to become rich, and then become a gang banger and go even further by downing other gangz. I’d actually just rather hear an album from Juvie with production from the likes of Premo, 9th Wonder, Polow possibly, Timbo, Danger Mouse, MF Doom, David Banner, Cool & Dre, the Runners, and whoever the fuc produces all of Rick Ross’s and Jeezy’s beats (Shawty Red for one, woo! (Ric Flair styLe) that boi iz sic) etc. Now that would be an interesting album. Kinda’ like Luda’s last album (which wuz mega retarded), with a nice mix of eclectic production.

    • Ron Mexico

      i liked weezy better than juvenile back then too. he was DOPE before he was lazy autotune weed/surrp freestyle man.

      (see: tha blues)

      i hear you, big homie. i think juvenile has more to offer than the masses think. i’d be interested in the culture shock that is juve + premo. might flip some up top niggas’ wigs.

  • Shawty J

    Hot Boys reunion, LMAO. This is just a futile effort to eat of Weezy. It’s not going to happen? How many side projects has Wayne failed to put out of the past few years?
    Can’t Feel My Face (w/ Juelz), Best of Young Worlds (w/ Lloyd), I haven’t heard any mentions recently about He Rap, He Sing (w/ T-Pain). Damn, Weezy ain’t even been able to get his own rap album out which is why he’s doing “Rock Hop”. Maybe Juvie experimented with some syrup and find himself in Weezy’s mindstate, because not only is this Hot Boys shit not gonna be “Bigger Than The Beetles” it’s not gonna happen at all.

    • Ron Mexico

      excellent point, sir.

      weezy’s not so good with getting these cross-label endeavors off the ground. he probably just can’t focus long enough.

      i do hope he’s off the surrp. not so we can have i can’t feel my face, though.

  • Enlightened

    Y’all niggas dumb as a muthafucka.

    The Hot Boys are not Outkast or UGK, but they undoubtedly carved a niche in rap history and are the gatekeepers to this Southern era that is dominating the charts now.

    What N.W.A. was to all of the rappers that came through the west in the 90s and UGK, 8Ball and MJG and 3-6 were to the southern rappers of the 90s
    The Hot Boys are to the southern rappers of the millenium. They followed them and were influenced by them niggas.

    Regardless of whether you liked them or not, this is not some attempt to “eat off Weezy” as some silly ass nigga said.

    Unlike other groups like Bone and 213 – who fucked up and got the latest producers on they reunion projects – they will have Mannie Fresh on the muthafuckin beats.

    I guarantee, their album will be one of the top three albums of the year in both quality and sales.

    • Ron Mexico

      let’s hope you’re right on both counts.

  • king blair

    Fact 1 – Juvie still has sold more records than Wayne

    Fact 2 – 400 Degrees is still the best Cash Money Album ever

    Fact 3 – Wayne never came off on a track and not get murdered by Juvie or BG

    • Tony Grand$


      I’m always going in on a Mexico thread with levity on the brain, can you blame me?

      But a couple of posts got me thinking about the Hot Boys in their prime. Juvie was the star. If I’m not mistaken, he used to catch a lot of flak because he was a MAN when them other dudes were still actual BOYS. But he was the face of the group, he blew up before anybody. Time just moved on & other things caught our attention, I guess, including Weezy.

      So, a reunion would probably be probably be fresh, especially with Mannie (pun intended). But them cats got something to prove & lose. BG just has to keep doing BG, & Turk, well Turk is Turk.

  • http://google screwdogg

    if Hot Boys reunite and resign to Cash Money Records, the music won’t ever be the same unless they try to get Mannie Fresh back first. Mannie Fresh was the backbone and the mastermind behind it all as far as music goes. Please, Baby & Slim, try to act a lil more professional. Fuck the money. Thats why everything fucked up because dey fucked everybody in the first place. So let see wut happens and good luck, guys. I’ll be waitin’ on ya’ll.