Has Lil Wayne finally lost it?

As brilliant as I am, every once in a while I will be wrong about something. But I’ve never been quite as wrong about something as I was about Tha Carter III. I predicted here and probably some of everywhere else that Tha Carter III wasn’t gonna sell very well at all. Or at least not any better than the one that came before it. Man, was I wrong!

You have to remember, in the months leading up to the release of Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne put out some mixtapes that supposedly weren’t very good at all, even by Lil Wayne standards. Of course, I wouldn’t know one way or another. But even Tom Breihan had to give one of them a vote of no confidence. It looked like Lil Wayne might have finally smoked (or sipped) himself silly.

Then there was that EP he put out during tax writeoff season. It came right around Christmas, and as I recall only a few hundred people bought it. Or was it a few hundred thousand? Anyway, it wasn’t very many people. And why was this EP being rushed into stores during the holidays, the same time when the actual album was supposed to be released. I figured this may have been a tacit admission by the label that they’d given up on the label.

Maybe they did, and Tha Carter III ended up doing remarkably well anyway. Maybe the TIs misunderestimated the sheer number of people in this country who lurve Lil Wayne, but are too high or too dumb (or both) to download his album for free, like I did.

Anyhoo, the huge success of Tha Carter III caught me off guard. And I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not qualified to predict whether or not a Lil Wayne album is gonna be successful. All I’ve got to go on is the quality of the music itself and the marketing effort behind it, and obviously neither of those are very good predictors when it comes to Lil Wayne.

However, I do feel somewhat confident in saying that Lil Wayne might have finally lost it. I somehow found myself still awake at 3 a.m. the other day, and I ended up seeing the video for “Prom Queen,” which is just awful, on MTV. Then I fell into an alcoholic coma. Then I woke up the next afternoon and saw where someone had excerpted some shit from the new Rolling Stone, with Lil Wayne on the cover.

Lil Wayne was talking about how he somehow managed to get too much pussy, and it killed his desire to rap. The same thing happened to Eddie Murphy back in the ’90s and he ended up picking up trannies. Lil Wayne should consider himself lucky.

And I quote:

“I woke up one morning and had three or four women in my bed where I not only didn’t know their last names, I didn’t know the beginning letter of their first names. All I know is, they’re the most beautiful women in the world, and I was in my own place, in whatever city I was in. And I could have thrown a dart at the map, and I’d probably have a place there too. I knew my driver was waiting downstairs for me. When my nose finally cleared from all the weed I had smoked, I smelled food in the kitchen and I knew it was my chef. Then I look on my phone and see a message and know it’s from a popular woman everyone knows. And when I went in the studio that night, I couldn’t just rap, ‘Yeah, n—a … .’ “

Reading it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of back when Andre 3000 used to talk about how rapping had gotten boring for him. And you know how that turned out – motherfucking Idlewild. Sure, in between Stankonia and Idlewild there was “Hey Ya,” which – I’m not gonna lie – was my shit back in like ’03. But I think Andre 3000′s career ever since proves that was a fluke. And we’ve already heard Lil Wayne’s take on rock music.

Before the story in Rolling Stone hit the Internets, one of Lil Wayne’s people was saying that he isn’t really gonna release a rock album. He was just saying that. But here is on the cover of Rolling Stone talking about how he can’t rap anymore. This suggests to me that Lil Wayne’s people know that an album full of crap like “Prom Queen” could spell death for his career, but there’s only so much they can do.

Or who knows. Maybe an album like that would sell like tits in a can. What do you fruits think?

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  • Phil

    In this age of blissful ignorance, it will sell at least 1.5 million copies just because it’s got the Lil’ Wayne brand in it.

    • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk

      Exactly, this shit is going to sell like free vadge. Plus, it’s got that pop sound that teens love, plus it sounds safer than his rap joints to the parents.

  • sealsaa

    When reading this post, I couldn’t help but be reminded of when Lil Wayne used to walk around with that guitar on his back, and people clowned him for not even being able to play it. Sort of symbolic of this rock album, in a way.

    Oh well, it’ll fail miserably. He should’ve ethered 50 Cent when he had the chance.

    • DV8

      He scared to battle 50. Im sure 50 can use his resources to humiliate Wayne on the internets just like he did Ross. Question how does one call himself “The Rapper Eater” or “The Best Rapper Alive” but has never battled anybody?

  • Ayre

    I agree with Phil Look at Kanye.

  • Apollo Moses

    Me too. As much as it pains me to say this. Lil Wayne is the biggest star in Hip Hop. When you’re on that level, you sell “Booty Sweat” in a can and still go plat. Ignorance is about as blissful as a lump on the nads.

  • romil

    1 or 2 good selling album doesnt always guarantee future success!

    Baby seems to think Wayne’s done more than Big and Pac. Well I dont think he has outdone either lets compare the stats. Pac sold platinum plus on 3 albums, Wayne sold platinum plus on 1 album. Wayne Does Rock & Roll, Tupac did movies also known as a great actor. Wayne did mixtapes, Pac did vaults of songs that are album worthy.Wayne shynes on a label where he’s the super star. Tupac took over a superstar label. Wayne is conceived as a hot talented artist. Tupac conceived as a leader,rebel, untouchable rapper.
    Both artist can get on any track North, South East West.
    As far as biggie vs Wayne lets just say Wayne made numerous albums as a solo b4 making a classic, Biggies First and last album was a classic. Eveb wrote & oversaw platinum plus selling Lil Kim’s album.

    How is he better than big and pac. how has he done more??? Pac and big set records that cant be broke Wayne would have to go back in time.

    • Zulu1925

      @ romil

      I won’t get into an art discussion regarding Lil Wayne vs ‘Pac or B.I.G. because art is in the eye of the beholder, but in terms of album sales, Wayne currently has 5 (FIVE?!) RIAA-certified Platinum solo albums: The Block is Hot (2x), Lights Out, Tha Carter, Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III (3x). He also went platinum with the Hot Boys (Guerilla Warfare). The only solo studio album by Wayne that didn’t sell platinum is 500 Degrees and that went Gold. My guess is if he re-released 500 Degrees, many of his new fans would buy it and push that one to platinum status, too! Can’t knock his sales volume…

      • valdez

        ^^those wayne albums didn’t go plat their 1st years out. they have since gon plat in the wake of wayne’s new found popularity.

        • Zulu1925

          @ valdez

          I never said that any of the aformentioned albums went platinum within 12 months of their release. What I said was, “…Wayne currently has 5 (FIVE?!) RIAA-certified Platinum solo albums…” But, for the record, The Block is Hot, Tha Carter II & Tha Carter III all generated at least 1,000,000 sales in the U.S. within 12 months of their release.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    It’s interesting because Lil Wayne appeals to all these different “groups” of people. He fux with rockers, with rappers, with druggies, and even some intellectual cats fuck with his shit. But the one thing that they all have in common?

    Them niggaz is ugly.

    Wayne sells albums because ugly niggaz need someone to look up to, just like fat niggaz needed Biggie to shine a different light on their stature. Or maybe it’s because ugly niggaz look to him as the most attractive of the ugly niggaz and they all aspire to be so ugly. Shit, I don’t know–I ain’t ugly–ask THAT nigga. All I DO know is that I wasn’t buying his raps, and I’m not buying his rocks. I sleep with fine women, too, and eat the best meals and fuck a driver–I drive my own shit…and none of that makes me wanna pick up a guitar for a photo shoot like I’m some Jimi Kravitz (sic) ass nigga!

    Man, what?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Phil

      Oddly enough, this may have a ring of truth, lol…

    • ?


  • geico lizard

    I dont think Wayne got soo much pussy he doesnt want to rap anymore he is just saying hes on a higher plane. Andre 3000 and common were talking that same crazy shit after erykah badu broke them off and so far only common has been able to recover and start rapping the same again.

    Wayne will sell multiplatinum again just like kanye changed up his style and sold. The real fans show up to the stores no matter what.

  • RiZob

    “Rebirth” will sell just like C3 sold….when Lollipop dropped everbody went crazy and said it was wack and the worst song ever blah, blah, blah…..same thing wit “Prom Queen”….its gonna catch on and Wayne will still be that nigga….

  • RiZob

    also, Wayne isn’t the only rapper that has gotten tired of rapping….Jay-Z said the same thing, Andre 3k, Game, Dr.Dre, Eminem,Kanye ….alot of big time successful people have gotten tired of rappin, they just take breaks tho, Wayne just starts doing something else, its not that big of deal….

    • valdez

      ^^out of all the artists u just named, the only one i believe was TRULY bored/tired of rappin was 3000. the other rappers/artists u mentioned are just smart in that they know the lifespan of a rapper is very short.

      obviously the others are all trying/tried to make a comeback because like jay z said in allure: “the game is a light bulb with elevendy million volts, & i’m just a moth addicted to the floss…”

      fame is like a drug to these ppl. they can’t stay away for too long. but at the same time they realize it is much smarter to leave at the top of their game and leave the listeners wanting more.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Shit, I like “Prom Queen” (song & video). It sort of caught me off guard, surprisingly.

    Wayne’s a star; he’s got his own lane. & much like Kanye, there’s undoubtedly a method to his madness.

    As long as we keep his name in our conversations, they’ll always be folks looking to buy his music.

    • Phil

      Only thing I’m noticing about the reaction to “Prom Queen” is how the white folks react, they all telling homie to fall back on that shit, lol…when white people are telling you you can’t rock, well…

      • $ykotic

        For real.

        My homies are saying that Wayne is “Fred Durst’ing” the rock thing.

        Even I know that means fail…

        • ?

          He definately is…You dont fucking use auto tune for a “rock” song…that shytt is in its own genre…
          I call it straight trash.

        • Zulu1925

          @ ?

          “You dont fucking use auto tune for a “rock” song…”

          Rock musicians like Pink Floyd and ELO were some of the FIRST to use vocoders (Auto-Tune is a brand of vocoder, like Xerox is a brand of copier) in their music – mostly through Moog synthesizers. The use of the vocoder is cyclical, sort of like cleaning out your closet and finding an old toy. Eventually, people will get tired of playing with it and it’ll fade back into obscurity until someone else “discovers” it in the next 10 or 15 years.

  • Worley

    Lil’ Wayne is trash and I still don’t know a single soul that bought TC3 or maybe they just ain’t admit it yet. Either way, you never know with people that are too high and/or too drunk. He will probably do numbers anyway.

  • Crash

    That Prom Queen shit is trash and I am embarassed to say that Lil Wayne is a hip hop artist.

    Best rapper alive my ass. Dude is trying to go above and beyond. Which is fine, but dont leave hip hop out to dry. That is where you came from dumbass.

  • amar

    i think it’d sell…after all kanye’s heartbreaks sold

  • romil

    Ive was buying waynes records pre hot boys and 500 degreez. Since then I’ve been downloading being Im not as interested in rap like that anymore. I think Wayne has reached the height of his career similar to Jay Z on Blueprint. When you hit that status usually your numbers start to decrease instead of increase or stay at a certain level for a couple years. Same way Wayne is getting tired of rapping his fans are getting tired of hearing him rap, due to the recent increase of his vocal tune and rock singing. For one its not universal rock music he’s making its not gonna appeal to everyone and thats where he’s fkin up.lol

  • escobar9300

    Go ahead and let Waynes junkie ass bury himself out of hip hop. There isnt anybody in the 6-0-2 thats gonna miss his weak ass music taking away from airtime real artists should be getting.

  • Levi

    Can’t knock the hustle.


    All i got to say i know alot of people and i know only one girl who has 2 copies of the carter 3. WHO THE FUCK IS BUYING THAT CD? i know alot of people who got it for cheap if you know what i mean but that does not add to album sales.

  • big ry

    it’ll sell half of what he sold with C3.The only fans who will buy it are the tweens and their older sisters

    • Zulu1925

      @ big ry

      You may be right… But, NO ONE THIS YEAR has sold 1.5+ million!! Everyone else would kill for those numbers (HALF of C3)! I don’t know what it is, but dude gets his crowd out to buy his shit!

  • sealsaa

    @ Zulu1925′s comment:

    Chalk it up to delousional fanboys. 50 Cent manages to sell his dog shit, and it all sounds the same as every other album he’s put out.

  • Shawty J

    “Prom Queen” is an awful song. It’s imitation rock, being marketed toward the hip-sop audience (who most of them don’t know what rock actually sounds like) that being said, this album is gonna sell well, just like Carter III did, just because it’s Wayne.

    It’s probably not gonna sell as much for two reasons
    1.) It’s not as anticipated as Carter III
    2.)By switching genres he’s probably alienated fans.

    That being said, it’s still gonna do 1.5 million before the sales eventually drop.

  • tyson mike

    you a hater, if lil wayne’s Carter 3 flop you’d be blogging about he’s the greatest rapper and no ones giving him hes doe, and im not saying hes the greastest rapper cause hes not but he is a good artist.

  • dark vanilla

    Lil Wayne is not a good artist at all. I never liked him when he was unknown, don’t like him know that he’s popular. Sure some of his joints are okay, but a lot of bad artist have some okay joints. Really I don’t get the fascination with Lil Wayne. I mean he’ll say something that makes no sense at all, and people will call that a catchy lyric. One of the main reasons he sells is cuz we got stupid female bitches who actually think he’s the best artist alive. He’s also one of those artist that doesn’t always rap about violence, so more girls wanna listen to him. But Wayne will always be garbage and one of the rappers on my list that screwed up hip hop.

  • ole dirty marmot

    Co-sign dark vanilla and swiss almond mocha!Wayne to me is not a good artist,just another person who is good at making records,which quite a few acts manage to do most of the time.In this era of rap,it seems fans are more interested in the artists lifestyles than the actual music,and that attitude has trickled up to the artists themselves.Why spend time developing your craft when you can just promote a largely fictitious lifestyle that your own fans can never come close to living themselves?

  • Avenger XL

    Give credit where it is due man:

    Wayne and Cash Money unleashed one of the sickest marketing plans in history. Is he truely the greatest rapper though the question is subjective I will have to say no.

    I think they create a certain persona for wayne and he acts out the character and cashes the checks. When he had better ghost writers his lyrics were more coherent now he has stans excepting anything he says as the dope house gospel. Wayne is one of the few rappers I ever heard babble like that and get credit like he did something incredible by his stans. Bottomline never underestimate the marketing mind of baby and slim. They are one of the few black owned labels that hasn’t have to sell out or become a vanity in this dying industry and they have recently minted a new uber hot celebrity in wayne.

    Now Sonicly he is the new safe danger for the suburbs to go sluming with but he is nothing special in the grand scheme of hip-hop simply because you can tell he doesn’t care about his craft he is just in it for the money,pussy and purp.

  • http://xxl ryan

    what yall don’t realize is that most records are bought by white people. no disrespect to white people but the majority of them don’t listen 2 other rappers unless they are mainstream or its being blast out sum black dude’s car. so without much knowledge on other rappers they go out and buy the albums of the most known ones.

  • Deethecat5

    Wayne has an “it” factor that other rappers just don’t have. And he’s cute, and, I daresay, almost cuddly! There’s no reason why the white majority who voted Obama in can’t warm up to a cuddly black rapper.

    If this guy plays his cards right, he can be a HUGE crossover. He could even be a male Oprah, of sorts, should he get into philanthropy (and he might do just that). He’s a natural-born actor; he could go into film.

    “Prom Queen” was about the worst song I have ever heard, but it doesn’t have to be a career-killer. Not when you’re Lil Wayne. He’s in another league.

  • http://www.myspace.com/partnersncrimemusic AJ

    it funny to me how this guy is so fake but people like him, his is not gangsta, he doesn’t know how to use a gun, his not about that life rough and tough life, he cant play guitar, yet his fans are not willin to except their favorite artist is a fake and a studio “gangsta” and artist, but he is a real drug addict though. lol

  • JayB

    I’m from New Orleans, The Block Is Hot Is My Shit. It’s probably the best thing put out by Wayne. Lights Out had a few hot songs (mainly Hit U Up & Shine bcuz the HB’s) after that, shit got lame. Prom Queen, horrible. He’s hot, but once the flame dies, his career is dead. Yes he’s a fraud, but thats no suprise. Young Money sux ass 2. I feel like this, once every1 else realize how bad his music is they’ll stop buying it, but i dont have 2 listen 2 it, thus it doesnt effect me.