Harry Allen doesn’t like white rappers. Shocker?

The thought that 2009 might be the year when white people finally take over rap music must have seemed a lot more real and a lot more disturbing as recently as a week or so ago. I mean, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like the idea of white people in hip-hop.

That was back before Eminem put out the godawful “3 AM,” making references to Silence of the Lambs, which came out when I was all of what, like nine? And I’m staring down 30, as if it had an especially nice rack. And before people realized that the Asher Roth album sucks balls, and that he didn’t know any better than to call black women nappy headed hoes while performing at Rutgers University. As if black women are known for their ability to take a joke.

I wonder how differently Harry Allen’s post about how white people are trying to rewrite rap history would have read if it was written, say, today, when it was announced that Asleep in the Bread Aisle sold even less copies than they were projecting the other day, when I realized that they were probably bullshitting about the album having undershipped. (And yet, I see XXL is still going with that explanation in their news item about last week’s soundscans.)

I’m not gonna lie – I’m not that familiar with Harry Allen’s work. I know he was the guy from Public Enemy’s “Don’t Believe the Hype,” and I know he’s written some things for the Village Voice, the Source, and Vibe over the years, but I’ve only ever read his blog. I remember he once did a post about that white woman who made that shit up about being with the bloods. I may have written about it here at the time. I couldn’t bring myself to be too upset with her, just because of how well endowed she was. A woman like that could talk me into buying Asleep in the Bread Aisle. And she wasn’t even attractive. It just goes to show how sick I am.

But I digress.

In his post about the white rap history rewrite, Harry Allen suggests (and I’m paraphrasing, because it’s late in the afternoon, and I’ve got shit to do) that a white person rapping is roughly tantamount to a white person telling a racist joke. Keep in mind, this was before Asher Roth was kicking it with nappy headed hoes. Could it be that Harry Allen was on to somehting? I don’t know. That had never occurred to me before, but it could be that, due to problems with my upbringing, I’m not bothered as much by white people telling racist jokes, and hence I just didn’t notice. Or should I even give a shit at this point?

It could be that Harry Allen has a problem with white people. I mean, beyond the fact that they held our ancestors in captivity for hundreds of years, and what have you. I hate to even go there, in a week in which I already had to put a prominent hip-hop journalist on blast for her Lauryn Hill-like views on race, but I know he had an article in that issue of the Source where Benzino was going at Eminem, and I’m not sure if that was because he needed the money or what. That was before the Internets were big.

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  • Pierzy

    “It could be that Harry Allen has a problem with white people.”

    You’re kidding! I can’t imagine that would be the case!

    He’s right, we whites shouldn’t rap or listen to hip-hop (but still buy it maybe?). We should know our place. Man, what a douche…

    • QG

      That’s ridiculous. White rappers are fine in Hip Hop and to say you should rap, or listen, but maybe buy, Hip Hop is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How hipocritical. Downing yourself so foolishly. Very sad… No more to say actually.

  • dameSTATUS

    I waited around all day for this? BlogFAIL. Yes, I know I’m a loser.

    Oh, but I do remember those Blood Cans though. She can be in my gang anyday.

    CanGang! SoooWoooo!




    • kevin

      Paris, you’re like a direct metaphor for the downward fall of western civilization. The fact that you are even allowed to use a computer is beyond my knowledge. Is it possible for anyone to give a semi-decent response to this? HAHAH SHIT NIHHUH I LAUGHED AT MY SCREEN DAWHG REVERSE NAZI ASS MO-FO…YEA..

      keeping with the topic- funny post, bol, faggot.

  • General

    I think if you look at the hype Asher Roth got leading into his release you can see why some people have that opinion of white people in rap…
    Lets be honest, Asher got crazy hype especially from XXL and the industry while you have artists like the group Slaughterhouse which has proved it is mad talented and they can’t get any promo…
    Its just like in boxing they were forever looking for the Great White Hope that was gonna dominate the sport and in rap you have some of that same mentality where it became extremely obvious leading up to Asher Roth’s release that the hip-hop media and industry run by the TI’s is also looking for that Great White Hope…
    I don’t believe for a second that a white person rappin is the same as tellin racist jokes, because there are plenty of seriously talented white rappers who live and die for hip-hop, but then you get a clown like Roth who is a frat boy that doesn’t seem to take this shit seriously and I think that does offend a lot of people when he is dubbed the “chosen one” by the industry and the media…

  • geico lizard

    “As if black women are known for their ability to take a joke.”

    Roffle.Are you trying to say whoopi goldberg isnt funny Bol? She has steady work so somebody thinks she has talent of some kind.

    • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

      That means she can TELL (or at least write) a joke, not that she can take one.
      Imagine going to a party full of black women and casually reminding them that Michelle Obama hasn’t actually DONE shit but marrying the dude who would become president eventually… Black males and white people in the party would laugh because it is funny, but black women would begin the neck-rolling finger-snapping plot of your untimely demise.

      • Pierzy

        Besides for being a lawyer, you mean?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yeah, just like I marched up in this bitch with my White Niggaz and stole the word “nigga,” we gonna take over the rap game…

    …Naw, I’m just playing. But really, as long as dudes are true to the craft–as in properly MC’ing, there ain’t no problem with white dudes rocking the mic. The problem is when some undertalented schmuck is being hyped as being the 2nd coming of Eminem and he’s not staying in his lane because he feels that since he raps, he’s “down” with black people and can now make jokes. And then the official 2nd coming of Eminem is being touted as the greatest Hip Hop comeback ever when dude’s new material is roughly on par with that other lame’s shitty music. That’s your problem right there. Bloody wanker-ass lame-ass fake white niggaz…

    –OG Matt Herbz–


    Mr. Allens points are valid unlike much of the ad driven articles created for XXL mag. The point isn’t that white guys shouldn’t rap or can’t that would be stupid and racist. The concern he has is how the media potrays certain mainstream white rappers sometimes at the expense of the whole culture. White rappers like brother ALi, EL-p, cage, slug etc…. build and are seldom every mentioned by the major press but the minute some clown ass frat boy spits a few coherent bars every writer on the net almost proclaims him as the next big thing. Can you imagine if Joel Ortiz or Jean grae got this kind of coverage. what would it do for hispanics in hip-hop or women? But nooooo this love is saved for their blue chip minstrel negros and their white hope parodies. All of this is at a detremint to real white rappers everywhere.

    • macdatruest

      hell naw, that shit make perfect sense. Damn

    • valdez

      avenger is def. on point!



    “but black women would begin the neck-rolling finger-snapping plot of your untimely demise.”

  • http://xxlmag.com yung gee

    harry allen mad at asher roth.

  • $ykotic

    It would have came over much better if harry let Chuck D say this.

    Are we allowed to say “spittums” today? LOL


    “It could be that Harry Allen has a problem with white people. I mean, beyond the fact that they held our ancestors in captivity for hundreds of years, and what have you. I hate to even go there”

    it’s as simple as this remember but don’t carry over the hate and bad feelings. thats not just for white and black people thats for all races. kids learn everything from older people be it there parents or older brothers and sisters. like for instance black folks getting all mad at white people for shit that happened a long time ago. i am black and the way i feel about slavery and all the bad things. that went along with our people trying to get “freedom”. Is yes remember it happened but don’t carry over the bad feelings. don’t teach them to your kids end the cycle of hate. my grandparents and there people went through something so there views on certain races are there own. same with parents and there people but that does not shape me. no child is born a racist that shit is taught to them. I KNOW I GOT OFF TOPIC BUT FUCK IT

    • $ykotic

      It’s ok. You did a Nahright on us but you dropped jewels.

      Big Up.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


        “Big Up.”

        Gotta love it. Commission!

        But anyhow, Harry Allen was somewhat of a self-proclaimed separatist. His demeanor was a mix between Chuck D’s “fight the power, let my people go” ranting & Professor Griff’s anti-white, radical racist tirades. Back when Vibe was “cool” (shout out to Kevin Powell!) & you had to be mad @ the world to be a Black Journalist.

        A lot of his beliefs are outdated, especially today. We live in a capitalistic, opportunity-driven society. If it’s out there for the getting, somebody’s poised for the taking. The only color that amounts to anything is green.

        I have no problem with a white rapper, as long as he’s a good rapper. The same as a Black rapper, a midget rapper (no Plies) or even a handicapped one (no Fox Boogie). Skill is skill; that ethos should be applied to all things, not just rapping.

        & I think racist jokes are fucking hilarious. Guess I’m just a douche like that…

        • Stevie B

          I agree with some of what you said as far as money being the only important color.
          But I dont think all his ideas are out dated I think one of his concerns like mine is that hip-hop does not end up like rock n roll.
          When Mtv and xxl started pumpin asher thats all I thought about.
          The fact that Asher admitted he was not that knowledgable about the culture also pissed me off.
          There are still people who live and live for hip-hop.

  • chillin mayne

    harry allen and me was chillin on the set for 50 cents “deeper than snacks” movie premier, and i was runnin my lips about how crips in rap caint drop a decent verse for shit, in essence snoop doggy dogg and spider loc, wen all of a sudden a blue tinted broom flies throo the set, i immediatly knew wat this meant and wet myself because i had not paid g-unot the half shilling payment dat he collects every month from me, i then proceeded to pull harry allen into the nearest movie trailer where we found young buck in a puddle of tears while chatting on his cellular device…i slapped young buck to no avail, and told him he was full of chalant, as opposed to my nonchalantness, but then g-unot herd young bucks cries, he then called me a cheese doodle and gave me a purple nurple, grabbed all the lint i had in my pocket, and commenced to do the crip slide on young buck while he was unconsious…

  • poisenivy520

    Make sure u look out for the anticipated the new cd by juice.


    get on that shit

  • kps

    Hip Hop culture and music belongs to white people too, im sorry racists.
    Come see europe if you dont believe me. And yes asher roth is wack, but em’s not. And i think that 99,9 prosent of good emcees are black.

    1 pac
    2 em
    3 kweli
    4 black thought
    5 rakim

  • Ya Boy

    Only slightly related to this post but is Eminem trying to make us hate him? First “We Made You” and now “3am”?. The shits retarded! Shoulda stayed retired whiteboy.

  • Allmylife

    I swear you write half these posts just to get extreme responses on both sides of the issue…you stir the pot but don’t put anything new in it….yeah some posts are on point and i do come back to read (particularly the backlash to the generalizations that you make) Its the music that matters not the characteristics of your dna…..look at sports, they started off as a bunch of white guys….but guess what over time when white folks woke the f up we realized its about ppl not color……im waiting for that day in hiphop. ( its not “us” “white” folks that are wrong this time though……even if it takes 100′s of years to be considered eligeble to rap….)(ps im not down with any form of racism or prejudism so bloggers snap out of the damn race issues and get back to writing about music)

  • macdatruest

    Yall niggas who think color don’t mean shit, come up here to Milwaukee, the most segregated city in the nation, what they call hyper-segregated. And see if your money matter up here. Green don’t mean shit, how our jobs and economy is structured, how the police work- Race is everything. Money is nothing without the racial status to back it here. Take it from a young black dude.

    You might get hit by a car up here, just cause white people dont stop for black folks with pedestrian right of way, only whites. I almost get killed every week crossing the street on my racist ass campus just cause I’m a black student.

    It sound dumb but it’s annoying as fuck when in 2009, you gotta have a white muthafucka wit you to cross the street?! WT flying F?!! and whats fucked up is if I get hit, the white witnesses are gonna lie, a white lie just to help Brad get off the hook cause he’s really a good boy on the inside.

    Ten white dudes was running a drug ring on UWM Campus, didnt even get a ticket- they had to go to a “shame meeting” where people stand up and say “shame, shame” like these was four year olds running a dope house!!! let my black ass and ten of my niggas be running a drug ring on campus….I’ll have a mini movie out talking about how I’m ruining the futures of the nation’s students for rims and chicken. And dealing in a school zone supposed to carry mandatory time too, but in Milwaukee, the law dont mean shit to white people.

    In the words of a beligerent white dude the campus police were trying to apprehend the other day for breaking bottles outside a daycare: “You can’t fuckin touch me!!! You know who I am, you know who the fuck my dad is!!!!” Sure do. And the police sure couldn’t touch him either… only green matters, I wish. I would be a first class citizen instead of 2nd class fa sho then

    • valdez

      i also have to co-sign macdatruest. although it isn’t quite as bad here in baltimore, i know eneough and have seen/see enough on a daily basis to know that, regardless of what ppl are saying RACE STILL MATTERS (which is actually an understatement).

      good points mac!

      • AVENGER XL

        If I am not wrong Milwaukee had a turbulant racial past riots and has more skin head and christian separatist orginizations than you can shack a stick at. Race is still an issue and will be an issue for sometime in the world because it is so lodged in the everyday pscyhe of most people.

        The use of race to describe some ones skin color is a error any way. There is only one race and that is human and a variety of cultures and physical traits based on your ancestors geographic origins.

        Race is just another tool to control the masses like organized religion, political party affiliation, the notion of class etc…. It is a means for those with power to keep it and those unaware of power to be programmed. Welcome to the real matrix no machines

  • Yayza

    ” he didn’t know any better than to call black women nappy headed hoes while performing at Rutgers University”

    Show the me the part where he mentioned black women anywhere. You can’t, because you made it up. Shut the fuck up Bol. Stop stirring up shit.

    • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

      You mean the tweets that he screencapped last week before Asher could remove them?
      You, sir, are not doing your homework.

      • Yayza

        Actually it’s you who isn’t doing his homework, as “Nappy headed hoes” doesn’t automatically refer to black women. You’re just assuming it does.

      • Yayza

        Actually, it’d be you who isn’t doing his homework, as that statement doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with black women. You just assumed it did. Like Bol.

  • Chi Town

    Did this dude say he doesnt mind white people telling racist jokes? I don’t either if they don’t mind getting hit in the mouth. I can already tell this blogger is on some masta shit.


    Asher Soft suuuuucks no doubt. White people in general suck, BUT….there have been white people involved in hip hop since day one. Please dont lump all of us in with these soft, non hip hop lovin, culture exploiting, posers.

  • harry allens

    harry allen has a harry allen

  • http://www.myspace.com/erieallday Money Make’n Mark

    1st of all asher roth is frm bum NO Where PA We Rob Cats Like Him,2nd Of All Black People Need 2 Stop The Racism,3rd Im From Erie PA ,Me & MY Whiteboys Go Stoopid Hard,It Dont Matter The Color Of Your Skin,We’ll Rap Wit Anybody-ANyRace,& Lyrically Embarrass Any Mc IN THe Whole City,& Finally 4th Of All I THink Their Should More More White Rappers..What Happened 2 Affirmative Action??? & 3rd Of All Labels Should Be Sighnin’ MOre City Cats Cause Rappin’s About Bein’ Hood (NeighborHood) Not The Color Of Your Skin,But The Content Of Your Character.