Hair Me Out

Call Cassie impulsive. Call her stupid. Call her starved for media attention. But whatever mud you choose to sling on Diddy’s/love/like/lust thang, don’t forget to call that chick a bad beeyotch for hijacking a set
of clippers and shaving one side of her head—’cause she got Internet tongues wagging—and probably pissed her man off in the process. What’s that famous saying? Oh, yeah, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Face it, the reason dudes (Diddy included) check for Cassie has nothing to do with her vocal chords and everything to do her beauty—and her Rapunzel-esque tresses. It’s jet black, long, silky and blows all
slow-motion sexy in videos when the fan is turned on. Hate to break it to you fellas, but curls just don’t molest the breeze like that without the help of an oscillating function. (Side note: Before going all Britney
Spears with it, Cassie could’ve earned a few checks from Hawaiian Silky as their perm princess.)

So, old Cassie expects us to believe that she dropped down to a half Caesar simply because she felt like it. Sorry boo, just like Ciroc, I’m not buying it. Usually, when a chick alters her hairstyle and it’s completely to the left, as this one is, said chick is:

1) desperate for a serious life change
2) feeling oppressed in a relationship
3) envious that a short ’do elevated Rihanna to rock-star status
4) the victim of foul play during a 36-hour tantric sex marathon.

While it’s possible that a chunk of hair can be removed during rough sex (the tantric element is completely optional), I cast my ballot for choice number two. The official girl’s tweet attempted to explain the motivation behind her new look, saying, “Something deeper than what you thought you
were capable of. Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f-ck’ attitude that was always present, but never showcased.”

Uh-huh. Grabbing the clippers and going psycho was an act of revenge and a direct message to Diddy (we’ll have to wait a few days for the details to roll out). Let’s just be thankful Cassie didn’t go hoodrat on us and dye her hair neon green to match her brand new Air Yeezy kicks.–Miss One

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  • P. Riddy


    • mo

      You know a chick is bangin when she shaves half her head and still looks sexy.

      • DownSouth

        That’s so funny because even though I don’t like what she done, she still looks sexy!

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • DV8

    SMH at these looney tune females doing stupid shit for attention.

  • Pierzy

    I think it’s an attention thing…just like dancing on bars and other things…


    it doesn’t even look that bad. she still looks good.

  • Gooch

    I think she just felt like trying a new hair style. No real need to overanalyze.

    • Detroit P

      Cosign….but you know how women need to be catty and diss other women while overanalyzing their actions *Looks at Miss One*

  • Zack from Maine

    I would still love on that buity I’d rubb the fuZz on the side of her head LOL don’t hate every1 she did it for a reason or some wak ass hair dresser messed up bad!!!!!!

  • jmack


  • jburg

    I would still beat the brakes off her!!

  • jmack

    It’s marketing. its always marketing. if you were watching these too on twitter over the weekend, you’d see the virtual self-sucking off between the two.

    I can imagine why this happened:

    diddy on the phone: “cassie your vocal classes aint doin shit, youre cute as a button but we need to rough it up a little bit, “crazy face coburn” you a little. know what i mean? Chicks dig crazy chicks, look at britney! #1 album after shaving her head and beating the shit outta paps. what you think? you read to go in?”

    cassie: “i dont know… seems risky. im an artist diddy. artists create, we don’t succumb to social pressures created by pop culture”

    diddy: “your album wont sell shit an you aint gonna be able to by those new jimmy choo joints.”

    cassie: “okay how about i shave half my head and twitter all crazy”

    diddy: “deal.”

    • DownSouth

      LOL! That’s too funny. You right tho. Most folks don’t care about artistic creations and stuff.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • Tony Grand$

    Maybe Sean “how many kids I got?” Combs shared some tantric with the wrong redbone & brought back some, uhh, lice. Who knows, that may not be the only hair she had to shave………….

    • Pierzy

      Yikes! You think she only shaved half of that hair too?

    • Tony Grand$

      Hey, if Chris Brown can Deebo Rihanna, I put nothing past these pop stars……

      Next she’ll be showing up in flicks with the “stank lip” & say she’s been drinking from public water fountains.

      • Pierzy

        Diddy: “Nah, it’s cool – everyone gets pimples on their upper lips!”

        • Tony Grand$

          *pulls out a leftover box of Proactive-the platinum edition*

  • B.A.B.E.

    She’s still beautiful… hey, atleast she didin’t cut it all off. She can always comb her hair over the shaved area. LOL!

  • capcobra

    not a good look…the shaved side make her look like menudo.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Um…you see what had happened was:

    I mean, everybody know I got the supersperm, right? Well, I don’t mind sharing it with a ho or nothing, but we’s either do it the right way or the wrong way. Cas’ was doing that thing that she does that has the other guys wanting to see if it’s true…you know, head game. Well, I was bout ready to bust so I asked honey if she was ready for that milkshake. She was all like “MM-HMMMM” then her eyes got all big and she backed off and turned her head to shield her face from the blast. BOOM. She got hit up with the supersperm no doubt…and while it can cure most ails, it ain’t super because it washes out easily. Shave that shit off, ho.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Beast McCoy

    Not the sexiest I’ve seen her but her Mad Max makeover could be good for a night in the sack [Who doesn't want some post apocalyptic booty like this?]. Maybe she had too many nights playing ball jockey to Puffy and Ryan Leslie. If I had to steer this train wreck of a “talent” I’d get somebody to ghostwrite her some songs that require little or no singing ability [dare I say maybe even have her rap] or just cram in as many guest as possible on a album too hide the fact that she should have just been a video vixen or disney channel star. The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprise if Puffy fabricates a sex tape to try to jump start this girls career [It worked for Kim K.].

  • Mutada al sader the king

    That girl is hot half bald, or not. I would KNOCK HER DOWN. No wonder diddy could not resist

  • Gerv

    WTF this is not hip-hop?

  • latino heat

    what ‘cha see D, what ‘cha see D? bald head ho’s, i see some bald headed hooooooe’s” 20 years later that song is still relevant.

  • CHI-C

    If I had a nickel for every black chick with a goofy ass hair do…….

  • FlapJack

    There’s a lesson here.

    Don’t drink too much and pass out around the wrong people!

  • DANJA29

    She is still kinda hot. She got that androgynous 80s type swag goin’ on with her hair, like a mixed Sharon Mitchell or some shit.

  • EmCDL

    Damn WTF Cassie? What ‘ol Diddy-Bop do to you this time? Don’t worry, just come here and lay your head on my lap…thats right…LOL

    Yeah for real though she’d still get the business straight up…her and Amber Rose, and she all the way bald! I choose #1 by the way Miss One

  • Ya Boy


    I’d still hit…


    okay can we find a better picture for me because i don’t see what all you guys are seeing. this chick looking like pharrell with a wig on.