The Greatest MySpace Rapper Alive…


Now before some of you Def Jam employees get your shit all fucked the fuck up and take my name off your list for Def Jam sponsored open bar parties let me explain why Jadakiss is the greatest MySpace rapper alive.

1) NaS isn’t on MySpace
2) Jay-Z isn’t on MySpace

Bong! Next in line is arguably Jada. I don’t feel like having a silly debate with any of you this afternoon. Just hear me out and if you disagree keep it to yourself. Tell you what, let’s make all things equal and for those that may agree with me y’all can keep it to yourselves as well. No one is going to be able to dissuade me of my opinion after I saw Jadakiss perform at NYC’s Highline Ballroom last night.

The last time I saw Jadakiss live was at a B.I.G. tribute at a long lost NYC nightspot called the Palladium. Easily 8-9 years ago. Maybe I caught the Lox at some more recent shit, but I can’t really remember anymore. That is clearly the effects from smoking too many Dutch Masters cigars. Don’t do drugs party people. Give them to me. Anyhoo, it has been a grip since I can remember watching Jadakiss rock a show.

I have been missing out. First off, The Lox and Jada have a mighty healthy catalog. They have features, they have singles and they have hits. Hardbody hits. It’s almost like going into a time capsule and bringing along some of the best underground rap music you ever listened to. Jadakiss is also a solid performer [ll] as well. He doesn’t leave any tracks on long enough to get boring. He flips through his catalog like we might flip through a photo album lingering on a long ago pic until we laugh out loud and then keeping it moving.

Even though I called Jadakiss a rapper I have to give him the credit for gripping the microphone like an emcee last night. He brought out friends to accompany him through songs and then quickly dismissed them so that he could continue blistering through his catalog. He did let Busta Rhymes loiter a bit longer than everyone else but that was so that Busta could anoint Jadakiss the new king of New York. If I were Jada I would have told Busta to keep the crown. Kings lose those shits, but teachers, them motherfuckers stay intelligentsia, ya’ deeg?

The Last Kiss, Jadakiss’ latest CD is prA’li gonna be like the previous two. There will be four(4) incredible songs that Jada will add to his concert playlist but we won’t be kneeling down before him for this album. That is another reason why I say Jadakiss is the greatest MySpace rapper. Have you ever known a MySpace rapper to post more than four(4) songs at a time? They usually be horrible joints too, but y’all already know that. Jadakiss has four(4) hits on this new CD and the rest are for his true fans.

MySpace was one of the sponsors for last night’s event. If this is the new promotional tool for Universal Records, or at least the new farm (no Asher Roth Mennonite relatives) for talent then I want to give Universal Music Group and the folks at MySpace some free advice from Dallas Penn (the defacto teacher of these internets).

Post new music from Jadakiss, Asher Roth, Rick Ro$$ and all of your artists on their MySpace pages. When MS users tranfer these songs to the playlists on their own pages find out where these users live using their zip codes. Use that information to geographically market your artists performances. Great performances should translate into CD sales and other streams of revenue for your corporation, er, your artists. You know who the fuck I am talking about?!?

Listen, I shouldn’t pretend to know shit about shirley since my highest level of scholastic achievement is a general equivalency diploma, but the truth is that I do know shit about the internets and I doubt that most of you have even read this drop to this point. We are living in a post-literate society now. It’s not that people can’t read they just don’t want to read. They would rather get their information from the tubes – boob tubes, intertubes, YouTubes, etc.

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  • Ron Mexico

    myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nigga!

  • capcobra

    since i can’t agree or disagree with the blog…i’m gon simply point out that artists can post 10 songs on myspace now…that’s all…god bless..goodnight.

  • Worley

    “Jadakiss has four(4) hits on this new CD and the rest are for his true fans.”

    The Kiss My Ass mixtape is for Jada’s true fans. I am not sure who that album is for. I sampled it and bought the UGK album instead. Catch ya at the next performance Jada. This album ain’t it.

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign to the fullest. The Champ Is Here was fire and then Kiss of Death came and it should’ve been a Maxi-Single or, at most, an EP.

      Once again, Kiss My Ass is hot and then The Last Kiss is full of girly hooks and dude trying to be Kissanova.

      Seriously, Billy X. totally hit it on the head. The opening song is hot, there are one or two here and there, and the songs with Sheek and Rae & Ghost are fire but everything in between? Garbage filler.

      and The LOX are my favorite group not named Wu-Tang and I listen to at least one of the 3 of them every single day, but c’mon Jada…stop trying to be all things to all listeners. It just turns everybody off – including your hardcore supporters.

      • BIGNAT

        LMAO!!!!!!!!! Kissanova

  • amar

    isn’t it all about twitter now? or whatever else new bullshit celebrities are obsessed with?

  • $ykotic

    Good drop.

    And yes I read it all.

    • Pierzy

      What up $yk…

      I read the whole thing too. Education doesn’t always mean everything when you’re trying to connect with people.

      • $ykotic

        P! WHAT IT DO!

        Yeah I just supported Jada. To be honest it’s exactly what I expected. A Def Jam artist album.

        But at least I bought it. I’ma study it the next couple of days. Then I’ma break open the UGK joint. Ima step up my bar playlist!

        Funny cause I was thinking one of these sites should have a commenter’s convention…

      • Pierzy

        I could get down with a convention…

        I was thinking even a bit less grand (no Tony!) — like a roundtable of a bunch of us or something akin to that. I think that’d be hott…but with King Mag going EPMD out of business and everything, I don’t see the budget supporting any of that…

        • $ykotic

          Endorsements. Sponsors. Someone’s got a product they need to put out there. Hotels and airlines are thirsty.

          I think it could work.

          Rob, Jackpot, Datwon are you reading this?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What the fuck is a youtube? You got a good idea, but might be a few years late on it. I mean, you can pretty much tell where the majority of your fans are by the amounts of records sold in said state, city, etc.

    Jada’s always been my nigga. I liked Kiss of Death when most dudes were sleeping on it. I also liked Money, Power & Respect and didn’t feel like Jada’s overpowered Styles and Louch. I haven’t even paid much attention to him this time around, though–I heard he went pop and when I hear that, I give the album some time to mellow before I fuck with it.

    I’m a hit up dude’s MySpace tonight, though, and see what’s what.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Every since Canibus I’ve woundred what an album would sound like with bis straight murdering shit like on the mixtapes and freestyles. I feel the same about Jadakiss….

    The guys to nice on the mic to waste time with half ass political songs and female luv songs. Why not let Jada go in and murder 13-15 bangers and searve is hot to the masses. It may not sell but you’ll have a classic on yr hands like Gang Starr did.

    Look at Clipes last offering. They blew it down lyricaly and had the hottest beats. Their songs for the females still cranked like “Dirty Money” and “Wamp Wamp”. So it can be done but Jada’s appeling to to many regions on one plate….no good.

  • EmCDL

    I always thought Jada was the best of the three in The Lox, but Styles been stepping his game up. I got both of Jada’s main albums though; haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but I will…I got that Zune Pass so I’ma hit it up tonite and check it out.

    @OG Matt Herbz

    Yeah Kiss of Death was off the chain even the single was hot

  • king blair

    I disagree :)
    TIP > Jada
    Trap Musik > Jada whole catologue

    • K.I. the Great

      Co sign that iash jada is one of those cats that you want to be good but he underdelivers. He hasnt made a album better thans his first and that isnt saying a lot it was just an average album. Trap Muzik was waay better than anything jada been involved in i like him as a rapper but a artist he is not.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    $yKotic what up?!?

    Since the majority of music fans don’t buy CD’s any longer the question remains how to monetize the artist talent that these labelsl have signed to them.

    How do we squeeze your last dollars from your pockets. Maybe we can finally see the emergence of rap music integrated into pr0n. That havw tried that shit before.

    I can see a day where rappers walk around escorting their topless girlfriends wearing only high heels and diamond leashes.

    • $ykotic

      Hell look at Budden! He’s already going there!

      Beats by Eric B and DJ Yella.

      But I would be down for a convention(Remember that one?).

      It would pool all the hurting industries together for one cause. Whatever artist can really promote their project, do the town hall thing(performance not necessary), Smiley can get his groove on, XXL interns can really work, faithful commenters/bloggers can get the all access pass, etc.

      Basically bring back the interaction of people.

      • $ykotic

        And again good to have you back!

  • latino heat

    sorry Billy X. i gotta disagree that fans don’t buy albums. i bought UGK’s new one for one reason, the same reason i didn’t and won’t buy Jada’s new album. they have a catalog of quality albums and you pretty much know what your gonna get with there albums. Jada on the other hand has a catalog of half ass solo material. i wish he would go indy and take the idea that All Dae had. just make shit that will appeal to your fan base. Jada need’s to realize that the ship has sailed on him being the next Jay-z or Big, and leave the major’s alone. he’ll make about the same amount of money if not more anyway.

  • Incilin

    Styles P > Jadakiss