What the fuck is the deal internets?!? Yeah, it's your least favorite blogger Dallas Penn, the blogger formerly known as Billy X. Sunday a/k/a Guillermo Xavier Domingo a/k/a the internets. I have to say thank you to XXL for allowing me to come back to the site after I jumped out the window like Ron Browz a few months ago.

I went down to Atlanta to care for my mom who was ailing after breaking her hip and having the subsequent surgery to replace her shit. Getting old is just about the worst shit that can happen to you if you don't have any family that can hold you down. I felt a kind of way because here I was all grown and shit but virtually powerless to help momdukes at her weakest moment.

So I said fuck this to dialoguing with this community when I should have been here telling y'all what its like to get older. I have an idea what Cam'Ron experienced when his old Earth had fallen ill. These women are our first loves and for some of us they are our only loves. My dad passed away only a few years ago and I was a bit remorseful with the realization that my mom will return to the essence one day soon as well.

I thought that I could be a successful writer fifteen years ago so I quit architecture school and I started taking writing classes to help me learn the techniques you need to paint with a pen. My dad warned me that writers were some of the biggest losers because no one who signs checks ever gives a fuck about them. Writers are a dime a dozen he would tell me, and to prepare for myself to be broke and lonely.

Like the story of my life goes I never listened to my dad. His track record on shit is about 92% correct. I can admit that now that he is dead. If he were still alive he would insist that he was a minimum of 95% right on everything because that is the kind of dude my dad was. I am definitely broke, or as I like to say, working through recurring fiscal deficits, but I am far from lonely. The community here at the X spot along with the folks that fux with me at dallaspenn.com make sure that at least I have someone to share my poverty with.

So here I go again back in my lane on the XXLmag.com blog pages, except this time I am coming to y'all as who I am in all my other internets endeavors. Dallas Penn is the name I pay my taxes under and its the name that I have used for damn near forty years of my life. Billy X. Sunday was the pen name I adopted when I began my career as a published writer. Shout to Star & Bucwild and Crossover Negro Reese for giving me my first shot in the business. Now it's time for me to stop increasing the estates of everyone else who get credit for my thoughts and words.

I want to get right back into the mix with y'all and let you know the albums I have been fuxing with crazy like over the last few weeks...

DOOM - 'Born Like This'
DOOM's latest CD is a certified boom bap backpack rap classic. I play the album from front to back without skipping a track. DOOM is having fun on the microphone again. Putting verses together that are genius and retarded all within the same bars. DOOM is like an artistic autistic. That's That has been my favorite track on the CD along with Gazzillion Ear. DOOM is so talented that he has the skill to do what no other rapper could accomplish to this point - rhyme over Dilla Donuts beats. This album might actually be too smart for the majority of people that listen to rap music anyhoo.

That's That

Gazzillion Ear

The other two albums that are dropping that have my attention right now are Asher Roth's 'Sleeping In The Bread Aisle' and Rick Ro$$'s 'Deeper Than Rap Music'. I had the chance to preview both of those albums and they are holding some bangers that should get wild spins during the summer.