Coke + Rap = cRap Music…


I swiped the above pic from the homey Combat Jack’s weblog. It was convenient and therefore I didn’t have to waste any more time going through Google images for another pic of the Clipse.

Rap music is so shitty right now that people will use anything as a promotional push. Say “nappy headed hos” on Twitter after a concert at Rutgers University? Promo. Manager receives federal indictment for narcotics trafficking?!? Promo.

But who is receiving the information about these incidences and thinking more about these artists? Not I. Is it you Pierzy? Shouts to Pierzy just because [ll]. I mean, who here thinks that the Clipse manager’s drugpushing charges will translate into rap fans going into Best Buy and copping their next CD? Especially if that shit has those tinkly Neptune tracks all over the disk.

People don’t buy Clipse albums, they download them. It’s a fucking rite of passage. You can’t call yourself a rap fan if you don’t have some illegally downloaded Clipse music on your hard drive. I don’t blame you either. If the Clipse want to espouse the outlaw lifestyle then they should expect to attract outlaw type fans. Not the type of folks that will cook cocaine, although I’m sure there are some real cocaine cookers that LOVVVVVVVVE the Clipse, but the type of folks that say, “why should I buy their album since these dudes are already rich?”

That is the single-edged sword of being the best trap rappers on records. The Clipse claim to be too deep in the drug game to even need to rap meanwhile they are going on tour while riding the Peter Pan bus. Not their own tour bus, the Port Authority Peter Pan bus. The Fung Hwah joint that has seats for twenty bucks and a bathroom that smells as if a homeless person died inside of it. I mean, think about this shit seriously, if you were caking off cocaine why the hell would you start rapping? To take a pay cut?

You think that rappers make more money than pushers? In the long run I suppose it’s all even. The lawyers end up with the grip and the IRS puts the hammer down as the final insult to injury. If you were getting money moving heavy weight you would be mad as hell at the way the rap game works. The artists pick up the tab for everything. Your royalties get taxed for the promotional expenses and everything gets itemized to your ticket. That bottle of water you drank in the label offices comes out of your budget.

I still don’t believe that the Clipse manager was the dude going in so hard with the work. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if their touring and clothing ventures were underwritten by someone with illegal paper. Let’s face it, anyone with legit money that knows what the fuck is the deal isn’t going to be investing their shit in the zero sum gain that the Clipse present. Breaking even is worse than breaking bad in today’s economy.

All of that to say that I wish no malice towards the Clipse other than, well, you know, Malice. I hope the Clipse new album is a banger from top to bottom. Plus, I just copped a new 1TB hard drive so I will plenty of room for the DL [ll].

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  • Pierzy

    Good lookin out, but nah, man, it’s not me.

    I think rappers HAVE to make more cake than pushers, don’t they? Everybody brags about going from selling to rhyming…how many go the opposite way?

    Cappadonna went to driving a cab but that’s about it.

    “I rap now, fast money done slowed up…”

    • Max Profit

      The coke game is not steady money! Wholesale dealers may not make a dime!

      This is why niggas wanna rap – its like getting a union job. The union is your fan base – The bigger your union the better.

      • WTF

        Best analogy I’ve heard concerning the rap game.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    1 TB = 1000 GBs, dummies. That’s enough space to put just about all music created since the 70s in one place. Ridonkulous. My iPhone has 16 GB, but I don’t store nothing on there–I likes my shit clean, nahmean?! Anyway, this isn’t surprising to me, the Clipse pretty much ‘fessed to pushing dope (not hustling) since way back when. I’ll cop their shit because real recognize real–which is the same reason that only COs and Deadliest Catch fishers will be copping the Rick Ross CD.

    And yeah, I’m hoping this shit is banging, too. More so than HHNF.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Dub Sac

      “Deadliest Catch fishers”

      Oh, snap!

  • macdatruest

    Fuck Crack Rap. Either you sell the shit or you don’t. Only niggas who dont sell the shit, but have a lack of subject matter otherwise, cop out on crack raps. Ooh sellin crack is soo gangsta. Yea fuckin right. Rich rappers claiming they getting rich a rock at a time….lame. Just forget it. I cant wait for panhandle-rap to pick up. Hey, you got a better chance at sales if you ask nicely.

  • Chris Cash

    Most rapper’s claim that they were King Pins but the fact is most of them were small time pushers for some King Pin. People who are really deep in the drug game either go out the Scarface way or Like the guy from Blow. Like a commenter said yesterday either way the shit isnt anything to be proud of.

    Most rappers go from trappin to rappin because they dony wanna end up dead or in jail like most of their closes friends or fam. But what i dont understand is why they glorify something they stoped doing to live a safer life, all the while incouraging others to do it.

  • $ykotic

    The way of the world is now, their music probably would skyrocket.

    At least we know they are somewhat telling the truth…

    Penn you running on a server? Damn brah!

  • Chris Cash

    Oh and Hustlers >>>>>>>>>>>>> Pushers

    You can be a positive Hustler

  • Dallas Penn

    Chris Cash,
    You just might be a hustler (no fishsticks)

    • Chris Cash

      Lol yeah and i got that “Before the Casket Drops” five dollars a pop just send it to my pay pal

  • chillin mayne

    yall be on the checkout for my new album fits to hit stores dis week…its called “dick in my Hand(the “how i do me” album)-…my manager jus got caught beatin his meat on a airplane to a tahiry wallet photo, so u know da shit is 100 percent real…..word to mother

  • macdatruest

    Nuts on My Tonsils-The Master Cheef story. And speaking of stories, What the FUCK, is a Vixxen Icon?





  • Tony Grand$

    I think trap rap is specifically for those dudes in the game. Letting their nuts hang (pause) for the other pushers to know what it do where they’re @.

    Problem is, just like the rules to any other game, too much confidence + too much talking = too much exposure.

    If you’re going to hustle, hustle. If you’re going to rap, rap. The two don’t mix like……….

  • Dallas Penn

    When you say hustle do you mean ‘push’? Or do you mean hustle? Because I do think some of your fave rappers are really hustlers.

    • Tony Grand$


      As long as they “push” their “hustle” away from me, they can be whatever their heart desires.

  • General

    I really don’t give 2 shits about what their “manager” did, just so long as it doesn’t cause a delay in their next CD droppin…

    And as far as rappers or pushers makin more money, I think just like everything else it depends on what level of the game your on. Obviously a Jay-Z or 50 makes more money than your average pusher, but some of these other cats like Young Berg, I don’t know, I would advise him to start slangin, but I know he would just get slapped and taken for his stash

    • Pierzy

      Em said it best about Benzino:

      “If you was really sellin coke, well then what the fuck/you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack/you’d make alot more money than you do from rap”

  • Tony Grand$

    I think the only cat in the industry to make the successful transition from dope to music was Eazy-E.

    & that was only because he had Jerry Heller (infamous T.I.) behind him [||]. If AIDS hadn’t have gotten him though, the Feds probably would have eventually. Especially with all that horrible post-NWA music he was making.

    • Zulu1925

      Cash Money Records was DEFINITELY a transition of illegal-to-legal money! Baby & Slim were infamous in the N.O. prior to the label.

  • LB

    Tony Grand$…C’mon dog. That can’t be the only dude you put out there. It’s niggaz sellin dope no matter what stage they’re at in the game, whether they’re just gettin from off the block into the music business or just dumpin the shit off on the block after they’ve copped enough to get a few kis. There’s no “transition” per say. Why would dudes show what dirt they do undercover to people (speakin of us fans and music lovers) who only know them by what they say on wax, or by seein them at some formal function? It’s ways to continuously launder shit ya know.

    • Tony Grand$

      Word LB. Maybe that was a bad choice to say “the only”. As far as the game goes, of course mad cats do their thing.

      But @ the time when Eazy/NWA blew, it wasn’t fashionable to sell dope on records or in real life. I’m talking about when drugs where affecting the parents of these ADD having ass kids we talk about. He sold, it was known, yet he avoided the pitfalls & was still a high profile celeb. That’s what I mant by “successfully”.

      That transition put him in a place where he most likely did make more scratch off of music. Of course it was the dope money that got him started, but I bet he stopped once the group blew up.

      Now, cats getting knocked left & right. When have you ever heard about that shit happening to him. But you’re right, he’s just the example I used, feel me (pause)?

  • Dallas Penn

    Someone just reminded me of John Forte. This dude did time for trafficking and now that he is out he don’t say shit about drugs, he talk about love ans flowers and fucking fly bitches.

    Dudes that really live that drug shit don’t have to over-compensate on records.

    • Pierzy

      That’s exactly the point I was making the other day about all the dudes that constantly rhyme about getting head & always snagging strippers. If you do it, you don’t need to shout about it…

    • Tony Grand$

      Good point DP.

      So, what’s the deal with Master p.

      Most these cats have some sort of backstory to their lives that coincided with their music in one form or another. I can’t recall EVER hearing about him really moving weight. I could have just missed the boat, though.

      That whole catalogue of albums would be considered “overcompensation”.

      The Ice Cream Man….

      • Chris Cash

        I dont know if he sold anything, but i do know his grandfather died and left him with alot of money (maybe insurance) and thats how he started No Limit.

        And since were on the subject: J Prince and Rap-A-Lot Records

        • Tony Grand$

          Yeah Chris, I know J. Prince has been involved with the feds on more than one occasion.

          Can’t recall specifics, though. Anybody?


    man dp 1 TB other than your music i guess you need space for the videos you make.

  • pologod80

    How do any of us know what every “coke rapper” did or does really? You can say these dudes wouldn’t be rapping if they were getting it like that, but it’s just your opinion. You don’t know for sure. I know of few dudes in my city(Philly), that rap and really get it crazy in the streets. I’m not talking no little corner boy shit either. Some of these niggas have been rapping for years, and have crazy amounts of material, but these niggas is still getting crazy. Some niggas love to rap, but they love that money also. I know plenty of niggas with 9-5 gigs but still rap and do shows. So why can’t it be the same for the illegal side?

  • FlapJack

    Who wouldn’t be a rapper over a pusher?

    They just rappin bout the only thing they know. I’m not trying to hear the clipse rapping about cooking no hamburgers or whatever.

    I see the regulars are still posted up.

    What is Dallas Penn doing here? Is it permanent?

    • EmCDL

      What up Flapjack whats good?!

      • Tony Grand$

        Fladap! (No Flex Washington)

      • Tony Grand$

        Fladap! (No Flex Washington)

        What’s good brocifus?….

      • FlapJack

        Bout to read up on some of Tony Grands words of wisdom, while listening to some EmCDL space-jazz.
        You should up the whole songs tho

        • EmCDL

          Haha Space Jazz…I like it!

          But yeah I haven’t uploaded the whole songs on there because I’m just giving people a taste of whats gonna be on my driving instrumental album (hence all that fast paced stuff on there LOL). Just reaching out to a different audience (car enthusiasts, Fast and Furious folk)

  • Stevie B

    I think Dallas Penn just does not like people rappin about the streets because he seems to love roth and clearly does not like Clipse or any other street shit.

    Even though the clipse are way more talented then roth will ever be. Its crazy to me.

    Dude basically tryin to tell people they should download the clipse album but they should buy roths shit.

    This dude is lame look at his photo he is like 35 going on alcholic

    • Stevie B

      And if asher roths manager got caught with coke guaranteed penn would be like i told you white rappers keep it more real then black rappers

      Fuck this Elvis ass nigga lol

  • Tyler

    Mr. Penn, this post seems 2 be a weak & lame attempt 2 cover up when U use 2 hang out on 57th street in the city, watching all the dudes with the Babyhair waiting 2 put Baby Powder on another whiteman’s nutz. Let it go Bro’. We 4give U. NO Fishsticks.

  • EmCDL

    Honestly I can care less if a rapper pushed, hustled, or smashed x amount of chicks, as long as the music is good I don’t give a shit. The Clipse use to live close to my hometown (Chesapeake VA), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing that stuff…my aunt lived in the same projects they did and thats all I saw around there growing up when she use to babysit me. But bottom line, their music is dope, I’m a fan of it, I don’t get influenced to do what they talk about on their songs, and that’s that.

  • poisenivy520

    Make sure u look out for the anticipated the new cd by juice.

    get on that shit

  • Curtis75Black

    Wow DP, I’m really surprised you put the biggest gimmick on blast since The Black Power stance we had in the late 80′s until NWA came through. Remember when The Intelligent Hoodlum turned into Tragedy. All these so-called pushers or Hustlers is just another gimmick that is more believeable if the emcee is nice with it. Like I said when the story broke, If Jay-Z was a wack rapper, niggas would’ve truly invested time into the accusations of his former peeps of made up stories instead of pushing it aside as just “Hater”Talk. Rick Ross ya’ll !! Still all the story ever said was a Former Manager, not the Clipse themselves were involved, so actually writing this blog is like you wanna believe they repped the shit they talked about. I could be wrong. I do know that there are plenty emcees who keep it clean and get no support or love that’s truly keeping it real. I guess the Motion Picture is better though.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    This blogger is the chump who made two burgers out of a Big Mac lol…aaannnnnd

    He did a video jocking Roths nuts without Roth knowing…..aaaannnnd

    He claims happy:) college music is the future….the fucc?

    I think Clipes may have pushed drugs at one time and now make good music.
    I bought their last album and think it’s classic due to the diffrent sounds and lyrics.

    Yeah rappers are getting props off of clowning instead of a good song catching fire….

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Hustla means what I want it to mean in the current street climate not the meaning it had in 1950.

  • DevoG

    Don’t know why yall acting surprised? I still can’t get past Wayne kissing baby in the mouth, not denying it, and then running with it. All the rules in hip-hop have changed. It was cool when some shit was taboo, niggaz had limits.
    Not anymore! Anything can used to sell yourself. It’s the Dennis Rodman rule of self promotion.