Charles Hamilton’s new media strategy

Charles Hamilton might succeed at deflecting attention from his constant tomfoolery just by keeping up with it at such a breakneck speed. Who can even keep up with it all?

It was one thing back when he duped some of the less skeptical hip-hop blogs to participate in a marketing campaign without paying them anything, which, for what it’s worth, probably would have happened anyway, and then he had the sheer balls to rob one of the sites – it may have been the Smoking Section – of their “exclusive,” in favorite of his cousin over at Interscope, ThisIsFiddy. If only he would have thought to have done something else stupid at the time, we might not have gotten the chance to blog about.

But Charles Hamilton seems to have learned his lesson. The other day, there was a shit storm a brewin’ over the fact that he may or may not have stolen a beat from this guy no one ever heard of. I think he might actually be from here in St. Louis, but I don’t really keep up with local hip-hop like that. There’s only so many hours in the day, and I hadn’t even played the NyQuil game in like four years when I did the other day. A man’s gotta have priorities.

Anyhoo, what was I saying? Ah yes, Charles Hamilton. I guess he borrowed a beat from this producer he met down at South by Southwest and added some effects and tried to pass it off as his own, and the guy called him out on it. From what I understand, it was pretty obvious what was going on. Since then, the late, great Gooch (i.e. the guy who used to do the Scratch blog) weighed in over at RapPravda and said Charles Hamilton probably did jack the other guy’s beat. And one of the production sites conducting a CSI-style forensic inspection of the beat, showing how the other guy’s beat lies at the center of the one Charles Hamilton claims he made.

But that’s all neither here nor there. Before I even had a chance to listen to both of the beats, to see if they really the same, or to ask someone who would know, I got caught up in a minor Twitter beef Charles Hamilton got into with Phonte, which I did end up blogging about. Phonte, on his own Twitter, called this up and coming generation of rappers a buncha beta males, and mentioned Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton specifically. So they ended up going back and forth. Phonte tried to get Charles Hamilton to admit he stole that guy’s beat, because I guess it was already obvious to him. All the while, there was some guy who was pretending to be Charles Hamilton, but who may have just been Charles Hamilton himself, sending @replies to half the rappers on Twitter, talking about how they need to work together. It was all such a fucking mess.

Then I checked the Internets just now, and I see Charles Hamilton and another one of his cousins over at Interscope, Wale, apparently either got into a Twitter beef yesterday and then tried to pass it off as an elaborate April Fool’s joke, or maybe it really was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Anyway, I wasn’t checking Twitter as much yesterday as I was the day before, and I ended up missing the whole thing. I only read about it after the fact on Nah Right. Then I scrolled down the page, and, wouldn’t you know, there’s a new Charles Hamilton mixtape out today. Hmm…

Now granted, a new Charles Hamilton mixtape hits the Internets seemingly every few days anyway. But I can’t help but wonder if a lot of these bullshit beefs are meant to purposely toy with the news cycle. Like, if he’s got another PR kerfuffle they’ll send him on Twitter to get into a beef with a rapper no one gives a shit about except for on the Internets. And if he’s got a new mixtape coming out, they’ll have him pretend to be beefing with Wale. Or maybe the guy just gets into a lot of beefs, because he’s kind of a douche, and when the label sees that happening, they put out another mixtape. Who knows?

The real question is: how is ever gonna make any money from any of this? I was getting into beefs with people over the Internets back before it was all trendy, and that’s still all I’m doing. For all I know, I might still be doing this same shit when I’m in my 40s. If a Charles Hamilton album were to come out today, would it sell that many more copies for the fact that he’s been involved in so many kerfuffles and skirmishes? I guess we’ll see, one of these days.

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  • murK

    …who knows??

    • dex

      I Know….this guy Charles Hamilton is Flaming….Be real….Beta males is the most accurate term I’ve heard thus far regaurding these Fags..

    • tre

      I have no problem with this kid. He is a good rapper and his mixtapes are the shit. The way he’s hated on,especially on what shit he wears reminds me of how people were dissin Kanye West when he started off with the polos.

  • Trouble

    As long as he dont get ethered, I think he will still move units. Dude can actually flow, and he has a VERY loyal fan base, like Joe Budden.

    But he does drop alot of mixtapes, reminds me of Gucci Mane or Max-B

    • og bobby j

      ove units with a loyal fan base like joe buddens?

      Buddens moved what, like 13K….not the foot steps i’d wanna follow….

      • Trouble

        If Joe Budden would have had a major label push like Hamilton has then he would have sold more than 15K, I heard they didnt even ship enought of Joe Buddens album to supply the demand, that cd was no where down south where I live, and the easst coast sold out asap.

        The real comparison comes in, by understanding that theres a almost cult following of some of these underground rappers and C.Hamilton has that following, like Budden Gucci or Max-B. As a result the beefs dont have as much of an impact, and them internet soldiers ride for there artist LOL !!!

  • Pierzy

    His douchebaggery is indeed endless

  • Tony Grand$

    Twitter beefs…….

    What’s next, “talk-bys”? Yikes. What’s the world coming to?!?!…….

    “Beta Males” is the new “Bitch nigga”, lol. Props to Phontigga.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    “Beta males” ? Like Phonte and Big “Pooooh” are A type, Alpha’s ? LMAO

  • Mutada al sader the king

    BTW…another “Ham” blog.. SMH

    • Bol

      Check the archives, find the last one before this, then pick up your face.

  • capcobra

    bol can you please tell the powers that be to let you go a month without mentioning one of the freshmen that they co signed…let them dudes get they buzz up first…stop force feeding us…this shit is outrageous..if it ain’t kanye.wayne.50.ross or jay then it’s one of them 10 freshmen…those niguz is not poppin like that in the real world..they only hot on the internet…those smack dvd battle dudes got a bigger buzz than those freshmen guys.. and they don’t get 1 sentence on here…i come here specifically to read the blogs and to enjoy other people opinions on shit…but xxl starting to lame out…shit too predictable and transparent…i think i basically hate on asher roth and charles hamilton just because y’all keep trying to tell me how ill they are…i’m hearing the music and i’m seeing the videos but i’m still not a fan…this shit starting to remind me of when 50 put his grodt trailer dvd in y’all magazine…i’m like damn it’s a million things to discuss within the hip hop world besides charles hamilton twitter beef and his new mixtape..come on now…don’t do it like that champ.

    • El Tico Loco

      C tuda O tuda Muthaphukin Sign

      If you’re in a position to bring attention to a certain group (ie FM10), you can do the same to put people on to a bunch of other artists that equally deserving of the spotlight. Little Brother’s a good example they nice and all but do they get any articles? Nope.

  • Yayza

    Charles did steal that beat, the proof is right there. There is no denying it now. Google “charles hamilton steals beat” first link. Fuck this fake ass bitch.

  • Yayza

    Oh, and I have to give props to Bol for posting this blog. Nobody else on XXL had the balls to mention anything about it. Probably because they’ve got so much invested in little C-Ham, what with the Loser video and everything.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Man FUCK Charles Hamilton’s gay ass. You all can check the comment I left on his video page on this very site for a more thorough explanation, but for real, nigga is gay. Whatever happened to dudes coming out like a man’s man, a rapper’s rapper? These niggaz straight coming out with Levi’s Yeast01 jeans and pink accessories like they fiending to eat a nigga’s asshole or something. I wore a pink shirt only once in my life–it was a Polo button-down to be exact–and that shit made me feel so uncomfortable! And it ain’t about my insecurities, neither…I was at a movie screening and these frooty niggaz kept coming up, skipping giving me dap and coming in with the handshake…but these niggaz’ hands were greasy like lotion and niggaz’ grip couldn’t open a Diet Pepsi bottle, nahmean? I realized that with the pink shirt on, some alternate reality had been turned on and the lines between hetero and homo had been blurred. I straight ripped that shit off, popping the buttons off and all that, and just rocked the white wife-beater for the rest of the event. Next thing you know, honeys started stepping up, introducing themselves, sucking on my fingers and shit…I’ve never rocked a pink-ANYTHING since. Never will, either.

    Fuck Charles Hamilton.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • chillin mayne

      jajajajajajja…u a dayum fool son!

  • Zulu1925

    I could care less about Charles Hamilton, but WHAT does his sexual orientation have to do with the prowess (pun intented) of his music? According to most studies, at least 3% of the American population identifies themselves as either homosexual or bisexual. That makes it EXTREMELY unlikely that there are zero “gay” rappers. So, it’s possible that your favorite rapper is “gay.” Would the revelation of their sexual preferences in any way diminish their music’s effect on you? Would you catch “gayness” by listening to a homosexual or bisexual artist? If you are threatened by people who are different than you and don’t want to hear what they have to say, how are you any different from the stereotypical “redneck” who ‘Don’t want to hear no coon music’ but LOVES Elvis?

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ^ In the words of a legendary MC.

    “Big dicks in your ass is bad for your health”. Google it !

    • Zulu1925

      @ Mutuda al sader the king

      What does “Big dicks in your ass is bad for your health” have to do with music – especially when the music isn’t espousing homosexual/bisexual behaviors and/or lifestyles?

      • DJMalimal

        –Check Yo Self
        Ice Cube
        Homie Listen yall need to hop off Hamilton’s tip musically hes dope as hell Listen to “Its Charles Hamilton” the single hottest mixtape of last year
        and honestly even as a Hamilton fan he is a bit of douche but he aint Gay he just a real nigga that like wat he like and can have a reason for it and Little Brother was nice but Hamilton is better

  • macdatruest

    Charles Hamilton? Next

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Yes his album will sell despite the b.s. Charles is on. I don’t listen to Sonic so I don’t know if he’s good but since he’s metioned on here and XXL did his video he must have some skill. Bol is checkin for him….

    OG Matt Herbz please admit yr G-UNOT KILLA.
    niggaz’ grip couldn’t open a Diet Pepsi bottle, nahmean?

    LO F-N L!!!!

    • OG Matt Herbz

      G-UNOT KILLA is definitely his own entity. Not to say I still don’t kick it with the nigga. Just the other day we were chillin at MC Eiht’s crib smoking some shit that B-Real put us on to. We was so blazed out and the Anotha Level’s “What’s That Cha Sayin” came on homey’s flat screen and we all started C-walking, G-riding, rag-stomping and all that shit. Right at that moment, Suge hit me on the cell, but I just let it ring, mang…never smoke with Suge, dogg…he’s a double-tokin, nigga-lippin chiefin nigga–plus dude lets the ashes fall on the carpet. Fuck him…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Anonymous

    Despite his BS, Charles is good at what he does. And thats making music